Tuesday, 2009-08-04

pyrakBovinity, yarp, that did it.  for some reason.00:04
Bovinityblame web standards00:04
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Captainneed creative commons? ha03:39
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itzcc pl0x?06:29
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EpicFailGuyBTW CC06:30
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epiclulzguyWTB CC06:39
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nathanynkinkade: morning13:41
nkinkadenathany: Hi.13:41
nkinkadeWhat are you doing here?13:41
nkinkadeGet back to your vacation!13:41
nathanyjust saw the linode email13:41
nathanyjust glancing @ email before heading to the beach :)13:42
nkinkadeWhere are you?13:42
nathanyi forget what the login details are13:42
nathanyare they in teamspace?13:42
nkinkadenathany: Probably.13:42
nkinkadeLet me check.13:42
nathanyDauphin Island, Alabama13:42
nathany(between mobile bay and gulf of mexico)13:42
nkinkadeWhoa.  Why Alabama?13:43
nathanymy parents wanted a quiet vacation rental with a beach13:44
nathanywe'd been to Hilton Head previously, some friends of theirs recommended this as a quiet alternative13:44
nathanyit's very quiet and pretty nice, actually13:44
nathanynkinkade: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dauphin_Island13:45
nkinkadeI'm still looking for the user/pass for that.13:46
nkinkadeI'm about to go the "I forgot my user/pass" route.13:46
nathanyjust ping me when you have it and i'll update the card info13:46
nkinkadeOh, I'm sure it's nice there.  The Gulf of Mexico has some beautiful spots.13:49
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JED3is Chris in here? sorry, if you are, I forgot your nickname16:31
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paroneayeayay, my internets are back16:42
* paroneayea was just about to head to the library16:42
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JED3hey paroneayea, just read your email, i'll send a more thorough primer in just a sec16:45
paroneayeaJED3: yay!16:45
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JED3hey nkinkade, is there a page on teamspace that details the process of updating the translations for the deeds?16:59
nkinkadeJED3: Do you mean generating new Deeds once translations have been submitted?16:59
JED3well yes, that would be helpful too16:59
nkinkadeNot specifically, that I know of, but integrated into a more generalized document on launching a jurisdiciton:17:00
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JED3is there a teamspace page documenting how to use the po2cc scripts?17:03
JED3... for updating the catalogs, uploading to pootle, etc17:03
pyrakJED3, dunno, but when you figure it out get back to me!  we need to do that for ccsearch17:08
pyrakalso maybe jswidget17:08
pyrakthough i haven't figured out yet how jswidget does translations.  some js/python alchemy.17:09
JED3pyrak: I can explain it in person, but I was wondering if a page had been created on teamspace because I have to read through the scripts comments everytime as a refresher17:09
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greg-gpyrak: is there any chance you can change the repo of jswidget to LicenseChooser.js (capitalization optional)17:27
greg-gsince that is what it is referred to as in the wiki and in PR posts17:27
JED3greg-g: probably not a great idea since most people are using the scripts hosted at code.cc.org/svnroot/jswidget....17:29
JED3so changing the name of the repo would change the URI17:29
greg-goh, they're just calling from the svn repo directly?17:29
greg-gmainly because we don't release LicenseChooser.js very often, I suppose. So there is no non-repo static page to point to.17:30
JED3nope :/17:31
* greg-g ponders the possibilities moving forward17:32
akozaknkinkade: nathany and Ahrash had a discussion recently about email listservs and turns out I'll be the one giving out listservs to international opened groups if they need it.17:33
akozaknkinkade: Is it possible to add me to ibiblio so that I can create lists?17:33
JED3nkinkade: now that I think about it, isnt this unnecessary load on a7? aren't we having trouble with the repo web views there?  this could be one possible culprit17:33
nkinkadeakozak: We can't add new email lists.  We have to write to ibiblio and have them add it for us.17:33
akozakoh I see17:34
greg-gJED3: good point.17:34
akozaknkinkade: that's weird, do we have a local solution for the cc lists?17:35
nkinkadeJED3: What's the context?17:35
nkinkadeYou mean doing make for jswidget?17:35
nkinkadeJED3: But regarding your earlier question about how to use po2cc and such, the only thing I know about is this: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Translating_with_Pootle/Administration17:37
nkinkadeAsheesh wrote that up.17:37
JED3ahh great17:37
nkinkadeIt's not comprehensive, but it should be enough to get going.17:37
nkinkadeJED3: What were you talking about when you mentioned load on a7?17:37
pyrakjswidget does use some php logic every time its queried17:38
JED3greg-g: nkinkade: whether or not adopters of LicenseChooser.js were using the scripts hosted from the svnroot17:38
JED3but they aren't I was mistaken17:38
pyrakalso, isn't jswidget hosted in two places?  one on labs and one on api?  or something like that?17:39
nkinkadeAnd I think even if it were, the load would be minimal.  All the servers have a PHP oject code cache: APC.17:39
nkinkadepyrak: What do you mean by "hosted?"17:39
pyraki guess i mean checked out and web-accessible17:40
pyraklet me confirm that what i'm saying is true17:40
pyrakis labs just for staging or something?17:41
nkinkadepyrak: Yeah, labs is likely for staging something.17:42
JED3pyrak: view source for the labs example17:42
JED3it still uses the api.cc.org17:42
*** K`Tetch has joined #cc17:43
pyrakJED3, sure it does.  but i'm actually making changes to that there source, in the repo17:43
JED3the labs.cc.org is just a checkout of the jswidget repo17:46
akozaknkinkade: Why do we use ibiblio for listservs? Isn't that a pretty low-cost/low-upkeep thing to run locally?17:47
nkinkadeakozak: I think it's a historical thing.17:47
akozakoh ok...17:48
nkinkadeWe had a lot of mail lists with them, so we just stayed with them.17:48
nkinkadeIt's one less thing we have to maintain.17:48
akozaknkinkade: I'm asking because I'll probably need to add more than one list as we get more international communities on opened.17:48
akozaknkinkade: How does CCi do it?17:48
nkinkadeJust fill out that /help form, tell them who you are and what you need the list for ... that's what I've done in the past.17:48
nkinkadeAll the international lists worked the same way.17:49
nkinkadeakozak: Feel free to not use ibiblio.  Maybe you could use Google Groups.17:49
nkinkade(another egg in the Google basket)17:49
akozaknkinkade: No I was mostly just curious, it isn't a huge hassle or anything.17:50
nkinkadeIt's not a hassle to created lists with ibiblio, but if you plan to make dozens and dozens it could get tedious.17:50
akozakheh, let's hope I'm not doing that17:51
nkinkadeGoogle Groups might not be a bad option.17:51
JED3mecredis: can I ask a quick question? why didn't you use jswidget in the Facebook app?17:52
mecredishey hey17:52
mecredisJED3: I tried poking around with it17:53
mecredisand it was actually kind of difficult to use17:53
mecredisbut that just might be my ignorance17:53
mecredisthe whole app was kind of a proof of concept with the intention of eventually doing a rewrite17:53
JED3ohh okay, jw17:54
JED3i recall seeing someone using the jswidget js from code.cc.org/svnroot but I can't find any evidence17:56
mecredisnot sure what to offer17:56
JED3ha nothing, I just checked through the facebook code to see if you used the wrong uri and saw that you didn't use jswidget at all! which sparked my curiosity17:57
mecredisyeah, just copied the behavior of /choose basically17:57
mecredismy code is int he git repository17:57
mecredisI'm sure its atrocious17:57
JED3its not bad, whats the status of that projecT?17:58
mecrediswell I did v217:58
mecrediswhich allows pages17:58
mecredisand required quite a bit of a rewrite17:58
mecrediswith the hope that a large facebook page / corporation that shall remain nameless17:58
mecrediswas going to install it17:58
mecrediscurrently their lawyers are working it out17:58
mecredisthe one thing I want to add before rolling out v2 is a ping to a db that registers the user ID17:58
mecredisbecause Giorgos is intersted in doing general demographic research17:59
JED3ohh cool, mecredis is that kosher?17:59
mecredisaccording to whom?17:59
JED3our privacy policy?17:59
mecredisI believe so18:00
mecredisthough we don't have a FB app privacy policy18:00
JED3oh okay, cool18:00
mecredisI've talked it over with ML, etc.18:00
mecredisthe basic idea is that if you're giving the app permission18:00
mecredisyou've already shared who you are with us18:00
mecredisand you can control that, etc.18:00
mecredisit is strange, however, that FB won't let you do queries18:00
mecredisto see who is using your app18:01
akozakI'm tankful for that :)18:01
mecredisI'm not sure how i feel about it18:02
mecredisin some ways I get it18:02
mecredisI share your thankfulness18:02
akozakWell, then every stupid FB game app could turn into market research18:02
mecredisbut in other ways, it seems ridiculous to artificially limit a query18:02
akozakevery app business would also be a marketing firm18:02
mecredisevery stupid FB game /is/ market research18:02
*** oshani has joined #cc18:02
Bovinityyou really can't get stats on users of your app?18:03
mecredisother FB developers think its crazy that we're not caching user info, etc.18:03
mecredisBovinity: we get decent info through "Insights"18:03
mecredisbut its a horrible interface18:03
akozaktrue, but we should make it harder for them to have access to all the data imo18:03
mecredisand impossible to export18:03
akozakFB probably doesn't want to just hand over a database of user data to any popular app developer18:03
*** oshani has quit IRC18:03
mecredisakozak: they already do18:03
Bovinitymecredis: is there a feedback mechanism for people?18:03
akozakmecredis: oh?18:03
mecredisakozak yeah, you can do queries on anyone who has installed your app18:04
mecredisthere are certain things you're not supposed to share with other people18:04
akozakmecredis: But you said it was limited didn't you?18:04
mecredisFB just asks you nicely in their dev wiki18:04
mecredisakozak: just in this one particular query18:04
mecredisthats why its so stupid18:04
pyrakwe talked about this with CDT and ACLU and EFF ppl18:04
mecredisBovinity: I suppose the app page itself works18:04
mecredispyrak: ohyeah?18:05
pyrakturns out farcebook apps can also get info on triends that are 2 degrees away from you18:05
mecredisBovinity: ^^18:05
mecredispyrak: indeed18:05
Bovinityah, yeah18:05
* mecredis tries to find the link in the developer wiki where they ask nicely18:05
Bovinitymecredis: so people are commenting. that's good. can we leverage that, and direct people to donate?18:06
mecredisBovinity: yes, that's a great idea18:06
mecredisalso on our Page too18:06
mecredisand cause18:06
mecrediswe should repeatedly spam them18:06
JED3the user usage api call is a commonly requested feature according to the forums, FB seems reluctant to provide the service, but are welcoming to the idea of developers implementing it themselves on their end18:07
pyrakperhaps we can persuade a nigerian prince to use his negotiating powers?18:07
mecredisJED3: hence the storing of user IDs that we can then query on our own time18:07
JED3yeah, i'm just surprised they would lean to that side of the fence18:07
mecredisits seems bizarre18:08
JED3if they're concerned with privacy thats the much more dangerous approach18:08
mecredisand was what I was talking with ML about a while ago in the office18:08
mecredisis that there's this question of software freedom18:08
mecredismixed with privacy18:08
mecredisthey're specifically disabling a query18:08
mecrediswith the intention of providing security through obscurity18:08
mecredisbut its trivial to recreate it18:09
mecredisif you cache user IDs18:09
mecredisso are they saying don't cache user IDs? nope18:09
mecredisits so weird18:09
mecrediswelcome to the bizarro world of the FB API18:10
akozakwhich is apparently a half a billion dollar business18:10
akozakFB is in a weird spot with it right now18:10
mecredisits like a slightly porous walled garden18:10
JED3as soon as that API opened I left FB18:10
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*** mecredis_ has joined #cc18:37
* paroneayea is new to zc.buildout18:39
paroneayeaI'm still used to the non-system-python development environment thing18:40
paroneayeabut I've mostly used virtualenv18:40
paroneayeawell, workingenv too18:40
JED3well zc.buildout is similar in nature, which project are you trying to build?18:40
paroneayeaoh, I was reading up on it18:41
JED3ohh okay18:41
paroneayeaI'm going to work on setting up environments once I'm done reading here18:41
JED3are you reading the pypi page?18:42
paroneayeajust finished watching the screencasts on http://www.buildout.org/screencasts.html18:42
akozakmecredis that WV conference page is fugly18:42
paroneayeaI'm a bit thrown off by having an src/ directory inside a python package18:43
paroneayeausually I'm used to having an src/ directory that *contains* python packages inside a virtualenv :)18:43
*** raffa_ has left #cc18:52
*** mrlarner has joined #cc19:06
mrlarnerif you license a work under cc and disallow commercial usage...being the "copyright holder" can you at some later point in time allow a commercial usage of that work? would that be improper?19:09
greg-gmrlarner: as the copyright holder, you can do whatever you want with the work. sell it, license it under multiple licenses (CC licenses are exclusive), etc.19:17
greg-gcorrection: CC License are NOT exclusive19:17
greg-gforgot a word :)19:17
mrlarneri thought so...was just pondering that this morning, thanks!19:17
greg-gno problem19:17
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*** hardbop200 has joined #cc19:52
*** thomg has joined #cc19:54
*** kreynen has joined #cc19:59
hardbop200hi everyone - I noticed in the readme about a bug regarding .tpl extensions; can someone give me some guidance on how to get around that?20:02
*** mecredis__ has joined #cc20:08
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*** TDJACR has joined #cc20:11
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*** stevel has joined #cc20:14
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*** tvol has joined #cc20:15
greg-ghardbop200: which piece of software are you referring to? cchost?20:20
akozakpyrak: around?20:21
hardbop200greg-g: yes, cchost20:22
paroneayea  $ python bootstrap/bootstrap.py20:22
paroneayea  $ ./bin/buildout20:22
paroneayeawhere is bootstrap.py supposed to come from?20:22
paroneayeain terms of cc.engine20:22
paroneayeait isn't placed via setup.py develop, nor is it contained within cc.engine itself..20:23
paroneayeanor is bin/buildout available there20:24
paroneayeawell, I easy_installed zc.buildout which provides bin/buildout, it seems20:26
paroneayeastill not sure where bootstrap.py should come from20:26
*** mecredis_ has quit IRC20:27
mecredis__paulproteus: is fc-discuss alive?20:28
paroneayeaThis bit of documentation also appears to be outdated:20:30
paroneayeaYou can build cc.engine for development by specifying the buildout configuration on the command line ::20:30
paroneayea  $ ./bin/buildout -c dev.buildout.cfg20:30
paroneayeaor at least, running find for that file in that directory returned no results20:30
paroneayeaJED3: ^^^20:33
*** paroneayea has quit IRC20:39
*** paroneayea has joined #cc20:40
*** BjornW has joined #cc20:41
paroneayeaapparently my connection went out there... flaky internets20:41
*** kreynen has joined #cc20:49
JED3paroneayea: ohh sorry about that20:52
JED3yeah that documentation is outdated/misphrased20:52
JED3I've never seen a dev buildout config checked into cc.engine, but the point is you could easily create your own20:53
paroneayeaahhh, ok20:53
paroneayeaso where is bootstrap/bootstrap.py supposed to come from?20:54
paroneayeaor does it really matter? ;)20:55
JED3bootstrap.py is a script from buildout20:55
JED3so thats actually the only "dependency fetch" you have to do yourself20:55
paroneayeaah ok20:56
JED3personally I aliased "zc.boot" to wget the script from their trunk :)20:56
paroneayeaok then.. that makes sense.  Thx20:57
JED3np, sorry about the reply, I've had a draft window all day but havent finished writing it20:57
JED3is there anything that I could help explaining right now?20:58
paroneayeahm, nope.. that's all I've got for the moment20:58
paroneayeaI'm sure I'll have more things to pester you with soon enough ;)20:58
paroneayeabrb though20:58
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*** mecredis__ has quit IRC21:26
pyrakare there known issues with the wplicense repo?21:32
pyrakFetching external item into 'wp-content/plugins/wplicense'21:32
pyraksvn: REPORT request failed on '/!svn/vcc/default'21:32
pyraksvn: Target path does not exist21:32
JED3pyrak: is that the result of a checkout from code.cc.org?21:33
pyrakJED3, i'm really not sure... i just ran an svn up on the freeculture.org wordpress install21:35
*** tvol has quit IRC21:35
pyrakapparently wordpress's automatic plugin install thing uses subversion?21:35
pyrakwith externals?21:35
greg-ghardbop200: sorry for the delay. Your best bet would be to email the cchost mailing list: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/cctools-cchost The main developer see those messages and will respond (he doesn't hang out on IRC much)21:35
JED3pyrak: i dont think so, but let me look closer21:36
JED3can you do me a favor though?21:36
pyrakJED3, yar21:36
JED3cd into the wplicense plugins folder21:36
JED3and run svn info21:36
pyrakon this wordpress install?21:36
JED3and ensure that its from plugins.wp.org and not code.cc.org21:36
pyrakJED3, ensured21:38
*** paroneayea has quit IRC21:38
*** paroneayea has joined #cc21:39
pyraknote: it's possible that we've done something funny here: this server is sometimes a little bit of a mess21:39
JED3what revision is it at?21:39
JED3pyrak: I think what happened is that the repo uri changed21:49
pyrakJED3, ohdear21:50
pyrakso is my best option to just delete the files and then re-install?21:50
JED3yeah, it used to be "/wpLicense" and now its "/wplicense"21:50
JED3... i think21:50
JED3you should update your wp base with --ignore-externals21:51
JED3then just checkout the wplicense into plugins again21:51
JED3or del/add the svn:external your choice21:52
pyrakhrm, the checkout is of a release branch anyway :/21:58
*** BjornW has quit IRC22:06
*** balleyne has joined #cc22:08
*** UncleCJ has joined #cc22:10
paroneayeafailing on importing cc.license.license22:13
paroneayeaimporting cc.license works fine though22:13
JED3hmm, are all you getting is an ImportError?22:15
paroneayea  File "/home/cwebber/env/ccommons/src/cc.engine/cc/engine/__init__.py", line 14, in <module>22:16
paroneayea    import cc.engine.chooser22:16
paroneayea  File "/home/cwebber/env/ccommons/src/cc.engine/cc/engine/chooser.py", line 21, in <module>22:16
paroneayea    import cc.license.license22:16
paroneayeaImportError: No module named license22:16
*** Orango has joined #cc22:17
paroneayealooking in the egg, that seems correct too... I only see cc.license as being available... I see cc/license/__init__.py but no cc/license/license.py22:17
paroneayeamaybe an old version?22:17
paroneayeahttp://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/cc-commits/2008-December/000376.html <- seems to be that elsewhere there *is* a cc.license.license22:18
paroneayeaI'm running out of the 0.2 egg22:18
paroneayeayeah, looks like that's the issue22:20
paroneayealast tagged version doesn't have cc.license.license, but trunk does22:20
paroneayeaI'll check out trunk22:20
JED3yeah there should certainly be a license.py in there ;)22:26
*** UncleCJ_ has quit IRC22:26
*** mecredis_ has joined #cc22:56
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