Wednesday, 2009-10-28

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TsukeHikihi I need some help with a file16:40
TsukeHikiI am a go player (similar to chess) and there is an opening library16:41
TsukeHikiI would like it to be proof read by pros without it loosing its open mentality16:41
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TsukeHikican someone tell me which license to use?16:41
paroneayeaTsukeHiki: have you tried using the license chooser?16:42
paroneayeait's helpful at determining your needs16:42
TsukeHikiah not yet, ill google16:43
TsukeHikithanks a lot!16:43
TsukeHikioh god paroneayea thanks so much this solved all my problems!16:44
paroneayeaTsukeHiki: :)16:47
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akozakmecredis: wow, filmannex has come a long way17:45
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mecredisakozak: yeah, interesting project17:45
mecredisthey're apparently going to start sending us checks for revenue they generate17:45
mecredisyeah, they set up all these independent "Web TVs"17:45
mecrediswhich are basically domains with content that users upload as CC17:46
mecredisthey run ads against that content and then pay the creators17:46
mecredisand cut us a difference to show support17:46
JED3mecredis: whatd I miss? I joined the channel late and am nosey17:46
mecredisI'm cautiously optimistic17:46
mecredisJED3: just talking about
mecredisthey had originally gotten in contact with akozak, and I helped them integrate CC & RDFa, etc.17:46
akozakyea, this is the first time I've seen any results from an office cold call17:47
akozakor was it an email...17:47
mecrediswell their CEO attended OVC17:48
akozakoh ok17:48
mecredisand we've meeting over lunchm etc.17:48
mecredishe's pretty gung ho about CC17:48
akozakah, my memory is hazy then17:48
mecrediswell only after the call17:48
mecredisI'm just saying it wasn't just phone and email conversations17:48
mecredisplenty of IRL hand holding17:49
akozakright, I knew you followed up17:49
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akozakwow, I don't like the flash movie on load though...17:49
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mecredisyeah, there's plenty of auto-load stuff that makes me queezy17:50
mecredisbut at the end of the day, they support CC well, like our goals & mission, I'm not sure we have anything that we can object to17:51
mecredisabout shameless preroll advertising17:51
mecredis(so long as its legit, not violating NC, etc.)17:51
akozakyea, just putting on my hypercritical non-cc hat :P17:52
mecredisoh I know17:52
akozakmecredis: hey btw I just say an email from SFC about shirts17:52
akozakhave they been selling?17:52
mecredishere and there17:52
akozakI see a lot of them still in the office17:53
mecredisthere will be months where we get 5-10 orders17:53
mecredisbut its pretty slow, unfortunately17:53
mecredisI think we just need to do another conference17:53
mecredisthat works well17:53
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akozakahve you talked to stark or ben recently?17:53
mecredishow recently?17:53
akozakthere was talk of a collective?17:53
mecredisoh yeah?17:53
mecredisdidn't hear about it17:53
akozakI don't know much about it it all17:53
mecredisBen did ping me on gchat17:53
mecredisso maybe that was what it was about17:54
akozakactually if it was recent that was probably about the FC conference in barcelona17:54
akozakhe's worried about his talk17:54
mecredisah, about being heckeled?17:54
akozakheh, no just needed input17:55
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akozaknkinkade: There any way to enable google groups on the parnter account? Right now I can't join mailing lists or groups on my cc acct.18:09
nkinkadeakozak: I have managed to achieve something similar by first joining a group with my personal Gmail account, then in the settings for that group adding my CC account to the list of acceptable origination emails.18:10
nkinkadeBut I'm not aware that there is a way to do it directly.18:10
akozakok thanks nkinkade18:12
nathanypaulproteus, do you remember what your phone extension was @ CC?18:18
nathanyakozak, no, that's a short coming of the google apps accounts -- they're not "real" google accounts18:19
akozakThat is really annoying.18:20
nathanywhich is why we heckle people who use google groups as mailing lists :)18:20
akozake.g. Mozilla Drumbeat18:21
paulproteuslast 2 digits were 86 or 84, maybe, nathany?18:27
JED3well i'm 486, so that leaves 48418:28
nathanythanks, paulproteus18:28
paulproteusNo prob (-:18:28
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akozakHah! nkinkade I tried something similar to your suggestion (adding my CC email as an alternate email on my gmail acct), and Google tells me that I can't do that because my account is a google account!19:04
akozakIf it were a google acct I would be able to join a group.19:04
nathanynkinkade, ping19:14
nathanynkinkade, nm, sent an email19:15
akozaknathany: you just left, what the hell19:16
akozakdo you have irc on your phone?19:16
akozakmust've been lag...19:18
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* paroneayea hates python and unicode19:40
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Bovinitynathany: we really need to update your staff page photo19:47
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paroneayeanathany: devcall?20:25
nathanyparoneayea, yes, 5 min?20:26
paroneayeasounds good20:26
nathanynkinkade, JED3 ^^20:26
nkinkadenathany: Good.20:26
nathanyparoneayea, nkinkade, JED3 heading to the conf room to dial now20:32
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akozakmecredis: that site is gold20:50
akozakI love the "clients letters" section:
akozakscreenshots of emails, as if they had to prove 100% JUST HOW AWESOME THEIR PARTIES WERE20:51
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mecredisyeah, seems like quite an intense business20:53
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paroneayeanathany: pushed, and I'll send you an email with some details21:07
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nathanyparoneayea, thanks21:09
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user01hi everyone! given the case, that i use e.g. wikipedia information and attribute it on an "article history page". would it be bad, if i e.g. because of article spam exclude the history page from indexing through searchengines (robots.txt)?21:12
user01...does excluding "harm" the attribution?!21:12
akozakuser01: IANAL, but I suspect not?21:23
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nkinkadenathany: I can't seem to SSH to the backup machine.21:27
akozakI think he left?21:29
akozakoh yea he had a doctors appt21:30
akozakheh, attention internet21:30
akozak(sorry nathany)21:30
nkinkadeakozak: Any chance you could help me again?21:31
nkinkadeNot sure whether it's an IP change, or something in the router ...21:31
akozaklemme check the ip21:31
nkinkadeIs this the office IP ??21:31
akozakclose :)21:32
nkinkadeThe update scripts for DynDns are busted.21:32
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akozakwe should write an irc script for ip changes or something21:33
JED3or we could fix the DynDNS script :) nkinkade are the DynDNS homebrewed? or are they part of the community support ddclient package?21:35
akozakis that what dyndns does?21:35
nkinkadeJED3: I installed a package called updatedd, but there are others.21:35
nkinkadeIt's supposed to get triggered by a config in /etc/hotplug.d21:36
nkinkadeBut it doesn't appear to be functioning.21:36
JED3ahh okay, never used updatedd before, only inadyn and ddclient with more luck with the latter21:36
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nkinkadeJED3: Thanks.  Neither of those seem to be available in the official OpenWRT repos.21:37
nkinkadeBut there are some others.  I'll give another a try.21:37
JED3ahh okay, I believe ddclient doesn't use any events and relies on polling requests IIRC21:37
JED3ohh, you are doing it from the router, I thought you were doing this on the backup machine for some reason21:38
nkinkadeJED3: I guess on the backup machine would work just as well ... good idea.21:40
JED3yeah, reduce the number of fail points on that router too21:40
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akozaknkinkade: ssh success with that ip?21:54
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah.  Thanks.21:54
akozaknp, just asking cause I'm heading out early21:54
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user01oh... what does IANAL mean?22:00
user01akozak mentioned it22:00
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nkinkadeuser01: I Am Not A Lawyer22:05
user01nkinkade: thx! :-)22:06
nkinkadepaulproteus: On the backup machine you have a dir /media/1TB/paulproteus which only contains a single directory named vellum, which is 111G ... is that something that needs saving?22:09
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