Thursday, 2009-08-06

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pyrakJED3, yes00:14
JED3do you have a working prototype somewhere?00:15
pyrakJED3, interestingly, i'm just now working on that00:15
JED3ohh okay, cool00:15
pyrakon my local machine i certainly do00:16
pyrakany ideas?00:16
nkinkade[Thu Aug 06 00:16:25 2009] [alert] [client] /home/pyrak/public_html/jswidget/branches/cc0-fewer-templates/.htaccess: Options not allowed here00:17
nkinkadepyrak: ^^00:17
pyrakJED3, it might be really useful for you to double-check my work and make sure that my new templating system isn't a horrible idea00:17
pyraknkinkade, so .htaccess isn't allowed in general?  or something specific?00:17
nkinkadeNo, just whatever Options you are trying to set.00:17
nkinkadeI can allow them if you need them.00:17
pyraknkinkade, i'll pm you the contents of the file00:18
pyraknkinkade, pretty sure the important part of that is the first <files>00:19
nkinkadepyrak: Remove MultiViews from the the options list00:22
nkinkadepyrak: Whey doesn't example-web-app/ exist?00:24
nkinkadeI'm about to have to leave.00:25
pyraknkinkade, it does.  weird.00:27
nkinkadeIt may not be seeing the index.html00:27
pyrakbut i won't keep you, nkinkade00:27
nkinkadeDirectoryIndex index.html to your .htaccess00:27
pyraknkinkade, even if i specify which file in the folder, it says it was not found00:28
nkinkadepyrak: It may have been a cache thing.00:29
nkinkadeSeems to be working now.00:29
nkinkadeAt least partly.00:29
pyraknkinkade, erm.  not for me.00:30
pyrakat all.00:30
pyrakstill haven't made that change to .taccess tho00:30
pyrakah, i see you did it already00:30
nkinkadeYeah, I commented out your Options line.00:30
nkinkadeOn that URL above I'm not getting an error.  It looks sparse, but there is some output.00:31
pyraknkinkade, okay, got it00:31
nkinkade:8080 is fine usually to bypass Varnish, like you were doing.00:31
pyraknow, it's probably not observing that first <File> rule00:31
pyrak<Files>, rather00:32
pyrakhm, maybe it is.  complete.js seems to be behaving as you'd expect00:33
nkinkadeSetHandler php5-script: what's that?00:34
nkinkadeI've never seen that configuration.00:34
pyraknkinkade, the idea is that complete.js should be interpreted as php00:35
pyrakbecause that's what it actually is.  but it spits out javascript.00:35
nkinkadeThat sounds crazy to me.00:35
nkinkadeWhy not just give it a .php extension?00:36
pyraknkinkade, yeah, sounded a little crazy to me also.  not my design :P00:36
pyrakfor my money ... exactly what you just said00:36
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nkinkadeHmm.  paulproteus works in strange and mysterious ways.00:37
pyraknkinkade, tell me about it00:37
nkinkadeI'm sure he had a good reason to do it that way.00:38
pyraki'm imagining ... exactly what you just said.00:38
pyrakokay, i'm heading out00:39
pyrakthanks for your help, nkinkade00:40
nkinkadepyrak: We can look at this a bit more tomorrow.00:40
pyraknkinkade, kk00:40
nkinkadeWorst case we'll just move this to, maybe there are some configs somewhere that make all this happen.00:40
pyraknkinkade, yeah, i thought that might be the case00:40
nkinkadeThings that aren't configured for your public_html stuff.00:40
pyraki'll probably be doing other stuff in the morning, but back to this in the afternoon00:41
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paroneayeagood morning14:20
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nkinkademecredis: mecredis_: You're in #cc twice.15:31
nkinkadeanandology: Did I just reply to an email from you?15:31
mecredis_left my machine at home on15:31
mecredis_as such is life15:31
nkinkademecredis_: I just made those files writable ... will you try the sidebar edit again?15:32
mecredis_sure one sec15:32
mecredis_great it works15:32
nkinkadeThere's no particular reason it was that way ...15:32
nkinkadeI guess nobody had requested it before.15:32
anandologynkinkade: I just saw your reply15:33
nkinkadeanandology: If you are unable to get a reply from someone at CC India, let me know and I'll try to get ahold of them through some other channel.15:33
anandologynkinkade: I'm taking about this page
anandologynot the complete license statement15:34
nkinkadeanandology: Those are the "Commons Deeds" and their translation is also handled by our affiliates.15:35
anandologynkinkade: Thanks. I'll write to them.15:36
nkinkadeAt the moment about the only translations that don't have to go through our affiliates are the things on the wiki.15:36
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anandologynkinkade: I'll look at the wiki16:04
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paroneayeatrying to run the nosetests on the "new" cc.license (the one in git)16:15
paroneayeaRedlandError: "file './license.rdf/rdf/index.rdf' open failed - No such file or directory"16:15
paroneayeaseems correct.  Is there something I'm supposed to check out manually / add there?16:15
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nkinkadeparoneayea: That is a generated file.16:19
nkinkade./bin/merge creates it16:20
paroneayeankinkade: aha16:21
nkinkadeThat teamspace page will be somewhat useful at times, even when not deploying a jurisdiction.16:21
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mecredis_nkinkade: sorry to bug again, can you give me write access on the plugins dir for staging17:15
mecredis_wanted to add another plugin17:15
nkinkademecredis:  Do you mean for the user fred, or for Wordpress?17:17
mecredis_on a7.cc17:18
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nkinkademecredis_: Done.17:20
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pyrakJED3, blarg.  more python package headache :(18:27
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JED3haha, if you need help "come on down"18:29
paroneayeaI'm still not sure how to approach a situation like this in the "zc.buildout" kind of way.  I know how I'd handle it in the virtualenv kind of way, but...18:33
paroneayeawhen checking out multiple packages like this, as per an instruction, what kind of environment do you keep other than just having one package as the base of the zc.buildout environment?18:35
paroneayeaor do you normally create one zc.buildout enviornment, then check out those various packages into it?18:35
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JED3paroneayea: I think its easiest to create a zc.buildout for each package18:47
JED3however you don't want to replicate checkouts you could modify the develop-eggs to instances you have already checked out elsewhere18:47
JED3does that make sense?18:48
JED3the only ones I would say would be worthwhile of doing that for is license.rdf and i18n18:48
JED3which each have several files and are frequently updated18:49
paroneayeaah, hm18:59
paroneayeayeah, thanks18:59
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paroneayeankinkade: so about how often do you go through the language deployment process?20:13
nkinkadeparoneayea: Language deployment, or jurisdiction deployment?20:14
nkinkadeThey are distinct.20:14
paroneayeaHm.  I suppose I meant jurisdiction deployment, but might as well know both :)20:14
paroneayeawell, licenses.xml was updated 24 times last year20:24
paroneayeaso some sort of action seems to happen on average every two weeks20:24
nkinkadeparoneayea: We probably only deploy a new jurisdiction a few times a year.20:32
nkinkadeIt really depends how many project jurisdictions are in the queue and how fast the finish up their work.20:33
nkinkadelicenses.xml is not only edited when new jurisdictions are launched.20:33
nkinkadeIt can be edited for any number of reasons, such as entering a new URL for the jurisdiction site, when a jurisdiction upgrades from one license version to another, etc.20:34
JED3akozak: berkley class on python
akozakJED3: awesome. I was enrolled in cs9 for lisp once, had to drop it.20:52
JED3is that into level CS course?20:52
JED3an intro*20:53
akozakyea, self-paced20:53
JED3very cool20:53
pyraknkinkade, back to staging jswidget?20:57
nkinkadepyrak: Sure.20:57
pyrakwhen last we left our heroes...20:57
nkinkadeLet's just try somewhere other than your home dir.20:58
pyraknkinkade, roger20:58
nkinkadeWhere is the existing one?20:58
pyraki'll try from
nkinkade... again?20:58
pyraki think20:58
pyrakbut there's also a copy at
nkinkadeDo you have the privs to write it there?20:58
nkinkadeI can give you sudo privs if you don't already have them.20:59
pyraknkinkade, 1 sec20:59
nkinkadeYou just have to promise to not rm -rf important parts of the system.20:59
nkinkadeAn intern did that once.  It was not pretty.20:59
pyraknkinkade, yeah, nyergler told me about that once20:59
nkinkadeIt was just after I had started, and *just* before I had implemented sound backups.20:59
JED3haha, ouch21:00
nkinkadeWe recovered, but it was a good reminder of how easy it is to trash a machine with root privileges.21:00
JED3was it trashed completely? as in rm / ?21:00
nkinkadeMaybe it's part of the reason why I tend to be so miserly with shell accounts.21:01
nkinkadeJED3: Nah.  He just rm -rf'd some big chunk of /var, but we were able to recover from it.21:01
JED3ahh, thats just as bad considering our uses21:02
nkinkadeStinginess with privileges is kindness in disguise.21:02
nkinkade-- Guide to VAX/VMS Security, 198421:02
nkinkadeThat was a fortune phrase in one of the Logwatch reports the other day.21:02
JED3just out of curiosity, have we ever seriously considered implementing a more robust backup scheme or at least something greater than our current mysqldump scripts?21:03
pyraknkinkade, up and running:
nkinkadeSo I guess there are some specific Apache configs for that aren't in effect for you home dir.21:05
pyrakeither that or i'm an idiot and forgot to run make21:05
pyrak1 sec21:05
pyrakyeah, it's the me being an idiot thing21:05
pyraki'll go kill my checkout at
nkinkadeI do things like that with regularity.21:09
pyraknkinkade, which server does labs live on?21:10
nkinkadepyrak: a721:10
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pyrakalso, do you have any idea why we have jswidget code hosted on both and
nkinkadepyrak: I'm not sure why it's on labs.21:18
pyrakthat's what the wiki links to21:20
pyrakwhich probably means that we ought to keep it alive21:20
paroneayeaso labs isn't a "dev server", correct21:27
paroneayeait's also used to deploy live sites21:27
paroneayeais that right?21:28
* paroneayea has answered his own question by looking around21:31
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yup.  labs is just one site among many on that server.21:41
nkinkadeThe CC Wiki is there, for example.21:41
nkinkadeIn other news, I do believe that my Openmoko Freerunner is about ready for use as a daily/primary phone.21:42
nkinkadeSHR-unstable is working quite well.  This may interest paulproteus, but he may also be loving his Android phone.21:42
paulproteusnkinkade, That's great to hear.21:45
paulproteusThere was a talk at Debconf this year by the Debian OpenMoko team.21:45
nkinkadepaulproteus: There are still a few bugs to be worked out, but I think it's actually usable as phone with SHR-unstable.21:46
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paulproteusSadly I missed this year's Debconf.21:46
akozakpaulproteus: watching your pycon talk21:46
* paulproteus runs in fear21:46
akozak(half watching)21:46
nkinkadeI mean, the interface is still quite slow, but I'm never in such a hurry that 3 or 4 seconds to launch an application is going to ruin my life.21:47
Bovinitypaulproteus: how are you liking Android, if at all?21:49
pyrakakozak, there's a vid?21:55
pyrakis this the web scraping one?21:56
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paulproteusBovinity, Quite a bit, but I shouldn't chat much right now.22:07
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Bovinitymecredis_: PING22:38
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