Wednesday, 2009-08-12

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pyrakpaulproteus, ?01:25
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RPG_MasterDoes anyone now of some good cc short stories?06:47
RPG_MasterBut they can't be No Derivatives06:49
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paroneayeaJabber/XMPP MUC > IRC > Aim chat rooms ;o15:24
JED3haha, we've had good luck with the aim room15:25
JED3appears that the luck has run out15:26
paroneayeait may be more realistic for getting most users on the call15:28
paroneayeaI just have an infatuation with XMPP.15:29
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Bovinitymecredis: ping16:50
pyrakanybody else notice that OSW is like 2 blocks away and @ now?16:52
Bovinitytraffic was light, i didn't notice16:53
Bovinityanyone notice how irrelevent OSW is now?16:53
JED3haha, pyrak did you go to noisebridge last night? paroneayea?16:55
pyrakanybody else notice how delicious this bagel is now?16:55
pyrakJED3, yes!  it was awesome16:55
paroneayeaJED3: yep, we went.  It was fun16:55
paroneayeaI only stayed through the talk, but that was great16:55
pyrakJED3, after the russian hacker-ninjas, there was a members' meeting16:55
JED3sweet, was their a session afterwards?16:55
pyrakand the memebers' meeting was pants-optional16:55
pyrakJED3, no, but there's a session this weekend16:55
JED3ohh okay cool16:56
pyrak38 hours or something of "hacker meditation"16:56
Bovinityhave they moved location yet?16:56
pyrakBovinity, in the process16:56
pyrakspace is bought. they're discussing floor treatments16:56
Bovinityi saw jake tweet something about them getting new space16:56
paroneayeaso I saved a ton of time by *not* finishing Genshi's long-ass tutorial16:56
paroneayeaand just reading the actual concept guide16:56
paroneayeawhen your tutorial involves 2/3 content unrelated to your library, that's a sign of a bloated tutorial16:57
JED3heh Genshi16:57
pyraklong ass-tutorial?16:57
pyrakmy bad16:57
JED3i'm bummed I missed it, but at least i landed the apartment (i think)16:58
paroneayeaJED3: ah, moving?16:58
JED3and its 2 blocks away from their next location, so i'll have plenty of other opp's16:58
paroneayea <- we are looking at possibly moving here16:58
paroneayeait won't be as nice of a location as our current apartment, but it's not too bad and it's cheap16:59
JED3awesome, building looks nice16:59
pyraki sometimes wish i had subletted in the mission so that i could make noisebridge more regular thing... getting from there to the richmond is obnoxious16:59
JED3pyrak: ha try getting there from north bay :P17:00
Bovinityparoneayea: I lived on Belmont for a short time a few years ago17:00
paroneayeaBovinity: ah yeah?17:00
Bovinityright by the lake, i forget most of the street names by now17:00
paroneayeayeah, we used to live not too far from there17:01
paroneayeawell, further west though.17:01
pyrakthis is part of the russian hacker school site17:05
paroneayeathat website is so classic17:06
JED3lol yes17:06
pyrak"encyclopedy" is one of the funniest things i've ever read17:06
pyrakhm, piping to tee = same as > ?17:08
JED3== nmap -sL 192.168.1.*17:08
paroneayeathe index is the best part though17:08
JED3hehe I am very sad i missed this now17:09
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Bovinitymecredis__: ping? any of your users active?17:28
mecredis__Bovinity: hey ehy17:28
mecredis__whats new17:28
Bovinitymight want to get a handle on all your irc folk17:28
Bovinitymecredis__: so with the ccnet testing, your spreadsheet is covering two different conversion tests.17:29
mecredis__yeah, I meant to follow up on that17:29
Bovinitymecredis__: but i'm guessing we really want to test is clicks to /join/17:29
mecredis__gah yeah how did I end up with 317:29
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mecredis__anyway, I'm taking a different approach from the spreadsheet17:30
mecredis__as ML suggested we should probably see who gets through to /join/17:30
mecredis__regardless of the links17:30
mecredis__so I'm doing ,, etc17:30
mecredis__will have those more interesting shortly17:30
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Bovinitymecredis__: yeah, i saw those. i'm not clear on why you're changing the three "features" at this point as well as the Join language17:31
mecredis__you think it'd be better just to keep one variable in play17:31
mecredis__at a time, that is17:31
Bovinityunless you're thinking that changing that language will entice people to Join17:32
mecredis__that was what I was thinking17:32
mecredis__but it may be too hard to tell what we're doing right17:32
mecredis__with too many things changed17:32
Bovinityjust keep in mind we can only test and track one conversion at a time17:32
mecredis__should we just try changing the box text17:32
Bovinitymecredis__: well the google tool allows us to specify various sections on a page that we change, and have a whole bunch of combinations17:32
Bovinityso we *can* see if changing EVERYTHING is more effective than ONLY changing the big Join button17:33
Bovinityfor instance17:33
mecredis__so maybe we should do 6 tests17:33
mecredis__3 where nothing but the box text changes17:33
Bovinitybut like i said, we can only track one conversion per test suite17:33
mecredis__and 3 where things get crazy17:33
mecredis__right, the conversion is obviously to /join/17:33
mecredis__I'm fine with that17:34
Bovinityi've only done a suite with a single section, so i'm not 100% sure how it all goes down with combinations. shouldn't be hard.17:34
Bovinitythe homepage test is currently showign no clear winner17:34
mecredis__which homepage?17:34
mecredis__let me take a look17:35
mecredis__this is "17:35
mecredis__Homepage Donate Enticement 2"17:35
mecredis__so your worry is if we have too many17:37
mecredis__it'll water down the results, given the traffic CCN gets17:37
mecredis__and make it harder to pick a winner?17:37
Bovinityi was just throwing it out there17:37
Bovinitybut that's true17:37
Bovinityi ahve analytics up rigth now.. or do you know what hte average traffic on CCN is?17:37
Bovinityoh, ccn isn't in analytics17:38
mecredis__is it available to the webmaster@cc account on GA?17:38
mecredis__yeah, I think we need to add that17:38
mecredis__JED3: do we have analyics on CCN?17:38
Bovinitywell we don't have analytics for the site as a whole, for legal reasons17:38
mecredis__site as a whole meaning CCN?17:38
mecredis__oh ok17:38
JED3mecredis__: yeah no analytics17:39
BovinityJED3: any info on traffic to ccnet though?17:39
mecredis__how can I learn more about that decision?17:39
mecredis__or at least get some good metrics?17:39
mecredis__doesn't have to be GA17:40
mecredis__but should inform how we do A/B17:40
JED3what kind of metrics do you need?17:41
mecredis__just #s of uniques on home oage17:41
JED3oh okay, hmm17:41
JED3..1 sec17:42
JED3nkinkade: ping17:44
nkinkadeJED3: Yo.17:44
JED3do you know the password to Piwik on a9?17:44
nkinkadeJED3: I'm not even sure what that is.17:46
nkinkadeHow did it get there? :-)17:46
JED3i have no idea17:47
JED3haha, found it17:49
JED3the password is a sha1 hash, lol, aint no remembering that17:49
JED3mecredis__: aim'ing the login cred's17:54
pyrakare we going to have a tech team meeting today?18:16
pyraki just realized my exit interview conflicts18:16
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karl_hi, I have a question about cc-by-nc and uploading to facebook.18:25
karl_am I correct in thinking that a cc-by-nc license on a photo does _not_ allow the user to then upload them to facebook into their own albums?18:26
karl_it would seem to me that the user doesn't have the required rights to assign to facebook.18:26
mecredis__karl_: is the user uploading their own photos or someone else's that are BY-NC?18:30
karl_the facebook user is uploading someone else's by-nc photos18:30
mecredis__without getting into the dirty details of Facebook's ToS, my gut is that no they can't18:32
mecredis__because Facebook's use of the photos might be construed as commercial18:34
mecredis__but that's a very conservative approach18:37
mecredis__Facebook isn't, unfortunately, very well suited for public licenses as is18:37
mecredis__why not use Flickr?18:37
pyrakfor the record: too many people in here have handles starting with "pa"  my tab completion is failing18:38
pyrakthat being said, paroneayea how do you feel about continuing the python xml thing we were working on last night, if you have time?18:38
paroneayeapyrak: I am interested in doing so, but I am not so sure about timing.... I have lunch, then a benefits meeting, and also hope to get some actual work done, and there is also that ccsalon thing18:44
paroneayeamaybe if there is time before 5 and the ccsalon thing that would work out well... give me a few and I'll have a better idea of that :)18:45
pyrakparoneayea, kk, np.  i'll keep poking at it myself.18:45
karl_mecredis__: my images are on my own site, I'm more looking to stop people from reuploading them into their own albums, and rather link to me18:45
mecredis__I think that might be a reasonable solution18:45
pyrakor i might end up bothering JED3, like i always do :P18:45
mecredis__you should also say it clearly18:45
karl_previously my images were all "all rights reserved"18:45
JED3hah, if you need help my trapezoid is always open18:47
paroneayeapyrak: probably this is where you want to start looking18:47
paroneayeabasically you want to go through that, and then use xpath18:47
paroneayeaso you may also need to learn how to use xpath18:48
paroneayeathat is, if you do plan on taking the xml path18:48
paroneayeaer, the lxml path18:48
JED3xpath is a very useful item to know18:48
paroneayeayeah, definitely worth the time18:48
pyrakmy only concern there would be a8 not having the required modules18:48
pyrakbut perhaps i should assume that's unlikely?18:48
pyrakor that i can just easy_install them anyway?18:48
paroneayeaI'm not sure what you mean by that18:48
paroneayeaif you don't have them, can't you just get them? :)18:49
JED3pyrak: I assume you are referring to lxml?18:49
paroneayeaI can help you with that real quick if you want the assistance18:49
paroneayeahold on, I'll be over18:49
JED3pyrak: don't worry about that18:49
* paroneayea is feeling the central time jetlag hungers19:02
paroneayeawho wants food?19:02
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mecredis__Bovinity: should we try some A/B testing on the joinbox/19:38
mecredis__or do we need JED3 to change the code19:38
pyraknkinkade, wanna talk about i18n?20:08
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nkinkadepyrak: As it regards jswidget?20:08
pyraknkinkade, actually, for now, ccsearch20:08
nkinkadepyrak: What info do you need?20:09
nkinkadeI know next to nothing about i18n on ccsearch (or jswidget, or that matter).20:10
pyraki'm trying to figure out the next action steps for getting the strings i added/changed on into pootle20:10
pyrakright now, i'm looking at Makefile.language20:11
nkinkadepyrak: Are there loads of them?20:11
mecredisJED3: there?20:12
JED3hey mecredis20:13
nkinkadeWhat does Makefile.language do?  Is it supposed to extract translatable strings?20:13
pyraknkinkade, 50 locales, it looks like20:13
mecredishave you thought about adding the Google website optimizer code20:13
* JED3 reading
pyraknkinkade, i'm trying to figure that out... i think so20:14
pyrakit has a number of targets20:14
nkinkadepyrak: is jswidget in git nowadays?20:15
nkinkadewhere is that thing, again?20:15
pyraknkinkade, what he said20:16
pyraknkinkade, but i'm talking about ccsearch ATM20:16
nkinkadeThat's totally unintuitive. ;-)20:16
nkinkadeAnd I'm off in space.20:16
pyrakearth to nkinkade20:17
pyrakso, from what i can tell, ${POFILES} isn't used for anything at all20:19
pyrakin Makefile.language20:19
pyrakanything except make check, which just prints its contents20:19
nkinkadepyrak: What does "make -f Makefile.language" do for you?20:20
nkinkadeLooks like Jon wrote that makefile a while back.20:21
pyrakecho "All, okay."20:21
pyrakAll, okay.20:21
nkinkadeBut did it do anything?  When I ran it it seemed to invoke xgettext.20:22
pyraki don't know how i would tell whether or not it "seemed to invoke xgettext"20:23
pyrakthat's all the output that i got20:23
nkinkadeI get different output.20:24
nkinkadeBefore "All, okay" there was a stream of things it said it was doing.20:25
pyraknkinkade, does that happen again if you run the same command again?20:25
nkinkadepyrak: No.  On the second run I got only what you got.20:26
nkinkadeBut perhaps the output in that pastebin will be useful to see where new things might be??20:27
nkinkadeHonestly, I've never written a makefile before and know every little about them except what I can decipher from some knowledge of shell scripting.20:27
pyrakokay, i'll keep poking around.  thanks20:28
pyrakso i'll know that i have "succeeded" when i can find new strings in ie locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/ccsearch.po20:28
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pyrakand from there, you'll be able to hand off those PO files to pootle?20:29
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nkinkadepyrak: Does the ccsearch code use regular english-key PO files?20:30
nkinkadepyrak: I honestly have no clue how translations from Pootle end up in ccsearch and vice versa.  Maybe nathany has some info on that?20:31
nkinkadeI would imagine that we create some type of master file, then use some tool to propagate those changes to the other locales' PO files.20:32
pyraknkinkade, actually, it looks like the ccsearch code uses compiled .mo files20:32
nkinkadeThat is, I find it hard to believe that Makefile.language would generate a new PO file for every locale that we would need to push to Pootle.20:33
nkinkadeHow would the new PO file know about all the existing translations?20:33
nkinkadeUnless the current locales is a just a checkout of i18n/<something>20:34
nkinkadeThe dir cc_org is a checkout of
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nkinkadeSubversion must be involved somehow.20:36
pyrakwell what exactly does pootle do?  does it make changes directly to repositories?20:36
nathanypootle allows people to commit to repositories20:37
nathanyit makes the changes to a local checkout20:37
nathanyIIRC there are two sets of PO files in use for ccsearch -- the search specific files and the cc_org files20:38
nathanyalthough I think the only thing we pull from the latter is the language names for the drop-down20:38
nathanypyrak: nkinkade: ^^20:38
nkinkadenathany: Tech meeting?20:40
nathanyack, i'm just falling down today apparently20:40
nathanynkinkade: JED3: can we push to tomorrow afternoon? pyrak has a conflict and I'm trying to get slides done for tonite's salon20:41
nkinkadenathany: No problem here.  I've got a backlog of things to do right now anyway.20:41
JED3nathany: sure20:42
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akozaknkinkade: got your email20:55
akozakfooter is getting crowded :(20:55
*** michi_ has joined #cc20:56
nkinkadeakozak: Well, wherever you can put it.  Diane has mandated that it must be there.20:57
akozaknkinkade: ok will do now20:57
nkinkadeI'm organizing getting them published everywhere, so if you could ping when it's somewhere ....20:57
pyrakany idea what intltool-update is?21:01
akozaknkinkade: done, will add to SJ now21:01
pyrakit's a command-line program that apparently ccsearch's i18n stuff uses21:02
nkinkadeakozak: I don't know that it needs to go on SJ, but it probably does.21:03
nkinkadeIs SJ an official ccLearn site?21:03
akozaknkinkade: yes21:04
nkinkadeakozak: Then all 3 links must be in there.21:04
nkinkadePolicies, Privacy, Terms21:04
akozaknkinkade: putting in now21:04
akozak(the site hasn't really "launched" yet)21:05
nkinkadeThen might as well get it out of the way now.21:06
pyrakinterestingly, it's not installed on a8 either21:07
pyrakso i dunno how anyone has ever run make update-po-files at all ever21:08
akozaknkinkade: Done on SJ, but I'm having trouble pushing the change to code "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly"21:12
akozaknkinkade: do I not have to push on a7?21:12
nkinkadeakozak: Did you make the edit on a7?21:12
akozaknkinkade: yes21:12
nkinkadeOn a6, I mean.21:12
akozaknkinkade: sj is on a721:13
nkinkadeWhy is sj on a7?21:13
nkinkadeIf it's a ccLearn thing it should be on a6.21:13
akozaknkinkade: I think you put it there :)21:13
nkinkadeakozak: Where on a7 is it?21:13
akozaknkinkade: actually its a wpmu instance21:14
nkinkadeOh, that explains it.21:14
akozakso that's why its on a7 right?21:14
nkinkadeakozak: Do you have a public key on a7 that is configured in our git repository?21:15
nkinkadeKeep in mind that you can just push changes from any machine ... only on machines where your public/private key is located.21:16
nkinkadeIf you want you can put the keys from your laptop in your user's home directory on a7.21:16
akozaknkinkade: ok, this is the first time I've tried to push from a7, i had just done it locally21:16
akozakso i think my a7 user needs a key configured if i want to do that right21:17
nkinkadeakozak: Make the change on your local machine, push it to our repo, then pull it down on a7.21:17
nkinkadeThat them is a read-only checkout anyway.21:17
nkinkadegit reset --hard HEAD^2 ... should undo those two commits you made on that clone.21:19
nkinkadeBut just in case you should backup that theme :-)21:19
nkinkadeakozak: ^^21:19
akozaknkinkade: ok will try that21:19
nkinkadeWe could set it up for you to push directly from a7, but you'll need those keys on a7 and we'll also have to change the type of checkout it is (not hard).21:20
nkinkadeLet me know which you'd like to do.21:20
akozaknkinkade: that reset isn't working21:22
akozakalso it's only 1 commit ahead21:22
akozak(it says)21:22
akozakabiguous argument HEAD^221:23
nkinkadeSorry.  I think that should be HEAD~221:25
nkinkadeakozak: ^21:25
akozaknkinkade: but not ~1?21:25
nkinkadeakozak: according to git lot you made 2 commits.21:25
akozakI think only 1 was on a721:25
akozakthe other was local21:25
akozakactually, it doesn't matter21:26
nkinkadeWell, I'll let you roll it back to where you want.21:26
nkinkadeakozak: Alternatively we could just setup your keys on a7 and push those changes.21:26
akozaknkinkade: haha ok, that would be easier. then i could do edits on a7 if i need to in the future.21:27
*** tvol has quit IRC21:27
nkinkadeakozak: Either copy the pub/priv key pair from your laptop to ~/.ssh/ or else generate a new pair and I'll add it to our gitosis config.21:27
akozaklast time i mentioned how i did my edits nathany mentioned i should probably just do them remotely21:27
nathanyakozak: opened?21:28
nathanyi think you said you were doing them one at a time, pushing then pulling21:28
akozaknathany: yea, and I'm also doing that on sj.cc21:28
nathanyi suggested that you do them in groups and that if you were going to pull right away anyway, there was no effective different21:28
nathanybetween doing remotely and doing locally, then committing21:28
akozaknathany: right, remotely is better21:29
nathanyakozak: that's not what i'm saying but if it's better for you, great21:29
akozaknkinkade: don't I already have a key on a7?21:29
nkinkadeExcept for testing, I like to do my work on my local machine, commit, push and then pull on the live machine.21:29
akozaknkinkade: most of my work is trial and error since I'm not really a designer or programmer21:30
nkinkadeakozak: If you want to make this as painless as possible, just use the keys that are already configured.21:30
nkinkadeThe ones from your laptop.21:30
akozaknkinkade: ok, will put into .ssh on a721:30
nkinkadeJust scp them up to a7:~/.ssh/21:30
nkinkade(remove that ~)21:30
nkinkadeactually, remove ~/21:31
nkinkadeit was just to give an idea.21:31
paroneayeaso I remember how to do template inheritence in zpt21:31
paroneayeabut, can't remember if there's a way to do an {% include %} equivalent21:32
nathanyparoneayea: metal:use-macro21:33
akozaknkinkade: is it a problem that i renamed the keys filenames?21:33
nkinkadeakozak: Probably.21:33
*** pyrak has quit IRC21:33
paroneayeanathany: aha, thx21:33
nkinkadeLeave them as id_rsa and id_rsa.pub21:34
akozaknkinkade: actually they were something else for some reason21:34
nathanyparoneayea: although iirc there may be a more direct way... i'd look @ the chameleon docs -- i think they had a link to the ZPT /TAL spec21:34
akozak(sorry this got so complicated)21:34
akozaknkinkade: I think I just mucked all this up21:35
nkinkadeWhy's that?21:36
*** michi_ has quit IRC21:36
akozaknkinkade: well I regenerated the keys on my laptop21:36
akozakbecause the name was wrong21:37
nkinkadeakozak: Just now?21:37
akozaknkinkade: yea :(21:37
nkinkadeDo you still have the old keys?21:37
akozakno :(21:37
nkinkadeWhat are the ones on a7?21:37
akozakthey are the old ones, so yes I do have them21:37
akozakbut they were originally named id_akozak21:37
nkinkadeWell, you should be able push on a7 now, assuming those are the old keys from your laptop.21:38
akozaknkinkade: ok worked21:38
nkinkadeid_akozak is fine, but you'll have to be using ssh -i when you do anything.21:38
nkinkadeleaving it as id_rsa* or id_dsa* will allow ssh try them and find the one that works.21:38
akozaknkinkade: yea, don't know why I changed it the first time I generated them.21:39
akozaknkinkade: so should I cp those keys from a7 back to .ssh locally?21:40
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah, probably.21:41
nkinkadeOtherwise things might break when working on your laptop.21:41
akozakhaha I can't scp anymore :P21:42
akozakdumb dumb dumb21:42
*** jgay has quit IRC21:42
akozaksomehow I'm still logged in on a7 though21:42
akozakI guess auth only occurs at logon...21:43
akozaknkinkade: everything is ok now21:50
akozakjust copy-pasted the key contents21:50
akozakand i can ssh21:50
nkinkadeakozak: Cool.  And you can even push from a7, which was the point of this exercise. :-)21:50
akozaknkinkade: yes :)21:50
akozaknkinkade: one other thing- can we work on getting openid on opened this week?21:51
akozaknkinkade: looks like it isn't hard to do21:51
nkinkadeakozak: It's an extension.21:51
akozaknkinkade: Shouldn't take too much configuring, right?21:52
nkinkadesvn co
nkinkadein the extensions dir should get it there.21:52
akozakok, and the include21:53
greg-gakozak: re openid: :)21:53
akozakgreg-g: gonna get done :)21:53
greg-gsorry i put you on the spot on twitter ;)21:53
akozakhaha no problem21:53
akozakit would be cool to have it, especially if cc is in the business of giving out openids21:53
akozakgreg-g: you21:54
akozakyou're not at opened are you?21:54
greg-gakozak: unfortunately not, i reallywish I was21:54
akozaknkinkade: um22:00
akozaksomething went wrong22:00
akozaknkinkade: do you have time to help me troubleshoot?22:03
nkinkadeakozak: What went wrong and with what?22:03
akozaknkinkade: Installing OpenID22:03
akozaksee http://opened.creativecommons.org22:03
akozakand it doesn't go away after I comment out the include...22:04
nkinkadeakozak: First things first .. comment out the require so the site isn't broken.22:04
BovinityJED3: nathany: is it safe for me to add some temporary javascript to the production commoner index template for A/B testing?22:04
akozaknkinkade: ^^22:04
JED3Bovinity: for Google Web Optimizer?22:05
nkinkadeakozak: You seem to have issues with cache.22:05
BovinityJED3: yup22:05
nkinkadeI think you had it yesterday as well.22:05
nathanyshould be fine22:05
nathanywe may just have to "stash" it when we pull updates22:05
akozaknkinkade: after I clear cache and restart browser, still getting warnings in the boxes22:06
akozaknkinkade: so is that on my side?22:07
akozakugh I shouldn't have tried to get this done today22:08
akozakrunning a quick data repair/upgrade22:08
nkinkadeakozak: I have no idea how that crazy theme works.22:09
nkinkadeThe main page is displaying okay, there appears to be some cache for those scrolling elements.22:10
akozaknkinkade: I'm guessing some special user grabs the boxes for the front page and caches them22:10
paroneayeathis spam email starts out pretty well22:11
paroneayeaMy dear I am writing this mail with tears and sadness and pains.22:11
paroneayeatears and sadness and pains22:11
akozaknkinkade: that data repair didn't do anything22:12
akozakpaulproteus: ping22:12
paulproteusakozak, pong22:12
akozakpaulproteus: do you remember how I can refresh the opened box cache?22:13
paulproteusOh boy. (-:22:13
paulproteusLet me ssh in and check!22:13
akozakpaulproteus: ok, thanks. i wouldn't ask you to, but I'm at the opened conf. today and we just presented it22:13
paulproteusThe way it works is, every hour, there's a cron job that runs as user paulproteus on
paulproteusI just re-ran it.22:14
nkinkadeakozak: rm extensions/cache/* did it.22:14
nkinkadepaulproteus: ^^22:14
* paulproteus blinks22:14
akozaknkinkade: oh ok awesome22:14
nkinkadeUnless what I did was concurrent with what you did22:14
paulproteusI also just re-ran it.22:14
paulproteusMy script != what you did.22:14
paulproteusnkinkade, paulproteus@a6:~$ cat /home/paulproteus/cronjobs/update_opened.sh22:14
nkinkadepaulproteus: I know, but we have done them at the same time.22:14
paulproteusI don't know if the codebase has changed much, but if not, extensions/cache/ should have nothing to do with it.22:15
nkinkadeSo I may have thought that what did worked, but actually it was what you did.22:15
akozakpaulproteus: thanks!22:15
nkinkadeakozak: Let's look at the OpenID thing tomorrow.22:15
akozaknkinkade: ok, definitely agree22:16
akozaknkinkade: maybe even next week if tomorrow is a busy conference day22:16
akozakim actually in the middle of a q/a session22:16
nkinkadeakozak: The problem is that OpenID needs a newer version of the php-openid libraries than we have.22:16
*** everton137 has joined #cc22:17
akozaknkinkade: ah.22:17
greg-ginstalling extensions during a Q&A, ballsy22:18
akozakhow i roll22:18
*** pyrak has joined #cc22:19
pyrakhey paulproteus, want a bus pass starting monday?22:20
paulproteuspyrak, Yes!22:21
akozaknkinkade: thanks for helping with everything just now, gotta go for now22:21
akozakand you too paulproteus :)22:21
pyraki emailed this person on craigslist, but she stopped replying and i stopped caring about getting my half-month's-payment back22:21
* akozak makes a note of that update script22:21
nkinkadeakozak: No problem.  Glad that paulproteus lurks in here. ;-)22:21
*** akozak has quit IRC22:23
paulproteusHappy to help out. (-:22:24
greg-g#CC, home of employees that never really leave22:24
nkinkadepyrak: We need to add links to /policies, /privacy and /terms on
nkinkadeI suppose this will also affect translations ... more translatable strings.22:28
pyraknkinkade, k.  should i just add them to the right of the translation dropdow, by support and stuff?22:28
nkinkadeDo you think you could add them to the template, since you've got lots of experience with it now?22:28
nkinkadepyrak: That was where I was thinking.  Seems about like the only place.22:28
pyraknkinkade, that's fine, i still haven't figured out how to update the PO files22:28
nkinkadepyrak: Those links need to say "Policies," "Privacy Policy," and "Terms of Use"22:29
pyraki _believe_ that the POT file is generated automatically22:29
nkinkadeAnd link to the same places you see in the ones in the footer of CC.org22:29
* pyrak digs more22:29
pyraki just got lost in the prepositions in that sentence22:30
pyraknvm, okay, adding22:30
paulproteuspyrak, I don't suppose you could ask the other interns if they, too, have FastPasses they won't use...?22:31
pyrakpaulproteus, just asked, i was the only one stupid enough to buy one22:31
paulproteuspyrak, Aww! If you take the bus every day, it's worth it!22:32
paulproteusBut thank you. (-:22:32
pyrakyeah, no it was22:32
pyrakmonetarily maybe not, but it's worth it for the convenience22:32
pyrakugh, that dropdown for language selection is just so heavy22:42
pyrakas in, it looks ugly no matter where i put it22:43
pyraknkinkade, added22:51
pyraki mean, it's not live yet22:51
nkinkadepyrak: Thanks!22:51
pyrakshall i do that also?22:51
*** nathany has quit IRC22:52
Bovinitymecredis: JED3: commoner test running. hopefully see some results tomorrow.22:56
*** michi__ has joined #cc22:59
*** michi__ has quit IRC23:10
*** michi__ has joined #cc23:11
*** kreynen has quit IRC23:17
*** SimulianT has quit IRC23:21
*** nkinkade has quit IRC23:58

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