Wednesday, 2009-08-19

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paulproteusakozak, You may like Terminator.00:32
paulproteusMaybe I showed it to you in the past?00:32
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akozakpaulproteus: I don't think you have.00:33
akozakahh, I always wondered how you had your terminals lined up so neatly.00:35
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akozakpaulproteus: wow, this is great00:43
paulproteusWell, I use a window manager that lines them up.00:43
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mlinksvaJoiIto: hi16:22
paroneayeaheya JoiIto16:25
* paroneayea is chris webber, the new programmer16:40
paroneayeatoo bad my visit to sf didn't align with yours, would have been nice to meet you16:40
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mlinksvagreg-g: your open.michigan friend garin is in the cc sf office right now16:53
mlinksvabut you probably knew that16:53
tvolgarin is shunning the IRC ;).  hi mlinksva, greg-g17:03
greg-g mlinksva of course he is. :) I hope he isn't making too much trouble.17:09
greg-ghiya tvol, you don't shun IRC at least :)17:10
mlinksvahey tvol17:15
mlinksvanot causing any trouble17:16
greg-ggood deal17:17
paroneayeaJED3: do you have experience with license.rdf.git17:19
JED3hey paroneayea, limited experience yes17:20
JED3why whats up?17:21
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paroneayeaah nm... I figured out how to "wall paper it over enough" :)17:25
akozakJED3: just tried to use my openid, on redirect to it wanted me to login, but it had appended / to my username17:27
akozaknot a huge issue, but could that be a bug?17:27
JED3nope, expected behavior :)17:27
paroneayeaon that note, hello nathany17:28
akozakwhat does that do?17:28
JED3you should be using as your openid identifier17:28
paroneayeanathany: I figured out what you mean by wallpapering over the license.rdf stuff, but I'm getting another error while trying to run it:17:28
paroneayea  File "/home/cwebber/devel/cc.license-git/eggs/zope.configuration-3.6.0-py2.5.egg/zope/configuration/", line 141, in fromUnicode17:28
paroneayea    raise schema.ValidationError(v)17:28
paroneayeazope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/cwebber/devel/cc.license-git/parts/i18n/configure.zcml", line 5.2-5.6017:28
paroneayea    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', 'ImportError: Module z3c.recipe has no global tests')17:28
nathanyparoneayea: oh, boo17:29
nathanythat's what i thought might be the problem from yesterday17:29
JED3akozak: it redirects because that url with the trailing slash is supposed to be your canonical openid url17:29
JED3also make sure its https :)17:29
nathanybasically their doctest is sort of a lie17:30
akozakJED3: No I mean my username in the login box itself was akozak/17:30
nathanyakozak: oh, that's a bug17:30
nathany(probably of my doing)17:30
JED3ohh, ha yeah17:30
paroneayeawell, should I just comment out this:17:31
paroneayea  <include package="z3c.recipe.tests" file="extract.zcml" />17:31
nathanyparoneayea: try it, see if it complains17:31
nathanyi thought it said the zcml line was required17:31
nathanybut let's see :)17:31
paroneayea    from zope.tal.talgettext import POEngine, POTALInterpreter17:31
paroneayeaImportError: No module named tal.talgettext17:31
paroneayeanew errors! :)17:31
paroneayeamissing dependency?17:32
nathanyparoneayea: try adding zope.tal to the eggs stanza?17:32
paroneayeak, did and running17:32
nathanyakozak: bug fixed17:32
akozaknathany: awesome17:33
JED3nathany: it is failing when you do not use the trailing slash17:34
paroneayeaoutput: '/home/cwebber/devel/cc.license-git/i18n/cc.license.pot'17:34
nathanyJED3: sigh17:35
paroneayeaoh hm, doesn't look like it pulled out the strings though17:35
nathanyparoneayea: did you add the i18n:domain?17:35
nathanyto the templates?17:35
paroneayeaoh oops, nope17:36
nathanyJED3: I just rolled back to the older codebase; you and i can sit down and look at this in depth when you return17:37
JED3okay no problem17:38
paroneayeanathany: what domain should I use... cc_org?  cc_license?17:38
paroneayeaand do I just add it to, or the child templates as well?17:38
nathanyparoneayea: cc.license; iirc there's a parameter in the buildout.cfg that tells it what domain to look for17:39
nathanyparoneayea: you need to add it to any template that contains translations17:39
nathany(i think)17:39
paroneayeawoot, there it goes17:40
paroneayeayeah, so that has some issues17:42
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mecredisBovinity: ping17:45
Bovinitymecredis: pong17:45
mecrediswas wondering if we needed to do anything more re:tags17:45
paroneayeanathany: looks like it extracts it well enough though, right?17:45
paroneayeatoo bad you have to patch that zcml file17:45
Bovinitymecredis: staging is looking good to me. i tidied up some last minute theme stuff yesterday.17:46
nathanyparoneayea: oh, you commented out the directive in the parts/i18n zcml file?17:46
nathanydoes it work from scratch if you just leave that config param blank in the buildout.cfg?17:47
Bovinitymecredis: i make it live then17:47
paroneayeanathany: yeah17:47
mecredisI was wondering what you think about the triangles17:47
paroneayeayes I commented it out17:47
paroneayealet me see about removing that config param17:48
Bovinitymecredis: i expected the year to activate the dropdown17:48
paroneayeanathany: when I remove that line:17:48
paroneayeazcml = <include package="z3c.recipe.tests" file="extract.zcml" />17:48
paroneayeabuildout barfs with:17:48
paroneayea  Installing i18n.17:48
paroneayeaError: No zcml configuration defined.17:48
Bovinitymecredis: it is a little confusing that you have to click teh triangle17:48
mecredisright that is weird17:49
nathanywhat about just doing:17:49
nathanyzcml =17:49
mecrediswho wants to browse by year anyway17:49
paroneayealet's see17:49
mecredisbut I suppose that is the way it goes17:49
Bovinitymecredis: right, i'd drop the year browse feature to simplify the dropdown feature17:49
paroneayeanathany: it works :)17:49
nathanyparoneayea: two other things17:49
mecredisBovinity: I'm not sure its worth spending that much time on17:49
nathany1) i think we can provide a "custom" file header that isn't Zope-specific17:49
nathany2) the ${DYNAMIC_CONTENT} markers would ideally be named17:50
paroneayea2) yeah, I'm going to do that next17:50
paroneayea1) I don't know what header you mean17:50
nathanythe comment block in the .pot file17:50
nathany@ the top17:50
cchelpbotnathany: Error: "the" is not a valid command.17:50
paroneayeaoh that17:51
paroneayeayou mean, have the i18nextract command not dump that there?17:51
nathanynot a big deal, if we can just supress it it'd make life easier17:51
paroneayeaI'll research it17:51
nathanyiirc there's a buildout param for the recipe17:51
nathanyto specify a header17:51
Bovinitymecredis: looks fairly simple to modify the plugin to that effect17:51
paroneayeacool, will look into it17:51
mecredisBovinity: I'm happy to tang a swing at it17:51
paroneayeaalright, yay, I feel like we're making some progress17:52
paroneayeaand I have some sense of what the extracted output looks like17:52
paroneayeaI'm going to check in what I've got (minus the .pot file for now), go make some lunch, then I'll get to those points you made17:53
mecredisBovinity: I was able to get the link to the year to drop down the menu18:08
mecredisbut it then disappears18:08
mecrediskind of hard to figure out what is going on18:08
Bovinitymecredis: i already like it more this way - sans missing year18:08
mecredisline 153 of collapsible-archive.php18:09
mecredisyeah, definirely better this way18:09
Bovinityconfusing php...18:09
mecredisyeah, not particularly readable code18:10
mecredisthe event seems to be bound on the span tag18:10
mecredisbut I can't figure out where it's killing the text18:10
mecredisor why18:10
Bovinitymecredis: i thoguht it was the  'onclick="collapsiblearchive_toggle' but i hadn't looked too deeply18:11
mecredisit seems to be fiddling with the visibilty18:12
mecrediswhen it gets clicked18:12
Bovinitymecredis: oh i see18:15
Bovinitymecredis: it's replacing the innerhtml with the down arrow, right now it's the right arrow + year18:15
mecredisah good catch18:15
Bovinityso, maybe wrap the arrow in a span and make the js act on the span instead18:16
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mecredisbut we want the JS to work on the year too18:16
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Bovinityelement.firstChild.innerHTML should do the trick after adding the span around the arrow18:18
BovinityfirstElementChild rather18:19
mecredishrm that seemed to work18:24
mecredisI just closed the span tag after the arrow18:25
mecredisand kept the year untagg18:25
mecredisso let me see if I can get a better icon18:27
mecredisthan the arrow18:27
akozaknkinkade: I think the CC wiki might be misconfigured... the enableSemantics function in LocalSettings on a wiki shouldn't include http://, and that might be causing an RDF export problem18:28
akozakI tested Special:ExportRDF on wiki.cc18:28
akozakand it has the same problem opened was having18:29
Bovinitymecredis: hmm, turning off the arrows in the widget settings turns on some gaudy +/- icons18:29
akozakpaulproteus: ^^18:29
mecredisBovinity: yeah, I know18:29
mecredisdo we have any other optins for the icons?18:29
mecrediswe can just replace the image files18:29
Bovinitynot at hand... could dip into famfamfam silk again18:29
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nathanypaulproteus: you @ 171?18:43
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nkinkadeakozak: I changed the enableSemantics declaration.  Does it look okay now?19:17
akozaknkinkade: Yes, appears fixed.19:18
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akozaknkinkade: just tried to sudo on a6 and it asked me for a pw19:21
akozaki dont think i ever set one19:21
nkinkadeakozak: Look in /home/akozak/pw19:24
nkinkadeThat's your password.  Change it, delete that file, and then be *very* careful with sudo.19:24
akozaknkinkade: of course :)19:24
akozakjust going through nathany's instructions for discovered19:25
nkinkadeakozak: OpenID is installed and activated now on OpenEd.19:26
akozaknkinkade: oh cool, thanks19:29
akozakI'll have to test it out19:29
akozakany problems?19:29
akozaknkinkade: got an error trying to log in.19:42
akozakdatabase query syntax error :(19:43
nkinkadeakozak: What do you suspect?19:43
nkinkadeThe extension might need configuration.19:43
akozakSELECT uoi_user FROM `user_openid` WHERE uoi_openid = '' LIMIT 119:43
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akozakthats not the error19:44
akozakMySQL returned error "1146: Table 'learn_community.user_openid' doesn't exist (localhost)".19:44
nkinkadeakozak: ^^ There's is probably something there.19:45
akozaknkinkade: Ok was already going through it, will take a look.19:46
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akozaknkinkade: fixed, just needed to run update.php19:54
akozakgreg-g: openid installed :)19:54
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JED3is the tech team mtg still planned for today?20:18
nathanyJED3: uh, yes? :) thanks for the reminder20:20
nathany[if you're around -- if not, no worries; I was thinking you'd be on vacation]20:20
nathanyJED3: nkinkade: paroneayea: 10 min (1330 Pacific) on the conference line?20:20
nkinkadenathany: Are these meetings twice a week now?20:21
nkinkadeSeems like we just had one yesterday or the day before.20:21
nathanynkinkade: no, weekly; we had your review on monday :)20:21
nathanyour last one was pushed to thursday last week, so that may be part of it?20:21
paroneayeanathany: oh sheet20:28
paroneayeaI didn't see this message20:28
nathanywe haven't started yet :) are you around?20:28
paroneayeanathany: yep20:29
paroneayeashould I dial in now?20:30
paroneayealooks like it20:30
nathanyparoneayea: sure20:30
nathanyi just dialed in20:31
nathanyenjoying the smooth jazz20:31
Bovinitynkinkade: i can't seem to add or remove images to ubercart products on zupport.20:36
Bovinityi get the error: An HTTP error 0 occurred.20:36
Bovinity /filefield/ahah/product/field_image_cache/420:36
nkinkadeBovinity: Not sure.  Perm issue on the directory?20:43
Bovinitynkinkade: checked that, perms are fine20:43
nkinkadeBovinity: I would do all the work on the live site if I were you.20:43
Bovinitynkinkade: that's what i feared20:44
nkinkadeNo point in doing it twice, right?20:44
nkinkadeUnless your changes might break the whole site.20:44
Bovinitynkinkade: i'd rather not though, since i'm editing templates and such.20:44
nkinkadeBovinity: Ah. I think the live site is still fine.20:45
Bovinitynkinkade: yeah.. nobody else can see the product or catalog pages20:45
Bovinityi feel dirty.  but it'll be easier.20:45
Bovinitynkinkade: it's giving the same error when i try to add or remove images to a product on the live site, too21:05
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akozaknathany: how long did you say the feed aggregation on discovered usually takes?21:09
nathanyakozak: depends; NSDL usually takes a while21:10
nathanytypically 5-8 hrs, IIRC21:10
akozakheh yea that's where it is now21:10
akozakok thanks21:10
nkinkadeBovinity: is this image things something you need me to look at?21:15
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nathanynkinkade: ping21:26
nkinkadenathany: Yup.21:26
nathanyre: civicrm training, can you follow up and find out who's giving the training?21:26
nathanyif it's CiviCRM developers, we'll probably do it21:26
nathany(as opposed to random "trained trainer" types)21:27
nathanynkinkade: the page ( lists Dave and Lobo as contacts...21:27
nathanyso not sure if they're doing it or not21:27
nkinkadeI'll contact both of them.21:27
nathanynkinkade: thanks21:28
nathanyi'll send an email to interested parties so you can book travel, etc if it's a go21:28
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nathanyparoneayea: ping21:46
nathanynkinkade: I just saw lobo's reponse; let's go ahead and plan for you to head up to NYC21:47
nkinkadenathany: Cool.21:47
paroneayeanathany: pong21:47
nkinkadeI'll look into travel and let you know.21:47
nathanynkinkade: great21:48
nathanynkinkade: should I just go ahead and register you?21:48
nathany(is that easiest?)21:48
nkinkadenathany: Sure.  Go ahead.21:48
nathanyparoneayea: i have a note to look @ the i18n code from our tech mtg; I think it was wrt i18n:name / ${DYNAMIC_CONTENT}21:48
nathanynkinkade: great, I'll do that and enter your email address21:48
paroneayeaso I haven't checked in the .pot file yet, but let me email you its current results21:48
nathanyparoneayea: cool21:49
nathanyparoneayea: I took a look and it's a little unclear to me how ${DYNAMIC_CONTENT} works in the templates; it's probably worth constructing a little test case/fake translation to try it out (once we get translations loading, I guess?)21:49
paroneayeayeah, I'm not sure how it'll actually parse21:50
nathanyparoneayea: oh, right, so it's all in the attributions21:50
paroneayeathe DYNAMIC_CONTENT ones I couldn't replace had to do with attributes21:50
paroneayeaso, there's an i18n:attributes thing21:50
paroneayeaand you can name them from there21:50
paroneayeabut then it'll try and translate the result21:50
paroneayeawhich we don't want.21:50
paroneayeathere doesn't seem to be a clear way to do i18n:attribute_alias or whatever21:51
paroneayeasomething that says "name this but don't translate"21:51
paroneayeasurely you've encountered this before though21:51
paroneayeaso there must be some resolution somewhere21:51
nathanyyeah, I don't think there is... this is always a problem :( -- the answer people give is typically "don't include html in translations" which is a little bogus21:51
nathanyin the past we've basically faked it out21:51
paroneayeayeah, I don't see how that is possible here21:52
nathanywith something like:21:52
nathany<span i18n:name="license_uri" tal:omit-tag="">...</span>21:52
nathanyand then manually craft the msgstr21:52
nathanyto refer to ${license_uri}21:52
nathanyparoneayea: so i think we should just punt on this at the moment, and get loading working21:53
paroneayeayeah, the two requirements of21:53
nathanymaybe (fingers crossed) chameleon will "just work"21:53
paroneayea - need a whole string21:53
paroneayea - need links inside that string21:53
paroneayeaseem to kinda conflict.21:53
nathanyyeah, unfortunately21:53
nathanylet's get loading working and then we can write a test for how we need this to work21:54
nathanysound reasonable?21:54
paroneayeait really seems like it should be possible for them to create a i18n:attribute_name_only thing with a less horrible name though21:54
paroneayeayeah, that's reasonable21:54
paroneayeaI mean, if they can do i18n:attributes21:54
paroneayeawhy not attributes without translation21:54
paroneayeawell okay... hum.21:55
paroneayeaI'll keep going then21:55
paroneayeaI need to drop something urgent in the mail... be back in a few minutes.21:56
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nathanyparoneayea: np21:59
nathanynkinkade: you should get a registration confirmation for the training22:00
nkinkadeIt already arrived. :-)22:00
nkinkadenathany: Does this mean you have already covered the cost?22:00
nathanynkinkade: yes, i've paid for the training22:01
nkinkadeThanks.  I'll let you know about travel in the next couple days.22:02
Bovinity"nathans take new york"22:03
nathany"nathan takes new york 2: kinkade unsupervised"22:05
akozakyaron koren does it again:
akozakpaulproteus: ^^22:13
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greg-gakozak: nice :) (re: openID)23:30
akozakit was all nkinkade :)23:31
nkinkade$ sudo aptitude install php-openid23:31
nkinkadeThat was all I did. :-)23:31
akozakand all i did was an svn co23:32
akozakisnt the internet neat?23:32
greg-gnkinkade: :)23:35
greg-gwhen it works, sysadmining is fun23:36
*** Bovinity has joined #cc23:52

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