Thursday, 2009-10-29

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paulproteusnkinkade, Let me check... thanks for asking....00:22
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Thanks.00:27
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JED3paroneayea: waves02:11
paroneayeaheya JED302:11
paroneayea        ☁       ☀02:12
paroneayea            ☁02:12
paroneayea   ﹌  ﹌ ﹌ ﹌    ☁02:12
paroneayea﹌ ﹌    ☁02:12
paroneayeahave a sunny day with some scattered clouds02:12
paroneayeaJED3: how goes it02:13
JED3haha hey02:14
JED3o no u broked my irc02:14
paroneayeadamn you, fixed-width breaking characters02:15
paroneayeaman I totally solved that shit with zpt and everything02:15
paroneayeait wasn't even broken it turns out, my deframeworkify branch was good02:16
JED3yeah was going to congratulate you on your breaktrhough02:16
paroneayeain fact it was just working too well02:16
paroneayeait was successfully translating the strings02:16
paroneayeabut one of the translations had garbage in it02:16
JED3eeeks, thats not uncommon02:16
paroneayeaand zpt uses StringIO.StringIO, which itself stores a lot of stuff in a list of strings02:16
paroneayeaand then when you pull the data from it, with the .getvalue() method, it does something like02:17
paroneayea''.join([u'good sentence', 'bad sentence with garbage ���'])02:17
JED3o rly? for what use?02:17
paroneayeawhich breaks02:17
JED3ahh ok02:17
paroneayeahow's ccnetwork been since the release?02:17
paroneayeaer, since the campaign02:18
JED3uhmm, not too bad, had some minor issues with the sending of our promo/authorization/whatever-theyre-called codes02:18
JED3but the renewal process has been working great02:18
paroneayeaawesome :)02:18
JED3yeah, CC Network is actually my reason for pinging you02:19
JED3wanted to ask you a question re: django templatetags02:19
paroneayeago for it02:19
paroneayeaoh man the donation meter hasn't gone up in a while has it02:19
JED3wondered if you have ever seen a django templatetag that can return labels for rdf properties?02:19
JED3paroneayea: no it has definitely slowed02:19
paroneayeano, haven't seen such a templatetag...02:20
paroneayeato be honest I never touched rdf(a) until I started working here02:20
paroneayeaand I haven't done much in django since I started working here :)02:20
JED3yeah me neither (re: rdf)02:21
JED3#django was unsure as well02:21
JED3figured i may bounce of someone who i knew was django && rdf aware :)02:22
paroneayeanot sure exactly how you envision it02:22
paroneayeabut template tags aren't too hard to write02:22
JED3yeah they are kinda gross arent they?02:22
paroneayeamaybe take the initiativ on it?02:22
paroneayeayeah they aer02:22
paroneayeaI kind of hate writing them :)02:23
paroneayeathere is that simpletag decorator02:23
JED3heres the dpaste i sent to someone in #django who pretty much said the same thing, along the lines of "what are you envisioning"....02:23
paroneayeaso in this case triple is something in the context02:24
paroneayeayeah I dunno, I would say try writing a template tag :)02:25
JED3yes triple is in the context02:26
JED3yeah I think itd be trivial to write, but was curious if someone out there already hard-coded the popular vocabulariews02:26
JED3plus I have no worries writing this tag using the rdflib libraries but I'd hate to release a templatetag to the community with a dependency like rdflib02:28
paroneayeabecause it's so slow?02:30
paroneayeanot sure if you mean rdflib vs librdf here02:31
paroneayeaor just because releasing a library that has that kind of dependency02:31
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JED3paroneayea: no i'm worried to release a template tag that has any dependency to a library as large as any of the python rdf libs02:32
JED3in my mind templatetags should be as lightweight as possible, and essentially be wrappers of common business logic02:32
paroneayeayeah, but seems like the templatetag would be pretty lightweight02:33
paroneayeait's just the dependency that's a heavyweight maybe02:33
paroneayeabut if someone's going to be doing rdf stuff02:33
paroneayeawon't they need a good rdf library, either librdf or rdflib anyway?02:33
paroneayeaso, I wouldn't worry about it02:34
paroneayeaJED3: did you look at though?02:34
paroneayeait says it includes some template tag stuff02:34
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JED3paroneayea: yeah i read that, but i can't find anything valuable in their trunk :(02:37
JED3actually I haven't spent the necessary time to determine what their templatetag stuff is doing at all haha02:38
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JavaWomanmorning all!05:38
JED3evening here05:40
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user02hi everyone! i asked this already yesterday, but didn't really get an answer: if i do attribution to a CC source on a specific page, is it ok, if this page is excluded from spidering by search engines?12:43
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user02hmm, ok13:08
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paroneayeauser02: I think if you're citing something like wikipedia's article on bananas, just link to the page on bananas as your attribution14:14
paroneayeaif you want to be more clear, probably best to link to the specific revision that you pulled from14:14
paroneayeaI'm not a lawyer, but that seems to be the community consensus on how to attribute14:15
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paroneayeamorning #cc15:35
mecredisnkinkade: there?15:38
mecrediswant to dial into the nagios box15:38
mecredisand we can do a test (the ztdummy is working, so is the conference room)15:39
nkinkademecredis: Hey15:39
nkinkadeCool.  And yesterday I also compiled a kernel, though I haven't yet installed it.15:40
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user02paroneayea: thx, my question was rather, whether the link has to be "spiderable" or not17:19
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greg-guser02: as long as the link is on the same page/around the material which is being attributed, it is fine. There is nothing in the licenses about robot.txt files :)17:36
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nathanyparoneayea, fyi, pulling cc.engine now and going to take a look17:44
nathanywill ping you when i've reviewed17:44
paroneayeanathany: cool17:48
user02greg-g: :-) fine, thx17:48
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paroneayeanathany: oh and btw, I fixed the unicode issue about an hour ago, but you'll need to re-buildout to get the fix, if you haven't already17:55
nathanyparoneayea, got it17:55
nathanyi'm actually just reading the code, not even bothering with the buildout @ the moment17:55
paroneayeaheh, ok17:56
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mralexnathany: i've added the campaign banner js script back to the deeds js, i take it cc.engine needs a restart for it to load17:59
nathanymralex, it shouldn't; iirc that javascript doesn't get served up by cc.engine on production17:59
nathanydid you run make to regenerate the consolidated js?17:59
nathanyand svn up'd www18:00
mralexshould the script be in www/includes/referrer or cc.engine's resources directory?18:00
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nathanyiirc apache rewrites the @@ resource calls18:00
nathanyto www/includes/referrer18:00
nathanydoes that help?18:00
mralexk. it's been a while since i've touched this stuff… :)18:00
nathany(nice ellipses)18:01
mralexthat worked. thanks.18:02
* paroneayea should add a hook to erc to auto-convert all his elipses to the … character18:02
mralexAdium is awesome like that.18:03
paroneayeabut I bet Adium isn't awesome like:18:04
paroneayea Q_____________,,   _   _        _   _18:04
paroneayea / /  , ,/oooo//   /_\_/_\_/\   /_\_/_\_/\18:04
paroneayea \ \__\_\\----\\   ' \_/ \_/'   ' \_/ \_/'18:04
paroneayea / ,/18:04
paroneayea|__\                  PEW!         PEW!18:04
paroneayeaand what is IRC without ascii art?18:04
mralexhelvetica is totally the wrong font for ascii art... :/18:04
paroneayea        \\||//18:05
paroneayea        /    \        ~\\\\|||////~18:05
paroneayea       |======|      _/           \_18:05
paroneayea      (|(o)(o)|)    (_  ( o) (o )  _)18:05
paroneayea       | (__) |       \ ___(_)___ /18:05
paroneayea       \<____>/       =\\_______//=18:05
paroneayea      ||\____/||    ===='-------'====18:05
paroneayea     ||||||||||||  ===================18:05
* paroneayea ponders walking to the nearby coffee shop to do work18:06
paroneayeaI haven't done that since starting working here18:07
greg-guser02: no problem18:07
paroneayeaI assume nobody would care (actually, nobody would even know if you're telecommuting?) as long as I put in the same work hours and remain productive.  And being in the company of other humans with an endless supply of caffeine probably would be nice.18:10
paroneayeaon the internet, nobody knows you're coding from a snobby cafe (unless you're publishing geolocation data)18:10
mralexthat reminds me, i should probably go get another cup. what's the rule, one drink per hour?18:10
paroneayeai think my veins would explode if I drank a cup of coffee an hour18:11
paroneayeacould probably get away with a cup of tea an hour18:12
nathanyparoneayea, speaking of, i'm heading out for another cup of coffee myself18:12
paroneayeanathany: k18:12
nathanyi've skimmed through the code a bit, do you mind talking on the phone in 15 min or so?18:12
paroneayeasure, sounds good18:12
nathanygreat, brb18:13
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mralexcool, my /donate/paypal analytics tracking also notes when people eventually get to /thanks18:20
mralex(and when they go back to /donate)18:20
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nathanymralex, awesome18:26
nathanyparoneayea, ping18:26
paroneayeanathany: pong18:27
nathanyare you free to chat briefly?18:27
nathanyyour cell # the best to call?18:28
paroneayeayeah, 773 614 227918:28
JED3nathany: did we photograph the whiteboard after our meeting 2 or 3 weeks ago?18:33
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nathany JED3 I'm not sure... let me look @ my phone...18:40
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nathanyJED3, I don't seem to have a photo of it on my phone18:42
JED3ohh okay, thx for checking18:42
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paroneayeadeliverance kind of looks interesting.  Never tried using it but I think about template incompatibility now and then20:01
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mralexnathany and i have briefly talked about Deliverance before20:39
mralexoh, sorry, the page layout confused me... i thought it was the templating system we had actually talked about20:40
nathanymralex, it's not?20:41
paroneayeamy impression is that deliverance is built so that you can make one layout for the site, and use various applications with various templating systems, and they'll all inherit the look and feel20:41
nathanymralex, yeah, that's the deliverance we've talked about before20:41
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mralexah. yes. sigh, their page layout is still confusing.20:43
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paroneayeanathany: have you tried it at all?20:44
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nathanyparoneayea, i have not20:51
nathanywhen we last looked we couldn't exclude pages from the process20:51
nathanywhich made it insufficient for our site20:51
nathanyi think they've fixed that20:52
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greg-gthanks paulproteus:   ;)22:01
mralexgreg-g: nathany: (any other ubuntu users) a buddy just told me about apt-p2p,
mralexif it wasn't already on your respective radars22:04
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paroneayeagreg-g: what's that at the bottom of your terminal?22:11
paroneayeais that an option in screen?22:11
greg-gparoneayea: yeah, the list of the different screen windows22:18
paroneayeaneat... what's the option / command to enable that?22:19
greg-git is part of the .screenrc config22:19
greg-ghardstatus on22:20
greg-ghardstatus alwayslastline22:20
greg-ghardstatus string "%{= wk} %?%-Lw%?%{= kd} %n*%f %t %{= wk}%?%+Lw%? %{= wk}%=%{= Wk} %C%a %m-%d-%Y %{= wk}"22:20
greg-gthat is the entire contents of my .screenrc22:20
greg-gyep :)22:20
greg-gparoneayea: you might also like
paroneayeait's breaking launchpad! :)22:22
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greg-gmralex: yeah, apt-p2p is an intersting idea. I'd also be happy with apt support deb-deltas, instead of download a whole new package, just download the diff. Conary (used by Foresight) does that, very smart.22:31
mralexgreg-g: nifty22:31
* paroneayea wonders why `grep -nH -e 'προέλευσης' . -R` returns every line ever... seems to be matching spaces?22:44
paroneayeacwebber@octavian:~/devel/cc.engine-git$ echo "Αναφορά"22:46
paroneayeareturns nothinnn22:46
paroneayeaoh this is M-x shell stupidity.. normal terminal works fine22:46
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