Monday, 2009-10-19

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JavaWomanthe CreativeCommons forum now has a thread about "how to get pregnant", and comments on other threads with the same link08:10
JavaWomanis there no moderation during the weekend? is there moderation at all?08:10
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JavaWomantop of the page for CC0 claims it's available in Dutch - it isn't!12:18
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nathanynkinkade: we were using openwrt, right?15:21
nathany(for the router)15:21
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.15:29
nathanynkinkade, do you remember where the pppoe stuff was configured on there?15:30
nkinkadeDid the new router arrive?15:30
nathanyyeah, a week ago15:30
nathanyi just figured i'd set it up so i can take the power cord back i stole from my external display to power the sonicwall15:30
nathany(since i'm the only one in the office at the moment15:30
nkinkadenathany: /etc/config/network15:30
nathanynkinkade, ok, just flashed it15:36
nathany(and went away for a second, so didn't see anything you wrote after /etc/config/network)15:36
nkinkadenathany: I didn't write anything after that. :-)15:36
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nkinkadeDoes this mean that we are back up and running on OpenWRT and the Sonicwall is turned off?15:36
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nathanynkinkade, sigh... i tried to use the web interface to configure pppoe, doesn't seem to have come back from "applying the change"15:46
nathanymaybe it's waiting for it to timeout since it's not connected yet?15:46
nathanyoh well, people are starting to arrive, so i guess i won't get it in place today15:47
nkinkadeConfiguring the router by hand in /etc/config is really not too hard ... and not all that diff. from Debian's /etc/network/interfaces15:47
nathanynkinkade, i didn't see anything there (or in the docs) that indicated how to enter pppoe info15:47
nkinkadeI think most of the files should be commented pretty well too.15:47
nathanythe only docs are in the frighteningly named "oldwiki" and refer to using uci or nvram15:47
nathanyfor pppoe15:47
nathany(the ones that i found, at least)15:48
nkinkadenathany: ^^ is that the doc you found?15:49
nkinkadeYeah, I'm not sure what the "oldwiki" stuff is all about.15:49
nathanynkinkade, it seems to have done the right thing in the conf file15:54
nathanyi'm going to try and put it in place...15:54
nathanymaybe be back in a second :)15:54
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nathanynkinkade, ping16:03
nkinkadenathany: Hi.16:04
nathanynkinkade, iirc we had to generate wep keys from our passphrase, right?16:04
nkinkadenathany: I think not.  I thought you could just enter it right into the config file.16:05
nathanynkinkade, it keeps complaining that it couldn't set the key16:05
nathanywhen i do networking restart16:05
nathany(btw, the one thing the web interface didn't do was set up chap secrets)16:05
nathanynkinkade, brb, going to restart networking again, trying this16:06
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nkinkadeDid that do it?16:06
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nkinkadenathany: Myabe this is a good time to try WPA again?16:07
nathany_well it let me restart the network w/o complaining16:07
nathany_still trying to get it to do wifi correctly16:07
nathany_nkinkade, do you remember why we stopped using it?16:08
nkinkadenathany_: Because people were randomly getting dropped from the network.16:08
nkinkadeThings seemed stable with WEP.  But this is a new version of OpenWRT, so maybe the driver is more stable or something.16:08
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nathany__nkinkade, i'm not finding good docs on the passphrase option16:12
nkinkadenathany__:  ^^ Does something like the above work?16:13
nathany__nkinkade, looking, one second16:13
nathany__ugh, pastebin is slooooooow16:14
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nkinkadenathany_: Any luck?16:22
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nathanynkinkade, yeah, that worked... no idea how we had wep working before16:27
nathanywe'll see if this works OK16:27
nkinkadenathany: If people get randomly dropped from the wifi a few times a day, then you may want to fall back to WEP.16:28
nathanynkinkade, right16:28
nathanyof course that will require figuring out how to configure it with the passphrase :)16:29
nathanyso fingers crossed :)16:29
nkinkadenathany: I can't SSH to the backup machine.16:30
nkinkadeWhat is local IP of the router?16:31
nathanynkinkade, ok, one second16:31
nathanynkinkade, yes16:31
nkinkadeI can't remember whether I was using a Class A or C subnet mask.16:31
nathanyclass C16:31
nathanylet me look @ it... one second16:32
nathanynkinkade, oh, does the default firmware not allow SSH from the wifi?16:32
nkinkadenathany: Not sure about that.  I thought it did.16:33
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nathany_nkinkade, try it now?16:37
nkinkadenathany_: Bingo.16:37
nathany_it does seem that i couldn't ssh in from the wifi16:37
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jibotjgay is
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nkinkadenathany: I just re-enabled wshaper on the office router ... I just mention it in case you notice some degradation of service or something.  It *should* help things thought.19:03
nathanynkinkade, ok, thanks19:04
nkinkadeWow, look at this Armenian text:19:38
nkinkadeTo my Western eye it vaguely looks likes it's 50% Ns and Us.19:39
nkinkadeAnd Ws.19:39
mecredisand squigglies19:39
paroneayeawas thinking the same thing19:39
paroneayeapretty though19:40
nkinkadeIt's really interesting.19:40
nkinkadeYeah, quite pretty.19:40
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern19:43
JavaWomannkinkade: that's pretty indeed!  had seen Armenian text before, but only snippets, not a whole document19:47
JavaWomanthat was in Iran btw, where Armenian kids learn Armenian, Farsi and English at school: three languages *and* three scripts - mind boggling19:48
nkinkadeThat's impressive.19:49
greg-gmecredis: do we need to bring that questioncopyright cc-pro thing to the attention of diane?19:59
mecrediscameron did19:59
greg-gmecredis: cool19:59
mecrediswill fwd19:59
greg-gjust saw it on our statusnet19:59
nathanymaybe they'd like a wiki or music sharing license while they're at it20:18
mecredisyeah, they seem to be confused on whether they want a new license or just to rename BY-SA20:22
mecredisneither are desirable, IMHO20:22
paroneayeanathany: ping20:24
nathanyyeah, i take that back, morons is too strong; we've just had bad experiences with "Branding" exercises. Seems to lead to confusion, questions about compatibility, etc20:25
nathanyparoneayea, pong20:25
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paroneayeanathany: so I'm hitting something weird20:28
paroneayeawhere if I register something to the zope component registry, I'm able to access it when I just pull it up in the interpreter20:28
paroneayeaoh hm20:28
paroneayeaI wonder if repoze.bfg is overriding something or whatever20:29
paroneayeawell anyway, I wrote a test that passes via ./bin/nosetests, but when that same function is called within the paste servlet20:29
paroneayeait errors out because it can't pull something out of the zope component registry20:29
paroneayeamaybe repoze.bfg does something to affect the registry though?20:29
nathanyi seem to recall that it does use a "local" registry as opposed to one, big global registry20:30
nathanywhere are you doing the registration?20:31
paroneayeado you have a minute to test the code?20:31
paroneayeapull the latest git code20:31
paroneayeathen try both of these things:20:32
paroneayeashould pass20:32
paroneayea./bin/paster serve cc.engine.ini --reload20:32
nathanyok, sone second, re-buildout-ing20:32
paroneayeaso it's being registered in cc/engine/cc_org_i18n.py20:32
paroneayeaoh ok :)20:33
nathanynkinkade, does wshaper do limiting on protocols or per client (or both, i guess)?20:38
nathanyi keep getting these 10-15 second pauses when i'm pulling things from git, etc... seems like all my traffic is suspended momentarily, then it goes again20:39
nathanyparoneayea, i get an error, but it appears to be a librdf error20:41
nathanyTypeError: in method 'librdf_new_query', argument 4 of type 'char const *'20:41
nathanyException AttributeError: "'Query' object has no attribute '_query'" in <bound method Query.__del__ of <RDF.Query object at 0xb96a2ec>> ignored20:41
paroneayeaweird, I thought I pushed the fix for that20:41
nkinkadenathany: wshaper can be configured to give lower priority to certain TCP ports, but I haven't done that.20:41
paroneayeahold on20:41
nathanyparoneayea, ok20:41
nkinkadeOther than that it should try to do some type of fair sharing between connections.20:42
nathanynkinkade, it doesn't seem to be port limited, it's like *all* traffic -- IRC, ssh, git, http -- "go away" momentarily20:42
nathanyit might also be a kernel module thing, I upgraded to 9.10 last night20:42
nkinkadenathany: If you want to experiment to see if wshaper is the problem, just login to the router and type:20:42
nkinkade# /etc/init.d/wshaper stop20:42
nathanynkinkade, ok, i'll see if it keeps doing it20:43
paroneayeanathany: try now20:44
nathanyparoneayea, same thing20:45
nathanylooks like it's happening in the cc.license egg?20:45
nathanyone second, i'll pastebin the whole traceback20:45
nathanyparoneayea, but to address your initial query20:46
nathanyit might be worth asking on #repoze whether you can expect the "normal" component.registerUtility to work in repoze apps20:47
nathanyyou might need to either:20:47
nathanya) get a handle to the local registry and register the utility there20:47
nathanyor (equivalently)20:47
nathanyb) register the utility in the ZCML20:47
paroneayeaah, ok20:48
paroneayeaoh, and I see what that error is20:49
paroneayearm -rf eggs/cc.license-0.04-py2.6.egg && ./bin/buildout -N20:50
paroneayeaheh... I may have re-pushed an egg of the same version number :x20:50
paroneayeamaybe I should upgrade the version number ;p20:51
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paroneayeaanyway not really necessary, looking into the componentness20:56
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akozaknathany: someone asked us this on twitter  "re: DiscoverEd - are xml or json search results available via your nutch installation?"21:10
akozakI'm thinking no?21:10
akozakbut I'm not exactly sure what they're asking21:10
nathanyakozak, neither of those, but "opensearch" is linked from every search result page21:10
nathanyso people can "subscribe" to results if they want21:10
akozaknathany: ah ok21:11
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akozaknathany: actually that appears to be broken
nathanyopen a bug21:14
akozakwill do21:14
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akozaknathany: is it conceivable that we will be adding xml or json as a part of the upcoming discovered work? (follow up question from twitter again)21:24
nathanyuh, i suppose21:25
nathanyof course we welcome code contributions21:25
nathanyakozak: i haven't seen final details on the MSU grant to know what we will or won't be doing yet21:25
akozakah ok21:25
nathanyakozak, but it's certainly possible/"easy" to do that sort of thing21:26
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paroneayeanathany: so, this is something built into zope, local vs global registries?21:33
paroneayea(looks like it, considering there is
nathanyparoneayea, yeah, i think so; iirc at one point there was only one, and later they added the ability to have "local" registries21:34
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mecredisJED3: ping22:10
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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons and an all round good egg22:14
paroneayeahonestly, without pdb, not sure I would have ever figured out what was going on here22:18
paroneayea@hookable == @monkeypatch22:18
cchelpbotparoneayea: Error: "hookable" is not a valid command.22:18
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mecredisnathany: was just thinking about our RDFa plugin22:50
mecredisI take it that it never materliazed?22:50
nathanymecredis, huh? for WP?22:50
nathanyyeah, sort of, although i haven't played with it tons22:50
nathanyit's in gtit22:50
mecredis says its not complete22:50
mecredisbut I guess those aren't mutually exclusive22:50
nathanythat page just hasn't been touched lately22:51
mecredisgot it22:51
mecredisthere was one "failed" GSoC project I saw on your list recently, that wasn't it then?22:51
nathanymecredis, nope, that was the OOo update22:58
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bobocguys i have a questions please,who can help me?
nathanyboboc, i think you have the wrong channel23:04
nathanythis is the creative commons channel, not c programming :)23:04
paroneayeaalthough!  That's the more respectable of mistakes to be having :)23:05
nathanylol... absolutely23:06
bobocnathany: why wrong channel?23:06
mecredisyeah, most of the time its credit card frauds23:06
bobocis not a c channel?23:06
nathanyboboc, nope23:06
mecredisboboc: http://www.creativecommons.org23:06
bobocdo you know what is the c programming channel?23:07
paroneayeaonly one letter off ;)23:08
paroneayeaI guess it forwards to ##c, but same deal23:09
boboctnx,sorry again23:09
akozakheh, #c# forwards to ##csharp23:09
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akozakwhat's with the double hash?23:09
akozakis that a thing?23:10
mralex"official" channel23:10
mralexor something like that.. vetted by freenode23:10
nathanyofficial v. unofficial... iirc ## is unofficial, right?23:10
akozakhm interesting23:10
* mecredis wonders who is ##cc23:10
akozaksomeone with parkinsons23:10
mralexthe official credit card hacker channel23:10
mecredishahah or thinks cc-pro is a good idea23:10
paroneayeamralex: unofficial!23:10
paroneayeamaybe the next someone asks for a cc check we should redirect them to ##cc23:11
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern23:36

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