Tuesday, 2009-06-30

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ianwellerhi there. who should i talk to about potentially creating some marketing buzz via creative commons about fedora moving all their documentation over to CC BY-SA?02:22
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Bovinityjohndoigiii: PING18:48
Bovinityis your Network work in a state that can be used for screenshots?18:48
Bovinitythe board report has fred's mockups18:49
Bovinitysomething more realistic might be better18:49
johndoigiiiahh okay, well it actually looks identical to his mockups haha18:49
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johndoigiiinonetheless, here you are http://labs.creativecommons.org/~john/ccNetScreenshot.png18:53
johndoigiiiBovinity: I will be working on a more realistic "checkout" form on that page which may be available by the EOD18:56
johndoigiiialso might have a "campaign log" page up as well18:57
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Seddonanyone able to answer a license compatability question for me?19:35
greg-gSeddon: ask the question and someone might be able to answer19:41
Seddonis the uk gov PSI click use license compatible with the cc-by-sa license19:41
ianwellercould we get a link to the license19:42
greg-gSeddon: what do you intend to do (to answer a somewhat legal question, we need specifics), and yeah, a link to the PSI license.19:42
* ianweller is not a lawyer, etc etc19:43
Seddonwell its to do with using crown copyright stuff under a psi license on wikimedia projects19:43
* greg-g isn't a lawyer either19:43
greg-gSeddon: this might help: http://creativecommons.org/compatiblelicenses19:46
Bovinityit looks similar to BY-SA in principle19:47
Seddonthere is nothing listed there19:47
SeddonBovinity: Indeed, in principle it is, but so is the gfdl in principle19:47
Seddonbut the gfdl and cc-by-sa arnt easily interchangable19:47
greg-gand Wikipedia/media doesn't have a policy regarding the PSI/Click Use license, I assume?19:48
SeddonI dont believe so, im part of the UK wikimedia chapter and we are trying to clarify the current status of the psi license19:49
Seddonwhether psi stuff can be used on the projects19:49
Bovinity"You must not pass your rights under this Licence to anyone else." is probably enough to make it incompatible19:49
Bovinityianal, etc, etc.19:50
greg-gBovinity: yeah, that is a good line, and "You must: 9.1    give accurate information on your Application and let us know if any of these details change;"19:51
greg-gyou need to apply to use the work19:51
greg-gSeddon: from the non-lawyers in here, I think you should not allow the use of PSI licensed work19:52
greg-gdang crown-copyright locking up so much stuff </rant>19:53
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TDJACRpyrak: Hi20:47
pyrakTDJACR, orly?20:47
TDJACRBack to work ;)20:47
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johndoigiiidoes google search results appear with too much left padding in Firefox3.5 for anyone else?22:19
pyrakjohndoigiii, compared with 3.0.11?  because i'm getting a kinda silly amount of padding on 3.0.11 right now22:22
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johndoigiiipyrak: well, I'm even seeing it from an upgrade from the latest RC for 3.5 to the final release from this morning22:23
johndoigiiii've comapred it with Safari 4.0.1 and its very noticeably different22:24
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pyrakyeah, i'm getting about something like 3x as much left padding in firefox 3.0 as in opera22:26
pyrakit's an oldish opera, i think22:26
pyrakapparently all the software i run is old22:26
pyrakwe don't have any intrepid ibex iso cd's floating around the office, do we?22:27
johndoigiiinaa, isnt your machine already running ubuntu?22:27
pyrakyar.  i've been told that upgrade from cd is less likely to fail22:29
pyrakalso is faster22:29
johndoigiiiyeah thats true, I think there is some documentation on it22:29
pyrakbut i got nothin' but time22:29
johndoigiiifor NetworkManager priority22:29
Bovinityit's more likely to fail if you skip a version22:30
johndoigiiiyeah, upgrades over the air aren't very reliable in my experience22:30
johndoigiiireliable enough, that is22:30
Bovinityalso depends on how hacked up your system is22:30
balleynepyrak: you can download the iso and mount it at /cdrom (i think, or /media/cdrom), save yourself a disc and avoid the 'live' over-the-air bit22:36
Bovinitykeep a cd around to rescue, for sure22:38
Bovinityan upgrade from cd is still prone to the same failure a mirrors based dist-upgrade can have22:38
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balleynedetails under Alternate CD/DVD (even the non-disc option): http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading22:40
balleyneyeah, true, that option is more about convenience than anything else22:40
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pyrakdling torrent iso now22:48
johndoigiiipyrak: for your laptop? might want to check out the netbook remix22:49
johndoigiiion 2nd thought, you dont have a netbook do you?22:49
pyrakjohndoigiii, narp22:51
pyraki thought about it for a second, but i think that it would just end up being frustrating22:51
pyrakthis is my primary machine, so i don't want the gui to be all stripped down22:51
pyrakwhat i _do_ kind of want from my gui is tiling windows22:52
pyrakhow cool would that be?22:52
Bovinityask paulproteus about that22:52
Bovinityhe has some top tips on that exact topic22:52
pyraksounds like paulproteus knows everything about everything22:53
Bovinityi think he does22:55
johndoigiiipyrak: tile what sort of windows? if you talking about editors/shells then emacs is an easy solutions22:55
johndoigiiiapplication windows on the other hand...ehh22:56
Bovinityi think he means someting like Awesome WM22:56
Bovinity(i think that's its name)22:56
pyrakthere's also that haskell one22:56
pyrakwhich i tried for a little bit and failed to get good at22:56
pyrakbut johndoigiii yeah, tiling within the command line would be useful too22:57
pyraki want to get good enough at vim to be able to use that22:57
johndoigiiigoogle screen22:57
pyrakturns out that my vim install doesn't support vertical splitting, for some reason22:57
Bovinityi could never get the hang of vim's tiled mode22:57
johndoigiiinor could i22:57
johndoigiiipyrak: are you using vim-full?22:59
pyrakjohndoigiii, not sure22:59
pyrakjohndoigiii, guess now23:00
johndoigiiithats probably what it is then23:00
johndoigiiiubuntu packs vim-tiny23:00
johndoigiiiyou need apt install vim-full23:00
johndoigiiiBovinity: are you using less?23:02
Bovinityjohndoigiii: no, just found out about it... but it looks like it could be super useful23:02
johndoigiiithe hex code arithmetic looks awesome23:02
Bovinityespecially its --watch mode, to autogenerate css on file save23:03
johndoigiiitoo bad its ruby23:04
* pyrak likes23:04
Bovinityi like ruby23:04
* pyrak ducks23:04
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JED3changing my nickname kicks me out of #python, didn't want to be fraternizing with the "enemies"23:05
paulproteuspyrak, You should try awesome.23:26
paulproteusOr xmonad, I suppose.23:26
paulproteusThe hard part with awesome is learning the key bindings.23:26
paulproteusTo that extent, carry around a piece of paper with the ones you need on it, and dedicate 30 minutes to an hour playing with it.23:26
paulproteusCombine it with GNOME so you can still have a dock.23:27
pyrakpaulproteus, you recommend awesome over xmonad?23:31
pyrakfwiw, xmonad is the haskell one i was thining of, which i tried once but gave up on as soon as i failed to figure out how to pull up the network manager23:32
pyrakbut i suppose if i combine with gnome, that won't be an issue23:32
paulproteusYeah, either way, combine with GNOME.23:34
paulproteusDon't fight the power, make it work for you.23:35
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