Tuesday, 2009-08-18

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nkinkademecredis: It doesn't look like your using the markup required for that to work.00:09
nkinkadeClick on the license link there.  The Deed display correctly.00:09
mecredisbut is it registered on CC network?00:10
nkinkadeThat doesn't matter.00:10
mecredisno, I know the RDFa is one thing00:10
mecredisbut our deeds were recognizing, at some point00:10
nkinkadeIt will only work if you've used the HTML that CC.net recommends.00:10
mecredisthat a referring URL had been registered on CCN00:10
nkinkademecredis: I'm not aware that they every worked that way.00:11
mecredisand it will say "Fred Benenson's Photoblog Is Registered at ..."00:11
mecredisand give a link to CCN00:11
nkinkadeIt just scrapes the HTML at the referring site looking for attribution markup, which your site doesn't seem to have.00:11
mecrediswel that's for the attribute box00:11
nkinkadeAt least that page you linked to.00:11
mecredisone sec00:11
nkinkadeMaybe I'm confused about what you are asking.00:11
mecredisour deeds recognize two things00:12
mecredisone is RDFa/ccREL00:12
mecredisanother is whether the work has been registered at CCN00:12
mecrediswell, they used to do that00:13
nkinkademecredis: That's news to me.  Can you give me an example of the latter?00:13
mecredisno, because its broken00:13
mecredisbut basically the deed would say00:13
mecredis"This work is registered at the Creative Commons network"00:13
mecredisbecause it recognized the referring URL00:13
nkinkademecredis: Ask Nathan.  I have no idea about the functionality you are talking about.00:13
mecredisno biggie00:13
nkinkademecredis: Are you sure it was live?00:13
mecredispretty sure00:13
nkinkadeMaybe it's something still on staging?00:14
mecredisit was definitely live00:14
nkinkadeHmm.  Then I have no idea.00:14
mecredisyeah, another example of poor CCN messaging00:15
mecrediswe could do a better job explaining this to people00:15
nkinkadeIf that feature was rolled out and I never heard about it, then there is definitely something wrong with the communication happening.00:27
Bovinitythat was definitely one of the features that came with CCN00:39
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paroneayeaGood morning, everyone.14:59
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mecredisJED3: there?15:34
mecredissitting at your desk, hope that's ok15:34
mecredisin ur cube doin ur rubiks15:35
JED3feel free to use the monitor15:35
mecredisah great15:35
mecrediswas going to ask15:35
JED3no porb15:35
mecrediswow this is deee lux15:36
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paroneayeanathany: heya... when's good for you to talk about the translation stuff?15:57
nathanyparoneayea: i can chat now if you like16:00
paroneayeacool, sure16:00
nathanydo you have specific questions or do you want some general guidance?16:01
paroneayeawell, I *think* I've got the template stuff set up.  I guess the next step is figuring out how to extract the translation strings16:02
paroneayeathere are some notes on these pages on how to do that16:02
paroneayeaI could also just try seeing if I am successful at doing that, and if not, start asking you more specific questions16:03
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nathanyparoneayea: there's a tool for extracting strings from ZPT; see [i18n] buildout.cfg for cc.engine for an example of pulling it in if needed16:03
nathany(that uses a recipe I wrote; there may be a more modern version installed with zope.i18n these days if you do dependent scripts)16:04
paroneayeaah okay16:05
paroneayeawhy don't I try taking that route, and if I get confused, we'll talk further16:05
paroneayeaunless you have other specific points16:05
nathanyparoneayea: great16:06
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Bovinitynathany: did you upload your salon slides to slideshare or otherwise send a pdf to allison?17:42
nathanyBovinity: yes17:42
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paulproteusWant to catch up with me + mlinksva sometime this afternoon, nathany? Otherwise, lunch tomorrow?18:54
nathanypaulproteus: either is fine, although both are somewhat busy with Joi in town18:55
* paulproteus nods18:56
nathanylunch looks clear tomorrow for sure, although mlinksva may have a 1p18:56
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paulproteusBovinity, nathany, akozak, If you want to (also) lunch today that'd be nice.18:58
nathanypaulproteus: I was thinking curry, although I could be persuaded elsewhere (or we could bring it back here for consumption)18:59
paulproteusnathany, Bovinity, I'm thinking Perilla19:00
paulproteusI can bring stuff back even19:00
nathanypaulproteus: if you're bringing it back, i'll probably just do curry19:00
paulproteusACK, nathany19:00
Bovinitygrabbing a BLT at some point19:00
nathanypaulproteus: let me know when you're heading out19:00
akozakim ok with curry or perilla19:01
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paulproteusLeaving in 2m19:01
paulproteusmaybe less19:01
paulproteusHey rafpaf19:01
paulproteusBovinity, eat?19:03
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Nerd42hey does opensourcecinema.org have an IRC channel anywhere?19:30
Nerd42(dunno whether they're involved with you guys o rnot)19:30
Nerd42*or not19:30
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paulproteusnathany, <mikelinksvayer> can we start lunch tomorrow at 11:30?20:19
nathanypaulproteus: fine by me20:20
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paroneayeaso looking at the buildout recipe, it seems to be compiling .po files to .mo files with msgfmt, I think.  But it looks like there's an entrypoint in setup.py that may be the string extraction tool20:30
paroneayea      i18nextract = cc.engine.i18n.extract:main20:30
paroneayeais that what I should be looking at?20:31
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nkinkadenathany: Do you know anything about PayPal Express Checkout?21:07
nkinkadeI was just noticing that it has many of the features we want already.21:07
nkinkadeIt doesn't seem to be 100% what we want, but maybe 90%.21:08
nathanyparoneayea: yes, that's the extraction tool for ZPT21:10
nathanynkinkade: is that the same as website payments pro?21:11
nathanythey all run together in my head21:11
nkinkadeIt's different.21:11
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nkinkadeAt least from what I can tell.  It's a one-click-to-paypal option.21:11
nkinkadeThe caveat being that the user is directed back to the originating site to confirm everything.21:12
nkinkadeIt would appear that it might just add a single extra click/pageview to the process.21:12
nkinkadeBut if it meant we didn't have to write a single line of code, that would be nice.21:12
nkinkadenathany: ^^21:12
nathanynkinkade: i'm not sure i understand how that would help us write less code; let me look @ paypal quick21:14
nathanynkinkade: it looks like express checkout is just for supporting PayPal in addition to your existing credit card payment options21:17
nathanythat is, they need to sign up for a paypal account to pay through it21:18
nathany(and it's still not clear how it'd mean less code for us to write)21:18
nkinkadenathany: It looked to me like it could be used as a one-click payment method, more or less.21:18
nathanyone click to your paypal account21:18
nathany(i think)21:19
nkinkadenathany: It seemed that you add a button, the user clicks it and goes directly to paypay where they select shipping address and verify/approve charge, then are redirected to original site.21:19
nkinkadeYes, one click to the PP account, but isn't that precisely what our new idea proposes to do?21:19
nathanynkinkade: how is that different from the website payments?21:19
nathanynkinkade: sort of -- i'm distinguishing between using your PP account and using PP with a credit card (w/o signing up for an account)21:19
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nathanynkinkade: looking at the videos for payments standard and express checkout, the former explicitly calls out that customers don't need an account; the latter explicitly states that they "sign in"21:22
nkinkadeAh, so the current system doesn't require a PP login.21:22
nkinkadeOh well.21:23
nathanyso if they just want to use their credit card, they can do that21:23
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nkinkadenathany: Do you know off-hand how PayPal is able to deliver a shipping address in the IPN if the user has no PayPal account?21:25
nathanynkinkade: they ask for it21:25
nkinkadeAll this happens on some unauthenticated session?21:25
nathanyi'm not sure what you mean by unauthenticated; it happens over SSL, but doesn't require a log in21:26
nkinkadeYes, that's what I mean.21:27
nathanyyes, that's my understanding21:27
nkinkadeSSL is encrypted, but that says nothing of authentication.21:27
nathanythat's what we're doing now FWIW (w/o the shipping address part)21:27
nathanyright, of course21:27
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paroneayeanathany: got time for a call?22:23
nathanyparoneayea: sure22:24
nathanyparoneayea: priv msg/IM me the # to call?22:24
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nkinkadenathany: This method for manually fetching contributions works well.  What are the custom fields you think we'll need?23:18
nkinkadeI see that we can create own own invoice numbers, which we could simply use to encode various things.23:19
nkinkadeThat would probably prevent us from having to modify this CiviCRM script, since it is already configured to process invoice number.23:19
nathanynkinkade: not sure off the top of my head; we're going to need premium information, email sign up, uh... referrer, i guess, for personal campaigns23:21
nathanyi suppose we could also just use an auto-incrementing int for the invoice number and store the actual information in our database23:21
nathanyjust use the invoice number to match up the contribution to the things the user checked off23:21
nkinkadenathany: That sounds like a reasonable idea.23:22
nkinkadeThe benefit of doing it that way is that we don't have to modify any of CiviCRM's code ... we just wrap existing things.23:22
nathanyif you need more detail, email may be better... my brain is a little melty at the moment23:22
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nkinkadeNo problem.  Just bouncing this of your brain.  And with it all melty and mushy is seems to rebound things pretty well.23:23
akozakwow , using screen will vastly improve my workflow23:34
greg-gscreen ftw23:35
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Bovinityubercart is odd23:47
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