Tuesday, 2009-07-28

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nkinkadenathany: Are you working on discovered?15:35
nathanynkinkade: yes, trying to restart it15:36
nathanyit's back now15:36
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Bovinitynathany: http://jonas.nitro.dk/tig/manual.html16:44
nathanyBovinity: cool, although i'm pretty addicted to magit16:47
nathany(for emacs)16:47
JED3Bovinity: are you using tig?16:48
BovinityJED3: i just came across it16:48
JED3ahh okay16:48
Bovinityim a fan of GitX though. a nice OS X gui.16:49
JED3yeah gitx is pretty nice16:49
JED3wish there was an equivalent and free one for svn16:49
paroneayeaJED3: use git-svn, and then your preferred git interface, and there you go :)16:59
nathanyor try gsc (http://gitorious.org/gsc) for boostrapping (since we have tons of externals) #shamelessplug17:00
nathanyparoneayea: JED3: ^^17:00
paroneayeanathany: oh hey, neat17:03
paroneayeaI was wondering why you dented that you were writing unit tests for git-svn and etc17:03
nathanyparoneayea: as you'll soon see we have TONS of svn:externals here17:03
paroneayeaI'm not going to lie in that git's architecture of a billion perl scripts wrapping c binaries scares me17:04
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paroneayeabut using it is still nice17:04
paroneayeanathany: aha :)17:04
nathanyoh, yeah, +117:04
JED3paroneayea = Chris? if so, hi :)17:04
nathanyoh, right17:04
paroneayeaJED3: yep, this is chris17:04
Bovinitythe new chris?17:04
nathanyparoneayea: you'll also get to see how horrible I am at making timely introductions17:04
nathanyas in... now17:04
Bovinitygood job, sir!17:04
nathanyBovinity (alex), meet paroneayea (Chris)17:05
paroneayeanice to meet everyone17:05
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paroneayeabad time for introductions too... I just promised a couple people I'd meet them for lunch a few minutes ago.  I'm going to head out the door before I'm massively late or whatever17:06
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paroneayeasorry about that18:13
paroneayeaBovinity: so you're the graphic designer here?18:15
Bovinityparoneayea: yep18:15
paroneayeaand JED3 is John Doig then?18:16
* paroneayea is trying to match people up to http://creativecommons.org/about/people/18:17
greg-gparoneayea: I'm greg, er, obviously ;)18:17
Bovinitymecredis is fred18:17
paroneayeagreg-g: aha, I have read many a dent of yours :)18:17
greg-gparoneayea: hopefully not too many :)18:18
paroneayeamecredis: hello, Fred18:19
mecredishey hey?18:49
mecrediswho is paroneayea18:49
mecredisnew guy?18:49
paroneayeamecredis: yeah, I'm Chris Webber, new programmer18:50
mecredisnice to meet you18:50
mecredisI should be out in SF in mid august18:51
mecrediswhat are you working on?18:51
paroneayeanothing yet, haven't actually started yet :)18:51
mecredisnice, well off to a good start18:51
mecredisI'm doing product management for CC network18:51
mecredisnot sure if you got wind of that thang18:51
paroneayeaI saw that you do project mangement on the people page18:57
Bovinitymecredis: maybe your bio needs some updating18:58
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paroneayeabut I actually haven't really looked at CC Network too much yet... is it newer?18:58
Bovinity(it's also long, quite long)18:58
Bovinity(i'd recommend making it less long ;)18:58
mecredisI can tell18:59
mecredisI agree18:59
mecredisI think I just copied and pasted it18:59
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mecredisI have edit privs, can I do it?18:59
Bovinitygo ahead18:59
mecredisnice, will get to it later today18:59
paroneayeamecredis: so CC Network is kind of like an fsf-associate membership-esque setup, but with some cc-media related social networking?19:00
mecredisparoneayea: basically, yes19:00
Bovinityparoneayea: will need a bio and photo from you, as i'm sure you'll be told soon19:00
mecredisbut I'm working on building some more more interesting features19:00
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mecrediswell JED3  is building them19:00
mecredisI'm doing the hand waving19:00
mecredishttp://labs.creativecommons.org/~fred/profile_donate.html is currently in dev19:00
mecredishttp://labs.creativecommons.org/~fred/citation_example.html is more long term19:01
mecredisyeah, should be interesting19:01
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Would you rather be cwebber?19:25
nkinkadeIt's easy enough to blast the other account and recreate.19:26
paroneayeankinkade: It would be nice for consistency, but it doesn't matter too much :)19:27
paroneayeaso, sure19:28
nkinkadeparoneayea: I'll change it now.  I'm nkinkade@, and that was mostly for consistency as well.  And nathany had already taken nathan@.19:28
nathanybwahaha! i am nathan #1! bwahahaha!19:28
nkinkadeI didn't get to CC soon enough to be <firstname>@, which means my cool factor is less.19:28
paroneayeaI guess it decreases my cool factor to use cwebber19:29
nathanymike was here before me and he's ml19:29
nkinkadeYeah, you could be cw@.19:29
nathanythere is no consistency here19:29
paroneayeabut I'll use cwebber anyway :)19:29
nkinkadeHell, you should just be c@.19:29
nathanyyeah, let's not be crazy19:29
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nkinkadecwebber it is ...19:29
nkinkadeOne moment.19:29
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JED3I pridefully own john@19:29
paroneayeadid you know you can use unicode characters in XMPP JIDs?  So in the Jabber world you can be ☺@example.org19:31
nathanypaulproteus would love that19:32
JED3haha snowman19:32
* paulproteus blinks19:33
paulproteusOh my goodness!19:33
nathanyi guess this is initial proof we chose the right engineer -- he knows about unicode smileys ;)19:33
akozakparoneayea is our new engineer?19:33
paroneayeaakozak: hello!  thx :)19:34
paroneayeaJED3: http://unicodesnowmanforyou.com/19:34
akozakI'm alex, I work in SF at ccLearn19:34
paroneayeaakozak: 24/m/messy chicago apartment19:35
akozakparoneayea: awesome, glad you're on board.19:35
paulproteusWelcome paroneayea!19:36
paroneayeapaulproteus: thx!19:36
* paroneayea fills out a table in ccommons.org so he can remember who is who19:37
paroneayeaer, that's an emacs orgmode file, not a domain name :P19:37
akozakparoneayea: its all in the wiki :)19:38
paroneayeaoh, aha :)19:38
nathanyparoneayea: http://teamspace.creativecommons.org/ContactInfo (although org-mode is almost certainly more useful to you for IRC related stuff)19:40
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Bovinityi +1 final countdown instead of the boring siren.19:44
JED3hahaha i was just going to upvote that19:44
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nathanynkinkade: is christopher set up as cwebber?19:45
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.19:45
nathanyhi ring19:46
ringwhat this does? : (client+x)->name = "Charly";19:47
nathanyring: this is the Creative Commons channel, not the C Compiler channel; sorry19:47
nathanylooks like it takes a variable and an offset, then dereferences the member of the struct, though :)19:48
nathanyno problem19:48
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Bovinitynathany: does the actual android phone boot up with the cylon light bar, or is that just the emulator?19:56
nathanyBovinity: probably the emulator19:57
nathanyit'd be awesome though19:57
* paroneayea has a neo 1973 he never uses, is debating getting a g119:58
nathanyparoneayea: wait for gen2 hardware (or buy used)19:58
nathanyi like the software but it's a little clunky19:59
Bovinitythe new mytouch comes out soon19:59
nathanyalthough if you used the 1973, i guess it'd look like modern to you ;)19:59
JED3what do you guys think about the htc hero?19:59
paroneayeanathany: heh, yeah... the reason I never use the 1973 is because I had to keep updating alsa states and stuff.  Everything packaged in debian is for the freerunner :(19:59
akozakJED3: do want20:00
paroneayeaI'm really not that interested in android though.  I really actually liked the freesmartphone.org framework20:00
paulproteusWow, I really should hang out with paroneayea.20:00
Bovinityapparently while the hero has flash support, it sucks in actual use. which isn't surprising given flash.20:00
paroneayeafrom like, a developer's point of view.  At least it used common free software components20:00
paulproteusAnyway, tty y'all in a bit.20:00
akozakpaulproteus: I want to hear about your work!20:00
paroneayeapaulproteus: later20:00
akozakbut later20:00
akozak(i mean but later as in but goodbye)20:01
paroneayeaI appreciate that android is (mostly) free software, but it agitates me that all these systems keep inventing their own universes of components20:01
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paroneayeathat said, I just want a hackable phone sometime in the future.20:02
paroneayeanathany: any idea when gen 2 might come out?20:02
Bovinityearly august20:03
paroneayeaoh whoa.  That's worth waiting for then.20:04
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akozakHas anyone gotten a google voice invite yet?20:06
JED3akozak: yes, mecredis has too i believe20:07
akozakYea but mecredis didn't you email someone?20:07
mecredisI just signed up for their page20:07
mecredisand it came eventually20:07
JED3I was a grandcentral user and was grandfathered in20:07
Bovinityis there a GV app for android?20:08
akozakyou get cred points20:08
akozakBovinity: I believe there is.20:08
akozaki haven't seen it though20:08
JED3now I just need a "cool" phone20:08
Bovinitythe iphone drama is making me consider jumping ship...20:08
Bovinitydev kits and all20:08
mecredisBovinity: yes, its getting ridiculous20:10
akozakmecredis: how do you rate google voice so far?20:12
mecredisits got some issues20:12
mecredisnamely not remembering to use my custom outgoing Vmail20:12
mecredisso it just is generic "Google Voice" lady20:13
mecredisyeah, and its been sending me duplicate voicemail transcriptions20:13
mecrediswhich is a little annoying20:13
akozakdo you get a lot of voicemail? because I don't, but that seems like one of the main features.20:14
mecredisno I don't20:15
mecredisand that is definitely the best part20:15
mecredisthe annoying thing about using as your main vmail is that you have to be constantly in DnD mode in GV20:15
mecrediswhich means it never routes calls through your number to your cell20:15
mecredisjust straight to voicemail if they call your GV #20:15
akozakhmm yea, that's a tough issue to solve though since it doesn't seem trivial to have the phone redirect back to gv for vmail20:17
akozakunless you're using a gv app or something20:17
mecredisbecause it rquires convincing the provider20:17
mecredisI tried setting that up but you get into this weird circular forwarding problem20:17
akozakitd be awesome to send people calling me into an endless loop20:18
mecredisone of my favorite digital artists & friends:20:20
mecredisakozak: ^^20:20
akozakthat's great!20:21
akozakvaguely reminds me of something at the sfmoma where a dotmatrix printer was printing out the ap news feed into a huge pile on the floor20:23
mecredissounds like grounds... heh.. for a lawsuit20:23
Bovinityi hope nobody told the AP about that20:23
akozakit's probably fair use :P20:23
akozaknot totally sure it was ap though20:24
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akozakopened will be ";aunche" any minute now20:38
akozakok opened was launched!20:39
akozakthanks nathany and nkinkade and Bovinity and JED3 and mom and dad20:39
akozakand paulproteus!  how could I forget20:40
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paulproteusakozak, Yay! (-:20:47
paulproteusHey Bovinity, I have an OpenEd design-related question for you.20:47
paulproteusIn the top of view-source:http://opened.creativecommons.org/Find_OER  we do:         <script type="text/javascript" src="/skins/ahab/js_css.js"></script>20:48
paulproteusHere's the reasoning: Sometimes you want elements to be invisible if the user has JS.20:48
paulproteusYou want them to be invisible at page load time to avoid flicker.20:48
paulproteusSo I gave them a class, "invisible_if_js", and view-source:http://opened.creativecommons.org/skins/ahab/js_css.js creates a CSS style for that class.20:49
paulproteusI came up with this hack myself, but is there some other standard way to do that?20:49
akozakpaulproteus: you did that?  did you do beforeload.js too?20:49
paulproteusbeforeload.js iirc is part of the White Whale design.20:50
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Bovinitypaulproteus: i'd rather have a .hide_me class with standard defs; and have the js just assign that class to whatever objects require it21:19
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akozakparoneayea: did you go to ovc?21:48
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akozakBovinity or nkinkade, can I get an account on the main cc wp?21:58
nkinkadeakozak: Do you not already have one?21:58
akozakI need to blog...21:58
akozaknkinkade: My usual username p/w combos arent working21:59
akozakI don't think I ever got one...21:59
akozaklet me double check21:59
paroneayeaakozak: no, unfortunately :\21:59
paroneayeaI had just gotten back from my wedding, couldn't make it21:59
akozakparoneayea: ah, I met a lot of PCF folk there.21:59
akozakand I was just in portugal for a week with nick21:59
paroneayeaoh neat!22:00
akozaknkinkade: got the email, thanks.  did I already have an account?22:01
akozakor was it Bovinity22:01
nkinkadeakozak: Sorry, no you didn't already have an account.22:01
akozakhm, something went wrong.22:02
akozakI got a varnish error trying to change my pw and now I can't login with either pw.22:02
akozaknkinkade: ^^22:03
nkinkadeakozak I just set the password to the same thing I PIMed you a minute ago.22:05
akozakok thanks22:05
akozaknkinkade: getting 503 errors fro mvarnish trying to change my pw22:06
akozakfrom varnish*22:06
nkinkadeakozak: Are you able to login at all?22:07
akozaknkinkade: Yes, until I try to change the pw... then after the error I can't.22:08
nkinkadeakozak: Not sure what's up with that, but it does seem to be changing the password nevertheless.22:10
akozaknkinkade: It's changing it, but I can't login with the new password for some reason.22:10
nkinkadeI'm able to change your passwd and login with the new password, but I'm also getting the 503 error.22:11
akozakAnd if you try to login with the new password it shouldn't work.22:12
akozak(or won't)22:12
nkinkadeIt does work for me.  I get the 503 error, but then I just hit the back button and am able to login with the new password.  But something is clearly not right overall.22:14
akozakhmm weird22:14
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nkinkadeakozak: Try it now.22:17
akozaknkinkade: It worked, but this time I hit back after the error22:20
akozakand then logged out22:20
nkinkadeakozak: I was hoping the 503 would have gone away.  It did for me.22:21
nkinkadeCan you clear your cache and cookies for creativecommons.org?22:21
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akozaknkinkade: do you want me to try and change my password again>22:27
nkinkadeakozak: Not really, but you probably should. :-)22:27
*** UncleCJ_ has quit IRC22:27
nkinkadeI want that error to just go away on it's own.22:27
nkinkadeI've already made a Varnish config change, but I don't understand why it was necessary.22:28
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pyrakanyone else on SF-LUG?22:50
pyrakthis is great!22:50
pyrak(i'm talking mailing list, not irc)22:50
akozakBovinity: when I commit a change to the ccLearn trunk, is that what staging runs off of, and then you will push it to production when it's finished?22:55
Bovinityakozak: right22:55
akozakok cool22:55
pyrakakozak, but you probably need to up from the staging checkout22:56
nkinkadeakozak: Are you still having issues with WP and Varnish?22:56
akozaknkinkade: Oops, let me try really quick. In a meeting.22:57
akozaknkinkade: Yes.22:57
akozakAnd I cleared my cache and cookies22:57
nkinkadeLet's look at it later then.22:57
akozakpyrak: not sure what you mean.23:00
akozakis there a separate staging checkout?23:00
akozakI thought staging ran off trunk.23:00
akozakBovinity: ? ^^23:01
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Bovinityakozak: staging runs off trunk, yes23:02
*** k1j has joined #cc23:03
pyraksry, what i mean is (and perhaps this is review):23:03
pyrakthe process for making changes that you can see:23:03
*** k1j has left #cc23:03
pyraksvn commit on your local machine, ssh into staging machine, svn update on staging machine23:03
Bovinity^^ yes23:03
pyrak(replace svn with git, if you like)23:03
Bovinityakozak: so are you asking for an svn up on learn-staging?23:04
akozakBovinity: no, I haven't made any changes yet.23:04
akozakJust wanted to make sure the changes would be made to staging first.23:04
akozakthanks for the reminder though pyrak :)23:08
pyrakakozak, any time :P23:09
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akozaknkinkade: Any thoughts re: installing Kaltura CE on OpenEd?23:37
nkinkadeWhat is Kaltura, and when did I remove it?23:37
akozakheh, not re-installing23:37
nkinkadeOn re: installing, not re-instaling.23:37
akozakKaltura is the platform wikipedia will soon implement for video23:37
akozakallows online editing/remix23:38
nkinkadeakozak: Have you brought up Kaltura with me before?23:39
akozaknkinkade: I don't think so.23:39
akozakWe're just talking about it in our meeting.23:40
nkinkadeakozak: I suppose that's up to you and Arhash, right?23:40
nkinkadeYou've got write access to the git repository for the theme and also a login on a7.23:40
akozakWell, I was mostly wondering about if you thought it would cause load issues.23:40
nkinkadeakozak: Is it known to load a machine heavily?23:42
nkinkadeI doubt it would be an issue.23:42
akozaknkinkade: Ok cool, I might test it out then.23:43
nkinkadeI doubt we'd ever be serving up thousands of videos a minute, so load shouldn't be an issue.23:44
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