Monday, 2009-08-17

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mecredisnkinkade: there?14:46
paroneayeagood morning all14:57
paulproteusYou too, paroneayea.14:57
paroneayeapaulproteus: too bad we didn't end up in SF at the same time15:00
paroneayeabut, you're going to djangocon, right?15:00
paroneayeaso I'll see you there at least15:00
paulproteusparoneayea, Nope, probably not re: Djangocon. |-:15:00
paroneayeaaw :(15:00
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nkinkademecredis: I'm here now.15:16
mecredisnkinkade: great, thanks. so were you planning on using the mapper for the dates15:16
mecredisin the archives on stagi g?15:17
nkinkademecredis: No.15:17
mecredishow should we try fix that?15:17
nkinkadeRe: that long thread where it was agreed we wouldn't15:17
nkinkadeIt's not something that needs fixing, as far as I know.15:17
mecredisthe drop down on the right?15:17
nkinkadeIt's working as it is, just not totally consistent with the /weblog/ stuff for archives and posts.15:17
mecredisin staging?15:17
mecredislinks like don't work15:18
mecredisand those are the links generated by the collapsable sidebar15:20
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nathanymecredis: when do you arrive in SF?16:04
nathanyok, cool16:04
mecredisyeah, I'll be in early tomorrow16:05
paulproteusCool, see you then (-:16:16
mecredispaulproteus: you'll be around?16:16
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paulproteusYeah, I'm in SF until Tue 8/25.16:16
* pyrak drives away16:21
Bovinitymecredis: that commuinity tags plugin is kinda wonky16:22
mecredisBovinity: yeah, not loving it16:22
mecredisthe code they offer for install doesn't even work16:22
Bovinitymecredis: i removed the display:none on staging, and it now appears.16:22
mecrediswhy would they have that in there16:22
mecredisseemed weird to me too16:22
Bovinitybut when i add tags it loads the page that i assume should be an ajax response16:22
mecredisyeah success!16:23
Bovinityso, er, plugin fail16:23
mecredisbut not really16:23
mecredislet's scrap it16:23
mecredisand if there's huge demand for comments16:23
mecrediserr, tags by random users16:23
mecredisthen we'll revisit it16:23
mecredisfeel free to push collapsible and the other ones to the live non-staging server16:23
Bovinitymecredis: are you ok with having the tag list and date archives on the tag archive page?16:40
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mecredisyeah, not a huge deal for me16:40
greg-gmecredis: nice, you just got people talking about copyrighting tweets in the Ubuntu local community for Michigan's IRC channel16:45
greg-gwhich is like, quote "patenting a fart"16:45
mecredishey, bio tech patents genes all the time16:45
mecredisa particular mix of sulfur dioxide and air ...16:45
mecredisalso see
paulproteusnathany, Did anyone tell the office I'd be in today? Regardless, want to get lunch?16:53
nathanypaulproteus: yes, people are aware of your impending arrival (and by impending I assume that means 11A ;) )16:54
nathanylunch sounds great16:54
paulproteus11A is about what I'm aiming for, yes. (-:16:54
nathanygreat; i have a call @ 11, should be done by noon16:55
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paroneayeanathany: what was the tal: atrribute to make it so that say you're doing <span tal:condition /> that the span doesn't render?  I know you mentioned it but I can't recall or find it17:18
nathanytal:omit-tag="" ?17:18
paroneayeayep, that sounds like it... thx17:18
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nathanynkinkade: we'll use the conf line for our call in 517:54
nkinkadenathany: That works.17:55
nathanynkinkade: btw, maybe add a link to the source repo to that bug17:57
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nkinkadenathany: Ready?18:03
nathanynkinkade: yup18:03
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akozaknkinkade: I'm back in SF, when's a good time to work on getting OpenID installed on opened?18:31
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nkinkadeakozak: Sorry.  I was on a call.  Sure, we can work to get OpenID on OpenEd today.18:56
nkinkadeCan we look at in a couple hours?18:56
nkinkadeI've got some mail in my queue, and also thinking about getting lunch in a minute.18:56
akozaknkinkade: Sure no problem.18:58
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paulproteusnathany, Don't forget to eat. (-;19:34
nathanypaulproteus: right, as soon as i finish this email19:34
paulproteusNo prob.19:34
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alexharringtonHey. I'm working on the Xibo digital signage project. We've used CC licenses for all our documentation and AGPL for our code. We're now putting together a library of community-contributed images that can be used within the digital signage application (where attribution would be impossible). Is there a CC license we could use? Or is there a better option?19:38
alexharringtonMaybe CC0?19:38
akozakalexharrington: need some clarification. Do you already have the library or are you looking to start compiling it?19:41
alexharringtonwe're just starting to compile it now19:41
akozakWell, when license you put it under depends on what license the photos are already under.19:41
alexharringtonthe only contributions we have at the moment are "unlicensed" and the authors will apply whatever license we decide to use for the archive19:41
paroneayeaI thought I remembered there being a git command that was equivalent to "svn cat" so you could print a file from a particular revision to stdout, but now I can't find it.19:42
alexharringtonakozak: Do we fulfil "Attribution" by naming the artist at the point of downloading the image?19:43
akozakalexharrington: CC BY is the most interoperable license... that means it would impose the least number of restrictions on the contributed images.19:43
akozak*least number of restrictions on the re-use of19:43
akozakalexharrington: that is likely, and it would be up to the users of that image to attribute it correctly themselves if they use it somewhere.19:44
alexharringtonakozak: Sure. But how would the images be attributed at the point of use (ie on a display screen showing news feeds or something)?19:44
alexharringtonakozak: Yeah - that kind of defeats the object though. You wouldn't want a whole long blurb on the screen about who designed the background image19:44
alexharringtonakozak: like you wouldn't for game textures etc19:45
akozakalexharrington: people do attribution in many different ways. it doesn't necessarily have to be right next to the image in every use.19:45
akozakbut IANAL19:45
alexharringtonfair enough19:45
akozakCC0 is another option, but you would be asking people contributing to the library to put the images in the public domain.19:46
paroneayeaoh I see now.19:46
alexharringtoni'm just after some general guidance - especially in this case as I'm not clear if the person viewing the screen is the person who needs to know who the work is by, or if it's the administrator of the system19:46
akozakalexharrington: not sure what you mean by that.19:47
alexharringtonakozak: Our system shows a the work as say a background image with text or other images superimposed on top. That licensed image could be seen by any person walking past the screen. Is it that person who need to see the attribution, or is it sufficient that the administrator or users of the system can see the attribution? If it has to be the person walking by, then clearly the attribution would have to be a license block on the screen next to each19:50
alexharringtonlicensed image (as it's the only interface to the system they have)19:50
akozakalexharrington: I'm actually not entirely sure. Check these for guidance:
akozakIf you don't find answers there, maybe come back and someone else here will have a better answer.19:52
akozakThere is also a CC mailing list19:52
akozaklet me find that for you19:52
alexharringtonok - thanks19:53
alexharringtonmuch appreciated19:53
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Bovinityalright, tag archives are looking good20:31
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paroneayeayay, all tests in now pass, including the ones I added that weren't passing before.20:37
paroneayeaoh gross.  lxml is putting unnecessary namespacing all over the place somehow20:54
paroneayealike, every element has an xmlns for xmlns="" xmlns:dc=""20:54
paroneayeaeven the <br />20:54
paroneayeaoh, I suspect I know how this happened.20:55
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nathanynkinkade: ping22:08
nkinkadenathany: Here.22:08
nathanyis the backup machine @ the office currently running samba?22:08
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.22:09
nkinkadeAt least I think so.22:09
nkinkadeLet me check.22:09
nathanyok... 10.0.2...?22:09
nkinkadeWorking with Ted22:09
nathanynkinkade: yeah22:09
nathanysetting up windoze file sharing so he can use quickbooks from him laptop22:10
nkinkadenathany: Are you going to look at the Samba thing?22:10
nathanyfigured i should do this, too22:10
nathanyyeah, i can22:10
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nkinkadeOkay.  Just let me know if I can help.22:10
nkinkadeI'm sure samba is installed, and I *thought* it was running.22:10
nathanynkinkade: no one is using samba access at the moment, right?22:11
nathanyi want to change the workgroup name22:11
nkinkadeI don't think anyone is using samba ... pretty sure about it.22:12
nkinkadenathany: You probably already have it in mind, but this share you make should be exclusive to accounting and password protected.22:12
nathanynkinkade: right; was planning to just create a user since samba can support "home" directories22:13
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nathanynkinkade: samba wasn't fully installed, just smbclient22:24
nathanyi installed the samba package, should be running now22:24
nkinkadeThanks.  Is it working okay?22:24
nathanyseems to be; i didn't configure backups yet, need to find the CD22:25
nathanyso i'll do that tomorrow22:25
nathanyand let you know22:25
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paroneayeaTook a while, but I got the xml stripper to actually create good-looking stripped xml23:02
paroneayeaie, <p>I am <b>so excited about <i>this</i></b></p>23:03
paroneayeainstead of23:03
paroneayea<p>I am<b>so excited about<i>this</i></b></p>23:03
paroneayea<a rel="license" href=""><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0"/></a><br/><span xmlns:dc="" property="dc:title" rel="dc:type" href="">TITLE</span> by <a xmlns:cc="" property="cc:attributionName" rel="cc:attributionURL" href="ATTR_URL">ATTR_NAME</a> is licensed under a <a23:03
paroneayearel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License</a>.23:03
paroneayeaunless we care that it's using <br/> instead of <br /> I think that block looks good23:03
paroneayeawhich means that the only things left on cc.license that I have as tasks are:23:07
paroneayea***** TODO internationalization of html+RDFa block23:07
paroneayea***** TODO Make sure all scenarios have tests23:07
paroneayea(that one specifically for
paroneayeaand **** TODO Pull in various subcomponents23:07
paroneayeaso assuming the internationalization bit won't be too hard, I think we may be ahead of schedule on this23:08
paroneayeaOn that note, I'm going to go do the dishes then go on a walk.23:09
nathanyparoneayea: sounds good; fwiw you should make sure you look @ zope.i18n when you start the i18n bit23:10
nathanyit'll probably involve registering a translation domain using zope.component23:10
nathanywe can chat about it tomorrow if needed23:10
paroneayeanathany: sounds good23:11
akozakthere is a big bug in Special:ExportRDF23:21
akozakall URIs get prepended with http://23:22
akozakto they're http://http://23:22
akozakpinging smw user list23:22
akozaknathany: have you seen this problem before ^^23:22
nathanyakozak: haven't seen it before; i wonder if it's a configuration bug? (although I'd be surprised if it only showed up there).23:23
akozaknathany: maybe it is. I think I'll ask the smw-user community.23:24
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mecredisnathany: there?23:38
paulproteusmecredis, He just left!23:39
mecredisah well23:39
mecredisno worries23:39
mecredisnkinkade: the deeds no longer seem to recognize CC Network registrations23:51
mecredisany idea why?23:51
mecredissee: www.fredbenenson.com23:51
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