Monday, 2009-07-27

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akozaknkinkade: So analytics is all set up, but is there any customization I could do to make it more useful?16:34
nkinkadeakozak: I'm not sure.  I don't know that much about Analytics.16:37
akozakOk, same here. It looks pretty complete though so I won't worry about it for now.16:38
nkinkadeMy understanding is that there isn't too much configuration needed.  You just plug that bit of JS into your templates and then Google takes it from there.  Feel free to poke around in the settings though.16:47
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pyrakpaulproteus, ping17:09
pyrakcan i bother you with some questions about jswidget?17:09
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paulproteuspyrak, pong19:41
akozakBovinity: How do you suggest doing encoding of international characters on OpenEd? Ahrash mentioned that characters on our main page weren't formatting right on his home computer, and I though you might know a good way to avoid that.19:45
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Bovinityakozak: which characters?20:15
Bovinityakozak: oh i see20:17
Bovinityakozak: that'll be a windows issue20:17
pyrakpaulproteus, so, because i added cc0 (and tweaked a few other things), the number of templates in that generates is slightly less reasonable20:17
paulproteusHeh, okay.20:18
paulproteusIs that a problem? (-:20:18
pyraki was chatting with nathany about this, and we realized that we didn't understand why choices such as the default license choice, etc, had their own templates20:18
pyrakso what happens is you get every combination of languages and other choices20:19
pyrak(default license, whether or not license options are available, whether or not you can choose jurisdiction, etc)20:19
akozakBovinity: any suggestions on avoiding that issue?20:19
paulproteusThis way, Apache does language negotiation.20:19
paulproteusI was creating lots of static files so that the use of jswidget on our side was pretty radically scalable.20:20
paulproteusNo server-side code gets called; Apache just does content negotiation for language and serves up a file. No PHP, no mod_python.20:20
nathanypaulproteus: absolutely for the language; i think the question was why the individual flags (ie, allow "no license" or not) caused it to generate different files20:21
nathany(as opposed to turning off options in javascript)20:21
nathanywas is just size?20:21
paulproteusI never measured the actual traffic we get for LicenseChooser.js, but I was asked to write it at a time when we were all thinking of server load.20:21
nathanyi couldn't remember20:21
* paulproteus wonders20:21
paulproteusLet me reread some of the code, one sec.20:21
nathanysure, thanks!20:21
paulproteusSo complete.js, iirc, is a PHP script.20:22
paulproteus(I'm just reading view-source: )20:22
paulproteusI didn't want to do any "real logic" in the PHP script.20:23
paulproteusSo the PHP script just reads one of those files and serves it out to the browser.20:23
paulproteusThat way, I can do all the templating in joyful Python.20:23
pyrakpaulproteus, ic, and so with that restriction, there is no way to pass the url variables to the js20:23
paulproteusWell, I take it back; there *is* some server-side code.20:23
paulproteuscomplete.js is PHP, but Apache does the content negotiation to pick which PHP script (which version of complete.js) to call.20:23
nathanyfor language, right?20:24
paulproteusOh, right - we checked YSlow and it said page loads were really slow unless all the JsWidget code was in one HTTP request.20:24
paulproteusFor language, right.20:24
paulproteusSo the idea is complete.js, in the nick of time, does all the file reads on the server.20:24
pyrakso i propose:20:24
pyrakonly template for languages, then have one extra php file which serves up the correct javascript to handle all the other settings20:25
pyrakbut which still is grabbed by complete.js20:25
pyrak(hope that makes sense)20:25
nathanybut that means we still have the javascript generated for everything? i think i must be missing something20:25
paulproteusI'm going to let you two figure this out for now? Ping me if you need me again.20:26
nathanythanks, pa20:26
pyrakthanks, paulproteus20:26
nathanyi stutter20:26
pyraknathany, i'm going to come bother you20:26
paulproteusNo prob.20:26
Bovinityole' paulproteus20:26
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nkinkadenathany: Did you receive an email from GoDaddy about resetting the password?21:29
nkinkadenathany: Do you know anything about Transifex?  I'm sure you've seen the emails with Theodorosl.21:37
nathanynkinkade: i don't know much but i was going to try and figure out what it meant by keeping translators close to content21:39
nkinkadeI was confused by the wording as well.  In fact, I found some of the text at the Transifex site a bit odd and hard to decifer.21:40
nathanyi was going to try and take a look to evaluate his suggestion (although it's doubtful we'll switch at this point)21:40
nkinkadeRight, even the Transifex site says that it's complementary to Pootle not competing.21:40
akozakBovinity: How would I go about updating the buttons to DiscoverEd/OpenEd/ODEPO on the main ccLearn page?21:49
Bovinityakozak: do you have ssh access to a6?21:49
akozakBovinity: yes21:49
Bovinityakozak: the cclearn WP theme in the ccwordpress svn should be all you need to tweak21:50
akozakBovinity: ok, I would need to make a local checkout though right?21:51
Bovinityakozak: right, commit to the trunk, and i can merge the production branch for you21:51
akozakok thanks21:55
pyrakBovinity, still wrestling with this height: 100% thing on search :/21:57
pyrakjust tried to replicate facebook's table approach, and doesn't seem to be doing it21:57
Bovinitypyrak: is it on zearch?21:57
pyrakBovinity, no21:58
pyrakBovinity, i mean, if you want to play with the table approach you may as well start from scratch, because apparently the way i'm doing it isn't helping at all21:58
pyrakactually, that's not true21:58
pyraki think it is helping21:58
pyrakbecause now, the offset seems to be about the height of the bottom part of the ffx window21:59
pyrakthe status bar part21:59
pyrakor whatever21:59
pyrakwhere the firebug icon is21:59
Bovinityi think <table> and the <td> with the iframe should be height:100%21:59
akozaknkinkade: I'm trying to checkout the cclearn wp theme from code and it isn't recognizing me... asking for svn's pw.21:59
pyrakBovinity, they are21:59
nkinkadeakozak: Do you need a read/write checkout?22:00
nkinkadeHave you checked out something before with r/w access from svn?22:00
akozaknkinkade: Didn't we set that up with
nkinkadeIf so, are you doing it from the same machine (i.e., the same public key)22:00
akozaknkinkade: oh no, actually you moved sj to git22:01
akozakto avoid this22:01
nkinkadeakozak: You can always make a readonly checkout from subversion: http://code.creativecommons.org22:03
nkinkadeYou might as well do that unless you need to write back to the respository, in which case I'll need a public key (perhaps the same as you gave me for git).22:03
Bovinityhe needs to commit back22:08
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akozaknkinkade: I would need to commit... should we move the cctheme to git? PS this isn't super urgent (i.e. today), but on out list of TODOs to follow up the opened launch tomorrow morning.22:11
akozakerr, sorry22:11
akozakWhat I would need to commit is on our list of todos22:11
nkinkadeakozak: I think we should just leave the WP themes in subversion.22:12
nkinkadeThey are old with lots of history.22:12
Bovinityi'd love to have the themes in git... eventually22:13
akozaknkinkade: Was SJ an exception because it was a branch?22:13
nkinkadeSJ was brand new, right.22:13
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akozakHm, ok. Well the alternative is for me to just ping you or alex on making some minor adjustments to the links on the front page.22:14
akozakbut there might be times in the future where it would save us all time if I had access22:16
akozakFor example we've considered removing the map on the front page.22:16
nkinkadeakozak: I just added your key alex@commoner for subversion.22:16
akozakoh ok cool22:17
nkinkadeYou should be able to make r/w checkouts now.22:17
akozakthanks nkinkade22:17
akozakPS. sorry about bringing opened down for a few min last night :/22:18
akozakI really need to work on my git commit messages22:23
JED3CC licensed too :)22:28
akozaksaw that JED3, would probably be good for me to read22:28
akozakso far I've been learning git/svn as I go22:28
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pyrakBovinity, i got the table fix to work22:41
pyrak(but i still hate it)22:41
nkinkadeakozak: Did that work for you?22:41
pyrakBovinity, am i correct in thinking that what can be done with a table can also be done with nested divs?22:44
pyrak(am i also correct in thinking that nested divs are less semantically egregious than tables?)22:44
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nkinkadenathany: Have you got some emails from GoDaddy?22:47
nkinkadeI need the auth codes.22:47
nathanyoh, sorry22:47
nkinkadeThis is turning out to be a ridiculously long process when it really needn't be.22:47
nathanyi was archiving them thinking they went to webmaster :)22:47
nathanyone second22:47
nkinkadeAn I just learned that transferring .uk domains requires some special handling.  Had to call GoDaddy for the 3rd time.22:47
akozaknkinkade: Yes it did.22:48
nkinkadeNot GoDaddy's fault  that time, just a requirement of the owner of .uk.22:48
nathanynkinkade: one second and i'll start forwarding them22:48
nathanynkinkade: i think that's all of them22:49
nathanylooks like a couple went to webmaster; i didn't forward those22:49
nathany(oscri, oersearch)22:49
nkinkadeYeah, those went to domains@22:50
nkinkadejust the * ones went to you only.22:50
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nathanygot it23:02
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nkinkadenathany: You might get 5 more emails to confirm the transfer.23:13
nkinkadeThey are likely in your inbox right now.23:13
nathanyfrom Gandi?23:14
nathanynkinkade: ^^23:14
nkinkadeI got the OER ones, and the * ones haven't showed up yet.23:15
nkinkadeThey may be delayed, but I suspect they went to the owner on record ... you.23:15
nathanycan i just forward to you?23:17
pyrakwell, ef23:18
nkinkadenathany: Yeah, just forward them to me.23:18
pyrakthe table fix seems to have worked only on ffx23:19
nathanynkinkade: forwarded23:19
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paulproteusFired Fox23:24
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Bovinitypyrak: when i go to zearch it has a scrollbar with like 2 pixels of travel23:32
pyrakBovinity, yeah23:32
pyrakBovinity, so here's the thing23:33
pyrakthe table fix works perfectly23:33
Bovinityhave you zeroed out the table padding/spacing/border?23:33
pyrakin ffx23:33
pyrakand nothing else23:33
pyrakBovinity, yes yes yes23:33
Bovinityah :/23:33
pyrakwell, yes yes maybe23:33
pyrak1 sec23:33
pyrakBovinity, ok, yes yes and yes23:34
pyrakthis is based on the facebook example that i showed you23:34
pyrakand in that example, if you turn off overflow: hidden, then you get this same scrollbar issue23:34
pyraksorry, that's overflow: hidden in body{}23:35
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pyrakBovinity, maybe come grab me when you're done with tomas?23:35
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