Thursday, 2009-10-01

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greg-ggeez, I look away from email for a few hours and there are now 22 new messages on -staff? crazy01:25
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern01:36
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern04:36
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simuladoes anyone know what the ramifications of not choosing a jurisdiction for your cc license?05:41
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jibotpaulproteus is Asheesh Laroia & TWiki: &! & aka Johnny Pancakes &! & quotes blog: & kindablog: & back from uganda - blog at & & DanMark approved for humor & graduated from in '07 & on Creative Commons tech staff & seeing robots where there are none & a crayon13:28
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nathanynkinkade: ping16:15
nkinkadenathany: Here.16:18
nathanynkinkade: if I want to open Acawiki to contributions by anyone (including anonymous), can you remind me where I set that?16:19
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jibotjgay is
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.16:19
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nkinkadenathany: Take a look at the relevant settings in the LocalSettings.php file for the CC Wiki, for example.16:19
nathanynkinkade: thanks16:19
nkinkadenathany: specifically the $wgGroupPermissions array.16:20
nathanynkinkade: should i change $wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false; or $wgGroupPermissions['user' ]['edit'] = false; ?16:25
nathany(i assume "*" is the default, "user" overrides it)16:25
nkinkadenathany: ['*'] is all users whether authenticated or not.16:25
nathanynkinkade: ah16:26
nathanyand user is authenticated, not necessarily confirmed?16:26
nkinkadenathany: But isn't the default to allow anonymous edits?16:26
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nkinkadenathany: re: confirmed, exactly.16:26
nathanynkinkade: yes...16:26
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jibotpaulproteus is Asheesh Laroia & TWiki: &! & aka Johnny Pancakes &! & quotes blog: & kindablog: & back from uganda - blog at & & DanMark approved for humor & graduated from in '07 & on Creative Commons tech staff & seeing robots where there are none & a crayon16:26
nkinkadeI guess I had always thought that if one didn't tweak the settings that anonymous edits were allowed out-of-the-box.16:26
nkinkadeBy the way, how do we git rid of jibot.16:27
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nkinkadeI personally find it annoying and disruptive.16:27
nathanynkinkade: talk to joi ito :)16:27
nkinkadeDo I need to talk to Joi about that?16:27
nkinkadeI'll send him an email.16:27
nathany(or op yourself and kick it ;) )16:27
nkinkadeI'll be nice and ask him.16:28
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jibotpaulproteus is Asheesh Laroia & TWiki: &! & aka Johnny Pancakes &! & quotes blog: & kindablog: & back from uganda - blog at & & DanMark approved for humor & graduated from in '07 & on Creative Commons tech staff & seeing robots where there are none & a crayon16:28
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* paulproteus blinks.16:30
paulproteusWas there a netsplit, or is it my problem?16:31
greg-gpaulproteus: there was a netsplit16:36
paulproteusThat's good to know.16:37
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greg-gmralex: is there a reason why on /about/downloads in the buttons section, for the 80x15 buttons, the displayed button is but the png link is  (which is NOT 80x15 but actually 267x50)16:43
mralexcc-zero? that's strange.16:44
greg-gmralex: sorry, pretend they are for the same license16:44
greg-gthe different in pixels is the issue16:44
mralexwould you rather a seperate link to the biggie version?16:45
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god16:45
greg-gor indicate that the png is not 80x15 (what I would assume to be the case since it is under the 80x15) and the URL be changed because it implies 80x15 when it isn't :)16:45
greg-gbut, changing URLs == bad.. so.. dunno about that one16:46
mralexgreg-g: unless you want to jump in and fiddle with it, your concern is noted and i'll get to it eventually.16:47
greg-gheh, no problem, I was just wondering why the icons my coworker created (which were 80x15 to match the CC ones) were smaller than the ones I got from /downloads16:48
nkinkadenathany: Looks like the office IP changed and isn't working now.17:26
nkinkadeCan you let me know what the IP is and I'll try to fix this for good.17:26
nkinkadeBy the way, any plans to try to revive the WRT?17:26
akozaknathany: in the examples for xhtml+rdfa we use dc and not DCT... is there a difference? should I just change the examples to dct?18:18
nathanyakozak: we should just say "dc" everywhere -- or "dublin core"18:19
mralexnathany: mmm, donut...
nathanymralex: WTFBBQ!?!18:35
nathanynkinkade: in OneClick.php, is there just a static "post-transaction" page?18:49
nathanythat paypal will send people to after they complete their transaciton18:49
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nathanymecredis: nkinkade: JED3: just sent an email re: renewal18:59
nathanygoing to get lunch now, let me know if it looks sane18:59
mecredisnathany: thanks, won't have time to go over until later tonight, but looks good19:00
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steltiis there a top list for cc music?19:32
nkinkadenathany: Sorry about the delay.  Went to the new condo for lunch to take care of a couple things and it took a couple hours instead of 1. :-)19:50
nathanynkinkade: no worries19:51
nkinkadeBut yeah, there is a static variable in the file for where the user returns when they come back from PayPal.19:51
nkinkadeI'll document static variables on the page on Teamspace.19:51
nathanynkinkade: thanks; what do you think about allowing that to be overridden by a parameter?19:52
nathanyadding that would let us do some slick integration on the side with minimal effort19:52
nkinkadenathany: That would be really easy to implement if you think there's an application for it.19:52
nathanynkinkade: see my email19:52
nathanyif we had it, we could use oneclick to take people from cc network/renew, to paypal, and back again19:52
akozakdublin core has surprisingly few financial partners:
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nkinkademralex: nathany: Do either of you have any data in zupport that shouldn't be blasted?  Allison accidentally deleted about 22 contacts and all associated data.21:10
mralexnkinkade: civi data or drupal data?21:10
nkinkadeRather than trying to weed it out of the db backup, I figured I might just installed the backed up live database on zupport.21:10
nkinkademralex: Civi.21:10
nathanynkinkade: i have no data i care about in zupport's civi/drupal database21:10
mralexnkinkade: no civi for me21:11
nkinkademralex: ?  Does that mean it's safe to ditch it?21:11
mralexnkinkade: yes21:11
nkinkadeI figured it would be, but just wanted to be 100% sure.21:11
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paroneayeaback from morgan's surgery, which went well21:47
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JED3paroneayea: thats good to hear, was it an out-patient procedure?22:07
JED3nathany: working on the promo codes renaming right now22:07
akozakmralex: where's the best place to put the google analytics code on a wp blog theme?22:08
nathanyparoneayea: glad to hear it22:08
nathanyJED3: great22:08
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JED3it looks pretty silly with the python naming still using "PromoCode"s22:08
mralexakozak: by using the google analyticator plugin22:08
akozakah, i hope that's on labs...22:08
nathanywe can change it later if we need to22:08
JED3shall I expend the energy in that as well, and if so, do we really want to use "AuthorizationCode"22:08
mralexakozak: if that's not available, in footer.php22:08
nathanyit may look silly but it only looks silly to us :)22:09
JED3nathany: cool, didn't want to have update tests right now ;)22:10
akozakmralex: it's there. thanks22:10
nkinkademralex: When did you apply those patches to Ubercart?23:05
nkinkadeI'm wondering a tiny bit if they may be the cause of this bug I reported:23:06
mralexnkinkade: i'm not sure without checking; but i think the patch was in relation to
mralexactually this one,
nkinkademralex: Are your sure?  The first issues looked more like it.23:11
nkinkadeIn any case, after looking at those bugs I doubt either have to do with this shipping issue.23:11
nkinkadeThanks.  I'll keep following that bug I posted.23:12
mralexit was one of them - i gogoled again, and both links were already displayed as visited23:12
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