Friday, 2009-09-18

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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons03:20
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern04:07
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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons04:16
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sparrwould it be unusual to license works under two different CC licenses?  I have been using CC-BY-SA for all my photography, but am considering also using CC-BY-NC05:29
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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons11:27
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greg-gsparr: you can license the same work under 2 licenses, that way users can choose which one makes the most sense in their use case13:10
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greg-gbut you can't remove a license from a work, just fyi.
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paroneayeajust wiped some commits I didn't push14:25
paroneayeathey're easy to reproduce though.14:25
paulproteusparoneayea, git reflog14:36
paulproteusThey're still there.14:37
paroneayeapaulproteus: oh14:38
paroneayeagood to know ;p14:38
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sparrgreg-g: I know I can, but it doesn't seem common, or well supported in systems that support CC14:56
sparrgreg-g: for example, what is the appropriate syntax for two license URLs in XMP/EXIF/IPTC tags on an image?  how can you have two licenses for a CC work on flickr (can't?) or Wikipedia (two license blocks, but that confuses the bots)?14:57
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paroneayeanathany: there is no i18n directory in license.rdf.git like there is in svn... should I just copy over the files from svn?15:25
paroneayea(and is there any particular reason that thsi is the case that I should know of?)15:26
nathanyparoneayea: i'm guessing the i18n directory in svn is actually pulled in via an svn:external15:26
nathanythose don't get handled by git-svn, but we can add a git submodule15:26
paroneayeaoh right15:26
nathanyparoneayea: it's possible we'll come up with a better way to handle that linkage at some point in the future... but not now :)15:27
paroneayeak, cool :)15:28
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nkinkadenathany: Any idea why CaseStudy doesn't display as a category in SemanticDrilldown?:16:17
nkinkadeTemplate:Case_Study has this: [[Category:Casestudy]]16:18
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jibotmlinksva is from Creative Commons and Mike Linksvayer16:37
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god16:39
nathanynkinkade: i think drilldown requires facets to be defined16:42
nathany(but i'm not sure)16:42
nathanynkinkade: er, Filters16:42
nkinkadenathany: Does that mean that Drilldown won't work for the Case Studies without someone manually entering data for each study and/or modifying the template?16:42
nathanynkinkade: no, you need to define what properties you care about on the category page16:43
nkinkadeOkay, I'll take a look.  Thanks.16:43
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akozaknkinkade: michelle and i are about to meet about that16:47
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akozaknkinkade or mralex: could you go to and start a data repair/upgrade?17:11
akozakon second though, let's do it later after these pages get moved17:12
nkinkadeakozak: Done17:12
akozakok now works too17:12
nkinkademralex: Any news on the new /donate Drupal page?17:12
mralexnkinkade: working out some integration issues, vs the jquery/jquery-ui that ships with civicrm17:13
mralexnkinkade: i don't like the fact civicrm <head> stuff gets included on non-civi pages.17:13
nkinkadeCool.  Just making sure that something didn't slip past me yesterday.17:13
nkinkadeThat seems weird that the CiviCRM includes get included even on non-CiviCRM pages.17:14
nkinkadeI wonder if it's a bug, or if we have an issue in the template??17:14
mralexthe template just has print $scripts; as it should. i'd call it a bug, or sloppy coding, on civi17:14
nkinkademralex: Let me check with the Civi devs to see what they have to say, because that seems rather suboptimal to me.17:15
mralexnkinkade: indeed17:16
lotiaany mediawiki ninjas on. greg-g mentioned that you guys do a ton with it.17:23
greg-gI can point and name names, but I'll let them do it themselves :)17:24
* lotia laughs17:24
nkinkademralex: I'm on #civicrm asking about this, and they are looking into it ... they seem to think it's a bug.17:29
nkinkadeThey are saying that some code that outputs those headers is outside of some conditional when it really shouldn't be.17:30
mralexin the civicrm code, or our template?17:30
nkinkademralex: In the CiviCRM code.17:30
nkinkadeThey are going to issue a bug fix.17:30
nkinkadeI'll get details for you.17:31
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mralexnkinkade: are we keeping the old style donation interface for split monthly donations?17:58
nkinkademralex: Good question.  I guess it's something we haven't really factored in yet.17:58
nkinkadenathany: ^^17:58
nathanyit'd be awesome if we could wrap that into the new interface... but if we can't do that easily...17:59
nathany(although it seems like it's just another variable(s) to pass to PayPal, right?)18:00
akozaknkinkade: going to move those pages soon, can we backup the cc wiki db?18:00
greg-gso yeah, to name names, lotia: mralex with design of it and nkinkade/akozak with plugins etc.18:00
nkinkadenathany: I think it should be pretty easy for use to pass that info on to PayPal ... like you say, just one variable.18:00
nkinkadeIt probably just means mralex having to add that functionality into the popup or otherwise????18:01
nathanynkinkade: iirc it may be a couple variables -- # of payments, interval, etc18:01
nathanymralex, would that be part of the popup or do we still have separate buttons for "donate now" and "donate monthly"18:01
mralexwell, do we want the monthly option in the popup, or in a seperate button as we have now, with options in the popup?18:01
nkinkadeOur one-click solution is turning into a 5 click solution.18:02
nathanymralex: i suppose i prefer it the way it is now18:02
nathanyseems clearer18:02
mralexdon't want to hide the option from people18:02
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nathanyJED3: do you have any desire to go to the GSoC mentor summit?18:25
JED3does it require me to travel more than a 2 block radius?18:26
nathanyJED3: it's down in mountain view, and it's on a weekend18:27
nathanyso... yeah18:27
JED3ohh okay, then no I think i will have to decline18:27
nathanyJED3: no problem18:27
akozaknkinkade: I'm about ready to move the pages. All clear?18:40
nkinkadeakozak: Did you mysqldump?18:40
nkinkade$ mysqldump -u ccwiki -p --databases cc_wiki > cc_wiki.sql.2009-09-1818:42
nkinkadeThe password is in LocalSettings.php18:42
akozaknkinkade: ok will do :)18:45
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nkinkademralex: The CiviCRM devs have fixed the problem and it's implemented on our site ... the problem with Civi jQuery stuff showing up on non-Civi pages.18:54
mralexnkinkade: awesome. thanks!18:54
mralexnkinkade: can this fix be implemented on zupport too? ;)18:55
nkinkadeI'm sure.18:55
nkinkadejust do a git diff on civicrm.module on the live site to see what Kurund did.18:55
nkinkade(he's a Civi dev)18:55
mralexnow the popup doesn't look completely busted. only a little busted.18:59
nkinkademralex: How do you want to handle the recurring stuff?19:04
nkinkadeWith a checkbox?19:04
mralexnkinkade: making the "Give Monthly" buttons pass split=1 to oneclickdonate.php; possibly including a line in the popup saying donations will be split.19:05
nkinkademralex: How about indefinite recurring contributions like we currently have?19:06
nkinkadeHow about something like:19:06
nkinkaderecur=1 means split value over 12 months.19:07
nkinkaderecur=2 means indefinite?19:07
nkinkadeIf you can add those things to the HTML I'll take care of making sure that one-click stuff handles it properly.19:07
mralexhmm, ok19:07
nkinkadeDoes that not seem right to you, mralex?19:08
mralexyes. looking at how it's handled right now, it seems right19:08
nkinkadeIt's starting to get to be a lot of options needed.19:08
mralexwell lets see how it looks after i add that.19:09
mralexit's still less scary than the civi page19:09
nkinkadeReally this script should be called TwoClickAtMinimumDonation.php19:09
mralexnkinkade: just to make sure, oneclickdonate.php ignores querystring vars it doesn't understand, correct?19:10
nkinkademralex: Yeah, it only picks out things it's expecting.19:10
nkinkadeEverything else is ignored.19:10
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nkinkademralex: Does the recur=1 or recur=2 method seem reasonable to you?19:11
paroneayeanathany: I'm looking at the currecnt implementation of cc/licenserdf/tools/ and your docs, and both of them specify --lang=, and the options accept that, but it is not used :)19:11
paroneayeaI can add it though19:11
nathanyparoneayea: oh, they don't add it?19:12
nathany(to the RDF?)19:12
paroneayeacurrently it just adds everything from the i18n/ directory19:12
paroneayeaeverything it can find in there that matches19:12
paroneayeaat least, that's my understanding of this code19:13
paroneayeaand it appears to be what is happening19:13
nathanyparoneayea: yeah, that appears correct19:14
nathanyyes, it should add the dc:language assertions19:14
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paroneayeaso, do we want to either:19:17
paroneayea - restrinct to those that are provided19:17
paroneayea - add them (without translating them since we won't have a translation, I think?) with their english title?19:17
paroneayeawait, that might not make sense19:17
paroneayeaokay, so the former would be easy to do19:18
paroneayeaI'm not certain how we would go about the latter, since presumably we wouldn't have a translation for them, and the way that it finds a translation is by walking through the .po files19:19
paroneayeais that correct?  I may be confusing myself, but I think that's correct.19:19
nkinkademralex: Don't forget to include some logic about the amount given and the premium as it relates to recurring contributions.19:20
nkinkadeIf min is $50 for gift and they give $5/mo for 12 months then I think Mel wants them to get a gift.19:21
mralexnkinkade: right.19:21
mralexnkinkade: eternal donations are still based on the 12 month rate, yes?19:21
nkinkademralex: Yeah.19:21
nkinkadeIt's misusing the form a bit, but I think it wokss.19:22
nkinkadeSomeone clicks to give $100, and then we suggest $8.33/mo forever.19:22
nkinkadeIt's not really a $100 donation at that point, but I don't know of a better place to stick it.19:23
mralexdo we want to allow the condition of "donate $100 now" + "recur this donation every month"19:24
mralexie $100/mo. like we can right now19:24
mralexor is that just begging for trouble... which i think it probably is19:24
nkinkademralex: That's basically what we do now, but we divide up the $100 by 12 and give them the option of giving that amount indefinitely.19:27
nkinkadeIt's a bit awkward, and it could confuse some people.19:27
nkinkadeMaybe indefinite recurring contributions should be separated from the "Donate $amount Now" buttons.19:28
nkinkadenathany: ^^ do you have an opinion?19:28
nkinkadeRather, would you share it with us? :-)19:28
mralexhe's at lunch19:29
mralexwell, i was considering not showing it on "Donate Now"; but im just going to implement the logic, and see if the options make sense to be there.19:29
nkinkadeCool.  The OneClickDonate.php script won't change in either case ... all the same vars get passed to it, it's a matter now of how to present it to the user.19:31
paroneayeaargparse is so awesome19:32
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paroneayeanathany: dunno if you got my other comments, btw19:37
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nkinkademralex: One last thing ... we also need a basic page where users who donate are redirected after they leave PayPal.19:53
nkinkadeI imagine that will be an ultra-simple Thank You page.19:54
nkinkadeIn fact, I'll have Allison create it.19:54
akozakWow! My email has luckily won US$420,000 in the SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL LOTTERY 2009!19:57
akozakmy email is so rich now19:57
mralexyour email is also a Nigerian prince, too20:04
nathanynkinkade: mralex: IIRC we don't do "perpetual" donations at all right now; they're all bounded @ 12 months.  I seem to recall it's a Civi thing, but don't remember exactly why20:12
nathanyparoneayea: didn't see you earlier coment20:12
nathanythe language isn't translated; it's just included as the dc:language assertion20:12
nkinkadenathany: We do have indefinite recurring donations.20:12
nathanysee existing jurisdictions.rdf for details20:12
mralexthe indefinite option is a trick? (it's a trap)20:13
nkinkadeThere, for example.20:13
paroneayeaah, okay.... I see where my confusion was.20:13
nkinkadeNo, on the current donation form there is a radio options allowing users to give that amount "until they decide to cancel."20:13
nkinkadeIt's just slightly confusing that it should show up behind a donation button for a certain dollar value.20:14
nkinkadeEven though the recurring donation button doesn't explicitly state the term, it's still on the same row as the fixed dollar amount buttons.20:15
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nkinkadeAnd beyond that we have a whole box on the main /donate page with a "Continual" option for recurring payments ... that is a bit less confusing than the former.20:16
akozaknkinkade: thanks for your help with the cc wiki, I think my work there is complete :)20:16
nkinkadeGood, and now blowups.20:16
akozakand now I have a 180mb database backup sitting in my home dir20:16
akozakNo blowups....20:17
akozakat least that I can tell20:17
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akozaknkinkade: Could you start a data/repair upgrade on
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nkinkadeakozak: "repair and upgrade" or "installation and upgrade" ???20:26
akozaknkinkade: ^^20:26
nkinkadeI ran it.20:26
nkinkadeIt said this "A new update process for refreshing the semantic data was started. All stored data will be rebuilt or repaired where needed. You can follow the progress of the update on this special page."20:27
akozakthen I'll login and speed them up with runJobs.php20:27
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akozakwow there are a lot of pages on the wiki20:35
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern21:28
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mralexi guess i should fix those rounding errors...22:29
mralexwho wants a $41.666666666666666666666666666666667 donation...22:29
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nkinkademralex: I round to two decimal places in the script, so even if you passed a long floating value it would still get rounded.22:33
mralexnkinkade: i send the php script the original donate amount and the recur value. i assume that's all you need. :)22:34
mralexi have it up on zupport, in process of tweaking, if you want to see22:34
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nkinkademralex: Whichever you think is best.22:36
nkinkadeI can divide the total amount and round if you want, or you can do it on the client side.22:36
nkinkadeThe only reason I can think of to do it on the client side is the case of indefinite recurring payments, in which case $amount has no meaning.22:37
mralexwell i have it so the popup displays what the monthly # is, it's just not rounding when i display it22:37
nkinkadeSo if we have to break the rule even once then I think it probably makes sense to do it all on the client side for consistency.22:37
mralexso i can easily send the monthly val to the php if it makes your life easy22:38
nkinkadeThat is, your script should fill $amount with the one-time amount or the monthly amount.22:38
nkinkadeIt's just as easy to do that calculation in PHP, but as I mention above recur=2 makes $amount somewhat meaningless.22:39
nkinkademralex: But there is some problem with ContributionProcessor.php and fetching recurring contributions.  I have posted to the CiviCRM forum to see what's up.  If it doesn't currently support that, then we'll have to get that straight first.22:41
nkinkadeI imagine I won't see a reply till Monday.22:41
nkinkadeI'm about to take off to my cousin's house a bit north of here for the weekend.  We can pick this back up on Monday.22:41
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