Friday, 2009-08-07

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pyrakheh.  i'm getting i permission denied error in JS17:14
pyrakhm, this is really interesting.  anyone have a solid understanding of scripting across frames?17:16
pyraklooks like you can _set_ the url of a frame, but you can't _get_ it17:16
paroneayeathere's some security protections when it comes to accessing data from one frame to another17:17
paroneayeato prevent XSS attacks17:17
pyrakyeah, that's what i'm seeing.  hm.17:17
paroneayeathat way you can't open a frame that'll open a person's bank account site, have them put in their password17:17
paroneayeathen take it :)17:17
paroneayeaamongst other things17:18
pyrakparoneayea, but interestingly, i can certainly open up a frame, change its size, and tell it what url to go to (
pyraki just can't go in and see whether or not they're still at bankofyourmom.com17:18
paroneayeabut you can't explore its dom17:18
pyrakactually, you can.  maybe.17:18
pyrak1 sec17:19
paroneayeaI'm pretty sure you can't17:19
pyrakthis suggests you can:17:19
JED3yeah you can get the html content of a frame17:19
paroneayeareally?  I thought you couldn't17:19
JED3I think you can17:19
pyrakbut i just want the _url_ of the iframe17:20
paroneayeaoh hm17:20
paroneayeawhat about of an iframe?17:20
paroneayeaI remember some issue where the client wanted to embed some other site in the iframe and pull data from it17:20
paroneayeaand we found out that certain browsers blocked it17:20
JED3paroneayea: i'm pretty sure all of the modern browsers no longer support it17:21
JED3:) but it was once possible17:21
JED3pyrak: so you want to pass "out" the iframe's uri as they navigation around in that frame?17:22
pyrakJED3, yes.17:23
pyraki mean, it doesn't have to be triggered by their doing stuff in the frame, it's triggered by hand17:23
pyraki'm trying to fix the bug where in ccsearch, when you hit the X in the top right, it sends you to the last ccsearch results17:24
pyrakwhich the user may have navigated away from17:24
pyrakit'd be better if it sent you to the url that had been used to query the page currently in the iframe17:24
JED3yeah I think thats not a bug per se17:24
JED3google images will do the same thing17:25
pyrakJED3, hm, you're right17:25
pyraklet me see if facebook's thing does it as well17:25
JED3it should, check stumbleupon as well17:25
pyrakhey!  stumbleupon's iframe thingey's height is off in my ffx17:29
pyrakwe're better than stumbleupon!  yes!17:29
paroneayeaoh man17:29
JED3should i order the pizza?17:29
paroneayeaI am so looking forward to talking to nathan in person next week17:29
JED3re: cc.license and engine?17:30
paroneayeaand clarifying how all these components work together17:30
paroneayeamaybe I will make a tolkeinesque map17:30
paroneayeaForest of Cc.License17:30
JED3i'm sorry for not sending that email, its on the top of my todo list for this morning17:30
paroneayeaRiver of API17:30
paroneayeaHere be Dragons17:30
pyrakblarg.  i can't find an example of facebook's iframe thing17:31
pyrakit's like a random 1 in 10 wall links use it17:32
JED3paroneayea: have you been reading up on repoze?17:33
paroneayeathat's on my todo list for today :)17:35
JED3I've been reading myself, I've never used it before17:36
paroneayeaI'll see if I can make a tiny app with it, just to get a sense of it17:37
JED3nathan made a very good case for it in his email17:37
paroneayeaYeah, I can certainly understand the desire to not start from scratch.  I'm not entirely clear yet what components it'll allow us to preserve (and that we wouldn't have been able to preserve otherwise yet)17:38
paroneayeasounds like there's a definite desire to ditch the ZODB then?17:38
paroneayeado we want to replace it with something like sqlalchemy or something?17:39
JED3yes, without a doubt17:39
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paroneayeacool, good to know17:42
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pyrakmediawiki.git is huge18:26
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akozakwow it's already almost noon?18:43
JED3i can smell the curry already18:44
* paroneayea wants curry18:48
* paroneayea ponders making something with curry for lunch, realizes his wife is home and suspects she will not go for it18:49
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JED3mecredis: yo20:31
mecredisJED3: YO20:32
JED3hey do you know of any businesses that use the "promo code" model for membership?20:32
mecredisbut its more like pass codes20:32
mecredislike "lessig" would get you free 25gb or something20:32
JED3ohh okay20:34
mecredisbut one off ones ..20:34
mecredisnot sure if I know anyone doing it the way we are20:34
JED3i'm trying to sketch out how we should structure these pages20:34
mecrediswhere are you at now?20:35
akozakmecredis: how did the conference go?20:35
mecredis it was good20:35
mecredisI liked presenting ccLearn20:35
mecredisnothing totally extraordinary20:35
mecredisone person asked to be listed in DiscovEd20:36
mecredislet me get her e-mail so you can drop her a line20:36
mecredisand follow up20:36
akozakok cool20:36
mecredisI'll email it to you20:36
akozakdid you get to meet sen. rockefeller? :)20:38
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mecredisnope, guess I missed him?20:39
JED3mecredis: right now i'm working on the form where you enter a promo code to upgrade your account20:43
JED3so I wanted to see how others have laid this type of thing out20:43
mecredisah I see20:44
mecredisfresh direct does it20:44
mecredisduring check out20:44
mecredisin view cart / etc.20:44
mecrediscan you show me what you have going?20:44
JED3hmm yeah, one sec20:44
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pyraknkinkade, to what extent do i need to be super careful about the complexity of the jswidget php?20:49
pyraki want to add processing for one more query str variable-- so that means one additional if statement20:49
nkinkadepyrak: I'm not sure I know what you mean.20:49
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nkinkadeI guess you have to do what you have to do.20:50
pyrakwell, it's a feature that i just decided could possibly be useful, but i don't have reason to believe that people will use it20:50
nkinkadeAn extra if statement means nothing to me as long as it doesn't affect overall performance.20:50
pyrakit's a pretty trivial operation--just checking the contents of a value in $_GET20:52
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JED3mecredis: weird, your latest tweet.  I was listening to that song just as your tweet popped up20:56
JED3and coincidentally the song that came on right after is "Jesus, etc." by Wilco20:57
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mecredisI love Yacht21:00
mecredisthey understand the spectacle21:01
JED3so, http://staging.creativecommons.net21:05
JED3right now I'm trying to tie up the UI21:05
JED3good thing is that I've got a stable registration system in place21:06
JED3go to /a/register to create an account21:06
JED3the promo code can be left blank, or you can add "1234abcd" if you want to test out that functionality21:07
JED3you can also test to verify that that code cannot be used again21:07
nkinkadeJED3: paroneayea: Do either of you happen to know anything debugging database locks in mysql?21:10
paroneayeankinkade: nope :\21:11
JED3nkinkade: whats going on?21:11
nkinkadeJED3: Deleting pages on the wiki is brutally slow and sometimes causes 503 errors.21:11
nkinkadeI've tracked it down on wiki-staging to a lock on a row (??) that is blocking another statement and it can't complete until the lock times out.21:12
nkinkadeI'm just not sure how to figure out where the lock came from.21:12
nkinkadeMySQL clearly tells me that it's got a thread in the queue waiting for a lock to clear, but I don't know where the lock came from and what the process that has it is doing.21:13
mecredisJED3: thanks cheking now21:13
mecredisJED3: nice21:15
mecrediscan you gie me one that works?21:15
JED3a code?21:15
mecredis1234abcd doesn't21:15
JED3oh damn, okay21:16
JED3try "12345678"21:16
mecrediswell I guess the verification e-mail page21:16
mecredisshould mention that my promo code worked21:16
mecredisthere's no feedback right now to the user that it was sucessful21:16
mecredisonly if its not21:16
JED3okay, sure21:16
mecredisnice I like
mecrediseven though it needs some formatting help21:17
JED3well yeah thats where I stopped to come in here and ask questions21:17
mecredisdo you want my help on that?21:18
JED3nkinkade: how/where did you find the thread waiting for the lock to cleaR?21:18
nkinkadeJED3: SHOW INNODB STATUS;21:19
nkinkadeAnd also with innotop.21:19
nkinkadeMaybe I just don't know how to read the output.21:19
nkinkadeJED3: Does this mean anything to you:
* pyrak smiles @ use of djange re: cc network21:20
nkinkadeIt's clear to me what is waiting on the lock to clear, but what's not clear is what the process that has the lock is doing, or even which process has the lock.21:21
JED3mecredis: naa I was thinking it might be cleaner to take the "buy code" form off of the "enter promo code to upgrade" page...21:21
mecredisyou mean "21:22
mecredisDon't have a code? Purchase one now!"21:22
mecredistake that off?21:22
JED3yeah, and the "buy now" buttons that SHOULD be below it :)21:22
mecrediswell poke around with it21:23
mecredisand then I can take a pass21:23
JED3yeah, itd be nice to see how other people approached it21:23
mecredisI guess it wouldn't be feasible21:25
mecredisto put it in paypal21:25
mecredislike waiting till check out21:25
mecredisto put the promo code in21:26
JED3nkinkade: jeez idk, you're given the thread id but I'm not sure how you can get the parent pid from that21:26
mecredisit seems like it will only be relevant to a small percentage of our users21:26
nkinkadeJED3: I'm not sure that it's a parent process that is hold the lock.21:27
JED3mecredis: not sure if i follow21:27
nkinkadeFor all I know it's some other distinct connection that was made.21:27
mecrediswell are all users who choose to upgrade to premium going to have to use a promo code?21:28
mecredisah I see21:29
mecredisso right now21:29
mecredisI sign up and it gives me a one-time click link21:29
JED3so they buy the code, then use the code to upgrade21:29
mecredisthe code gets purchased through paypal21:29
mecrediswhich then sends an e-mail21:30
mecrediswith it21:30
mecredisand directs the user to register with a link21:30
JED3yes, or someone makes a donation at, or they've received the code on a handout or something21:30
mecrediscould we auto-populate that field?21:30
JED3what do you mean?21:31
mecredisso that we both give the promocode in plain text21:31
JED3like create a million of them, so we can start handing em out?21:31
mecredisbut also link to it like21:31
JED3yes, I made sure to design it that way21:31
mecredisright so the user doesn't have to type it in21:31
mecredisif they follow the link from registration21:31
JED3ehh, idk21:31
mecrediswhat are your thoughts on that?21:31
JED3well that link you just included is used for activating the account21:32
mecredisbad example21:32
JED3our way of verifying their email21:32
mecredishold on21:32
mecredisso when they purchase it21:32
mecredismaybe they get the link
JED3oh yeah definitely21:32
JED3thatd be straightforward21:33
mecredisjust want to make sure we can avoid them having to copy and paste too much if possible21:33
mecredisthe users that do order from paypal, that is21:33
mecredisok so where were we21:33
mecredisI'm a new user21:33
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mecredisI'm at21:34
mecredisI haven't purchased anything21:34
mecredisthen I just go forward and get a free account21:34
mecredisthat's easy21:34
mecredisI'm someone who wants to pay using paypal21:35
mecrediswhat page do I start on21:35
mecredis(Join isn't working)21:35
JED3no its not21:35
mecredisok not a biggie21:35
JED3join will have the big prices and buy now buttons21:35
mecredisgot it21:36
mecredisthen those pass off to paypal21:36
mecredispaypal then sets up a IPN21:36
mecredisthat then sends the user an email with which autopopulates the form21:36
mecrediswith the promo code21:36
mecredisand I'm wondering, can we do PayPal name & e-mail address?21:36
mecredisjust to minimize form filling out21:36
pyrakafter some poking, it seems to me that no jswidget makes no attempt to translate itself--only the outputted license html is translated.21:37
pyrakJED3, do you know if that's correct?21:37
JED3pyrak: yeah I think thats the point of the i18n tooling built around it21:38
pyrakJED3, what i'm trying to say is that the majority of the widget's text doesn't appear to pass through any translate function21:39
* pyrak digs further21:39
JED3at runtime? or most of the text isnt even preprocesseD?21:39
JED3because I dont think *any* is at runtime, it should all be static21:39
pyrakJED3, i think you're right21:41
mecredisJED3: so I think we're on the same page21:42
mecredisthe only thing I'd recommend, and this doesn't need to be done now21:42
mecredisis to do AJAX on the promocode21:42
mecrediswith a check mark21:42
mecredisyah, kind of a finishing touch21:43
mecredismore than anything else21:43
JED3hmm, yeah that would be cool, but I dont think that would be very useful21:43
mecrediskind of reminds me of serial numbers21:43
mecredisin software registration21:44
JED3the "checkbox" validation is more fitting for people who are trying to "guess" at something available21:44
JED3yeah thats true21:44
mecredisnot crucial21:44
JED3hmm, i'm still a bit concerned about brute force guesses21:44
mecredisI'm sure you've got bigger things21:45
mecredisyeah, brute forcing is the concern21:45
JED3haha even though we have 62^8 possibilities21:45
mecredisis that Aa0-9 right21:45
JED3i guess its not a big problem then21:45
JED3yeah case sensi alpha-numerics21:45
mecredisi'll have a bunch of little polish things like that21:45
mecredisshouldn't be too painful to do21:46
JED3i want the forms to be snazzy21:46
mecredisyeah, I love designing that kind of interaction21:46
mecredisso hopefully we'll have time to do it21:46
mecrediswe should just get all the workflow right now21:46
JED3we will21:46
JED3o we'll make time21:46
mecredisso we'll have the source AGPL and available from day one right?21:47
mecredisthat's going to be very cool21:47
mecredisand somethin we should build into messaging21:47
JED3yes, its all agpl21:47
mecredisI'm really psyched about that21:47
pyrakokay, JED3, can i come bother you to talk about translation stuff in a sec?21:47
mecredishopefully it'll be easy enough for people to deploy21:47
mecredisand they won't have to use democracy in action, etc.21:47
JED3yeah, how about 10? <-- pyrak21:47
mecredisso any other open issues21:48
JED3no not really21:49
mecredisso once we get that down21:49
mecrediswhat remains? the paypal integration21:50
JED3i'm on vacation the week following next and I'd love to have all of the premium/basic accounts functionality ready21:55
mecredisthat'd be amazing21:55
JED3then I can sprint on the campaigns21:55
paulproteuspyrak, look for a JavaScript function that translates text.21:56
paulproteusiirc I wrote one..21:56
JED3which a lot is already been completed21:56
mecredisonce the paypal integration is done the campaigns won't be that bad21:56
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paroneayearepoze.bfg seems pretty nice so far21:59
pyrakpaulproteus, yes, i found one22:01
pyraki'm just confused because there seem to be two things going on: the static translations as well as this javascript function22:01
paulproteuspyrak, Yeah... there's a reason for it.22:02
paulproteusI think it's for strings that are embedded in the JS, or something.22:02
paulproteusI really can't quite remember, but I think you'll find that it serves a purpose.22:02
pyrakwhat you just described mostly makes sense to me22:03
paulproteusOkay, great. (-:22:03
pyrakmy first thought is "well, why not just use the js function for _all_ strings, then?  and i guess the answer is to lighten the load on the client"22:03
paulproteusI add "or something" so I wouldn't have to think harder back it up.22:03
pyrak(note: i should have closed those quotes sooner)22:03
pyrakrecall that there are static language-specific templates for "most" of the translation22:04
mecredisJED3: well I have to wrap up my day and do dinner22:05
mecredisI'll talk to you on Monday22:05
pyrakreally what i want to know is how to make sure that the text that i've added to the template will be translated22:05
JED3mecredis: cool, take it easy22:05
mecredisgoing to set up some A/B testing ideas for CCN then22:05
JED3alright cool22:05
JED3pyrak: still need help?22:08
pyrakJED3, yeah22:08
pyraki think i've got it22:08
* pyrak is deciphering gen_translations.py22:09
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pyrakJED3, okay, i'm coming to visit22:11
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