Saturday, 2009-09-19

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swathanthranis there a photo sharing site of creative commons community?08:36
swathanthranok nevermind;-)08:37
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paroneayeaI already said hello.18:08
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Sonjaif i choose by-nc instead of by-nc-sa, does that mean that people making their remixes can choose to copyright them?21:37
Sonjato their name?21:37
greg-gthey still must attribute it something like "based on SomeWork by Sonja" with a link to you.21:40
greg-gSonja: also, see section 4(c) here:
Sonjathere seems to be a lot of arguments against using BY-NC such as here
Sonjai'm researching if i should consider them and switch to SA instead or21:48
Sonjaah, so a remix of a by-nc could use by-nc-nd for example21:54
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern22:01
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AlexandreMBMBoa noite!22:04
AlexandreMBMTenho uma dúvida. Alguém pode conversar em português comigo?22:05
AlexandreMBMHello! Good night!22:06
AlexandreMBMI have a question.22:06
AlexandreMBMDo I can to merge and (two works) in a work in
greg-gyou want to make a derivative of a BY-NC and a BY-NC-SA work? Then that work MUST be BY-NC-SA.22:09
AlexandreMBMgreg-g, thank you.22:10
greg-gSonja: yes, NC is discouraged because of many reasons, one of which is Freedom, another of which is clarity of that "non commercial" means to everyone22:10
greg-gAlexandreMBM: you're welcome22:10
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Sonjaare there any licences that are similar to NC but allow non-competitive commercial uses, like adding Google Ads to their website, or allow people in 3rd world countries to use my work commercially, etc.22:53
greg-gSonja: no, CC licenses do not discriminate based on geolocation or type of commercial use.23:04
Sonjai guess i can use the by-nc-sa licence and then add a line below it saying that as the copyright holder I am OK with this and this other use23:05
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greg-gyes, but I would personally suggest just dropping the NC clause then, as no matter how clear you are that will only add more confusion. And, the stuff you add will not be a recognized standard set of rights. And, there is no garuantee that this extra list of OK things will be with each reproduction of the work. Basically, that would be deminishing many of the reasons to use a CC license :)23:07
greg-gBUT! As copyright holder, you of course _can_ do that.23:07
Sonjaif i drop NC, though, then somebody can take my entire book and publish physical copies themself for profit23:08
greg-gI am heading out for the night now. Feel free to leave more quesitons here (with the caveat that it is a saturday night and not many people lurk her then) or join the cc-community mailing list23:09
Sonjaoki. thanks greg!23:09
greg-gno problem, have a good night.23:09
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