Friday, 2009-10-23

akozakI blame ghosts00:00
akozakwell I'm on my way out, but mralex is still here00:00
akozakhe could probably help if anything else breaks00:00
mralex2i'm leaving shortly00:00
akozaknevermind then00:01
mralex2seems like hwatever problem is fixed?00:01
akozakyou're sol00:01
akozaklooks like it00:01
nkinkadeakozak: Thanks for your help.00:03
nkinkadeEverything is fine now.00:04
akozaknkinkade: No problem, happy to do it.00:04
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paroneayea             +===========+14:47
paroneayea             || o  o _o ||14:47
paroneayea             || Y  M  | ||14:47
paroneayea             || ^  ^  ^ ||14:47
paroneayea             |+------,--------------------14:47
paroneayea             | TEAMWO|      _____14:47
paroneayea             +-------|     | MAY |14:47
paroneayea                     |     |#####|14:47
paroneayea                     |     |#####|14:47
paroneayea                     |  ,-,'-----'    ||14:48
paroneayea                     |  | |          ||\14:48
paroneayea \|/   ,,,           |  |_|      _--.||\|14:48
paroneayea \|/ c/u_u\          |  ||____  |_\--_===14:48
paroneayea ===  |\  |=u        |  |_____) | --------14:48
paroneayea-\_/--'b b'----------|____||____| |______|14:48
paroneayea                        O    O  '-'      '14:48
paroneayeamornin' #cc14:48
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paroneayeaI assume the ... means not everyone appreciates my sharing my ascii art love :)15:12
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greg-gparoneayea: they're probably using non-fixed width fonts15:46
paroneayeagreg-g: isn't using non-fixed width fonts on irc sacrilege?15:50
greg-gparoneayea: yes. In fact, using non-fixed width fonts for email signatures is also sacrilege ;)15:53
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nkinkadenathany: Re issue491 (the metrics stuff) do you happen to know anything about my last comments on that tickets ... the broken links?17:24
nkinkadeJust trying to clear out some tickets.17:25
nathanynkinkade, i just made it into the office, haven't gotten there in my email yet17:25
nathanygive me a second and i'll take a look17:25
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nkinkadeCool.  Sorry to hound you just as you arrive. :-)17:26
nathanynkinkade, just commented there17:33
nkinkadenathany: Thanks.17:33
JED3nathany: ping17:57
JED3I'm working on our rdf store for the citations and am wondering what would be the best way to integrate into our django app17:58
nathanymy first impulse is a factory method that returns a store17:59
nathanywith the settings for the store (ie, database params) in settings.py17:59
nathanys/method/function/ possibly18:00
JED3yeah, thats what I've done so far, but i'm debating whether we should use the same mysql db as commoner18:00
nathanyJED3, not sure why i think this, but my first impulse is probably not18:01
nathanyseems "cheap" to use a separate one and one less barrier if/when we need to separate them18:02
JED3yeah I have the same feelings but can't put finger on *why* its a bad idea18:02
JED3thought you may have some wisdom on the subject haha18:02
nathanythere's probably something to be said about table collision18:02
nathanyunlikely, but not impossible18:02
nathanyasking me for wisdom doesn't seem... wise ;)18:02
JED3yeah, I'm still a bit puzzled as to how rdflib comes up with the table schemas that it does when you create your store database18:03
JED3I assume thats a digest of your top level graph uri?18:05
nathanyand since both django and rdflib assume *they're* the only ones making tables, seems unwise to mix them18:06
JED3yeah, okay, if we are to separate them, are there any advantages to using an engine other than mysql?18:07
nathanyJED3, probably not18:08
nathanymysql can spawn multiple processes so we'd probably end up disk or cpu bound in either case18:09
nathany(so the solution is the same)18:09
nathanyand we have very little expertise with other dbs18:09
nathanynkinkade, is stats on paulproteus's a6 directory the stats collection stuff from search engines?18:09
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.18:10
nkinkadeAnd we're already rsync'ing the relevant stuff.18:10
nathanynkinkade, so we're not syncing it, right? (but not deleting it, either)18:10
nkinkadeAt least the things he was linking to on /License_statistics18:10
nkinkadenathany: I'm not going to delete it from a6.18:10
nathanygreat :)18:10
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nathanyi'm assuming things are being added there nightly18:10
nkinkadeI'm not deleting anything, just selecting copying things from his public_html on a6 to his public_html on a7.18:11
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paroneayeanathany: ping18:43
nathanyparoneayea, pong18:43
paroneayeahey, so18:43
paroneayeahm, actually... I think I just answered my own question18:43
paroneayeaI will have some other questions shortly ;)18:44
paroneayeanamely about some stuff dealing with i18n18:44
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nathanynkinkade, is the best help/ticket form for ibiblio?19:19
nathany(trying to give acawiki folks some help)19:19
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nkinkadenathany: Yeah, the ibiblio link you posted is the place.  They are fast to respond.20:06
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mralexnathany: does look broken to you on Linux?20:33
nathanyas in no CSS?20:34
mralexoh, doh.. it's probably trying to load localhost/.../20:34
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paroneayeahey nathany...21:24
paroneayeaso this doesn't work properly correctly, and I can see why, but not sure what to do:21:24
paroneayeaand the reason it doesn't work is that it searches through the selectors, and sees if any of the selectors can find the license21:25
paroneayea    <cc:licenseClass rdf:resource=""/>21:25
paroneayeathere's no selector set up for that in selectors.rdf21:25
nathanyand there is for, say, "standard" (or whetever we're calling it these days)21:26
nathanyanyway, we should probably just add that selector information to selectors.rdf21:27
nathanymake sense to you?21:28
nathanyparoneayea, ^^21:28
paroneayeajust wanted to make sure that I was right in doing that21:28
paroneayeaiirc there's an svn repository that selectors.rdf is also in21:29
paroneayeashould I add it there too?21:29
nathanythanks for checking in21:29
paroneayea (here, obviously)21:30
paroneayeawell, I assume the answer is yes21:30
nathanyparoneayea, i'm not 100% sure it matters... i think there will be integration pain in the end whether you do or not21:30
nathanyso whatever you want :)21:30
nathanyparoneayea, btw, we should make sure we have a test suite that checks things like "does the gpl deed render?" since it uses a different class, etc21:31
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paroneayeajust to confirm:21:40
paroneayea  <cc:LicenseSelector rdf:about="">21:40
paroneayea    <dc:title xml:lang="en">Software</dc:title>21:40
paroneayea    <cc:licenseCode>software</cc:licenseCode>21:40
paroneayea  </cc:LicenseSelector>21:40
paroneayeadoes that look right?21:40
* paroneayea kind of feels like he is asking dumb questions this afternoon, but can't find anything that confirms what licenseCode is to be... it's not on
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nkinkademralex: What are the changes you are making to the bbPress theme?21:55
mralexnkinkade: skin updates, to match cc.org21:56
mralexnkinkade: editing planet now21:57
nkinkadeAh.  Just curios.21:58
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