Monday, 2009-06-29

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greg-gomg, I met nkinkade's michigan doppleganger today!03:05
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geniice"Collection" means a collection of literary or artistic works, such as encyclopedias and anthologies, or performances, phonograms or broadcasts, or other works or subject matter other than works listed in Section 1(f) below13:01
geniice Section 1(f) doesn't list any works13:02
geniicein full it's ""Licensor" means the individual, individuals, entity or entities that offer(s) the Work under the terms of this License."13:02
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pyrakany idea where i can get at the actual html for validator.creativecommons.org17:53
pyraki thought i'd be able to find it in the libvalidator git repo, but no luck17:53
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JED3has there been any talk about supporting <video> on
greg-gJED3: I think we already do, no? I thought mecredis did it once in a blog post. What is there for us to do other than to actually insert <video> tags?19:26
JED3well have it fallback to flash if the browser does not support it19:27
Bovinitythe issue was having videos on the homepage19:27
Bovinitywe otherwise need a fallback solution that doesn't suck and/or fail19:28
JED3greg-g: very cool, I was referring to
JED3such as a-shared-culture19:29
greg-goh, my bad19:29
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BovinityJED3: if you can ensure it'll fallback to flash video without breaking, then go ahead and test it19:31
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Bovinitythe other problem is Firefox supports mpeg and ogg; safari supports quicktime and mpeg; IE supports neither and might even fail at falling back.19:31
JED3sure i'll play with it, but I was just curious if it had already been discussed19:31
Bovinityconclusion of discussion was more testing required. :)19:32
JED3haha okay19:34
greg-gBovinity: IE supports only wmv or something stupid?19:41
greg-gor no <video> at all?19:41
Bovinitygreg-g: either it supports wmv, MS's own crazy mpeg4 derivative, or nothing19:42
Bovinityprobably nothing19:42
greg-gBovinity: bah19:43
Bovinityguh, google is increasingly useless at searching19:43
JED3sure is, I hate to say it but Bing has been pretty useful lately (shutters)19:44
Bovinityoh look, yahoo found useful results righta way19:44
Bovinity"ie8 video tag" gave me thigns i wanted, instead of blog posts tagged with video19:45
Bovinity"IE8 doesn't support the video tag at all, future IEs are probably unlikely to."19:45
Bovinity is why we can't have nice things19:46
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nkinkadeBovinity: What's the situation with the jurisdiction dropdown behind the International link?  It doesn't seem to do anything.19:59
JED3pyrak: re you question about i18n, no you will not have to go through all of the translation strings and add the bold tags20:05
pyrakJED3, orly?20:06
pyrakJED3, so i18n just knows to skip around html tags?20:07
Bovinitynkinkade: it should be working as normal.... is it not?20:10
nkinkadeBovinity: Didn't seem to do anything for me.20:10
JED3pyrak: http://translate.creativecommons.org20:10
nkinkadeMaybe it's just my browser.20:10
JED3have you been there?20:10
nkinkadeI did an update earlier  .... maybe Firefox got updated and I need to restart it.20:10
JED3that might help explain some of the i18n magic20:10
JED3for instance, here is the french translation for ccsearch as it stands right now20:11
Bovinitynkinkade: yeah, i'm on a 3.5 RC release... it was working  before, and now i see it not20:11
Bovinityunless something changed with the jurisdictions.js20:12
nkinkadeBovinity: I'll create a ticket, unless you see the problem immediately.20:12
Bovinitynkinkade: nope, i don't see the problem, nor have resources to look into it right now20:13
nkinkadeOkay, I'll create a ticket an assign it to myself.  I've got some spare bandwidth right now.20:13
pyrakJED3, okay, so pootle makes translation pretty painless.  nonetheless, adding html tags to a block of text breaks their translations20:19
pyrakmeaning, they have to be translated again20:19
JED3ahh, I see what you are asking now.  I thought the text was changing anyways20:20
JED3so yes, they will need to be translated again20:20
pyraknot all of it.  but it might.  i want to take some liberties with it to make it prettier20:21
pyrakbut maybe it's more important that we just get a working version out the door?20:21
pyraki dont know20:21
pyrakhere's what i know: i need a sandwich20:21
JED3oh okay, well just changing one word will require it to be translated, but don't let that be a huge deterrent.  if it needs to be changed for the better, do it20:22
pyraknew question, should i say _('sentence with <em>emphasis</em> and stuff')20:38
nkinkadeJED3: I did just an svn up on cc.engine on staging.  There was a conflict with ccdeed.js, and I had it just use the version from the repository.20:38
nkinkadeIt just occurred to me that that might have been the wrong move.20:38
pyrakor: _('sentence with ') <em> _('emphasis') .. you get the idea20:38
JED3pyrak: the first example20:39
JED3nkinkade: taking a look now20:39
nkinkadeJust after I did it, I realized that you may have been implementing something new there.20:40
nkinkadeIf you were, hopefully you've got the changes elsewhere :-/20:40
JED3yeah I was, but it should be fine20:40
nkinkadeSorry about that ... just a brief lapse in judgment.20:41
JED3no problem20:42
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pyrakbump: any idea where the html for is version controlled?  doesn't seem to be in libvalidator...20:56
pyrakunless i missed something...20:56
JED3whoa cvs?20:58
pyrakwe have cvs repos?21:01
Bovinityback from when sourceforge was cvs empowered21:01
JED3pyrak: clone validator.git21:02
JED3oh nm21:03
JED3documentation is wrong21:03
pyrakis it possible that the html isn't in version control?21:06
JED3pyrak: its out there somewhere21:06
pyrakmaybe it _is_ in libvalidator, and i'm just too stupid to see it21:07
JED3at the very least it should be on Google code somewhere, seeing how it was a gsoc project21:07
pyrakJED3, maybe it has to do with pylons?21:08
pyrak(must we construct additional ones?)21:09
JED3is it in there?21:11
JED3not versioned obviously, but that might help21:12
pyrakJED3, yarp, it's there21:14
JED3kewl, that help?21:15
JED3wow... cool*21:15
pyrakJED3, yes.  i mean, perhaps the most logical thing to do is look at the actual html files on the server21:16
pyrakand see if they're version controlled21:16
JED3I just did, and they aren't21:16
pyrakokay, cool21:16
pyrakwell, uncool21:16
JED3well they are but by cvs21:16
pyrakbut okay21:16
JED3check sf.net21:16
pyrakaaah, ic21:16
JED3might be a project there21:16
pyrakyeah, i didn't see it on sf21:16
JED3oh ok21:16
nkinkadeBovinity: This fixes the juris. dropdown:
nkinkadeBut I'm confused about the orderby(this) onchange property that was there before.21:18
Bovinityme too21:18
nkinkadeBovinity: I'll implement that on the live site unless you know of some reason why that isn't right.21:18
Bovinitythere has to be a reason for that, but none is clear21:18
JED3hmm, i don't remember making a change like that, but it may have crept in from the work on the changes to the chooser21:19
nkinkadeJED3: Okay for me to go ahead with this small patch?21:20
JED3nkinkade: looking over my code right now and I don't see that orderby function so i don't think it was me21:20
nkinkadeIt's a mystery.  Seems wrong to me, so I'll just commit it.21:21
JED3yeah go ahead and patch it, grep didn't find anything21:21
akozakJED3: Do you have a timeline for CC Network?  I'm wondering when a good time would be to start talking about integrating it into OpenEd.21:35
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pyrakinterestingly, there's a blurb about publicity rights at
pyrakmore interestingly, it only appears when you choose certain languages22:31
pyraklike german and norwegian22:32
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