Friday, 2009-10-30

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OverlordQCan portions by-sa-1.0 text be merged with by-sa-3.0 text? afaik 1.0 didn't include "or later versions" on derivite works and says "this license" which I take to mean 1.0. Can somebody help me clarify.05:52
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paroneayeanathany_: shot you an email16:26
paroneayeaoh, I just noticed16:28
paroneayeamsgid "license.GPL_name_full"16:29
paroneayeamsgstr "GNU General Public License"16:29
paroneayeathis data is also in the .po files, huh16:29
nathany_paroneayea, just saw it, let me look16:29
nkinkadepaulproteus: Hey.16:37
paulproteusnkinkade, Hey. So it's an old backup of my laptop. It'd be nice to have a copy of it. I can take a few minutes this weekend and see which files I actually don't have.16:38
nkinkadepaulproteus: Good guesswork on what I was going to ask. :-)16:38
nkinkadepaulproteus: It would take weeks to get all that data off the backup and to some other place.  So you're just thinking of cherry-picking a few things here and there?16:39
nkinkadeI'm mainly concerned about it because space is getting somewhat tight ... we're at 96% usage of that disc ... only 43G remain.16:40
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paulproteusYeah - cherry picking just a few is what I'll do.16:49
paulproteusI can try to do that over the weekend and then nuke it.16:49
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JED3do we have an API endpoint for getting the attribution text of a given license uri, but in plain text?17:17
JED3similar to the html result of
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mralexwhy does ccsearch pull in deed.js?17:39
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mralexnkinkade: nathany_: is there anything you're aware of outstanding that would block me from merging ccsearch trunk to production?17:46
nkinkademralex: Not that I know of.17:46
nathany_mralex, not that i know of17:46
nathany_mralex, i assume you figured out the deed js issue from the other day?17:46
nkinkademralex: svnmerge should work fine.17:46
mralexgreat, thanks guys17:47
mralexnathany_: yep. wasn't aware that search was unnecessarily pulling it in though.17:47
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mralexnathany_: wow, awesome.18:21
paroneayeanathany_: you around?18:24
paroneayeaso I've had a bit more time to look this over a bit further, it doesn't look like I was correct18:25
paroneayeamsgid "license.GPL_name_full"18:25
paroneayeamsgstr "GNU General Public License"18:25
paroneayeaso the GPL and the lgpl do have that license_name_full msgid18:25
paroneayeabut some others don't:18:25
nathany_paroneayea, right18:26
jip_26I have made a OOo-presentation for educational purposes with a lot of images in it (from others) with CC-BY-SA licenses. Can I put a CC-BY-NC-SA on the part of the presentation I made?18:26
paroneayea(actually, *only* the gpl and lgpl do)18:26
paroneayeabut, it seems possible to reconstruct the "standard" names18:27
nathany_paroneayea, right18:27
nathany_that's why i mentioned in my email that we may need to make the i18n machinery a little smarter18:27
nathany_jip_26, i don't think so; i believe you need to release it under BY-SA18:28
paroneayeaie, you can combine "%s %s %s" % (license.pretty_{license_code}, license.version, license.jurisdiction), like Attribution 3.0 Unported18:28
paroneayeaah ok18:28
paroneayeahm yeah, I see that now18:28
nathany_i wonder if we could easily do something like "${license.pretty_by} ${license.version} ${license.jurisdiction}" for the dc:title[i18n]18:29
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nathany_it really only needs to be ${license.pretty_by} 3.0 ${}18:29
nathany_(for example)18:29
nathany_(not sure what the name of the "unported" string is)18:30
paroneayeahm, yeah18:30
jip_26nathany_: But wouldn't that also mean that one can't put CC-BY-SA images and other copyrighted images together in one presentation?18:30
paroneayea(appears to be util.Unported)18:30
paroneayeayeah I think that's possible18:30
paroneayeamakes sense18:30
nathany_jip_26, the question hinges on whether your presentation is a derivative or collection18:31
nathany_(and we can't give legal advice)18:31
jip_26nathany_: thank you18:34
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nkinkadenathany_: I just svn up'd cc.engine on production and there is a conflict in cc/engine/skin/resources/includes/referrer/deed.js18:40
nkinkadeBut that is a compressed JS file so it's exceedingly hard to see what could have changed.18:40
nathany_nkinkade, just revert it18:40
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nathany_(to committed version)18:40
nathany_shouldn't matter, as that javascript is served up by apache in the production configuration18:40
nkinkadenathany_: So use the version in Subversion and ditch the local copy?18:42
nathany_nkinkade, yes18:42
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nkinkadenathany_: impsplat is failing with this exception: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'18:46
nathany_nkinkade, can you pastebin the full traceback?18:47
nathany_nkinkade, looks like it's failing on the CC0 URL, probably the regex is expecting the find "license" in there18:50
nathany_i can look at it but it likely won't be until Monday18:50
nkinkadenathany_: I'll create a ticket.18:50
nkinkadenathany_: Also, I just launched 3.0 TW18:50
nkinkadeAnd there are a few problems.18:51
nathany_beyond imgsplat?18:51
nkinkadeI may ask you for help.18:51
nkinkadeThe /international/tw/ page shows the 3.0 licenses but the links go to the 2.5 licenses.18:52
nathany_nkinkade, i can't remember if that page pulls from the API or from a local copy of licenses.xml18:52
nathany_the latter, iirc18:52
nathany_may need to svn up something in www18:52
JED3ouch rdflib keeps segfaulting on me18:58
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JED3FWIW, for anyone using the rdflib sparql parser
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mralexnkinkade: do you think a site feedback popup box would bring in more spam than useful site feedback?19:17
mralexnkinkade: i imagine either a js popup, or somethign inline at the bottom of random pages19:18
nkinkademralex: Where would be the site feedback popup be located and what would trigger it?19:18
nkinkadeJust random stuff?19:18
nkinkadeI mean it would randomly display?19:18
mralexnkinkade: randomly as in not on every page19:19
nkinkadeI don't know, I guess it could provide some useful feedback.  But something inside me reels at the though of a popup asking for feedback.19:19
nkinkadeI think I would personally prefer some static text on a page soliciting people to give feedback.19:20
nkinkadeNot sure where it could go, thought.19:20
mralexi think people might be more inclined to give feedback in the moment if there's a textarea right in front of them19:20
nkinkademralex: That's probably true.19:21
mralexbut spam and general usefulness are issues, clearly.19:21
nkinkadeBut some people could be aggravated by a popup.19:21
nkinkademralex: I doubt we'd get much spam from it.19:21
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mralexJED3: safe to erase the whiteboard in the green room?20:12
mecredismralex: can I ignore this feedburner email?20:28
k9d-925any halloween fun in the creative commons office?20:31
k9d-925up the street at organic i participated in the pumpkin carving contest
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mralexgreg-g: ping21:37
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pietercHi, I'm wondering... Is it common to write a thesis under cc license?22:38
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paroneayeapieterc: well I don't know about common, but I don't see it as being anything but a good idea :)22:53
pietercparoneayea: no doubt about my thesis being cc23:04
pietercI'm afraid other people don't even care how they license the paper23:04
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akozakmralex: any suggestions?
akozakI want to make the title nicer somehow23:27
mralexakozak: you can totally push the font-size for div#maincontent p to 85-90%, 80 is way small IMO.23:29
akozakok, ill try that23:30
akozakI also realized why all our accounts on the cc wp are our full names23:31
akozakvastly simplifies the author field23:31
mralexakozak: emailed you a screenshot of a quick tweak that looks quite pleasing to me, i can give you teh diffs if you're into it23:31
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akozakmralex: oooh, yea that's nice23:32
mralexakozak: i set font-family to arial; and killed the small-caps, letter-spacing, and text-align: center; from the header css selectors23:34
akozakok i'll play around with that, thanks. I was sort of wedded to small-caps, but this looks a lot nicer now that I see it.23:35
JED3out of curiosity, what is the shortest url in our possession within the core cc namespace (e.g. excludes
JED3also just noticed the ccLearn on http://cclearn.com23:47
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