Monday, 2009-08-03

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SitethiefSo apparently people can change the license on a picture that had been licensed under CC before. Isn't that impossible?10:57
SitethiefI mean, If you licenses somethign as CC, it is realeased under that license, if you can revoke that license then what is the use of CC11:06
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SitethiefSo apparently people can change the license on a picture that had been licensed under CC before. Isn't that impossible?12:08
SitethiefSo apparently people can change the license on a picture that had been licensed under CC before. Isn't that impossible?12:08
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mecredisjust back from the windy city14:47
mecredissaw the bean yesterday14:47
tvolmecredis--that sculpture has to be the most photographed object in the midwest - seems like good candidate for Photosynth test ;)14:50
mecredisuntil you try the inside14:50
mecredisand then the universe collapses14:50
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pyrakis there a better way to find/replace in all files in a dir other than looping with sed?20:54
pyrakalso, nkinkade i need your help merging a development branch into the trunk for ccsearch, when you have a minute20:54
nkinkadepyrak: re: find/replace, I find perl to be nice for that.20:55
nkinkadeBut it's about the same as sed, really.20:55
nkinkadepyrak: What's the issue with merging?20:55
pyraknkinkade, i'm too stupid to get to do my bidding20:55
nkinkadeIs this git?20:55
pyraknaw, svn20:55
nkinkadeOh, subversion. :-(20:55
nkinkadeDid svnmerge give you some error?20:56
pyraki was able to get it to work once before, with nyergler's help20:56
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pyrakno, it seems to run fine and also seems to do nothing20:56
pyrakinterestingly, i'm unable to uninit the branch that i've inited20:56
JED3pyrak: grep for the pattern then pipe the files to sed20:57
nkinkadepyrak: So after you svnmerge merge -r <some revs>, svn status gives you nothing?20:57
nkinkadeI personally like something like:20:57
nkinkade$ perl -pn -i.orig $(find <some files)20:58
pyraknkinkade, hm, i've only been going merge -S branch-name20:58
nkinkadeBut sed can do the same basic thing.20:58
nkinkadepyrak:  Ah, I wasn't even aware that svnmerge could merge a whole other branch.20:58
nkinkadepyrak: Are you doing this work on your local machine?20:59
pyraknkinkade, yes20:59
pyrakwell, i've been doing some devel on zearch also20:59
pyraki mean, i can work on either21:00
pyrakatm, they're both at the most recent revision, which is commited and ready for merging21:00
pyrakthe branch i21:00
pyrak'm hoping to merge into the trunk is iframe-pretty21:00
JED3pyrak: try specifying the revisions to merge into the trunk21:01
pyrakJED3, mgay21:01
JED3pyrak: i think you want to merge r13084-1314821:03
nkinkadepyrak: I'm only familiar with merging certain versions, if it's not to hard to do it that way.21:03
nkinkadeSorry about that.21:05
nkinkadea7 went down numerous times this weekend, and last night at about 1AM I temporarily disabled /viewgit and /viewsvn.21:06
nkinkadeI'm pretty sure one of those two, if not both were the culprits.21:06
nkinkadeLet me look into that now.21:06
nkinkadepyrak: ^21:06
pyraknkinkade, ok.  for my purposes ATM, i'll just use svn log, so no hurry here21:07
pyrakJED3, i think you're right re: revision numbers21:07
JED3yeah i'm pretty sure thats it21:08
JED3i actually thought about that on my drive home, I get so burnt by Friday afternoon21:08
pyrakJED3, heh!  best ideas happen in transit21:09
pyraksome time before getting on the bus this morning i realized why i was having mysql issues with another project last night21:10
JED3haha yeah, you shouldn't think too hard while on a motorcycle though :)21:10
nkinkadeJED3: How's that ferry ride working for you?  Pleasant?21:10
paroneayeaspeaking of transportation, gotta pick up my car from the shop.  Be back in a while21:11
JED3nkinkade: I don't ride it much at all anymore, I ride my motorcycle into the city now since there is a free toll on the golden gate during commute hours21:12
nkinkadeNo toll on the GGB during commute hours!21:12
JED3nkinkade: but that ferry ride is ridiculously too lavish for someone to get to experience every morning and afternoon21:13
nkinkadeWow.  Did the ferry just get old, or take too long, too expensive, etc?21:13
JED3too expensive21:13
nkinkadeHow long does the bike ride in take?21:13
JED3they are having troubles with the ferry system too, it was becoming a bit annoying21:13
JED3the ride in can take anywhere from 20 to 4521:14
JED3on motorbike21:14
JED3ferry is a consistent 30 minutes21:14
JED3nkinkade: if you ever did consider moving here you should look into the retired army barracks in the Marin Headlands21:16
Bovinitythe marin headlands are so awesome21:17
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Bovinityfun riding too21:17
nkinkadeInteresting.  I like the small feel and slower pace up there in near Sausalito.21:17
JED3yeah the headlands are amazing for sure21:18
pyraknkinkade, JED3 so how should i init?21:18
JED3I love how the deer and coyotes walk around freely without any fear of the people around21:19
pyrakfrom trunk, or from branch?  and including BRANCH_URL?21:19
pyrakfwiw, nkinkade, me and JED3 were using this tutorial:21:19
JED3pyrak: I think you already have init'd havent you?21:19
JED3because the pretty-iframe is listed in the avail group right?21:19
nkinkadeMarin in general is a beautiful places ... great hiking.21:19
nkinkadeI haven't seen that tutorial yet.  Let me take a look.21:20
pyrakJED3, well, interestingly, in an earlier checkout (which has been up-ed to the most recent version), nothing is inited21:20
* pyrak 's head explodes21:20
nkinkadeI'm updating my checkout of ccsearch so I can see what happens on my side.21:21
pyrakjust tried: merge -r 13084-13148 -S iframe-pretty21:24
pyraksame as before: reports nothing back, doesn't seem to have made any local changes21:25
nkinkadeIf you use -r can you still use -S, pyrak?21:28
pyraknkinkade, not sure.  i tried without -S, and it told me to use it21:28
pyrak1 sec21:29
pyraknkinkade, pm21:30
nkinkadesvnmerge: multiple sources found. Explicit source argument (-S/--source) required.21:30
nkinkadepyrak: But when I do and "svnmerge avail" I get nothing.21:30
nkinkadeI'm not used to doing it this way.21:30
nkinkadeIt seems to me that /trunk should be development and that branches are what we publish.21:31
pyraki'm extremely open to not doing it "this way"21:31
nkinkadeAs far as I know, svnmerge works like this: you svn cp /trunk to /branches/mybranch, for example.21:31
pyraknkinkade, well, we could also replace with a checkout of iframe-pretty and call it a day21:31
nkinkadeThen you svnmerge init /branches/mybranch, and it knows to look for possible commits from the source for merging.21:32
nkinkadeOur usual setup is to svn cp /trunk /branches/production, then make our testing changes in /trunk, then later merge those commits into the /branches/production.21:33
nkinkadeIf we're not doing it that way right now, then we should probably consider doing it that way, or with something similar.21:33
nkinkadepyrak: ^^21:33
pyraknkinkade, that's perfectly reasonable21:33
nkinkadeI guess the reason svnmerge want's -S is because there are various branches that were copies of /trunk21:34
pyraki'm not at all wedded to this branch structure21:34
nkinkadesvnmerge avail should return commits available for merging.21:34
pyrakinto "." ?21:34
pyrakso shall we rename iframe-pretty to release, or something?21:35
pyrakalso, just for my own sanity, am i correct in thinking that we had been releasing ccsearch from trunk before i started working on it?21:36
nkinkadepyrak: How about /branches/production?21:36
pyraknkinkade, sure21:36
nkinkadepyrak: It wouldn't surprise me if that's how things were being done.21:36
nkinkadeI don't think anyone had really touched ccsearch in a while.21:37
nkinkadeAbout the time I came on board (2+ years ago), we were just then starting to move things to the /trunk, /branches/productions model.21:37
paulproteusWhoa, that was 2+ years ago.21:37
paulproteusI think I was doing releases off trunk of ccsearch, yeah.21:38
nkinkadepaulproteus: Yeah, 2+ years now!  June 4, 2007.  Wow.21:38
nkinkadepaulproteus: What's you're locale nowadays?21:38
paulproteusAtlanta, GA, still. But moving to Philadelphia (until the end of the year, at least) Aug. 25.21:38
paulproteusSF Aug 15-25!21:39
nkinkadeBack to the North East.21:39
paulproteusI should, like, tell people about that.21:39
* paulproteus nods21:39
pyrakpaulproteus, that is literally the day i leave21:39
* paulproteus blinks21:39
paulproteusWhat time?21:39
nkinkadeHow has Atlanta treated you.21:39
paulproteusMaybe we can hang out in SFO. I arrive ca.2:15 PM.21:39
pyrakpaulproteus, unless i convince my landpersons to let me crash another night or two so i can clean/party21:39
paulproteuspyrak, ...and what happens to your summer lease on Aug 15?21:39
paulproteusOh, okay.21:39
pyrakbut ATM, the agreement was "until" aug 15th21:40
pyrakmore on this later21:40
paulproteusShucks, I was hoping to crash there. (-;21:40
pyrakoh, re: SFO, i'm driving home21:40
paulproteusOh, right!21:40
paulproteusSurely one of the other interns can let you crash at his/her place!21:40
pyrakpaulproteus, very likely.  my sister will also need a place.  anyway, i'm sure i can work _something_ out21:41
paulproteusRight, natch.21:41
paulproteusnkinkade, Atlanta, well, I hardly know it.21:41
paulproteusWe hardly leave home, we're too busy working and being poor!21:41
nkinkadeAnd you're not really seeing the fun parts of Atlanta.21:42
nkinkade... which are closer up towards downtown: Virginia Highlands, Little Five Points, East Atlanta, Midtown, etc.21:42
paulproteusI know!21:42
paulproteusI've seen a little of Little Five Points and of Midtown.21:42
paulproteusNo East Atlanta (!) or Cabbagetown or Virginia Highlands.21:42
nkinkadeI didn't know much about East Atlanta until a good childhood friend bought a house over there.  I was just there a few weeks ago ... lots of fun restaurants, cafes, bars, and at the time there was even a music festival.21:43
paulproteusYeah, I'm pretty excited about East Atlanta.21:44
paulproteusBut the clock is ticking, and I see no time to hang out there.21:44
paulproteusSpeaking of which I should deploy some bugfixes!21:44
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*** kreynen has joined #cc21:47
pyraknkinkade, shall i hold my breath and attempt to deploy at
pyraki have a checkout of branches/production on zearch21:50
nkinkadepyrak: How did you arrive there?21:50
pyraki svn mv-ed iframe-pretty21:50
nkinkadeAnd iframe-pretty is a copy of /trunk?21:51
pyraknkinkade, hmm, not sure21:51
nkinkadepyrak: ^^21:51
nkinkadeI'm not sure svnmerge will work right if it's not.21:51
pyraknkinkade, it might have come froma nother branch21:51
nkinkadeThere may be some way to manipulate that after that fact.21:51
nkinkadeThere probably is a way to alter that later.21:52
pyrakwell, if the next action task is to merge this branch into the trunk (so that we can branch off of it again), then we're back where we started, eh?21:52
pyraknkinkade, also, fwiw, perhaps that's why we were having those troubles in the first place?21:53
pyrakas i think about it, i'm increasingly sure that i branched iframe-pretty off of local-providers21:54
pyrak(which can now be closed, i think)21:54
nkinkadepyrak: Let me check somethign quickly regarding svnmerge.21:54
pyraksure.  sorry this is being such a headache :/21:55
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*** paroneayea has joined #cc22:00
nkinkadepyrak: I wonder if svnmerge is not showing available commits for -S branches/iframe-pretty because iframe-pretty is a copy of another branch?22:03
nkinkadeI'm not sure if svnmerge can track changes across multiple copies???22:03
pyraknkinkade, could be.22:04
nkinkadepyrak: I suppose you don't have to use svnmerge to get your stuff back in /trunk.22:04
pyrakso then branching off of other branches is always a poor choice when you're working with svnmerge?22:04
nkinkadeWhat we want to do is to get /trunk up to date (i.e. == to iframe-pretty) adn then copy /trunk to /branches/production.22:05
pyraknkinkade, okay.  so shall i try to do a normal svn merge from iframe-pretty to trunk, or shall i copy/paste files or something?22:06
nkinkadepyrak:  I'm not a version control expert.  Times like these are where I usually defer to Nathan, and in the past I would have deferred to Asheesh.  However, that is what I would try to do.22:07
nkinkadeIt would be nice to have /trunk run zearch, and /branches/production running the live site.22:08
nkinkade... since it's the model we are using elsewhere, and it works nicely.22:08
pyraknkinkade, sure.  i mean, right now, zearch/trunk runs trunk22:08
pyrakand zearch/otherthing runs otherthing22:08
nkinkadepyrak: zearch/trunk?22:09
nkinkadeIs zearch it's own repository?22:09
pyraknkinkade, no, i just have checkouts of various branches, as well as the trunk22:09
nkinkadeOkay, I'm referring to only ccsearch/trunk, etc.22:10
nkinkadezearch is just a domain name, the way I think about it.22:10
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pyrakokay.  so for my next trick: i'll attempt to merge iframe-pretty into the trunk22:11
pyraktrying first with svn merge, then if i fail, copying files over22:11
*** UncleCJ has quit IRC22:16
pyraknkinkade, okay, so production has been merged into trunk.  next trick: delete production and cp trunk to branches/production?22:52
nkinkadepyrak: Cool.  Thanks!  So trunk is essentially what iframe-pretty was, and /branches/production is simply a copy of /trunk at the moment?22:54
nkinkadeI guess now you should svnmerge init branches/production.22:55
pyraknkinkade, the former is true, the latter is only going to be true after i make it so22:55
nkinkadeAlthough, perhaps we can just use the svn for that now.  I think our version of svn does everything svnmerge used to do.22:55
pyrakis there a better way to do that than to svn rm /branches/production and then svn mv trunk branches/production ?22:55
nkinkadeYou mean svn cp?22:56
pyraknkinkade, oh dear. yes.22:56
nkinkadeI don't know of a better way to do that.22:56
pyrakthen i'll do it now22:56
nkinkadeIf this were git it would be so much easier.22:56
nkinkadeThen again, if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle.22:56
* pyrak could write an essay on that statement22:57
pyrakokay, done23:02
pyraknow shall i attempt to deploy at
pyrakor hand it off to you?23:02
pyrak(you can double-check my work on zearch)23:03
pyraknkinkade, ^^23:04
nkinkadepyrak: Feel free to go ahead and deploy.  Just do a cp -a on the www dir so that things don't work getting back is as simple as mv.23:05
*** kreynen has quit IRC23:06
pyraknkinkade, here goes nothin'...23:07
nkinkadeBy the way /viewgit and /viewsvn are back.  I didn't change anything.  I had figured that paulproteus' work had somehow got undone, but it hadn't:
pyraknkinkade, better to do a read-only checkout at  or does it matter?23:14
nkinkadepyrak:  I think a read-only checkout is good for a production site.23:14
nkinkadeIt can be a pain in the ass, but it forces what is probably a good work-flow: change to trunk -> pull to staging for testing -> merge change to production -> pull to production.23:15
pyraknkinkade, agreed.23:17
nkinkadepyrak: Have you deployed?23:17
nkinkadeLooks like the old site still.23:17
pyraknkinkade, one more question:23:18
pyraksince the previous version of is a checkout of trunk, do i need to do a checkout of branches/production, then rm -fr www and mv -r production/ www/ ?23:19
pyrak(if that makes sense)23:19
pyrakperhaps i'm being overly cautious23:20
nkinkadepyrak: Here's what I'd do: 1) move down one dir from www and then cp -a www www.2009-08-03 2) svn co branches/production 3) mv www www.bak && mv www 4) Make sure it works 5) rf -rf www.bak23:24
nkinkadeThat way www is a checkout of branches/production, yet www.2009-08-03 is a snapshot of what used to be there, just in case.23:25
nkinkadeWe have backups for that, but I like to keep a copy of the old one there for a while.23:25
pyraknkinkade, okay, good.  that's exactly what i was uneloquently trying to propose23:25
pyrakwithout the "&&", is that actual bash syntax?23:26
nkinkade&& works in bash, probably sh too.23:26
nkinkadeOnly execute what is after && if the previous statements exited with no errors.23:27
nkinkadeYeah, it works in sh too.  I just checked.23:28
pyraknkinkade, okay, up and running!23:29
nkinkadepyrak: That's looking good.23:29
nkinkadeI hope one day we'll be able t get rid of the frame.  I like the more vibrant color of green in the header now.23:30
pyraknkinkade, turns out i can't rm -rf www.back because i don't have sudo23:30
nkinkadeAnd the new checkboxes looks MUCH better.23:30
nkinkadepyrak: I'll remove that directory.23:30
pyraknkinkade, yeah.  re: iframe.  i suppose the next best thing is some api hacking23:31
pyrakalso, my no-iframe version is fully functional, but it's probably less useful because it requires an extra clickthrough to see results23:31
nkinkadeI'd still like to see a bit more about what to expect from the result somewhere on the visible interface, but oh well.23:32
nkinkadeWe've got on without it for this long, so a bit longer isn't going to hurt anything.23:33
pyrakcan someone confirm that disabling javascript with the web-developer toolbar doesn't cause firefox to render stuff between noscript tags?23:35
pyrakcan someone also confirm that this sucks?23:35
nkinkadepyrak: With JS disabled nothing shows up in the main window.23:37
pyraknkinkade, right.  but how are you disabling js?23:38
nkinkadeWith Webdeveloper. :-)23:38
pyrakthus my question23:38
nkinkadeI guess I'm confused about what your question was.23:39
pyrakdo you know how noscript tags work?23:39
pyrakthey work as you'd expect they would23:39
pyrakwell, they ought to23:39
pyrak<noscript>this message is only visible if you don't have javascript</noscript>23:40
pyrakbut apparently, when you disable javascript via web developer toolbar, that message doesn't show up23:40
nkinkadeThat somewhat sounds like a bug.23:40
pyrakThat extremely sounds like a bug.23:40
nkinkadeBut a Firefox bug.23:41
nkinkadeBecause disabling JS through the Firefox preferences returns that same result.23:41
pyraknkinkade, ah, then you are right.  which version of ffx are you running?23:42
Bovinityi get noscript tags working when i disable JS in web dev23:42
Bovinity is my test23:42
pyrak(ps: disabling javascript on opera does what you'd hope it would)23:42
pyrakBovinity, should be your test!23:43
Bovinitythere are no noscript tags on
pyrakoh yes there are!23:43
Bovinityhm, in the iframe, i see23:43
Bovinityremove the p tags23:43
pyrakBovinity, why?23:44
Bovinitytry it23:44
pyrakBovinity, you think this will fix the ffx issue?23:44
pyrakk.  trying.23:45
pyrakps: a8 is being SUPER slow right now23:46
pyrakBovinity, narp, no change.23:47
pyrakperhaps it's something that has since been fixed in 3.5 ?23:47
Bovinityi'm on 3.5.223:48
pyrakBovinity, and no-script.php shows you text?23:48
Bovinityno, i see nothing23:48
Bovinitywhat if you put it within a normal html page structure.... <html><body>...23:48
pyrakBovinity, sure.  1 sec23:49
*** stevel has quit IRC23:50
*** balleyne has joined #cc23:59

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