Tuesday, 2009-10-27

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nathanynkinkade, remind me, is it the owner or recipient that initiates a transfer?17:01
nkinkadenathany: Per the thread, they have to initiate the transfer.17:01
nathanynkinkade, that doesn't help me, since there are two transfers mentioned in that thread17:02
nathanyowner or recipient?17:02
nkinkadeSo it's the recipient who initiates the transfer.17:02
nathanygot it17:02
nkinkadenp :-)17:02
mralexnathany: http://store.muledesign.com/featured/el-vetica.php17:02
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mralexnathany: internet slow, or just me?17:27
nathanymralex, it's slow17:28
nkinkademralex: nathany: Last nights backups are still running, which might be contributing to the slowness.17:32
nkinkadeThey will probably be running all day.17:33
nathanynkinkade, why the backlog?17:33
nkinkade(another reason that having the backup machine in the office is not ideal)17:33
nkinkadenathany: From some things I moved around on a6 yesterday ... then there is a boatload of new stuff for neurocommons.17:33
nathanyif i interrupt the connection to switch back to wep is that going to fuck that up?17:34
nkinkadePut it this way, it's still chipping at away at a6 and it still has a7, a8, a9, and neurocommons to do.17:34
nkinkadenathany: It might stop the backup, but I suspect the reboot time may be less than the TCP timeout.17:35
nathanyoh, time to restart the backup?17:35
nkinkadeNo, the time to restart the router, though I suppose restarting networking could be enough.17:36
nathanyoh, got it17:37
nkinkadeI hadn't thought about that ... restarting networking might very well be enough ... probably would be.17:37
nathanynkinkade, that auth code is for ccmixter.org, right?18:05
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.18:05
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Matt_Good afternoon everyone, i am trying to help a friend out, he is a writer and wants to post his stories on a blog, i recommended he get a CC license but im not sure which one he should get.. and what really this will protect him against18:10
greg-gMatt_: so, that raises the question: why did you initially feel the need to recommend he use a CC license?18:16
* greg-g likes to answer questions with other questions18:17
greg-gmostly because I like to know a little more about the other party's assumptions because I make my recommendation.18:17
greg-g(switch that last because with before)18:18
Matt_Well, I have seen them around and i have a general understanding of the license from reading about them on the CreativeCommon.org and the wikipedia entry about it, but i guess i  just am not sure of ALL the legalities and am having a hard time explaining certain things to him18:18
greg-gMatt_: so, don't worry too much about all the legalities, that is what CC licenses try to minimize/make easier18:19
greg-gand, if you start worrying about all of the legalities, you'll be like me and devote both your work life and personal life to learning about copyright18:20
Matt_ok well i guess can i just ask a few things and then you can just address his concerns?18:20
greg-gto help you with this issue though, I would look at the licenses and see which one makes the most sense/agrees with you most18:20
greg-gand by look at the licenses, I mean reading the human-readable deed, ie: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/18:21
greg-gsure, ask away.18:21
Matt_i think he is leaning towards the "Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivative" from what i understand... anyone can replicate his work as long as they include his name and do no charge for it18:22
greg-gand do not make any derivatives/remixes/mashups/whatever word you want to use18:22
Matt_now should he decide later to have those short stories published.... he can sell them even if they are already CC licensed right?18:23
greg-gthat is the most restrictive of the licenses (just saying, not trying to pursuade)18:23
greg-gMatt_: yes, the copyright holder can do whatever they want with their work18:23
greg-gand since it is the most restrictive CC license, he has a better chance getting a more traditional publishing deal from publishers who are not accustomed to using CC licenses18:24
Matt_ok awesome.... and he doesnt need to register or anything from the sight, just each work gets its own CC license am i correct?18:24
greg-gyes, just put the license information next to the work/on the title page of the work18:25
greg-g(and correct, he does not need to register anything)18:25
Matt_awesome, i think that about covers it18:25
Matt_thanks for all your help18:25
greg-gbtw, just has to be said, I'm not a lawyer :)18:25
greg-gno worries, you're welcome18:25
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greg-ghe was a nice fellow18:26
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nathanynkinkade, ping19:29
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nkinkadenathany_: Hi.19:37
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nkinkadenathany__: Do the router thing?19:38
nathany__nkinkade, trying19:38
nathany__can not get it to accept the wep key and connect19:38
nathany__linux or ma19:38
nkinkadePretty soon you're going to be nathany____________________________19:39
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nathanynkinkade, fyi I bailed out and went back to wpa19:45
nathanygoing to get lunch now19:45
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nkinkadenathany: Did you fix Ted's problems with dropping connections or just the basic problem or re-associating with the network after the changes?23:00
nathanyjust the basic problem23:00
nathanywaiting to hear if his other problem magically goes away23:01
nkinkade(sent that to you about 30 minutes ago .... in #civicrm)23:01
nathanyi couldn't get the router to work with WEP23:01
nathanyoh, right, just noticed that23:01
nkinkadenathany: I'm wondering if there might be a driver update for his laptop.23:01
nkinkadeI think he has the same one as me.23:01
nathanyhe says he did an update, but i'm guessing it was a windows update23:01
nkinkadenathany: ^^23:05
nkinkade(Fix) Fixed an issue where connection randomly dropped.23:06
nkinkadeI can point him there, but I suspect he may need some hand-holding.23:06
nathanylet me see if he's still here...23:06
nkinkadeThat was just released a few weeks ago.23:07
nkinkadeSorry to toss that on you.23:07
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nkinkadeI sent him a message, but he logged off just after I had sent the message.23:08
nkinkadenathany: I'll send him an email and copy you.23:09
nathanynkinkade, np23:09
nathanyi'm going to update his laptop now23:09
nkinkadeOh, okay.23:09
nkinkadeBut it's somewhat good to know that not everyone is experiencing the drops like a couple years ago.23:10
nkinkadeAnd that we can use something other than WEP. :-)23:11
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