Wednesday, 2009-10-21

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MarcN1I found that one of my photos released under Attribution 2.0 Generic has been used on a cover of a book with no attribution.  What steps can/should I take?00:36
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* paulproteus waves gently to the crowd.05:07
* ianweller waves back05:12
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JavaWomananyone here who knows anything about the CreativeCommons forum?08:30
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paulproteusJavaWoman, Mike Linksvayer does, but he doesn't hang around here much.13:15
paulproteusml at creativecommons, or mlinksva sometimes on IRC13:15
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JavaWomanpaulproteus: thanks, I'll try to catch him on then14:07
paulproteusGreat (-:14:07
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nkinkadenathany: Do you happen to know if it's possible to accept all suggested translations from a certain person in Pootle?16:40
nathanynkinkade, i've never seen that feature16:40
nkinkadeThe person who did the Lithuanian for ccsearch uploaded a PO file, but I'd hate to have to approve 384 strings individually.16:40
nathanyoh, we didn't give them translate privileges?16:40
nkinkadenathany: No.16:41
nathanyah, right16:41
nathanycan we just do that and ask for him to re-upload?16:41
nkinkadenathany: That's a better idea. :-)16:41
nathanyand maybe we can figure out how to make the default permission for ccsearch "translate"16:41
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nkinkadenathany: I'm getting this error when I try to commit the PO file for Lithuanian on ccsearch: failed: fatal: malformed --author parameter17:49
nkinkadeI doubt it, but do you have any insight into that?17:49
nkinkadeI was also surprised to see the stuff was git and not subversion.17:50
nathanynkinkade, are you trying to commit through the web interface?17:52
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.17:52
nathanypootle allegedly has git support but I'm not sure we ever got it working.17:52
nathanythat error message sounds like something passed up from the git command line17:52
nathanyanother reason transifex looks appealing :)17:52
nkinkadeYeah.  Does this mean I'll just have to commit manually?17:52
nkinkadenathany: Are there any docs about adding another language to ccsearch ... making translations live, that is?17:53
nathanynkinkade, ugh. no.17:53
nkinkadeDo you know how to do it? :-)17:53
nathanyum... if you can commit it, i'll whack at that17:53
nathanyi *think* so17:53
nathanyi know17:54
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paroneayeadeed renders!Q20:25
paroneayeaand just in time for our devcall20:25
paroneayea(if we're having one.. nathany?)20:25
nathanyparoneayea, yes, we should20:26
nathanynkinkade, JED3, paroneayea: 5 min on the conf line?20:26
paroneayea  <!-- RDF code here for backwards compatibility.  Please use the20:30
paroneayea       license's RDFa instead. -->20:30
paroneayeanathany: ^^20:30
paroneayealook about right?20:30
nathanydialing in in a minute20:30
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nathanynkinkade, do you remember what wiki page linked to the paulproteus metrics dumps?21:10
nkinkadenathany: One sec.21:11
nkinkadeA link on /Metrics under the Data section points to that page.21:12
nathanynkinkade, just created the ticket, #49121:13
nathanylet me know if that makes sense21:13
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