Friday, 2009-08-21

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paroneayeanathany: so I'm kind of at a loss as to why things aren't working...16:28
nathanyparoneayea: "things"? :)16:28
paroneayeait's compiling the .po -> mo files right, and it apparently loads the catalogs in the translationdomain16:28
paroneayeabut it doesn't render them as translations16:28
nathanyparoneayea: what makes you think it loads the catalogs?16:28
paroneayeastepping through the code with pdb :)16:29
nathanycool :)16:29
paroneayeamaybe the way I'm specifying the language to render into is incorrect16:29
paroneayeaI was reading chameleon/zpt/i18n.txt16:29
paroneayeain that example, they create the mocktranslationdomain thingy, pass in target_language as an attribute16:30
paroneayeaand their example mocktranslationdomain looks at that16:30
nathanyone second, let me look16:30
nathanyok, got it16:30
paroneayea <- is what I've got16:30
nathanyparoneayea: does PageTemplateFile have a target_language kwarg?16:32
nathanyor IIRC, does it just pass those kwargs in as available to the template?16:33
paroneayeato render()16:33
paroneayeait doesn't have such an arg in __init__()16:34
nathanyok, one second, let me dig a little deeper16:34
paroneayea    def translate(msgid, mapping=None, context=None, target_language=None,16:35
paroneayea                  default=None):16:35
paroneayealooks like target_language is intended to be part of itranslationdomain16:35
nathanylooking at
paroneayeaso not just a one off there in their implementation16:35
nathanywell it's part of the translate call16:36
nathanyand if you look at the definition, it tries to fall back to negotiate16:36
nathanyi'm curious what chameleon passes in as the context16:36
nathanyIIRC we're using unzip=True for the buildout, right?16:36
paroneayeaah interesting16:36
nathanyif so, you can just go into def translate(...) and add a pdb call16:37
nathany(or print statements)16:37
paroneayeaI just dumped import pdb; pdb.set_trace() in translate()16:37
paroneayeaand it didn't pick up16:37
paroneayeaI could be doing something wrong component-wise16:37
paroneayeabut, it looks right, and the domain does have it:16:38
paroneayea(Pdb) domain._catalogs16:38
paroneayea{'en_US': ['/home/cwebber/devel/cc.license-git/cc/license/i18n/en_US/']}16:38
nathanyok, that's a good sign16:39
nathanyparoneayea: can you try changing:16:39
nathany component.provideUtility(domain, ITranslationDomain)16:39
nathany component.provideUtility(domain, ITranslationDomain, name='cc.license')16:39
nathany(i wonder if it's looking for a named utility)16:39
paroneayeaoh awesome16:40
paroneayeaheh, that makes it work :)16:40
paroneayeawell, that makes it hit translate() at least16:40
nathanyparoneayea: take a look at
nathanyit looks a lot more complete/verbose than the other docs16:41
paroneayeaand it works now!16:41
nathanyawesome :)16:42
nathanyglad to hear it16:42
paroneayeaalthough notably it isn't translating the strings that still have ${DYNAMIC_CONTENT} in them16:42
paroneayeabut at least running it through that system is now working16:42
nathanyparoneayea: yeah, I was afraid those might be problematic16:43
nathanyparoneayea: I have a possibly dumb idea16:44
paroneayeawhat is it?16:44
nathanyI was going to suggest just putting ${LICENSE_URI} in the href in the template but then I realized that the engine won't know what to substitute there with a cooresponding i18n:name16:45
nathanyso nevermind, dumber than I thought16:45
* paroneayea forks chameleon.zpt, adds i18n:attribute_no_translate16:46
paroneayeawell, as for realistic ideas16:46
paroneayeayou mentioned something about faking it out earlier16:46
nathanyparoneayea: right16:47
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nathanyyou can add a dummy span16:47
nathany<span i18n:name="license_uri" tal:contents="license/uri"></span>16:47
nathanyand then possible ${license_uri} in the href16:48
nathanyso the big downside to this is that it breaks the "default" text16:48
nathanyso you always have to make sure it renders with a "translation"16:48
paroneayeaI'm still not totally sure I get it16:49
paroneayeaare we basically not putting html inside there then16:49
paroneayeaand instead manually in the translation adding something like16:49
paroneayeafoo <a href="${license_uri}">bar</a>16:49
paroneayeais that correct?16:50
nathanyyeah... but if you didn't have a translation the fallback would render as16:51
nathany foo <a href="${license_uri}">bar</a>16:51
nathanywith the bare URL out front16:51
nathany(obviously sub-optimal)16:51
paroneayeawell okay, guess that's not in our control16:51
nathanyyeah, i think i'll email either the repoze or zope list and see if we're missing something obvious16:52
paroneayeaI'll work on cleaning this up a bit and then changing the templates over to that16:52
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nathanygreat, thanks16:52
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nathanyparoneayea: what's an example of a template that has the ${DYNAMIC_CONTENT} issue?16:57
nathanyjust want to look at something quick16:57
nathanyparoneayea: see
nathanyI asked on #zope3-dev about the issue and that's what they suggested17:01
nathanymight be worth trying that with the template17:01
nathanyparoneayea: FWIW I think I like their suggestion better than mine17:02
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paroneayeaok, finishing lunch, then I'll look into that17:27
nathanyparoneayea: no problem17:28
nathanynkinkade: is there an easy way to tell how many GB of log data from we have?17:28
nkinkadenathany: Not that I know of.17:29
nathanyok, no problem17:29
nkinkadeBut I haven't looked over the S3 stuff in a while.17:29
nkinkadeIt's possible the API will expose data like that.17:29
nathanynkinkade: not priority/important at all17:31
nkinkadenathany: Even though the S3 API may not have a way to figure that out directly, I bet one of the S3 FUSE programs would allow you to mount our bucket and run normal filesystem operations on it like du.17:43
nkinkadeJust guessing ...17:43
nathanynkinkade: right, probably... not even high enough priority to screw with that at the moment :)17:44
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paulproteusBovinity, BTW, any chance you'll have some spare time today to chat with our designer, Raffi?18:15
paulproteusI think he likes floating things left a little too much.18:15
Bovinityin office?18:17
paulproteus(But also a second eye at our design would be great)18:17
paulproteusLunchtime if you can spare it would be great18:17
paulproteusReally I'm sure he can talk for hours and hours.18:18
paulproteusSo you're the constrained one. (-:18:18
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paulproteusSpeak of the Devil.18:20
* rafpaf chortles18:20
akozaknathany: the aggregation has been running for ~15 hours, and it looks like it's getting some 500 responses right now. will it still try to crawl those feeds?18:20
nathanyakozak: is it stuck in NSDL?18:20
akozaknathany: no, it got past that18:20
Bovinitypaulproteus: sure, i'll give a snarky eye at your designs18:20
nathanyakozak: it won't throw out the feed based on 500 errors18:21
akozakhrm, ok18:21
paulproteusBovinity, how soon do you want to?18:22
akozakpaulproteus: what's wrong with floating left? :P18:23
paulproteusLike anything else, you might have a problem if you need to do it just to feel normal.18:23
akozakyea a little float: right never hurt anyone18:24
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paulproteus(Hey JED3)18:39
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paroneayea:D :D :D :D :D20:01
paroneayeaI came up with an ingenious solution.20:01
paroneayeanathany: ^^^20:02
paroneayeaI think that'll be really easy to translate20:03
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akozaknathany: ok so to clarify, when adding these lenses, first I would add the feed, then add the curator/creator of that feed, and then associate the curator with the feed with setcurator21:32
paroneayeahm :\21:38
paroneayeaokay, so it looks like my exciting solution might not work.21:38
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