Friday, 2009-07-10

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stewtrinity_4: do you have any questions or discussion related to the creative commons licenses?00:53
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trinity_4does creative commons have their financials audited by a third party?01:03
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inspei need cc ? pls16:23
JonathanDinspe: email, they can help you out.16:25
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pyraki have a svn question:17:30
pyraki want to merge a branch into the trunk17:30
pyrakcan i do that without pointing to the actual repository?17:31
pyrakie: svn merge /my/branch/name /my/trunk/name17:31
JED3a merge won't commit anything, so using the remote location wont harm the repo17:32
JED3you'll have to commit after the merge for any non-local changes to take place17:32
pyrakJED3, understood.  still wondering whether or not i can just use local files though17:33
pyraki mean, if not, i'm looking at a commit to the repo, then merge from files in the repo, then commit back17:34
JED3oh okay17:34
JED3well you can use a local path too17:34
JED3svn merge -r 13:37 file:///home/pyrak/foo17:35
pyrakJED3, okay, so if i do that, then i'm merging two revisions of the same dir?17:38
pyrak13 and 3717:38
JED313 through 3717:39
JED3so merge commits 13 through 37 on my branch at /home/pyrak/foo into the current working directory17:39
pyrakJED3, oooooohhhh17:40
pyrakso then when you look at the log, it looks like you started working on this branch after the last commit in the pwd?17:40
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JED3after the merge it will insert the revisions into your current tree17:42
JED3so if you are on trunk and want to merge a branch in, you'll get all of those commits merged into trunk, it won't be squashed down17:43
pyrakJED3, got it17:45
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akozakBovinity: Is wordpress supposed to be stripping off background-color tags in divs i have on pages when I save the page, or am I doing something wrong?19:58
Bovinityakozak: it's very unfriendly with regard to style attributes and html things it doesn't understand19:59
Bovinityakozak: i've had better luck including a <style> tag, defining classes, and using class attributes19:59
akozakBovinity: ok, thanks.  I was hoping I could just do it all in the page.20:00
Bovinityakozak: yes, include <style> in the page. not 100% kosher, but you have to do what you can when it comes to WP, unfrotunately.20:00
akozakBovinity: so I can't just specify a class in the div tag?20:01
Bovinityakozak: or you're just approaching it wrong, and should be defining things theme-wide.20:01
akozakThat's possible.20:01
Bovinityakozak: you can do class="foo" just fine, but style="foo:bar;" is sometimes iffy20:01
akozakBovinity: ok thanks.20:02
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pyrakBovinity, ping23:01
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