Wednesday, 2009-07-08

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johndoigiiinkinkade: hello16:02
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nkinkadeJED3: Hey.16:12
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nkinkadehaoyu_: You there?16:55
haoyu_nkinkade, yes i'm here16:55
nkinkadeI'm trying to fix the issue you're having with git.16:55
nkinkadeYou're right that it was a permission issue on the mw-ext/ directory.16:56
* haoyu_ trying again16:56
nkinkadeBut I'm not 100% sure that the gitosis.conf file will access a directory as an argument for a "writable" section.  Maybe it takes globbing chars.  Do you have a moment to test with me?16:56
haoyu_anything I can help?16:56
haoyu_Yes I'm testing16:57
nkinkadeI just pushed the change.  Try submodule update again.16:57
haoyu_is just "git submodule update" enough?16:57
haoyu_still get "ERROR:gitosis.serve.main:Repository read access denied" error16:58
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nkinkadehaoyu_: Let me try a wildcard like mw-ext/* ... one second.16:59
nkinkadehaoyu_: I just pushed the changes ... give it one more shot.17:00
haoyu_still get same error..17:01
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nkinkadeYeah: seems like maybe it doesn't support wildcards:17:03
nkinkadeThis guy wrote a patch to allow it to support it.17:03
haoyu_em, how about the "git-daemon-export-ok" ?17:04
nkinkadeI think those repositories are already exported as they are visible and can be cloned.  This is more a matter of gitosis, I believe.17:07
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JED3hey nkinkade, sorry bout not responding, was gonna ask if you could look over my commit to the apache conf17:11
nkinkadeSure.  One sec.17:11
haoyu_I see. It is just only me who can't clone it...17:13
haoyu_nkinkade, FYI,  I get success with "git clone git://"17:14
nkinkadehaoyu_: That is a read-only URL so anyone should have access to that.17:15
haoyu_anway, git is super fast :)17:19
JED3balleyne: hey blaise, you around?17:20
balleyneJED3: yep, I've got a meeting in 45 minutes though, but I can chat a bit17:20
JED3okay, I'll pm you17:21
akozaknkinkade: Could we work to get me theming access on sometime today?17:21
nkinkadeakozak: Sure.  I guess you'll need a shell account on a7 unless you want to do and test the changes locally on your machine then give them to me to install.17:22
akozaknkinkade: I'd rather have shell so you don't have to make the changes, but if you'd rather I didn't have a7 access, either way works.17:24
Bovinityakozak: also the command you're looking for, to branch teh theme, is "svn copy" (svn help copy)17:24
akozakBovinity: That's it?17:25
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Bovinityakozak: yeah, you just need to include the full urls for source and destination, then checkout the copy as usual17:26
akozakBovinity: Full URL for destination, even if I'm sshed into a7?17:26
Bovinityakozak: you may be able to do: themes/$ svn cp cckubrick sj2.0 ; and hten commit sj2.0, but i can't remember.17:27
Bovinity(svn branching seems so archaic and ugly now...)17:28
pyrakyeah, as i recall, you can make a branch locally by just svn cp-ing somethign to branches, then commiting the whole thing17:41
JED3thats right17:41
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akozaknkinkade: Do I only have git write access right now (and not svn)?17:47
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nkinkadeakozak: I can give you a shell account if it's really necessary, that's not a problem ... but there's also a side of me that feels like shell access solely for the sake of tweaking a WP theme may not be totally necessary.17:48
nkinkadeDo you have Apache running on your personal machine?17:48
akozaknkinkade: not atm.17:48
nkinkadeakozak: You've only got git write access for the opened theme, I think.17:49
akozakah ok17:49
nkinkadeDo you need subversion access as well?17:49
nkinkadehaoyu_: I just applied that guy's patch to our gitosis install ... can you try the submodule update just once more?17:50
akozakWell, I don't think I will if I won't have shell access on a7.17:50
akozakI could just do a read only copy of cckubrick17:50
nkinkadeIf you're making a totally custom them then it wouldn't be bad idea to put it under version control.17:51
haoyu_nkinkade, yes it works now! :)17:51
nkinkadeThanks go out to Alexey Borzenkov for:;h=71cb44351f9511ecf628a6aa674da8364a0f108617:52
akozaknkinkade: I don't quite know how many changes I'll be making (I'm not really a programmer or designer).  But I'm planning on changing colors and maybe adding a page nav or something.17:52
nkinkadenathany: I just applied the above patch to our gitosis module ... it's a python egg, actually.  Is there anything special I should do for that?17:53
nkinkadeakozak: We've got a special themes/ directory in our git repository.  I can create a new repo under that dir for any changes you make to the cckubrik theme?17:54
nathanynkinkade: i don't understand what this patch is for17:54
nkinkadeIt allows me to specify this in gitosis.conf:17:55
nkinkadewritable = mw-ext/*17:55
nkinkadefor example.17:55
akozaknkinkade: That would work. Would you have to pull the changes on a7?17:55
nkinkadenathany: ^^ Before I would have had to list each and every module under mw-ext/ one by one to the writable section of the mediawiki group.17:56
nkinkadeThis way is far more painless.17:56
nathanynkinkade: got it; but fwiw i think the solution for the cc monitor issue is to use anonymous specifications for externals17:57
nathanythat is, git:// instead of git@17:57
nkinkadeakozak: I could pull the changes on a7.  But what I would recommend is that you get Apache and MySQL installed on your local machine then install WP there and do all your testing locally.17:57
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nkinkadenathany: We could use anonymous clones for CC Monitor.17:58
nkinkadeThat seems reasonable.17:58
nkinkadeDo you think that would be better in general?17:58
nathanynkinkade: generally if we're doing submodules we should -- otherwise anonymous clones of our code won't work17:59
nathanythis is an unfortunate side effect of having different access methods for r/w v. r/o17:59
nkinkadeOkay, I can revert that patch and just make all submodules r/o.17:59
akozaknkinkade: That's what I was assuming, but you would still need to pull to make any commits live after I've tested them, right?18:00
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah.18:00
haoyu_I wonder is there a security hole as the repo is public accessible? eg. the value of "$wgSecretKey" is publicized?18:01
nkinkadehaoyu_: Probably.18:02
akozakBovinity: There's no reason to do testing of my kubrick branch on WPMU right?  I could just use WP?18:03
nkinkadenathany: are we doing the donation software planning call?18:03
nathanynkinkade: yes, i'm dialing in now18:03
Bovinityakozak: it should work fine18:04
Bovinityakozak: tehre are some api differences between WP and WPMU, but they should be minor18:04
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nkinkadejohndoigiii: conf call?18:07
johndoigiiiyeah, still happening right?18:08
nkinkadenathany and I are there right now.18:08
nkinkadejohndoigiii: ^^18:08
johndoigiiioh? hmm i must have entered in a wrong passcode18:08
johndoigiiiyup sure did18:08
johndoigiii1 sec18:08
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Bovinitynkinkade: nathany: white board in middle room ok to clean off?18:24
Bovinity(civicrm/network notes by the look of it)18:25
johndoigiiitheres a jpeg18:26
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pyraksystem76 support ppl think i'm an idiot18:33
greg-ghaha, Tom's usually been a nice guy with me18:34
haoyu_nkinkade, just to ask, is that possible to host other application (eg. Python web service) on monitor.(cc).org?18:34
greg-gpyrak: I have a Daru218:34
pyrakgreg-g, cool.  daru3 here.  i actually think we may have had this conversation in #freeculture awhile back18:42
akozaknkinkade: got my local test of WP up and running, let me know when I can pull the theme.18:43
pyrak's being nice, just holding my handle a little too much18:43
pyrakcertainly it's better than if i were interacting with ppl at dell or something18:43
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greg-gpyrak: ahh, yeah, he tends to do that. Which is a safe thing to do if you work in tech support, I suppose. better than the opposite18:43
nkinkadeakozak: I'll let you know.  I'll try to get it up in just a few minutes.18:43
greg-gpyrak: and yeah, I think we did talk about this before :)18:43
akozakheh, incoming links on a local wp install is interesting18:46
nkinkadeBovinity: Where is the cckubrick theme, again?18:51
nkinkadeIt's there, but I wasn't sure if there was some other standalone repository.,18:53
nkinkadeI'll just use that one to create the new git one.18:53
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haoyu_nkinkade, just to ask, is that possible to host other application (eg. Python web service) on monitor.(cc).org?19:04
nkinkadehaoyu_: That depends on what it is.  monitor hosts a lot of other stuff too.19:04
nkinkadeAnd nathany should probably be involved in that decision as well.19:05
haoyu_we want to host the wiki robot that update the cc monitor wiki pages as a web service19:05
*** nathany is now known as nathany_call19:06
haoyu_so authorized users can trigger update19:06
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haoyu_we have two choice: host on CC, or host on a machine outside CC (eg. a machine in  NUS)19:08
nkinkadehaoyu_: Can you send an short email to webmaster@creativecommons, copying any other necessary people, outlining what the application is, how it's implemented, and why it should be on a7?19:12
akozaknkinkade: sorry to pile on another thing today, but do I need to go through you to add users on sj?19:14
nkinkadehaoyu_: I just updated the submodules for the cc_monitor branch of mediawiki.git to be readonly clones, can remove your submodules and init them again to see if this works.  Removing submodules is a multi-step process outlined here:
nkinkadeakozak: I thought you had admin rights for that blog, though john was having problems yesterday too.  Problems that I have solved yet.19:15
akozaknkinkade: yea, I'm getting "Please enter correct verification number." trying to add a user.19:16
akozakI think that's the same issue19:16
nkinkadeYeah, that's what john was getting.  I started to research yesterday, but got sidetracked.19:16
nkinkadeInteresting, one of  the first google results in a link to this channel, some random guy who showed up looking for support on that issue ... unrelated to CC.  Weird.19:17
nkinkadeIf you can find anything out about it, then that would help.19:17
akozakI'll poke around.  Sorry to add another thing to your queue...19:17
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Are we talking about the rewrite rules on staging?19:17
johndoigiiiyes nkinkade19:17
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Which rule specifically isn't working?19:18
nkinkadeLine number?19:18
johndoigiiiline 5319:18
johndoigiii^/license/(.*) should match shouldn't it?19:19
johndoigiiithe * qualifier is zero-or-more right?19:19
nkinkadeYou've got a redirect in there with [R], but I think when you specify that the second argument needs to be an absolute URL.19:21
nkinkadeI could be mistaken, but I *think* you need something like:19:21
nkinkadeRewriteRule ^/license/(.*) http://%{SERVER_NAME}/choose/$1 [R=301,L]19:22
nkinkadejohndoigiii: ^^19:22
nkinkadeI'm pretty sure that mod_rewrite won't infer the full URL based on a relative one when it's asked to redirect.19:22
johndoigiiinkinkade: that makes sense19:23
nkinkadeAlso, I think you might be able t implement line 53 and 54 in one rule like:19:24
nkinkadeRewriteRule ^/license(/?.*)$ http://%{SERVER_NAME}/choose$1 [R=301,L]19:25
nkinkadeMaybe not.19:25
akozakhahaha it's really funny that if nathany had gone through the massive amount of trouble to help that guy asking about the WP error, it would have eventually become relevant to CC :P19:28
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nkinkadejohndoigiii: Do you want to implement that and let me know?19:30
johndoigiiinkinkade: working on it now19:35
johndoigiiiwont the above rule match /licensefoobar/ as well though?19:36
johndoigiiiwhich would make it interfere with /licenses/19:36
Bovinityshouldn't "/license/" exist as an informational page?19:37
johndoigiiiwell currently thats the url for the chooser19:37
Bovinityyeah, and i completely like the idea of "/choose"19:39
akozaknkinkade: The error is a plugin issue, since the error isn't in the WP core19:43
akozakweird thing is it happens when I have no plugins activated19:44
akozakNo maybe it's a plugin activated on a different blog19:44
nkinkadeakozak: Any ideas which plugin it could be?19:44
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akozaknkinkade: Not yet19:45
akozakMy guess is Unfiltered MU?19:46
nkinkadeIt's in this plugin: ./mu-plugins/wpmu-signup-captcha.php19:46
akozaknkinkade: that plugin isn't on the management screen, so it would have to be disabled some other way.19:49
akozakI wonder if any of the blogs are using it?19:49
nkinkadeakozak: Things in the mu-plugins dir are activated automatically.19:49
nkinkadeI just installed a new version of it.  See if that helps.19:50
nkinkadeakozak: The cckubrick theme is now available here:
akozakthanks nkinkade19:51
akozaknkinkade: still getting the error19:53
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nkinkadeakozak: Try it again.19:59
nkinkadeI installed the plugin wrong.19:59
nkinkadeI'm now getting yet another error.20:00
akozaknkinkade: I'm getting the same error20:01
akozaknkinkade: Also, should I create in git for my changes or should I just commit them to cckubrick.git?20:03
akozakcreate a branch*20:04
nkinkadeI think you should use a branch.20:04
nkinkadeakozak: johndoigiii: You both should be able to add new users to WP-mu now.20:09
nkinkadeI uninstalled that old broken plugin and put a different, newer one in it's place ... the actual WP plugin from reCAPTCHA.20:10
johndoigiiigreat thx20:10
akozaknkinkade: thanks20:10
Bovinityakozak: what kinds of changes were you thinking about making to CCK?20:12
akozakBovinity: might be adding some page templates, possibly modifying the header to include page links, and fixing a tiny bug when the header toolbar is disabled20:14
akozakand maybe a color change20:14
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mecredisjohndoigiii: nathany_call should we do this call?20:24
mecredisconf line?20:24
nathany_callfine with me20:24
nathany_callwas mike going to join as well?20:24
akozaknkinkade: Can we add the SJ Kubrick branch theme to sj on a7?20:25
akozakto test this update protocol20:25
akozakAll I've changed is the theme name20:25
nkinkadeYeah, I"ll add it.20:25
akozakok cool20:25
mecredisok ml said he's in20:26
nkinkadeakozak: It's there now, called cckubrick-studentjournalism20:28
nkinkadeOr I can call it whatever you want, really.20:28
akozaknkinkade: Ok thanks20:28
nathany_callmecredis: are you dialed in or am i in limbo?20:30
mecredisI'm dialed in20:30
mecredisto hold music20:30
mecredismy fault20:31
mecredisdidn't catch my last digit20:31
mecredisone minute20:31
johndoigiiiha i did that earlier20:31
nkinkadeakozak: You might want to change the theme name in style.css.20:33
Bovinitys/might want to/should/20:33
akozaknkinkade: I had... did you use the sjkubrick branch or master?20:33
nkinkadeI just did, sorry.20:33
akozakok, can you do a quick pull?20:34
akozakJust to make sure it's all working ok20:34
akozak(and I fixed the footer)20:35
akozakBovinity: using WP instead of WPMU breaks the cc kubrick footer20:37
Bovinityakozak: not surprised20:37
akozakget_current_site() is a wpmu function20:38
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pyrakokay, this is weird20:55
pyrakboth ffx and opera have decided to weirdly cache stylesheets20:55
pyrakctrl+shift+r doesn't get them to look at the new sheet20:56
haoyu_nkinkade, I don't understand this git commit "Merge branch 'cc_monitor' of into cc_monitor"20:58
haoyu_merge where to where?20:58
johndoigiiigood example of the different methods via paypal :
nkinkadehaoyu_: Let me take a look.21:00
haoyu_isn't it committed by you?21:01
haoyu_it must be merged to the  web server21:01
nkinkadehaoyu_: Weird.  I'm not sure what that was.21:03
nkinkadeI shows that I changed LocalSettings.php, but I didn't knowingly make that change.21:04
haoyu_It is I did the change21:04
haoyu_you did the merge, you merged the change to the web server21:04
nkinkadehaoyu_: Ah.  Okay.  That makes more sense.21:05
haoyu_but the log message is really confusing...21:06
nkinkadeI had done a git pull, which must have pulled in your change, then I pushed back to the repository.21:06
nkinkadeYeah, the log message is a bit confusing, but I think it's talking about two different branches: the local branch known as cc_monitor and the remote branch (origin/cc_monitor), also knows as cc_monitor.21:07
nkinkadeMaybe this a case for using unique local branch names??21:07
haoyu_ah. I understand now.21:08
haoyu_It will be more clear if I see the reversion path as gitk show21:09
haoyu_nkinkade, I committed a new change, please pull to the server again21:11
nkinkadehaoyu_: Done.21:11
haoyu_thanks! :)21:12
nkinkadeHey haoyu_, were you able to remove the submodules and re-init them?21:28
haoyu_I pulled the change of .gitmodules, removed the entry in .git/config and re-inited them21:29
haoyu_But I haven't totally removed the submodules dirs. But I think it will work in this way.21:30
*** K`Tetch_ has joined #cc21:31
nkinkadeAh, cool.21:32
nkinkadeI wasn't sure if it would be necessary to remove the modules or not.  I'm just curious if that simple change to .gitmodules was enough to do what we wanted: to make the submodules r/o.21:33
*** everton137 has quit IRC21:35
haoyu_eh, the things I did is not enough. because in Cite/.git/config it is still have url =
*** nathany_call is now known as nathany21:38
haoyu_I removed them and doing git submodule update again21:38
haoyu_okey this time it is correct21:38
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Any news with staging/choose?21:40
*** K`Tetch has quit IRC21:40
nkinkadeLooks like legalcode URLs are broken.21:40
*** K`Tetch has joined #cc21:41
*** balleyne has quit IRC21:41
johndoigiiiworking on it this very moment, for staging?21:41
nkinkadeFor example:
johndoigiiifixed, yeah its from that one rewrite i was working on21:43
*** K`Tetch_ has quit IRC21:50
*** nathany has quit IRC22:06
*** kreynen has quit IRC22:54
akozaknkinkade or Bovinity, could you do a pull on a7 of sj kubrick?  I'm done for today I think22:57
nkinkadeakozak: Done.22:58
akozak(done theming for today that is_22:58
nkinkadeIs your local install working okay for dev purposes?22:58
akozakwell enough.22:58
akozakIt can't display the footer22:59
nkinkadeI know this isn't as convenient and if it becomes too burdensome having us pull changes, then I can give you an account.22:59
nkinkadeI just like to go conservative to begin with.22:59
akozaknkinkade: Ok cool.22:59
akozakuh oh...22:59
akozakSomething went wrong.22:59
akozakoh nevermind23:00
akozakHa, I forgot to change the settings in wp admin23:00
akozakI'm pretty proud of this, my first heavy dose of wp theming.23:01
akozakI repurposed the cctools bar :)23:01
pyraksomeone get the drain-o23:09
pyrakthe tubes are clogged23:10
pyrakis the internet slow for anyone else?23:10
*** papyromancer has joined #cc23:35
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Will staging work by the time you leave today?23:41
nkinkadeI'm just trying to figure out if I should disable Nagios alerts so that my inbox doesn't fill with warnings.23:42
johndoigiiioh ha sorry, yeah I'll get it working23:42
johndoigiiii'll revert if not23:42
akozaknkinkade: I think I might end up needing shell on a7 to do pulls, since my local install is missing some functions...23:43
akozakI could always rm WP and install WPMU though...23:43
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Not a problem, but if it's down before you go just let me know so I can disable alerts for the evening.23:45
Bovinityor stub out the missing functions in functions.php, like if (!function_exists('get_current_site')) { function get_current_site() {} }23:45
johndoigiiiok will do23:45
akozakBovinity: wouldn't that create an empty function if the function does exist and screw up the function on the live site?23:50
akozaksorry, I don't really know php23:50
nkinkadeakozak: You should be able to login to a7 now.23:51
nkinkadeUsing the same public key as you do for a6.23:51
akozaknkinkade: ok thanks!23:51
Bovinityakozak: thus the ! in the if, "if the named function doesnt exist" is what it's asking23:51
akozakBovinity: oh, duh ok.  I didn't know that's what the ! did in php.23:52
nkinkadeakozak: Your passwd is at /home/akozak/pw23:53
nkinkadeYou should change your password to something secure and then delete that file.23:53
akozaknkinkade: ok will do23:53
nkinkadeThe files you want are at a7:/var/www/
akozaknkinkade: excellent.  pw changed/deleted, and successfully tested a pull.23:56

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