Thursday, 2009-07-09

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Noobyanyone here?00:11
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pyrakNooby, hi00:34
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trinity_4@list cc04:17
cchelpbottrinity_4: Error: 'cc' is not a valid plugin.04:17
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trinity_4@list ssn04:18
cchelpbottrinity_4: Error: 'ssn' is not a valid plugin.04:18
Nooby@list cc04:39
cchelpbotNooby: Error: 'cc' is not a valid plugin.04:39
Noobyis CC hack for real?04:40
ianwellerNooby: get out.04:43
ianwellerthis is for creative commons, not credit card numbers.04:44
ianwellerit's also rude to /msg people on IRC without asking first04:44
trinity_4this is where the old carderplanet people hang04:45
ianwelleruh, no.04:48
trinity_4it said that on google04:49
ianwellerand google is wrong04:51
trinity_4that's how I found this place04:51
ianwelleryou came to the wrong place04:52
ianwellersee for what this channel is about04:52
rewttrinity_4, wrong network?04:52
trinity_4if I give some cc numbers will you give some back?04:52
rewtthere's more than 1 irc network, and they're all completely separate04:52
ianwellertrinity_4: that's illegal.04:52
trinity_4I know how this works04:52
ianwellertrinity_4: you will be reported.04:52
rewtapparently you don't04:52
trinity_4its not illegal if I own the numbers04:52
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rewtown as in given to you by the cc issuer, or own as in you paid for them?04:54
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trinity_4own as they are on systems I own04:55
ianwelleryou have an interesting definition of ownership04:55
ianwellertoo bad all the channel ops are asleep. :(04:56
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trinity_4yea they are probably more willing to do business04:57
ianwelleri don't believe so.04:58
ianwellerthe channel founder works for creative commons.04:58
trinity_4wtf is creative commons04:58
ianwelleri gave you a link04:58
trinity_4and why is the site so slow04:58
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trinity_4I'm getting offers for cc number trades on msg now05:03
ianwelleri don't believe a word you're saying05:03
trinity_4nooby said he is a regular and already gave me 5 cards05:04
ianwellerthat's cute, since this is the first time i've seen nooby05:05
ianwellerand i've idled in this channel for months05:05
ianwellerabout... 10 months.05:05
trinity_4did you offer a trade?05:05
ianwellerbecause this is not a credit card trading channel.05:05
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trinity_4anyone else want to buy or trade?05:06
ianwellerget out.05:07
trinity_4ianweller if you have no business to transact then just idle05:08
ianwellertrinity_4: get out. this is not the place for this.05:08
FiNo buisiness transactions appear in channel.05:08
ianwelleri'm not going to idle. this is the channel for creative commons. i'm an avid supporter of creative commons and am here to answer questions.05:08
FiI see no reason why he should leave.05:08
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Mkopianweller: do you have a complete transcript of trinity's activity tonight in the channel?05:37
ianwelleri do05:37
ianwellerwould you like one05:37
Mkopno, but probably would05:38
* ianweller was about to check that that was their abuse mail05:38
Mkopinclude a /whois05:38
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Mkopianweller: did you send that email?06:21
ianwellerMkop: yes i did06:23
Mkopok, just making sure06:23
Mkopwould it help for someone else to also send?06:23
MkopI doubt it06:23
ianwellerthey'll see it06:23
ianwellermost larger ISPs/companies dump all that data into an issue tracker and tackle each one individually. it's kinda neat :)06:23
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Mkopdaomb69|Sleep: you're so tired that you left out the b from your nick07:00
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trinity_4what's the fserver commands to get cc's?13:28
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trinity_4how those cc#'s coming?14:38
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greg-gtrinity_4: best place to get new credit card numbers is to email tips@fbi.gov15:15
greg-gtrinity_4: curious, which result from google led you to believe that this channel provides credit card numbers?15:18
trinity_4trying to find what I put in15:20
trinity_4something to do with carderplanet15:22
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greg-gtrinity_4: just so you know, what ianweller said was correct, this channel is not for credit cards, it is for Creative Commons (see the /topic of the channel) which has nothing to do with credit cards15:22
trinity_4that site is confusing15:22
trinity_4I didn't even see anywhere to download mp3's15:23
greg-gso we would appreciate if you did not ask for credit cards in here anymore15:23
trinity_4debit card numbers are fine too15:23
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trinity_4is this a creative commons a thiong to get around copyrights?15:35
greg-gtrinity_4: this is probably the best explanation:
trinity_4where do I purchase?15:40
greg-gpurchase what?15:40
trinity_4found it15:41
mecredistrinity_4: found what?15:42
trinity_4place to buy stuff15:42
trinity_4where do you put in the credit card15:43
Fi. . . . .15:43
mecredisoh, would you like to purchase Creative Commons t-shirts and stuff?15:45
* mecredis always be closing.15:45
trinity_4medredis haha that is a great movie15:46
trinity_4coffee is for closers15:47
mecredisanyway, trinity_4 our store is here16:03
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johndoigiiiwow some lengthy credit card swapping discussion in here from last night16:48
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greg-gjohndoigiii: yeah :(16:53
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trinity_4can credit card numbers be creative commons?17:14
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akozaktrinity_4: probably not:
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johndoigiiinathany: are you around? I have a quick question about cc.engine17:33
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JED3nkinkade: hey, I'm still struggling to get these rewrites correct17:48
nkinkadeWhat's happening?17:49
JED3for some reason I can't get /license/ to rewrite, and it gets passed along to Zope17:49
JED3even after I've written an explicit rule for that uri17:49
JED3RewriteRule ^/license/$ http://%{SERVER_NAME}/choose/ [R,L]17:50
rewttry:  RewriteRule ^license$ http://%{SERVER_NAME}/choose/ [R,L]17:54
rewtmaybe not17:56
JED3rewt: that won't work17:56
JED3the forward slash is always required if you use the ^ start limiter17:56
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babonkWhat does it mean that an image is not available for commercial use?17:57
rewtmaybe [RL] instead of [R,L]17:58
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rewtor not17:58
JED3wont do it either, some of the flags in apache are 2 chars therefore you have to comma delimit17:59
greg-gbabonk: it means that the creator of the image does not want anyone else to make money off of their work. They are reserving that right for themselves.  Concretly defining "making money off of" or "commercial" is sometimes hard, so if you have a specific use case, it is usually good to ask them about it.17:59
babonkMy site is free, we make money off of advertising.  I wanted to use a CC stock image of an ISBN to guide people through using the site18:00
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greg-gbabonk: that specific use case could be argued either way (commercial or not commercial). Best thing to do would be to ask the creator of the image.18:02
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babonkhmm the problem is im on a deadline18:03
babonkthe site is going live very soon18:03
greg-gCreative Commons is currently performing a study to better understand the community's interpretation of "commercial" and "noncommercial" so these questions will hopefully be answered more easily in the future. But for now, the unfortunate answer is, it depends on the creator's definition of those words.18:03
greg-gcan you not find a CC:BY, CC:BY-SA image of an ISBN?18:03
greg-g(or even CC:BY-ND if you don't crop it)18:04
babonkgotcha.. i could probably find some non-commercial ones.  i just wanted to know before i search18:05
greg-gbabonk: gotcha18:05
greg-gcurious, what is the site?18:06
babonka textbook trading site18:06
babonkpeople can buy or sell textbooks from one another18:06
greg-gcool, good luck with it18:06
babonkthanks, and thx for the help18:06
greg-gno problem18:06
nathanyJED3: sorry, was in a meeting18:28
nathanyis Varnish sending the /license/ request to Zope?18:28
nathany(ie, is it even making it to Apache)18:28
JED3yeah, thats what it was18:28
JED3I was going to ask about logging for cc.engine though18:29
nathanywhat about it?18:29
JED3just wondering what the log/z3.log was?18:30
nathanyiirc there are two logs in the ./log directory18:30
nathanyone is an access log, the other is an application log18:30
nathanyso you could do event logging, etc18:30
JED3another is, zdaemon, which I assume is what its filename implies18:30
JED3cool, well I'll read up on zope logging utilities, if there are any besides logger18:32
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JED3nathany: something i just realized, this work is based off the UI changes I made some weeks ago (the column removals, language selector, etc.) should I rework this to not contain those changes?  I think we are still waiting on text from Eric and the language selector is still up in the air18:41
nathanyJED3: yes, we only want to merge the URL changes to production18:43
nathanyso... :( sorry18:43
JED3ha no worries, shouldn't be too bad, most of the changes were a result of sed anyways :)18:44
akozakBovinity: Do you know why a scrollbar being added by a browser into a long page might offset the container div by a few pixels?18:56
akozakor how to stop it?18:56
akozakCould I just fix the position of the container?18:57
akozakIf you go to any other page it's not offset18:57
akozak(click test at the top for another test post)18:58
Bovinitypages look consistent to me, am i missing something?18:58
akozakmaybe it's me then...18:59
Bovinityyes, the content box moves to the left, that's because it's a fixed width and the scrollbar impedes on available page space18:59
Bovinityit's a non-issue18:59
akozakOk, I guess I'm just being really anal about that then18:59
nathanyJED3: just say your comment re: logging in cc.engine; i think i remember that it's all done with python's logging module these days19:21
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nkinkadeJED3: Sorry about the delay.19:36
nkinkadereason the rewrites rules are not working is probably because Varnish is passing things directly to cc.engine.19:36
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nkinkadenathany: Do you have any feelings about the possible OpenID loophole for avoiding recaptcha?20:42
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nkinkadeI'm not sure whether I should disable OpenID for the moment as wel, to say nothing of figuring out how to prevent people from abusing OpenID in that way.20:43
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nathanynkinkade: let's see if Abuse Filter helps us out in the area20:44
nkinkadeJED3: regarding your earlier comment about the / always being required if you use the ^ in a rewrite rule.  That's not quite right.20:45
nathanyit seems pretty weird that spammers would go to the trouble of using open id20:45
nathanymaybe just indicative of its penetration ;)20:45
nkinkadeWhether you include a / depends on whether you are writing rules in the vhost scope or in a perdir (e.g., .htaccess) scope.20:45
nkinkadeThe vhost scope requires absolute URLs, whereas the perdir scope uses relative URLs and any leading path elements are inferred, including the initial slash.20:46
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nkinkadeJED3: If you need to know what customizations we have on CiviCRM you can find them by doing this:20:57
nkinkadea9 $ find /var/www/*  -type f20:58
nkinkadeThen you can diff those files against their counterparts that are located at the same path minus the custom_* part.20:59
nkinkadeA few template changes and one small PHP enhancement to the paging functionality.21:00
JED3cool thanks, nkinkade21:01
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akozaknkinkade: I'd like to add a rewrite rule for sj... should I paste it in myself or would you prefer to do it?21:59
JED3nkinkade: btw, yeah the error i was running into was indeed with varnish22:02
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nkinkadeakozak: Sorry, was on a call.22:21
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nkinkadeJust tell me what the rules is and I'll put it in the config.22:21
nkinkadeJED3: Are you up and running now with the Varnish config and all that?22:21
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JED3nkinkade: yes, thx22:28
akozaknkinkade: sending an emal22:29
nkinkadeakozak: Feel free to send it right here in #cc22:29
akozakoh ok22:30
akozak<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>22:30
akozakRewriteEngine On22:30
akozakRewriteRule ^media?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?$ /wp-content/plugins/falbum/wp/album.php?$1=$2&$3=$4&$5=$6&$7=$8 [QSA,L]22:30
akozakI think you only needed just the one rule though :P22:31
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nkinkadeakozak: What in god's name is that?22:32
*** K`Tetch_ has joined #cc22:33
akozakI didn't write it22:33
Bovinitygood lord22:33
nkinkadeIt looks redundant.  What's it supposed to do?22:33
nkinkadeIt's got the same pattern over and over again.22:33
akozakrewrite /wp-content/plugins/falbum/wp/album.php  to /media/22:33
nkinkadeSeems like that could be done without all that craziness above.22:34
nkinkadeMaybe I'm missing something, though Let me take a look.22:34
nkinkadeHow will I know if it's working?22:34
Bovinityalbum.php needs some parameter auditing...22:34
nkinkadeakozak: Is this supposed to be about "clean" URLs?22:36
akozaknkinkade: Yes, to avoid the long path to the plugin.22:36
akozakI'm really only using it since it was so conveniently provided to me by WPMU :)22:36
nkinkadeakozak: But I'm wondering if the alternative is very clean.22:37
nkinkadeI mean is media?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?([^/]*)?/?$ really much dirtier than /wp-content/plugins/falbum/wp/album.php?$1=$2&$3=$4&$5=$6&$7=$822:37
nkinkade*sorry cleaner.22:38
akozaknkinkade: I'm not sure.  You make the call... I'm perfectly happy using the plugin only to display recent photos on the front page.22:38
akozakthat won't work...22:38
Bovinitydoesnt WPMU have the WP gallery features yet?22:39
nkinkadeakozak: I just can't see that the /media link is much cleaner than the /wp-content link ... they are both pretty ugly.22:40
akozaknkinkade: ok, makes sense.22:40
nkinkadeBovinity: akozak: WP-mu on labs is 2.7.1, so it should have all the features of that version of Wordpress.22:40
nkinkadeIncluding the builtin gallery support.22:40
nkinkadeGood point.22:40
akozakOk, I'll dig around then.22:40
nkinkadeakozak: ^^22:41
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akozakI was hoping to use our free flickr pro account for all our media but I could just cross post things I suppose.22:43
nkinkadeakozak: Will FAlbum work just fine?  If not, then we can install another plugin.22:45
akozaknkinkade: FAlbum may have worked, but I'll look around for a better one.  It didn't have as many features as I would have liked.22:46
nkinkadeakozak: Why not just use FAlbum like you were going to, but with the normal URLs?22:46
akozakIt seemed pretty buggy.22:47
akozaklet me re-enable it real quick...22:47
akozaknkinkade: it's formated all messed up right now, but see
akozakif you click on a photo you get an error22:50
nkinkadeYeah, that looks pretty bad.22:51
nkinkadeakozak: What's this: album.phptags22:51
akozakno idea, those links are generated by the plugin22:52
nkinkadeIt's missing a / between php and tags, add it and it works?  Is that a bug or a config error?22:52
akozaklet me see22:52
akozakI don't know why it's doing that...22:54
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akozakit doesn't really work though, just takes you to the main album page22:55
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akozakOk, fixed it.  The config needed a /22:57
akozakbut it still doesn't take you where you need to go.22:57
akozakanyway, it's working decently22:57
nkinkadeakozak: And the bad formatting is surely a CSS issue ... mostly like to do with floats in the FAlbum CSS file.22:58
akozaknkinkade: the formatting could probably be fixed, I'm just worried that the links aren't taking you to the right place22:58
nkinkadeThey see to be working for me, but I don't know what to expect, either.22:59
akozaknkinkade: When you click on a picture, does it take you to that picture's page?22:59
nkinkadeThat, for example?23:00
nkinkadeI got there by clicking on the group, then on a particular image.23:00
akozaknkinkade: Right, that works ok23:00
akozakI mean clicking on an image on the main page23:01
akozakThese are small issues, really.23:02
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trinity_4you guys sell botnet time here?23:13
*** JED3 has joined #cc23:21
akozakugh i need to stop accidentally grepping /. instead of ./23:27
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JED3Bovinity: I certainly share you feelings re: svn branching/merging23:49
* Bovinity nods23:50
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