Wednesday, 2009-09-09

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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons00:08
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enzopi just had a question about the share alike licence10:30
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jibotmecredis is Fred Benenson. He works as Creative Commons' Culture Program Associate in NYC and joined the board of SFC after starting Free Culture @ NYU & Fred Benenson. He founded Free Culture @ NYU and graduated in May of 2005. He currently lives in New York City and works as a freelance web developer and a FreeCulture activist. He may or may not be a board member of but has worked for Creative Commons and volunteered for the EFF. & Fred Benenson.10:50
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jibotmlinksva is from Creative Commons and Mike Linksvayer15:03
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paulproteusnathany, Don't tell anyone, but Pivotal Tracker is TOTALLY AWESOME.15:11
nathanypaulproteus: yeah. i know.15:12
paulproteus...would everyone hate us if we used it?15:12
paulproteusYou may want to consider it, too....15:12
nathanypaulproteus: priv msg?15:13
greg-gnkinkade1: do you know if there are any special dependencies for that wouldn't allow me to just steal it for the Open.Michigan wiki?15:14
greg-gie: I'm trying to use it for this page:
greg-gI know, other project's work, just curious if you had any pointers :)15:15
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jibotjgay is
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nathanygreg-g: I think that came from mediawiki initially; you might look on the mediawiki meta wiki15:17
nathanyiirc there was some knob that had to be turned to make it work15:17
nathany(i assume it isn't out of the box since you're asking)15:17
greg-gnathany: right. thanks, I'll take a look.15:18
paroneayeahullo all15:28
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greg-gnathany: couldn't find anything that mentioned changing the config file. Oh well, I'll see if nkinkade1 has any insight when he returns.15:34
remaximhey greg-g, did you get my email?15:35
greg-gremaxim: yes, but I haven't had time to respond yet15:35
remaximnp, just do it when you have some time or in the IRC15:36
paulproteusTemplate:Lowercase iirc does require a config change15:37
greg-gremaxim: actually, you will get a much better response if you email the cc-community mailing list, as some of them might have direct experience with your issue.15:37
remaximI am quite happy that I get some sophisticated help regarding this problem15:37
greg-gpaulproteus: oh?15:37
paulproteusYes, but ask #mediawiki , I've forgotten.15:37
greg-gremaxim: I will be sure to respond on the cc-community mailing list, since you just called my opinions "sophisticated" :)15:38
greg-gpaulproteus: thanks15:38
remaximsure, I ll search for the mailing list... is there a way to get responses without suscribing to the whole list?15:39
remaximI am not that experienced with mailing lists15:39
remaximOK, don't worry about that I ll just suscribe and unsuscribe later15:40
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remaximgreg-g, I guess you meant the community list, didn't you?15:41
greg-gremaxim: yeah, I did15:42
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greg-gremaxim: this is the list:
greg-git doesn't get too much traffic, really15:43
remaximI am already there, thank you15:43
remaximOK, sounds good :)15:43
greg-gno prob15:43
greg-gnathany: paulproteus I think I found it (for some reason I ended up on wikipedia's help page instead of mediawiki's manual, which was less than thorough)15:44
greg-ghaving Ali change it now :)15:45
greg-goh crap, he's in this channel :)15:46
lotiasorry, just screened back in15:54
lotiagreg-g: perhaps this will help
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jibotakozak is Alex Kozak, Program Assistant at ccLearn and SFC@Berkeley co-founder and a norse god16:29
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remaximmessage sent ...16:53
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nkinkadegreg-g: Looks like you've already figured something out about that template?17:04
nkinkadeI hope so, because I haven't any other info. :-)17:04
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nathanypaulproteus: you may be interested in this --
nathany(thinkpad keyboard for desktop use)17:18
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greg-gnkinkade: well, not really, it isn't working right now but I got distracted and moved on to other things :)17:24
remaximgreg-g, thanks for your tip, the discussion already started in the mailing list17:26
greg-gremaxim: you're welcome, I knew they would be quicker to respond than I.17:27
remaximI didn't believe it but they actually are, thanks17:27
greg-gthey tend to have time during our work day hours :)17:27
remaximgreg-g, I just got a respond by Mike Linksvayer  ... I really didn't expect that17:30
remaximI probably should let you do your work and concentrate on the discussion ...17:31
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akozakremaxim: You could always reconsider your desire for NC :)17:32
mlinksvayeah everyone, get back to work. :) greg-g, nice editing w/you :)17:35
akozakgreg-g and mlinksva: were you working on that case studies problem?17:36
mlinksvaakozak: that would be work, no17:37
greg-gmlinksva: :)17:39
remaximakozak, how do you mean that? I try to convince game makers all the time, but it doesn't work with any bigger project17:41
akozakremaxim: convince them not to use NC or to use it?17:42
remaximakozak, actually to use it17:43
greg-gremaxim: I believe he meant to reconsider your desire for the use of NC with your game music.17:47
remaximgreg-g, like not to use it?17:47
greg-gbecause dropping the NC "solves" the problem (for certain values of "solve") :)17:47
akozakyes, sorry.17:48
remaximI tried, but I don't feel like investing much time or effort if it can be used by anyone for their commercial games17:48
remaximI released some stuff without the NC, but it always made me troubles and I stopped after a while17:48
remaximto me by-sa is not much different to public domain if it comes to commercial game making ... the attribution isn't worth that much to me nor the small to no changes they make and release17:50
akozakremaxim: That's a valid sentiment... does your work end up being used commercially when you don't use NC?17:52
remaximakozak, not that I realized yet...17:53
remaximbut I think that many independent game makers and especially flash game producers are looking for free content ...17:54
remaximI think the use of not nc material in commercial games and projects will rise soon...17:56
akozakremaxim: Yes, hopefully :)17:57
remaximakozak, sure... but that is not what I want with my work17:59
akozakremaxim: Right, I'm not trying to say you need to use NC, that's totally up to you.17:59
remaximhm... you mean the other way round18:00
remaximdon't you?18:00
akozakremaxim: we just see a lot of people who exclude their work from interesting uses (for example, youir music being included in a FOSS game) because of some vague fear of commercial use.18:00
akozaknot that the fear isn't a real possibility18:01
akozakerr, yea the other way around18:01
paulproteusnathany, I've seen that in use at a friend's office (-:18:01
nathanypaulproteus: was it as wonderful as I suspect?18:01
remaximakozak, yeah... but I feel like I am not the only one feeling this way. and opening FOSS games could help them a lot18:02
akozakremaxim: All I'm trying to get across is that it would be a shame if your desire for NC kept your music out of the game, especially if the work never would have been used commercially anyways :)18:02
remaximakozak, but it does and I do have serious reasons for my point of view18:05
akozakremaxim: Right, I don't mean to minimize those worries.18:05
paulproteusnathany, Probably, but I didn't actually try it.18:05
paulproteusThere's also a Mac one, as you surely have seen.18:06
remaximah, OK... than I just have to agree with you... it's a shame that it keeps me from contributing ...18:06
remaximI try to find a way, but couldn't find one yet18:06
akozakremaxim: Might be worth reading this for a different perspective on NC
remaximakozak, I ll take a look at it...18:12
remaximakozak, it is acually not one bit convincing to me ... just the old things I ve heard over and over again18:20
akozakremaxim: fair enough, I gave it a shot :)18:21
remaximsure, thanks for linking18:21
remaximwow, this guy seems to be quite some kind of fanatic who wants to proceed against people/works using the NC license ...18:25
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nathanypaulproteus: I have not18:30
nathanymy mac time is limited these days18:30
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akozakis there some setup i need to do to skype in office (port forwards)?19:40
akozakjane and i can't seem to show up on each others call list19:41
paulproteusWithin the office? Oh boy. |:20:03
paulproteusBoth within the office?20:03
paulproteusWait, no, Jane's far away.20:03
paulproteus"It should work."20:03
nathanynkinkade1: JED3-curry: paroneayea: let's scrub the tech sync meeting for today; Chris is @ DjangoCon, Nathan is @ Civi training20:21
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JED3cool, sounds good to me20:21
JED3paroneayea: anything exciting happening in Portland?20:21
nkinkade1nathany: Yeah, I'm in a session right now ... not a good time for me to meet.20:22
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jibotJoiIto is blogging at and the CEO of Creative Commons20:37
JED3mecredis: let me know if you got that promo code email20:46
mecredishrm is that the final text?20:47
JED3no i haven't added your text yet20:47
mecrediscan we disable the promocode field and grey it out so it can't be edited?20:47
mecredishrm, JED< getting a 404 on20:49
JED3hmm yeah sure20:49
JED3is prepoluted, we can set the input to editable false20:49
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JED3mecredis: thats the link you got in the email?20:53
mecrediswell it sends me20:53
mecredisbut I prepended staging.20:53
mecredis doesn't work20:53
JED3are you sure it doesn't?20:53
mecredislet me check20:53
mecredisPage not Found20:54
JED3because those first 2 you posted in here are missing the last 2 characters "f6"20:54
JED3the later 2 have it20:54
mecredisgood catch20:54
mecredisok will rework these a bit20:55
JED3nathany, mecredis: thoughts on
mecredisrenew is ridrecting me to /upgrade20:56
JED3oh really?20:56
nathanyJED3: kill the first sentence and rework the remaining text20:57
nathany(probably replace the first sentence)20:57
mecredisJED3: I'll aim you a suggestion20:58
JED3mecredis: you are logged in with your new registered username21:04
mecredisI believe so?21:04
mecredisI guess we don't need "upgrade" right now21:04
JED3i just when through the register process and renew doesnt redirect for me21:05
mecredisyou're looking at /upgrade?21:05
JED3no? premium users are redirected from upgrade->renew21:07
mecredisso does anyone see /upgrade ?21:07
JED3not unless they are a free user, which we won't have any of21:07
mecredisso for now21:08
mecredisi'll just get /renew ready21:08
JED3ohh yeah, good21:08
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JED3nathany: do you know of any good resources for history rewriting in magit?22:00
nathanyJED3: yikes. no.22:00
JED3okay thanks22:00
nathanyi've used the magit user guide with some success in the past22:00
nathanythat's it22:00
JED3yeah, thats all i'm finding22:00
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