Friday, 2009-07-31

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akozakBovinity: On how could I make it so bolding active navbar links doesn't push the other divs?17:24
akozakwithout fixing the width of the divs...17:24
Bovinityputting the links into a styled UL list, with a nominally fixed width for each li should work17:27
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akozakBovinity: Ok thanks, the divs are already in a ul17:30
akozakso that should be easy17:30
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JED3would anyone mind if I changed the address(es) for the email hook on ccwordpress?17:54
akozakBovinity: That solution actually won't work since each li and div has a different width... the space between the links needs to be the same.17:56
JED3oh nevermind, thats svn, thinking it was git17:57
nathanyJED3: what are you referring to? the commit hook?17:57
nathanyok, nm :)17:57
akozakI could just not bold the active links17:57
nathanywhy change? (just curious)17:57
JED3the commit-hook that sends the email to cc-commits17:58
JED3reduce my inbox noise :)17:58
Bovinityakozak: you could try experimenting with reducing the padding to compensate on :hover, but that's very tricky cross-browser17:58
nathanyactually, that's the cclearn stuff, not ccwordpress :)17:58
JED3its no a problem17:58
JED3ahh okay17:58
nathanyakozak: you might consider grouping changes into a logical group (ie, "we redesigned things") instead of "adding bold"17:58
nathanycommits are cheap but it makes it easier to follow history if you're looking back at things17:59
nathanyJED3: so the buildout change I'm making will change the name of the control scripts generated18:00
akozaknathany: Yea, I have no idea about repo best practices18:00
nathanybut it'll handle wsgi, etc18:00
nathanyakozak: naturally; and committing period is WAY better than not at all :D18:00
nathanyJED3: do you mind looking @ what it generates to sanity check me?18:00
JED3alrighty, which scripts are changing? other than django-1.0 or whatever I named18:00
JED3sure thing18:00
nathanyJED3:want to just look @ my desk?18:01
akozaknathany: problem is often times I don't know exactly what the commit will do... I'm doing design stuff out of necessity and don't really have a huge background in it.18:01
akozakso it's trial and error18:01
akozakI don't have a local way to test edits so I need to commit it and pull to staging18:03
akozakI suppose I could edit on a6 and then commit?18:03
akozakBovinity: how do you do it? ^^18:04
nathanyakozak: if its trial and error, editing on a6 is definitely the way to go; you have to pull the code there anyway to test your trial18:06
nathanyso conceivably you could fix it faster if you f' something up18:06
Bovinityakozak: edit on a618:06
Bovinitywhat he said ^18:06
akozakOk, I don't know why I wasn't doing that all along18:07
akozakthis will make things so much faster :)18:07
Bovinityakozak: for bigger overhauls, i ususally have a local instance of wordpress + db18:07
JED3also just as an fyi, the commoner.registrations will be completely reworked for the free-accounts18:08
akozakBovinity: what's the advantage of doing that instead of doing everything on a staging site and just committing when it looks ok?18:09
akozakso you can work offline?18:09
JED3using django-registrations as the base now, which looks pretty similar to the PartialRegistrations, also by the same guy you based the profiles work on18:10
Bovinityakozak: offline and a bit faster to do big layout things. easier to test variations. doesn't matter if i break shit.18:10
Bovinityetc etc18:10
akozakhmm ok18:10
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pyrakakozak, what OS are you running?18:17
pyrakdo you still need help editing stuff directly on a6?18:18
akozakpyrak: jaunty18:19
akozakhelp with what?18:19
nathanyJED3: so does the django-registrations stuff impact the company profiles branch at all?18:20
nathanyor just free accounts?18:20
JED3nathany: just free-accounts18:21
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pyrakakozak, hm, nvm.  i guess i misread something18:26
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pyrakblarg, none of my ideas for noscript behavior are ideal.  sigh.18:48
Bovinitypyrak: how about it displays a message with something like "Hey, it's 2009, you're probably using one of the most powerful electronic devices ever conceived, just turn the damn JavaScript on."18:49
JED3Bovinity: yeah you could send the message as alert("why haven't you turn on javascript!")18:51
pyrakJED3, :/18:51
BovinityJED3: fail ;)18:52
pyrakit's just a logistical puzzle18:52
pyrakbecause my initial idea was to have something that i use javascript to _hide_18:52
pyrakbut it turns out that there's a delay18:52
pyrakwhich is uncool18:52
JED3whats the delay?18:52
pyraki haven't timed18:53
pyraki mean, it's short18:53
pyrakbut i think it'll be confusing nonetheless18:53
pyrakis there a way to run script faster than onload?18:53
JED3oh, why not hide it by default and have javascript _show_ it?18:53
pyrakJED3, well, i only want to _show_ something when js is off18:54
pyraki suppose that actually i want to show something when js is off, and show something else when js is on18:55
pyraki'm sure there's good writing out there about this already.  will poke around more later18:55
pyrakheading downtown now18:55
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akozakBovinity: any suggestions for
akozakI'm thinking it's close.19:50
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Bovinityakozak: yep19:54
akozakBovinity: we don't have an icon for SJ 2.0, but that's not a big deal19:56
akozakit wouldn't really fit anyway :)19:56
nkinkadeakozak: On the final leg of all these software upgrades, I'd like to upgrade OpenEd.  Why not.19:59
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akozaknkinkade: how can start getting cclearn-info emails?20:02
akozakis there somewhere I can add myself?20:02
nkinkadeakozak: Is there such an address already?20:02
nkinkadeIf so, I can add you to it.20:02
akozaknkinkade: yes there is, I think Ahrash and Jane are on it right now.20:04
nkinkadeakozak: I'll add you now.20:04
akozaknkinkade: Thanks!20:05
akozakps happy sys-admin day20:05
greg-gnkinkade: you rock, that is all.20:07
nkinkadegreg-g: Awww.  Thanks.20:07
nkinkadeakozak: welcome to cclearn-info@20:08
nkinkadegreg-g: Wish you, Jane and I could all instantly be transported to SF for beers.20:10
Bovinitywell jane's here20:10
Bovinitywhere are teh rest of you?20:10
nkinkadeJane is there?!20:12
greg-gwhats she doing there?20:13
Bovinitysome family matters i believe, and CC of course20:15
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* greg-g nods20:51
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greg-gnkinkade: by the way, regarding those varnish guru meditation issues on, they seem to occur most often when I am deleting a page/file.  I just got another group of them a little bit ago when I was multitasking on the wiki.21:01
nkinkadegreg-g: This is just what JesseW was saying yesterday, so I had created this ticket:
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greg-gnkinkade: ahh, good deal, thanks!21:13
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akozakBovinity: I think the current theme is ready to get pushed, let me know when you could do that.21:42
akozakunless all I need to do is change which theme leanr uses21:42
nkinkadeakozak:  So you know, I just upgraded OpenEd to MW 1.15.121:46
akozaknkinkade: yea?21:47
akozaki knew you upgraded to 1.1521:47
akozaknkinkade: cool, thanks for doing that :)21:50
nkinkadeIt was only at 1.14.0 before.21:51
nkinkadeI've been upgrading the other wikis.21:51
akozaknkinkade: actually I'm getting some errors on the site21:52
akozakI guess that's only one.21:53
nkinkadeakozak: What is
nkinkadeIt must be a permissions thing, but I'm not sure what it's trying to touch.21:54
akozakNo idea, I don't think I installed that.21:54
akozaknkinkade: It might be the extension that allows us to pull in blog rss feeds...21:55
nkinkadeakozak:  Fixed ... turns out that extensions/cache needed to be writable the web server.21:56
nkinkadeIs there a better place for that cache directory?21:56
akozakI'm guessing it needs to be there?21:57
akozakoh no21:58
akozaklooks like it's only used by simplefeed21:58
nkinkadeIt's hard coded in that simplepie.inc21:58
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nkinkadeIt doesn't really matter, but since cache is not actually an extension it seems confusing to have it there.  I'll leave that one up to you though.21:59
akozakHmm, yea that's true.22:00 is in the main dir too22:00
nkinkadegreg-g: Which pages were you deleting from the wiki?22:16
greg-gnkinkade: umm, this last one was an image22:20
nkinkadegreg-g: Got anything else to delete?22:20
nkinkadeI've made a config change, and am curious to see if it makes a diff.22:21
greg-gnot right now, but I will tomorrow22:21
nkinkadeWhy tomorrow?22:21
greg-gnow, it is time for a beer, so I'll email you what I find out tomorrow22:21
greg-gbecause beer takes precedence on Friday at 6:20pm?22:21
nkinkadeI can relate to that remark.22:21
greg-ghve a good night22:21
nkinkadeI was just thinking of of the same thing.22:22
nkinkadeHave a good evening.22:22
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pyrakcurse you, ie!!!22:50
JED3nice music library akozak ;)22:55
akozakJED3: thanks... I can't connect to anyone elses for some reason22:55
JED3hmm, does mine even appear as available?22:56
JED3ahh okay22:56
pyrakhow do i turn an svn checkout into a prestine copy?23:23
pyraksvn co x . ?23:23
JED3or svn revert --recursive *23:24
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JED3err . not *23:24
pyrakJED3, can i come bother you about svnmerge stuff?23:27
JED3eeks yeah23:27
akozakBovinity: did you get my last message re: when you could review/merge the cclearn2 theme?23:39
Bovinityakozak: i was just getting to that23:40
akozakBovinity: oh ok cool, you were in a meeting when I asked23:40
Bovinityakozak: updated. let me know if there are any issues23:50
akozakBovinity: Ok, thanks. So if I need to make any changes, I would nee23:53
akozakwould I edit cclearn2?23:53
Bovinitywhat's cclearn2?23:54
akozakBovinity: that was the original theme.23:54
Bovinityall your changes were done to the theme 'cclearn', which si what learn and learn-staging appear to be running23:55
Bovinitycclearn2 isn't in the production branch either23:55
akozakI'm pretty sure I've been editing the cclearn2 files...23:55
Bovinityif 'cclearn2' is where you were doing edits, then cool23:56
akozakoh ok23:56
Bovinityit merged into the 'cclearn' production branch fine23:56
akozakoh I see what you meant23:56
Bovinityright, cclearn2 is just a checkout of 'cclearn'23:57
Bovinitynow it's live, you should probably just svn up 'cclearn' on staging, and go from there23:57
akozakOk thanks Bovinity23:57
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