Thursday, 2009-10-22

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akozaknkinkade: ever figure out what all the transfer between a6 and a7 was?00:39
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah.  a7 was proxying somethings to a6 ...00:40
nkinkadeakozak: Are you on a6?00:45
akozakno, but i just got a txt about it00:46
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paroneayeamornin (CC)15:33
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paroneayeankinkade: do you know what package the legalcode html files are kept in?15:39
nkinkadeparoneayea: How do you mean package?15:43
paroneayeaI mean, where are they checked in15:45
paroneayeaassuming they are ;p15:45
paroneayeaI'm not sure the engine serves them, as I don't see a view in the old code that does... I only see a view for "PlainLegalCode", which looks like it actually does a GET request to the url for the legalcode and strips out some elements15:46
paroneayeaso I don't know15:46
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nkinkadeWhat?  Isn't it *obvious* that they would be in ccwordpress? ;-)15:47
paroneayeaalright, well not sure what to do with this then15:48
paroneayeaI guess I'll wait till nathan's available to work on that and just get to other pieces15:49
nkinkadeparoneayea: No, cc.engine doesn't serve them.15:49
nkinkadeThey are just static HTML files.15:50
nkinkadecc.engine only handles the deeds, not the legalcode.15:50
paroneayeawhere is the routing set up for all those legalcode urls then?15:50
nkinkadeBut actually, on the live site, even the Deeds are just static HTML files ... just generated by cc.engine using mkdeeds.15:50
paroneayeain wordpress?15:50
nkinkadeNo, in the Apache vhost config.15:51
paroneayeathat must be a long config file15:51
nkinkadeWe have quite a few rules, but there are only a couple that handle the Deeds.15:51
paroneayeawhat server is it on?  I'd like to look at it15:51
paroneayeaok, know the path to the conf file?15:51
paroneayeaRewriteRule ^/licenses/(.*)/([0-9]\.[0-9])/legalcode$ /legalcode/$1_$2.html [L]15:52
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* paulproteus waves gently16:14
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nkinkadeakozak: What text editors are there on Mac?16:17
paroneayeankinkade: emacs16:23
nkinkadeI was thinking more a GUI editor.16:23
nkinkadeDoes a graphical text editor come stock with Mac?16:24
nkinkadeparoneayea: I'm going to take down for a few minutes ... are you actively committing anything?16:26
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paroneayeankinkade: nope16:35
nkinkadeI took it down anyway, but it's back up. :-)16:35
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akozaknkinkade: I have no idea, ask mralex :)17:47
nkinkadeakozak: I forgot that you use Ubuntu.17:48
nkinkademralex: It was something I asked earlier.  I was asking if Mac ships with a graphical text editor.17:48
mralexnkinkade: yes. TextEdit.17:48
nkinkademralex: Is it worth a damn?17:48
nkinkadeBut in any case, that's good info.  Thanks.17:49
mralexnkinkade: it's akin to Wordpad on windows. better than that, but not by a whole lot.17:49
nkinkademralex: What do you use?17:49
mralexnkinkade: TextMate, for writing code17:50
JED3nkinkade: there is an emacs written in native mac ui17:50
mralex(vim if i'm in a terminal and want something quick, or over ssh)17:50
mralexyeah, there are a few native EMACSEN17:51
mralexprobably some native gui vim too17:51
mralexthere's also BBEdit, Coda, TextWrangler, and a host of others.17:52
JED3yeah, I am using the gnu version, but aquamacs is good for those who are more comfortable with the conventional Apple key bindings17:52
nkinkadeI should try to learn emacs one of these days, but I never have a strong motivation to do it since vi[m] comes preinstalled on every Unix-like box I've ever used, and I know it already.17:52
akozaki never got past nano :(17:52
mralexJED was my first linux editor...17:53
mralexor joe... i forget.17:53
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JavaWomannkinkade I rather like Editra - can be portable and cross-platform, too (have it on my USB stick)18:12
nkinkadeThanks.  I hadn't heard of that one.  I don't use Mac OS personally, but was asking earlier because I wanted to tell a Mac user what the name of the text editor was that ships with Mac.18:13
JavaWomannkinkade: I have a dual-boot MacBook, use mostly Mandriva on it, only occasionally OS X :)18:14
mralexMandriva is still around?18:14
JavaWomannkinkade: what hips with Mac is indeed TextEdit18:15
JavaWomanyes, it's around - I tested various distros from Live CDs and this what best worked ot of the box on my MacBook hardware18:15
mralexthe last time i used it, it was still called Mandrake, and it was the only one that worked out of the box on my Ti PowerBook ;)18:17
mralexDebian PPC was kinda wonky at the time18:17
JavaWoman:) but that was a whiel ago...18:17
JavaWomanusing Geany as my main editor on Mandriva. I like trying out different editors :) pretty impressed with that so far18:18
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akozakhmm, haven't seen the campaign thermometer go up in a while :(21:22
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johndoigiii_paroneayea: ping22:20
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paroneayeaJED3: pong22:21
JED3hi, quick q, we aren't using mysql for rdf storing in cc.license are we?22:21
paroneayeanot in the new one at least22:22
paroneayeanot in the old one either afaik22:22
paroneayeaold one used xml files bound together with xslt to generate rdf22:22
paroneayeanew one just has rdf files22:22
JED3yeah you're right, wasn't sure if your devel included any rdf persistence, i guess that wouldn't be required since the rdf is all file based eh?22:22
JED3sigh, looking for example of using mysql as a triple store using rdflib22:24
paroneayeacurious, what for?22:24
JED3a feature we'll be including in CC Network soon22:25
akozakJED3: how does tracking reuse work?22:28
JED3akozak: pingback/trackback use22:30
akozaki never really understood pingback/trackbacks22:31
akozakespecially in the context of rdfa22:31
akozakwouldnt network only be able to track reuses where someone has actually clicked on the license?22:31
akozakor rather, clicked on the cc network url in the attribution field22:35
JED3our rdfa story is that when someone cites a work, we scrape and store the rdfa for the URI so that there is an affirmation that a work was licensed under a specific license at a specific date22:35
JED3but thats not a reuse22:35
akozakright, but that depends on users citing the work in cc network right?22:36
JED3akozak: the reusers will also be user generated, meaning people may manually submit resuses of a cited work22:36
akozakJED3: that maeks sense, I don't quite get how tracking reuse works though, unless it's tracking reuses cited on cc network... then i totally get it. i don't understand how cc network could discover reuses22:38
akozakim mostly asking because ahrash and i have been talking a lot about this22:38
akozakand it would be really useful to our projects if we had a way of discovering reuses of works22:38
JED3the trackback/pingback is implemented by software, for instance in wordpress if you supply a pingback url when creating a blog entry, wordpress will ping that url once you publish and if that url implements the trackback protocol then some sort of action is made on the author's end, and in our case it would be adding a new reuse record for a citation22:38
JED3does that make sense?22:38
akozakah right. but if someone just posted a reuse with the right rdfa, that alone wouldnt be enough to establish a reuse on cc network22:39
akozakjust posted in html*22:39
JED3akozak: correct22:39
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akozakso what you're trying to do is allow cc network to detect pingback/trackbacks from existing software like wordpress that are already made make those notifications?22:40
akozakmade to make*22:40
akozakoh I see, there's a pingback specification...22:42
akozakthanks JED3, very helpful :)22:44
akozakPart of student journalism 2.0 is that we wanted to help students see how and where their work gets reused (if at all), and part of that might involve cc network22:44
JED3hehe yeah I guess i should have mentioned that the pingpack is an established protocol with a formal specification :)22:45
akozakit's good to know. technically cc network is tracking reuses published on software that have implemented pingback :)22:46
JED3yes, which most blog engines and cms's will do nowadays22:46
akozakyea of course, i just don't want to tell the students that this tracks any reuse anywhere22:47
akozak(if we use it)22:47
akozakhmm, this page is really informative:
nkinkadeakozak: You in the office?23:01
nkinkadeIf so, could you tell me the office IP ... again. :-)23:01
akozaknkinkade: yea one sec23:02
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nkinkadeakozak: Hmm.  The IP seems okay, but I'm getting a connection refused.  Can you SSH to
nkinkadeThe machine may have crashed .... one of the discs got nearly filled up.23:06
akozaksure one sec23:07
akozakI don't have access though...23:08
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mralexnkinkade: is our bbpress install using svnmerge?23:46
nkinkademralex: yeah.23:46
akozakrouter going down in a couple minutes23:48
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akozak_uh oh23:52
akozak_what have i done23:52
akozak_(letting  the days go by...)23:52
nkinkadeakozak_: You there?23:53
nkinkadeReboot completed okay?23:54
akozak_seems so23:54
nkinkadeWhat's the IP now?23:54
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akozak_NOW its completed ok :P23:54
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nkinkadeDamn dynamic IP addresses!23:55
akozakyea for reals23:55
akozakwhat's with that23:55
nkinkadeA static IP is expensive with our provider, I think???23:56
nkinkadeOn the bright side I'm in the backup machine now ... on the dark side I have no idea why the router failed like that.23:56
akozakyou just couldn't ssh into it?23:57
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah.  I couldn't SSH even though the IP was right.  After the reboot I can.23:59

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