Thursday, 2009-08-20

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paroneayealooks like there's no buildout option to surpress the header, and that functionality is hardcoded in14:14
paroneayeamonkeypatching time?14:14
paroneayeaalso, hello14:16
* greg-g waves14:19
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paulproteusHello papyromancer, all!15:41
papyromancerHey paulproteus :)  How ya been?15:47
paroneayeait's quiet in here today.15:54
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nkinkadenathany: Bovinity: Do either of you know if we are using our PayPal API certificate for anything?16:49
nathanynkinkade: uh, no, I don't know16:49
nkinkadeThat's probably a no, then.16:49
Bovinityno idea16:50
nkinkadeIt would only be for CiviCRM, I would be, and we're not using it there.16:50
nkinkadeI want to create a user/pass/key setup, but you can only have one or the other, and to do the user/pass setup implies removing our certificate.16:50
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Bovinitymecredis: nkinkade: I notice we took out the Tynt tracer, was it a failure? (i did find it a little annoying while copy/pasting things)17:16
nkinkadeBovinity: I took it out.  There was a thread that I think you were on (via webmaster@).17:18
akozakohhh, are you supposed to use screen AFTER you ssh?17:18
akozakthat explains a lot17:18
akozakwould have saved me 8 hours of watching discovered aggregate for a second time17:18
akozakhaha, that was so dumb. i got to work and tried to reattach my screen.17:20
akozako shi-17:20
Bovinityargh, dang WP widget things17:36
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Bovinitymecredis: the version of collapsible archives on production has much more attractive +/- icons.17:41
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mecredisBovinity: indeed, those are famfamfamf18:14
Bovinityi think i've figured out the 0 problem18:15
mecrediswhat was it?18:15
Bovinitypartially a plugin problem; and partially a WP problem - some international pages had no timestamp18:16
Bovinitythe plugin is pulling in all posts, not posts in the weblog category18:16
Bovinitynot just posts, i mean18:16
Bovinityk, 0 is gone now, after i fixed their timestamps18:16
mecredisfound another bug18:17
mecredisthe top month18:17
mecredisdecember doesn't come down until later18:17
akozakBovinity: minor bug on CC front page, when I click on license the div gets a scrollbar18:20
akozakthe ccTools div18:20
Bovinityhuh, odd18:21
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mecredisBovinity: was there ever anyt hougth about putting the archives & tags on single post pages?18:25
mecrediswhich is how people click through from RSS, twitter18:26
Bovinitymecredis: find me examples of other blogs that implement that well?18:27
mecredisBovinity: good question18:27
Bovinitywe haven't looked at conversions from blog posts to other parts of ccorg18:27
mecredisyeah, it may not matter that much18:28
mecredisI guess the tags are on the individual pages18:28
Bovinityideally we'll see decent traffic in the /tags/ directory18:29
mecredisthat'd be nice18:29
Bovinitymecredis: the december issue was due to the transition. i changed it to a fader effect. fixed.18:31
akozakright on18:36
mecredisBovinity: can I RT yours from @creativecommons?18:38
Bovinitymecredis: sure18:38
Bovinitytwttr is very random about what urls it'll auto-shorten18:39
mecredisyeah, I can't stand it18:39
mecredisoh and thanks for fixing my "typo"18:40
mecredisI wrote that quickly with the intention of rewriting the headline18:40
Bovinityi half thoght you were going for "ya rly"18:40
mecredisI was18:41
mecredis:) / :(18:41
Bovinitythe lack of an O RLY setup made it fail though18:41
mecredisindeed, I hadn't had my caffeine yet18:41
Bovinityneed some cc licensed owl related news...18:42
akozakthis just in, cc by-sa wikipedia page on owls updated18:42
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akozakmecredis: when you get a chance could you send me the script you used to export a smw category to rdf?18:51
mecredisakozak: let me dig it up18:51
akozakawesome, thanks18:52
mecredisare you using PHP , etc?18:53
akozakI haven't tried to write anything yet...18:55
mecredisI'm using an RDF/php processor18:55
mecrediscalled ARC218:55
mecredisits really straight forward, I'll email you deets18:55
akozakok cool18:56
mecredislet me know if that doesn't make any sense18:57
akozakit actually seems like it would be sort of easy to add in the cat. export feature to some of the maintenance scripts, but I'm not sure how to do it.18:58
mecredisyeah, I'm doing it using this parser18:58
mecredisthat basically turns the RDF into queryable objects, etc.18:58
mecrediswhich is nice18:58
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akozakhow come your export/category:causes includes pages in that category, and mine doesn't...19:01
mecredisgimme the link19:01
mecredisyeah, nada19:01
mecredisone sec19:01
mecrediswow and you got a lot in thre19:02
mecredislet me figure this out19:02
mecredisone sec19:02
akozakwell, you don't have to.19:03
mecredisthere may be some weird memory limit you're hitting19:03
akozakoh yea19:03
mecredisSMW doesn't like big queries19:03
mecredisand puts an artifical limit on queries19:03
mecredisthis could be triggering that19:03
akozakok, let me try raising the limit19:03
mecrediswell you have 1k orgs in there19:04
mecredistry creatin ganother category19:04
mecrediswith a couple items19:04
mecredisand see if Special Export RDF works there19:04
akozakno dice19:05
akozakthere are only 61 events19:05
mecredisyeah, 61 shouldn't be an issue19:05
mecredisI feel like there is a setting somewhere19:05
akozakI'm gonna see if I can do a while-site export19:06
akozakwith the maintenance script19:07
mecredishrm this is interesting19:07
akozakyea, the way that RDF in general interacts with "semantic" mediawiki is really interesting19:07
akozakits not a 1:119:08
mecredissee this is werid19:08
mecredis that works19:08
mecredislooks like someone else might have this issue19:09
akozakdoesn't work on the cc wiki19:10
akozakprobably a config thing19:10
mecredisyeah this is werid19:10
mecrediswhats weird is this works19:11
akozakyea pages work fine19:11
akozakI've added it to their template even19:11
mecredissounds like a config thing19:11
mecredishave you tried asking a support group /etc?19:11
akozakhah, yea sort of. I asked how I could export a category, thinking it was impossible with this setup, but maybe our config was just messed up.19:12
mecredisit feels like there's some flag19:12
mecredisthat's set the wrong way19:13
akozakcould also be the order the includes are in localsettings?19:14
mecredisbut you'd expect all of ExportRDF to be broken then19:14
mecredisis all you want a list of the orgs in there?19:15
mecredishave you considered using and just parsing the html?19:15
mecredisnot easily automatable19:16
akozakYea I mean that's possible... all I want is rdf data for all organizations in the wiki so that I can give it to Talis19:16
mecredisbut good for a one-off report19:16
akozakbut ideally I can just send them a URL to the query19:16
mecredisso you can add print outs19:16
mecredisnot exactly RDF19:17
mecredisbut ...19:17
akozakanother option is exporting all pages with the maint script and using something like your script to filter it19:18
mecredishrm, yeah it expects RDF though19:18
mecredisbut yeah19:18
akozakyea that's what I would have19:18
mecredisah right19:18
mecredisthen you could probably spceify by query19:18
akozakI just wanted to send them the dynamic version19:19
akozaki.e. the url to the query19:19
mecredisyo umean a link that would generate it19:19
mecredisdid they really want RDF?19:19
mecredisseems to me Special:Ask is probably waht they want19:19
akozakthat's what he asked for19:19
mecredisTalis .. right they do do that19:19
mecredisso yeah, I'd get on the SMW list and try to figure out why Special:ExportRDF doesn't work for your wiki19:20
akozak"I'd love to load it into a platform store and try and mash it up with some other edu-related linked data..."19:20
mecredison categories19:20
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akozaknkinkade: can we upgrade SMW to the newest version?19:58
akozakI did an svn update but it still says 1.4.219:58
nkinkadeakozak: If it's from a subversion checkout you'll need to a 'svn switch'19:59
nkinkadesvn update simply pulls the latest from the remote, which is probably a tag that never changes after.19:59
akozakOk, currently svn gets SMW from REL_1_4_2, should I just switch it over to the main dir?20:01
akozaksvn switch .20:01
akozaknkinkade: ^^20:01
nkinkadeakozak: Do that only if you want /trunk20:02
nkinkadeYou might be safe getting the version released with 1.15.1, or whatever version of MW you have.20:02
akozakoh duh20:02
akozaknkinkade: why wouldn't I want trunk?20:03
nkinkadeWhat's your motivation for upgrading?  Security?  Some new feature you wanted?20:03
akozaknkinkade: Bug fix20:03
mecredisakozak: it was a bug then?20:03
akozakmecredis: not 100% sure, but there were other problems with the export in 1.4.2 that were fixed20:04
mecredisfingers crossed, I guess20:04
nkinkadeakozak: Install /trunk if you want.  /trunk is usually the head of development, which may not always be suitable for production.20:04
nkinkadeAnd it may not always be compatible even.20:04
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nkinkadeIt's up you, I would just recommend backups and reading any docs about upgrading SMW.20:05
akozakthere's no undo button? :)20:05
akozaknkinkade: 1.4.2 to 1.4.3 seems relatively safe, according to the wiki20:06
akozakI'm just going to switch the svn from 2 to 320:07
akozaknkinkade: what should I be backing up20:09
nkinkadeakozak: cp -a extensions/SemanticMediaWiki extensions/SemanticMediaWiki.bak20:09
nkinkadeOr similar.  And if a database upgrade is required then you should be backing up the database.20:10
akozakok, no database upgrade required as far as I can tell20:10
akozaknkinkade: everything worked :)20:14
akozakmecredis: problem fixed :)20:15
mecredisthat's awesome20:15
mecredisI knew something was weird20:15
akozakbut I just realized it's totally incomplete information :)20:16
akozakoh well, this isn't urgent20:16
mecredisthats where you need the script20:16
mecredisI guess20:16
akozakoh yea20:16
akozakso now I can use that script20:16
akozakbefore I couldn't have20:16
mecredisits actually probably easier than that20:16
mecredissince you're exporting RDF20:16
mecredisyou don't even need to parse the eventual files20:17
mecredisso you iterate through the Category:Organization results20:17
mecredisand then just use Special:ExportRDF for that20:17
mecredisfor each one20:17
mecredisand dump that RDF20:17
mecredisso I guess you need the parser initially20:17
akozakmaybe not... seems like this could be done all "in house" with php20:18
mecredisnot sure I follow20:18
akozakwell couldn't I just iterate over the list of page names back to the export function and append the resulting RDF to a results file20:19
mecredisyeah this is true20:20
mecredisbut you really want to pull from the category20:20
mecredisyou might as well use the rdf20:20
mecredisanything else is going to be sloppy20:20
akozakthat's what I mean... iterate over the RDF data dumped by the Category export20:20
mecrediswhich you need the parser for20:20
mecredisor rather I'd suggest using the paser for20:21
akozakcouldnt I just treat it like a txt file and scrape it :P20:21
mecredislike I said20:21
mecrediswith the parser you get objects20:21
akozakok that all makes sense20:21
akozakthanks for your help20:21
mecredisno problem man20:21
mecredisI've been there and back20:21
mecredisit makes me a little nostalgic20:22
greg-gnathany: is there the tech call at 4:30 today or are we still on?20:22
greg-germ, 1;30, whatever20:22
akozaktime for lunch now that this is done, brb20:22
nathanygreg-g: just saw that pop up on my calendar; we're still on, probably good to check in20:23
greg-gnathany: cool (me too, btw :) )20:23
greg-gI guess that means i gotta turn down Tool :(20:23
nathanywell i turned off Cher ;)20:24
greg-gawesome pairing20:24
nathanygreg-g: just IM'd you re: #20:25
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mlinksvagreg-g: i just got some superb news from melissa, thx!21:38
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greg-gmlinksva: indeed! very welcome :)21:53
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akozakmecredis: not sure what this does.. "$cause = $cause[""][0]["val"];"22:04
mecredisso that's pulling down the value of the cause name22:04
mecrediswhich is "label"22:04
mecredisand its the first item in that array22:04
mecredisand its actually stored inside the key called val22:04
akozakahh ok that's what I didn't get22:04
akozakyyyeeaaa I don't actually know php...22:05
mecredisyeah, you can always do a var_dump($junk);22:05
mecredisand it'll give you a readout of everything22:05
mecredisits the best way to look inside objects like that22:05
pyrakneed moar array dimenshinzzzz!!!!22:05
mecredisyeah, its a little sloppy22:05
mecredisbut SMW -> RDF -> PHP is kind of asking for trouble anyway22:06
mecredisbut its better than nothing22:06
akozakheh my var_dump got 101 lines of NULL22:09
akozakthat's a start22:09
mecredisyou'll figure it out22:09
mecredisyou may need to read up on the ARC stuff22:09
mecredisyou probably have to create a triple store in a Mysql db22:10
akozakugh why?22:10
mecredisthats just how the parser works22:10
mecredisI *think*22:10
mecredisyou may also be able to do it in real time22:10
mecredisloading it into memory22:10
mecrediswhich I think is what that script is doing22:10
akozakps. I've never written anything from scratch before.22:10
mecredisyooou cann do it22:11
akozakright now I'm just trying to pipe this script into a file22:11
mecredisthough everyone at CC will hate me for encouraging you to learn php instead of python22:11
mecredisah well you can do that with standard unix22:11
mecredisphp script.php > file22:11
akozakyea yea22:11
akozaki meant i dont want to deal with database stuff22:11
mecredisoh yeah22:11
mecredismy guess is you can probably avoid that22:11
mecredisthough read the ARC documentation22:11
akozakmecredis: you knew that I'm not trying to use this RDF in a page, I just want RDF data to generate, right?22:36
akozakthis script looks like it was for pulling rdf data and formatting it on a page22:37
akozakwhich is easily changed I suppose22:37
mecredisyeah, end product is RDF22:45
mecrediswhich means you can just dump whatever you're getting22:45
mecredisthe trick is to ask for it in the right way22:45
mecrediswhich requires the parsing22:45
mecredisakozak: ^^22:45
akozakah ok, so the parsing is formatting the title for the exportRDF page22:50
mecrediswell yeah, but you can also call specialexportrdf22:52
mecredisonce you get the title22:52
mecredisinside that forloop22:52
mecredisok gotta run22:52
mecredisgood luck22:52
akozakthanks, later22:52
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akozakmecredis: I think 'val' should be 'value'23:54
akozakwhen I changed it it worked23:54

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