Thursday, 2009-07-30

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mecredis__JED3: when do most accounts renew?16:31
JED3hey, mid october16:31
mecredis__hrm ok16:32
mecredis__so I'm trying to model16:32
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mecredis__what our churn will be like16:32
mecredis__and I can't figure out if its better to do a certain percentage per month16:32
mecredis__or if we should just assume a big percentage16:32
mecredis__that don't in october16:32
mecredis__any thoughts?16:34
JED3certain percentage per month that are renewing?16:35
mecredis__or rather, which aren't16:35
mecredis__right now my model only projects cash from new users16:36
mecredis__so this may not be an issue16:36
JED3hmm okay16:37
mecredis__and we actually don't know16:37
mecredis__how many people are going to renew16:37
mecredis__I guess what I'm trying to figure out his what premium users are going to stay on16:37
mecredis__because that affects the base # which is multiplied by new user growth16:38
JED3one way to estimate that would be to peek at the logs and see how distributed the activity is16:38
mecredis__distributed between what?16:38
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JED3profile views16:39
JED3we can also look at the login dates for users16:39
mecredis__to get af eeling for how active they are?16:39
mecredis__yeah, active users is really more useful than current16:39
mecredis__well I don't want toa dd more work for you16:39
mecredis__so only if its convenient16:42
mecredis__sorry, was just poking this spreadsheet some more16:42
JED3well I can get you a csv of the data, you want to add another spreadsheet to your project?16:42
mecredis__that'd be great16:42
JED3okay, working on it now16:43
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JED3hey nkinkade you around?16:58
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah.17:12
JED3hey, I was trying to change some privileges for the commoner user on a9, but I don't know the root password for mysql17:12
JED3mysql privs*17:12
JED3actually I wont need to change the privilege at all if I have to root login17:13
JED3... I wanted to change the file_priv for commoner so I could easily dump a query into a file as csv17:14
nkinkadeJED3: Sent you a separate message.17:19
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wendall911I work for a company that is going to be releasing our educational course content under a cc license ... no problems with the license, but we want/need to restrict redistribution of the layouts. We spend most of our company income on content presentation and creation. As educational content, we feel it should be free, but the presentation layer is expensive to maintain. Suggestions on how to do this? Or problems?17:37
nkinkadewendall911: What do you mean by "layout?"17:41
wendall911the presentation layer17:42
wendall911like margins, font face, etc17:43
wendall911we license some of this stuff, and can't just give permission to redistribute anyhow17:43
JED3is your "presentation layer" webpage markup?17:44
wendall911some of it, some is flash17:44
wendall911some content is in the form of a PDF17:45
wendall911text and graphics are fine ... redistributing presentation isn't17:45
wendall911mostly, I don't think we can grant that permission if we wanted17:46
JED3wendall911: have you read our FAQ's, particularly
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wendall911JED3: I have ... I can define the source code as a separate element from the work then?17:48
wendall911ok, that makes perfect sense17:48
wendall911creating a document that explains clearly is another problem though17:49
wendall911JED3: the problem I have with the cc wording is that it uses the word format liberally17:50
wendall911format == html layout elements in my world17:50
wendall911raw text == raw text17:50
wendall911I suppose I can specify the raw text and graphics17:50
wendall911JED3: so I just asked in a couple other places ... the way people read the licenses is that the file format is covered under the CC license. I thought not. So can I not distribute cc content in a word doc for example? Is it required that the text formatting and font faces be licensed? The "everything else" in the faq doesn't address formatting, which is certainly separate from the textual content. Or can we just tack on a clause that18:10
akozakBovinity: Have you had a chance to look at the banner I sent? Any thoughts on the overall idea?18:14
JED3wendall911: if you release the content and have applied rules that format your text then you do not have to license the files that control your  presentation18:17
Bovinityakozak: yeah, one sec, i'll have something for you18:18
wendall911JED3: that would imply that I need to separate the text content from the presentation files, correct? Or can I give license to liberally cut/paste as you see fit.18:19
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JED3wendall911: can you be more specific about your work?18:19
akozakBovinity: ok, thanks18:19
wendall911If I format a word doc for example, or a pdf, which we have, and we use a non-free font. We cannot grant, nor give permission to redistribute the font.18:20
wendall911the way the licenses are worded, we would need to own the font18:20
wendall911unless I'm misreading the entire thing, but nothing is specified18:21
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JED3wendall911: if you are using a nonfree font, as long as the font is not packaged in your work you are not technically redistributing it18:26
nathanynkinkade: I'm going to be working on the staging license chooser a bit; just FYI18:27
JED3nkinkade am I correct?18:27
nkinkadenathany: Thanks.18:27
nkinkadeI've spent the last few hours bug hunting in CiviCRM.  I'm filing a bug as we speak.18:27
wendall911JED3: we'll be redistributing the non-free fonts ... we'll have language to cover these extras ... Do I need to specify that the non-free components are not part of the CC covered materials? Or is this inherent?18:28
wendall911I think having a section that defines the "work" would be important18:28
JED3you will need to abide by the copyrights of the fonts, ensure that you are complying with the terms of those works.  I think now would be a nice time to mention that IANAL18:31
wendall911JED3: understood :)18:32
wendall911JED3: we are releasing our content, no question ... just want to make sure we don't step on toes of others who have non-free licenses18:32
nathanynkinkade: great18:32
nathanycan i ask you a varnish question?18:33
wendall911JED3: thanks for the help18:33
nkinkadeyeah, that's what I said: "Great!"18:33
nathanyon staging i'm trying to send /license/ to Zope along with /choose/18:33
nathanyi edited /etc/varnish/creativecommons.vcl with what I thought was the right thing, but it doesn't seem to have worked18:33
nathanyis that the right file?18:33
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nathanynkinkade: ^^ (in case you didn't see it)18:34
nkinkadeSomething like that wasn't working?18:34
nkinkadeYeah, creativecommons.vcl is the right file.18:34
nkinkadenathany: What's not working about it?18:35
nkinkadeI just went to /license/ and it seems that cc.engine got it.18:36
nathanyright /license is redirected ok18:36
nathanysub-pages are getting passed apache and WP18:36
nkinkadeWhat's the "?" getting added.18:36
nathanynkinkade: a bug in my code :)18:36
nkinkadeHmm.  results-one seems to have gone to cc.engine for me.18:37
nathanyshift refresh18:37
nathanyhow novel18:37
nathanynevermind :(18:37
pyraknathany, got my many-fewer-templates version of jswidget working, and committed18:37
nathanypyrak: great; i'll take a look @ the commit in a bit18:37
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akozakBovinity: I've made an svn commit to the cclearn theme, is there anything mroe I need to do to see the change on the staging site?18:39
akozakDo I need to svn update on a6?18:39
akozakah ok18:39
akozakI've added some code so that if redirecturl exists on the projects pages, the link will change in the projects box on the front page18:40
akozakto that url18:40
nathanyparoneayea: ping18:42
akozaknkinkade: I'm trying to svn update on learn-staging, but I'm getting "svn: Can't open file 'images/people/interns/09/.svn/lock': Permission denied"18:42
nkinkadeakozak: Try it again.18:44
akozaknkinkade: now its asking for a pw18:45
akozaksvn pw18:45
nkinkadeakozak: Have you generated a public key for your user on a6?18:45
paroneayeanathany: pong18:45
akozakI thought we did that.18:45
akozaklet me check18:45
nkinkadeWe did that for your laptop, probably.18:45
paroneayeanathany: what's up18:46
nkinkadeBut when you're logged into another machine that key doesn't mean anything.18:46
akozaknkinkade: I think we did for a6 too, but maybe that was a718:46
akozaknkinkade: I have a generated key in .ssh18:46
nkinkadeakozak: You should be set now.18:48
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akozaknkinkade: thanks, it works :)18:48
akozakbut my code doesn't :(18:49
mecredis__JED3: was also wondering if you could give me the .sql dump of the same data19:31
* mecredis__ loads the csv now19:31
JED3mecredis__: do you want the entire table?19:31
mecredis__would that be possible?19:31
mecredis__that'd be nice19:31
JED3or just username, and last_login?19:32
mecredis__as long as there isn't a huge security consideration19:32
mecredis__well what other good stuff is in there?19:32
mecredis__can you list me the fields?19:32
mecredis__if you have a minute19:32
JED3mecredis__: sure, really the only other field of value is date_joined19:32
mecredis__yeah, that might be helpful determining activitiy19:33
mecredis__no rush though19:33
mecredis__will work on this now19:33
mecredis__thanks dude19:33
Bovinitymecredis__: got web optimizer up on staging.cc19:34
mecredis__should I try poking around on the video section?19:35
mecredis__wow our test on the donate page is pretty unpopular19:37
mecredis__1 visit19:37
akozakIT WORKS19:39
* akozak made a functional code contribution!19:39
* akozak updates his resume19:40
akozakps Bovinity, learn-staging is using cclearn2 and not cclearn19:41
akozaki have no idea what the difference is19:41
akozakAlso Bovinity, I'm scared about us pushing staging onto the main learn site since staging seems to have some issues.19:43
JED3mecredis__: that work?19:48
mecredis__JED3: just getting to it now19:48
mecredis__have to get it onto my mysql box19:48
JED3ohh, you want damn you're doing that?19:48
JED3wow giberish19:49
JED3so you want sql you can import into a database?19:49
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mecredis__yeah, sorry, thought that was clear19:52
mecredis__but hey this is fine19:52
mecredis__don't do anything more19:52
mecredis__the username + signup + last login is just the data we need19:52
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JED3okay cool20:00
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akozaknkinkade: Can you help me with a permissions issue on staging? I can't upload a file to the library: "The uploaded file could not be moved to /var/www/"20:44
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nkinkadeakozak: Try it again.20:48
akozaknkinkade: no go20:53
nkinkadeOh sorry.  I was looking at staging.20:54
akozakIt is staging...20:54
nkinkadeI mean, not learn-staging.creativecommons.org20:54
nkinkadeTry it again.20:54
akozakoh heh20:54
akozaknkinkade: worked, thanks :)20:55
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HvR856Selling Stolen Credit Card Numbers 15 for 60dollars.21:30
HvR856Anyone heeerreeeee21:32
HvR856SPAAAAM !!!!!!!!!!21:33
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HvR856Can anyone fucking hear me?21:35
thomgand you're doing a splendid job of making yourself "heard"21:36
thomgnow what is it that you have to say?21:36
HvR856nuttin :)21:36
thomgwell then21:36
HvR856lol i just thought i was talkin to myself21:36
thomgyou sir, are annoying as fuck21:36
HvR856thank you my dear  cunt21:36
thomgyeah, people are in this channel21:36
thomgthey are listening21:36
thomgeven if they aren't talking21:36
HvR856what is this chanell about anyway?21:37
HvR856what is it for?21:37
JED3FBI monitoring21:37
HvR856ROFL ROFL21:38
HvR856wot is it for?21:39
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JED3yeah, wow21:41
paroneayeadoes that happen often in this channel? :P21:41
JED3paroneayea: get used to it, they join pretty often21:41
greg-gnot all of them are that bad though21:42
paroneayeaI saw that bit at the end of the channel's title, so I figured this wasn't the first time21:43
paroneayeastill, man21:43
JED3that was the worst i've witnessed, greg-g I read your blog post re this just the other day21:43
greg-gJED3: heh, yeah, and I fear that some people who are bad at reading comprehension see that post and _then_ come in here to ask for credit cards :(21:44
greg-goh humanity, how you worry me sometimes21:44
akozakBovinity: Why doesn't have the popup div on mouseover of the project icons on the front page like staging does?21:47
Bovinityakozak: no idea, maybe some js is broken somewhere21:47
akozakok, maybe it will be fixed when we push staging to live21:47
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akozakBovinity: There isn't any relationship between page content on staging and live, right? (i.e. no content gets automatically updated on live when you update staging)22:20
Bovinityakozak: seperate dbs22:21
akozakBovinity: ok that's what I had assumed22:21
Bovinityakozak: replace #events_map with a css id that has width:60%; and overflow:hidden;22:27
Bovinityakozak: right now staging just looks busted22:27
akozakbusted?  looks fine on my browser22:28
Bovinityakozak: not at ~1024 wide22:28
akozakBovinity: ah duh22:28
akozakBovinity: will fix22:29
greg-gnkinkade: I can't upload images to the wiki22:31
greg-g"Internal error22:31
greg-gThe upload directory (public) is not writable by the webserver. "22:31
nkinkadegreg-g: How aboout now.22:32
greg-gnkinkade: good to go, thanks22:32
greg-gthat was some good turn around time :)22:33
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akozakBovinity: Ahrash asked if I could make the ccLearn theme more like the CC theme. I'm thinking the only huge thing I would need to change is the header bg image and links to the pages (and the logo).  Thoughts on that?23:02
Bovinityakozak: right the banner and the navbar23:02
Bovinityakozak: body type should be massaged into Arial from Verdana.23:03
akozakI'll do my best23:03
Bovinityakozak: header background used on inside pages (  should do the trick23:03
Bovinityakozak: just poke around with firebug and rebuild the css from there23:04
akozakBovinity: That's what I've been doing.  Been having problems changing the height of the top banner.23:04
akozakIt isn't defined in the css file as far as I can tell23:04
akozakI'm sure I can figure it out though23:04
Bovinityjust refer to the cc5 css23:05
akozakok, will do23:05
nathanynkinkade: ping23:10
nkinkadenathany: Hi.23:10
nathanywhat's the URL for the page in teamspace that describes the current jurisdiction launch process?23:11
nkinkadenathany: ^23:11
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