Tuesday, 2009-09-15

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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and madebyparker.com and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern00:08
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jibotpyrak is Parker Phinney and madebyparker.com and a sophomore at Dartmouth and a former CC tech intern01:07
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jibotjonsson is Karl Jonsson, a Swedish law student & Karl Jonsson, a Swedish law student. He blogs @ http://www.cyberlaw.se/kalle & Karl Jonsson, a Swedish law student. He sometimes updates his web page @ www.cyberlaw.se & A Swedish lawyer who works for CC Sweden and has a blog -@ http://www.cyberlaw.se/kalle & a Swedish lawyer working for CC Sweden and blogging @- http://www.cyberlaw.se/kalle & a Swedish lawyer working for CC Sweden and blogging @@ http://www.cyberla03:02
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jibotmlinksva is from Creative Commons and Mike Linksvayer14:06
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jibotjgay is http://www.gnu.org/people/speakers.html#Gay14:44
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jibotjgay is http://www.gnu.org/people/speakers.html#Gay14:59
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JED3nathany: ping16:20
nathanyJED3: pong16:21
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JED3I just asked South to "automatically" create a migration to some changes to a model, it actually didn't pick up my change at all, but instead did something troublesome16:21
paroneayea"troublesome" is never a good word when it comes to schema evolution16:23
JED3tehe, the unexpected behavior of South actually pinpointed a bug in our code16:25
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god16:34
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user01Hi everyone -- is it necessary to attribute via RDF or is human readable attribution enough?17:19
paroneayeanathany: I think the last day and a half has had contained far too much me staring at my screen in confusion to be considered a "good use of time"... I'm going to compose an email detailing what I do and don't get as of this moment17:19
nathanyparoneayea: great17:20
nathanyuser01: for publishing your work or re-using others' work?17:20
user01nathany: for the latter. :-)17:20
nathanyit's not required, but it's darn cool :)17:20
user01okay... :-) thx17:21
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JED3nathany: ever used MercurialRecipe?17:38
JED3... South appears to support ALTER COLUMN for sqlite3 in a "stableish" branch17:39
JED3actually its functional in the head of South, which is just a few commits ahead of the version we are using, 0.6.117:42
nathanyJED3: I haven't used MercurialRecipe; I assume it just does a checkout of something?17:49
JED3yes, looks like it'll clone and pull from an hg repo17:49
nathanynkinkade: I'm going to svn up license.rdf, cc.engine and rebuild the en_SG, en_HK deeds17:54
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greg-gI'm going to use that as an answer in the future "it's not required, but it's darn cool"18:14
nkinkadenathany: Sorry.  I stepped out to buy lunch.18:23
nathanynkinkade: np18:24
nathanyjust an FYI18:24
nkinkadeI started a rebuild of the AU Deeds before I left.18:24
nathanynkinkade: oh, cool18:24
nathanyi haven't actually started yet :)18:24
nkinkadenathany: It looks like the right Deeds were created, I'll commit, svn up on production, then notify Jessica.18:24
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nathanypaulproteus: is adding email=yes to a [repo] stanza in gitosis.conf enough to make our config send commit messages?18:36
paulproteusnathany, I... think so.18:36
nathanypaulproteus: OK, we'll see :)18:37
paulproteusI think it might need one spurious push to kick it into gear.18:37
nathanyspurious push to.... the target repo? gitosis?18:37
nathanyit didn't seem to add anything to commoner.git/config, but i wasn't sure it was supposed to18:37
paulproteusI think it's not.18:37
paulproteusI think it adds a hook to .git/hooks/post-update18:38
paulproteusOr it should. If not, you should add it yourself, like the one that works.18:38
* paulproteus wrinkles the corner of his mouth18:38
nathanygot it18:38
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JED3paulproteus: may be of interest to you http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/baltimore-city/bal-sword0915,0,4027961.story19:11
paulproteusJED3, yeah - two threads about it on my old computer club mailing list.19:14
paulproteusThread #2: (I lived with this guy) http://lists.acm.jhu.edu/pipermail/acm/2009-September/008577.html19:14
paulproteusThread #1: http://lists.acm.jhu.edu/pipermail/acm/2009-September/008549.html19:14
paulproteus(When he refers to JHAC, it's the Anime Club.)19:14
greg-gAnyone know if we have actually received letters from people requesting the full license intead of visiting the license URL? (the text that says "visit this url or send a letter to CC at 171 Second St...")19:15
paulproteusI imagine Mike knows.19:15
* greg-g is just curious19:15
greg-gI've already bugged him once today via email :)19:15
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moneyneed credit cards19:51
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greg-gwith a registered nickname, at that19:54
paulproteusHi money19:57
paulproteusNice to see some more carders on the channel19:57
paulproteusb4 i give you cardz tell me why i should trust u19:57
paulproteusno PMs btw19:57
paulproteussome moron got his database of like 140 million cards leaked to the feds19:58
paulproteusnow those cards are useless ):19:58
paulproteusfine, no cardz 4 u20:01
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*** money was kicked by paulproteus (paulproteus)20:01
nathanypaulproteus: thanks; i'm tired of toying with them, i'm planning to start kicking when i see them20:04
paulproteusWhen the revolution comes, boring carders will be the first against the wall.20:05
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pyrakso guys20:14
pyrakthe mighty morphin power rangers movie is on hulu20:14
pyraki just thought you all should know20:14
pyraki'm about halfway through20:15
mralexhulu is awesome.20:23
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greg-gI know what I'm doing tonight20:28
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akozakhaha greg-g20:59
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akozakstuff on a7 is feeling sluggish21:04
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jgayis there any good discussion pages about the issue of combining works with different licenses. Specifically discussions about combining images with text, where the image has one license and the text another, and the copyright holders are different?21:19
greg-gand there is a -SA requirement, I assume? But to answre you question with not another question, not that I know of off hand.21:22
akozakjgay: I know of some discussion in some of ccLearn's resources.21:24
jgayakozak: that'd be cool21:24
akozakone sec21:24
jgayakozak: thanks21:24
akozakjgay: see figure 6 in http://learn.creativecommons.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/What-status-for-open-Data-Supplement-v1.pdf21:25
jgayakozak: thanks21:25
* jgay looks21:26
akozakjgay: I'll keep an eye out for more, I'm betting there are some21:26
akozakit's a complicated topic21:27
paulproteusBut I think the most important thing is to separate out "mere aggregation" as the FSF puts it vs. derivative creation.21:27
paulproteusiirc the CC FAQ does that in its own way, and of course the GPL FAQ uses the term "mere aggregation"21:27
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akozakpaulproteus: that is definitely something to keep in mind, although it sounded like jgay was asking about simply combining cc licensed text and cc licensed images21:28
jgayor gfdl images, some kinds of public domain, etc.21:29
akozakjgay: ah, sorry I thought you were asking about only cc licensed materials21:29
akozakjgay: It can get complicated very quickly with different licenses, which is a big argument against public license proliferation.21:31
akozakor license proliferation in general21:31
jgayso, here is the basic situation. Take a textbook. Let all of the text be CC BY SA with a single copyright holder. But, it's full of images from various places and that have various licenses (none of them are NC or ND, but not all are necessarily CC)21:31
jgayhypothetically speaking21:32
akozakAre you asking if that's possible?21:33
jgayno, i'm looking for writing and discussions on the issue21:34
jgaythat are out there21:34
akozakthats the original report to that data supplement I pasted before21:34
akozakwe (cclearn) looked at the licensing landscape in education21:35
akozakand if I remember correctly, talked a bit about the problems associated with license proliferation21:35
akozakjgay: hope that helps. we can also talk more about it if you want21:36
akozakand sorry for the PDFs :/21:37
jgayakozak: I dont' really want to talk too much. I just want to collect links and papers, etc :-)21:37
jgayakozak: it works. Thanks.21:37
akozakjgay: :)21:37
akozakjgay: also check out http://learn.creativecommons.org/resources/21:37
akozakmight be something in there21:37
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nkinkademlinksva: Does this comment form look reasonable to you, including the note I added:22:16
mralexnkinkade: it's slightly wider than the others22:19
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nkinkademralex: Seems that no matter what width I choose for size="" that it's either too small or too big.  If we want it exact it may require a pixel value via CSS.22:22
nkinkademralex: Are you okay with me just pushing it as is and then if you think it needs a tweak, then you can do that after the fact??22:22
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mlinksvankinkade: it looks fne to me22:28
mlinksvathough staging is super slow so i'm not sure if it is working22:28
nkinkademlinksva: Good.  Because I already deployed it. ;-)22:28
nkinkadeNot sure why a7 is slow.  akozak is using a good deal of net bandwidth between a6 and a7 with git ... and the msnbot is hitting a7 too.22:30
akozaknkinkade: I only made a few commits...22:31
akozakwait between a6 and a7?22:31
nkinkadeNot sure.  iftop show a6 pushing around 5 to 6 Mb to a7.22:31
akozak... weird22:32
nkinkadeNot a big deal, but between that and msnbot, that could cause some minor slow downs.22:32
akozakI don't think I've done anything on a6 today.22:32
nkinkadea7 $ ps U akozak22:33
nkinkadeDon't worry about it.22:33
nkinkadeIt's all normal activity.22:33
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akozakthis is cool: http://sf.streetsblog.org/2009/09/09/uc-planners-envision-bay-line-park-on-the-old-bay-bridge-span/23:53
akozakpretty unrealistic though23:53
mralexyeah, considering the whole reason the bridge is getting replaced...23:59

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