Friday, 2009-10-02

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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern02:14
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kevwalshhey all, does anyone have any resources they might share about applying CC licenses to web forums?  I can't find much on on this topic.17:02
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greg-gwhoa, where did that come from?17:35
* greg-g has never seen it17:35
mralexabout a year ago17:36
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nkinkademralex: I'm still noticing a couple contributions coming from the old contribution pages.  Do you see any harm in me deactivating those pages?19:34
nkinkadeI can't think of why that might be bad unless some other sites were linking to them, but Google didn't turn up anyone sites linking to that page.19:34
nkinkadeI suppose there is also no *harm* in leaving them on, just in case someone accidentally ends up there.19:34
nkinkadenathany: ^^ any thoughts?19:35
nathanynkinkade: unless there's a reason to turn them off, I don't see any harm in leaving them on19:35
nkinkadeI guess I agree with that.  I'll just leave them.19:36
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jibotjgay is
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god19:55
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JED3mecredis: you around?20:09
mecredisJED3: just got back to my desk20:10
mecrediswhats up20:10
JED3you think you could write up a quick paragraph for the renew page on CC.net20:13 explain how the authorization codes work20:14
mecredissure, I can get it done within an hour or so if you'd like20:15
mecredis still says promo code20:16
mecrediswant me to just edit that HTML and send it to you?20:16
JED3yeah i havent updated the production server yet with the changes20:21
JED3right now i'm using the text from
mecredisah right on20:21
JED3so could you use that as your base?20:21
mecrediscan you push it live so I can work on the most recent changes?20:21
mecredisoh ok20:21
JED3 looks exactly like that page right now20:22
JED3... well right now on my machine at least :)20:22
mecredisah I see20:22
mecredisso we're expecting /a/renew to just look like
JED3yeah pretty much, thats what I collected from nathany 's last msg20:24
mecredisor yeah, sorry, have had a couple of meetings today so I'm a bit out of the loop20:24
mecredislet me catch up on it20:24
nathanyJED3: mecredis: yes; basically we'll keep them on, but all the data will flow into civi20:24
mecredisnathany: ok, makes sense20:25
mecredisso do we have the content/body of support but the head of
mecredissome kind of franken registration20:25
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JED3just for the renew page though20:25
mecredisgot it20:25
mecredisso should I just copy that html in20:26
mecredisor wait for you to push the changes live?20:26
mecredisor just write a paragraph in email20:26
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JED3copy the html or email me some text, either is fine20:28
nkinkadenathany: I published the OneClickDonate.php doc on Teamspace, but I'm now thinking it should be on the wiki.  Does that sound right to you?20:33
nkinkadeI was going to write a post at labs about it all.20:33
nathanynkinkade: hrm....20:33
nathanyyes, definitely a blog post20:33
nathanyi suppose it's in our public repo, right?20:33
nkinkadenathany: Yeah, it's already in git.  And as precedent we have LicenseChooser.js on the public wiki.20:34
nathanywell LicenseChooser.js is something we *want* other people to consume :)20:34
nkinkadeThere's no secret information in the file or doc.  It's all stuff people would know anyway.20:34
nathanyyeah, move it to the wiki (probably leave a breadcrumb in teamspace)20:34
nathanyprobably add a link to the to wiki page to the source file as well20:35
nkinkadenathany: One thing I realized is that it's currently in branch cc_production_2.2.7 .. that branch is not necessarily static.20:35
nkinkadeI don't know how to avoid that when the branch names have version numbers.20:35
nkinkadeSo links will be outdated.20:36
nathanywhy do they have version numbers? (or how do you change the version number)20:36
nathanyi would think there'd just be a "cc_production" branch that gets rebased20:36
nkinkadeI update the code, then I push the changes to a new branch on code with a version number.20:36
nathany(sorry, this is orthogonal and just for my own curiosity)20:36
nathanyso on cc_prod_2.2.7 you rebase to civicrm_3.0 (for example)20:36
nkinkadeI recall that paulproteus had for some reason recommended using version numbers of the branch names.20:37
nathanyand then push cc_prod_2.2.7 to cc_prod_3.020:37
nathany(pushing with an explicit branch name instead of just "git push")20:37
nkinkadenathany: Exactly.20:37
nathanyah, interesting20:37
nkinkadeIt's somewhat nice in that we always have a good record of where we've been.20:37
nathanyalmost feels like using branch names as tags or something20:37
nathanywell the old one won't "go away"20:38
nkinkadenathany: That's pretty much what it is.  yeah, the old one will always be there, but our most recent changes might not.20:38
nathanyso you can say "this file is in our civicrm clone in x/y/z; our production verison for 2.2.7 is at xxxxx"20:38
nathanywell as we add features/fix things, we'll presumably be editing that page20:38
nathanyanyway, if we're releasing it, we should point to where people can find it20:38
nkinkadeThat could work, but it seems like a hassle for people, because they then have to guess what version we are running.20:38
nkinkadeGood point about the editing and updating of the doc.20:39
nathanywell this doesn't matter for *us*, does it?20:40
nathanythis is more for others who want the code for their site, right?20:40
nathanyotherwise we could just leave it in  teamspace :)20:40
nkinkadeNot really.  Just for anyone using it.20:40
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nkinkadeBut some of the stuff is CC specific20:40
nkinkadeThe core functionality that anyone else might want is in the current version.20:41
nkinkadenathany: I take that back, nothing is really CC specific, but what I mean is that not everyone will need/want everything in there.20:41
nathanyso: i'm fine putting the docs on the public wiki, i think we should at least point to the repo and where the file is, don't care about the branch stuff20:41
nkinkadeA number of people at the CiviCRM camp in NYC were interested in it.20:42
nkinkadeI think it's a bit of code that may interest the CiviCRM community at large.20:42
nkinkadeIt's a pretty cool idea, I think.20:42
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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons20:47
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jibotivan is being acquired by Apple for a rumored price of seven quadrillion dollars & Hank Rearden & one of those elitists & agent smith from the matrix & borg21:03
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jibotpaulproteus is Asheesh Laroia & TWiki: &! & aka Johnny Pancakes &! & quotes blog: & kindablog: & back from uganda - blog at & & DanMark approved for humor & graduated from in '07 & on Creative Commons tech staff & seeing robots where there are none & a crayon & a dirty lurker21:28
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* nathny will learn to type one day21:33
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nkinkadenathany: Do you happen to know if cgit can output diffs between arbitrary commits?21:34
nathanynkinkade: no, i don't... i thought git itself could, though -- or are you wanting a web view?21:34
nkinkadenathany: git can, but I'd rather have a link to a diff output dynamically rather than have to create a static file.21:35
nathanyah... not sure about cgit21:35
JED3nathany: mecredis:
JED3fit for production?21:37
mecredisnice, the blue font seems a little ... aggressive21:38
nathanyJED3: looks awesome21:38
mecredismaybe kill the Thanks!21:38
mecredisand put in21:38
mecredis"Thank you for your support."21:38
nathanyreading through it, can we also kill "It's time, however, to renew your membership! "?21:38
mecredisor we already say that21:38
nathanythey're there because they know it's time21:38
mecredisyeah, I agree nathany its fairly obvious that that is what you're there fore21:38
nathanymecredis: i think we could say "thanks for your support"21:38
nathanyat the edn21:38
nathanystart and finish with gratitude, or some koan like that21:39
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JED3so for the first line, "Thank you for being a part of the Creative Commons Network over the last year. By renewing you'll retain the ability to register new works on the Network for an additional year"21:40
nathanyoh, that does read a little choppy, doesn't it21:41
nathanywhat about "If you renew you'll be able to continue to register new works..."21:42
nathanythat seems like it flows into "if you choose not to renew"21:42
nathanymecredis, thoughts? ^^21:42
mecredisyeah, sometimes I get stuck in the passive voice21:42
mecredisthat's fine21:43
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nkinkadenathany: By the time your reply had come in I had already set Catharina's account to forward and changed the password.22:16
nkinkadeShould I undo that?22:16
nathanywell i did tell her that we were going to do it next week...22:17
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jibotGrant is Grant Henninger and is at http://grant.henninger.name22:17
nathanywhy don't you just reply to her directly and say "oops, i went ahead and did that; do you need access to your account for anything?"22:17
nathanyi don't know... just want this to be done :)22:17
nathanydoes that seem right to you?22:18
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nkinkadenathany: With cgit I seem to be getting fairly close with something like this:22:42
nathanynkinkade: cool; so it shows all the files changed between diffs up top, followed by the specific file diff22:43
nkinkadeBut for some reason when I try to shift "id" to the exact beginning of our changes I get unexpected results.22:43
nathanyhuh... maybe it only works for consecutive revs?22:43
nkinkadeIt appears to be something like that.22:43
nkinkadenathany: I had the commits backward:22:44
nkinkadeThat is correct now.22:45
nkinkadeI just switched the commits between id and id2 and now it works.22:45
nkinkadeBut I don't think that you can arrive at that anywhere in the interface.  I think you just have to know how it works and manually create the URL.22:45
nkinkadenathany: One other discovery about cgit.  You can get cgit to show you a file from the tree as it appeared at some specific commit.23:01
nathanyoh nice23:01
nathanyi wonder if we should add these to our git phrasebook page on the wiki23:02
nkinkadeThis way branches don't matter for the purpose of publishing links.23:02
nkinkadenathany: I'll add them to our git phrasebook .... good idea.  But where is all stuff documented for cgit?  I've just have to play around and test.23:02
nathanyno idea re: cgit docs23:03
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