Wednesday, 2009-07-01

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ianwellerping anybody: the fedora project is very close to relicensing all of its content under the CC BY-SA. is there anybody we can speak with to create some general marketing buzz, or a better place to ask this?15:13
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paulproteusianweller, Hey15:57
ianwellerpaulproteus: hi15:57
paulproteus11:13 is 8am. The best person to talk to is probably Mike or Nathan; email them at {ml,nathan}@creativecommons15:58
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* ianweller forgot that CC was a california-based business :P15:58
paulproteusNathan's in Europe right now attending to a Creative Commons Technology Summit, which adds a further complication. But hopefully Mike is going to be more available.15:59
ianwelleri'll hit 'em both15:59
ianwellerpaulproteus: thanks :)15:59
paulproteusMail 'em both just in case, I'd say. (Feel free to say I sent you via IRC.)15:59
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akozakman the internets are slow today17:24
akozakpyrak: anyone torrenting in there?17:25
* ianweller stops eating akozak's tubes17:25
pyrakakozak, narp, dont think so17:31
pyrakLS was uploading vids17:31
pyrakof the salon17:31
akozakpyrak: ahh ok17:32
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nkinkadeJED3: Does cc.engine do any sort of caching of CSS files?18:20
nkinkadeI made a change to deed3.css, committed it to ccwordpress, then svn up'd cc.engine staging, then restarted cc.engine, but it still seems to be serving up a old version.18:21
Bovinitynkinkade: svn up wp-content/themes/cc5 too18:23
nkinkadeBovinity: It was just that min-height change I was talking about for the Deeds.18:24
JED3nkinkade: no it doesn't cache media, you'll need to update the wordpress svn-external18:24
nkinkadeWhen I svn up'd, it saw it pull in the new version of the Deed.18:24
nkinkadeIt's in the cc/engine/skin/includes/resources dir they way it needs to be, but cc.engine isn't serving it up.  Is that expected?18:25
nkinkadeBovinity: What does cc5 have to do with deed3.css?18:26
nkinkadeIt doesn't appear to be a file that is part of cc5.18:26
nkinkadeJED3: ^^18:26
Bovinitynm, i was thinking of /license/ engine css.18:27
nkinkadeJED3: This file: cc/engine/skin/resources/includes/deed3.css18:27
nkinkadeOn staging it includes the change I made, but I'm still getting the old one.  I don't think Varnish is touching it because there are no Varnish headers in there.18:28
JED3nkinkade: hmm, are you making the edits on staging? or trying to svn up changes to that dir?18:30
JED3and whats the change you are making? min-height where?18:31
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah, all the changes are on staging and the svn up did pull in the change I made.18:31
nkinkadeFor some reason cc.engine isn't serving the version that's in the file system.18:31
nkinkadeNear line 22918:32
nkinkadeActually, it's precisely line 229, and you can see that the indenting is screwed because I must have used tabs instead of spaces.18:32
JED3ahh damn i always forget about this but that media is served from var/www/
JED3i'll svn up there18:37
JED3that did it18:38
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greg-gnkinkade: I've been having some major slow downs, to the point of seeing valgrind messages19:01
greg-gfrom just saving page edits19:01
nkinkadegreg-g: One moment.19:02
akozakthe wiki is having some issues :/19:04
akozakor has been19:04
greg-gconfirmed. :)19:04
akozak yea greg-g, nkinkade was helping me with similar problems19:05
* pyrak almost knows how to write javascript now19:05
nkinkadegreg-g: What's the URL of the page that is giving you slowness?19:32
greg-gnkinkade: well, it is pretty much any page edit (the act of saving). But heres one:
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greg-gnkinkade: sorry I can't be of more help than that, does valgrind give a special log when its error message is displayed online?20:02
nkinkadegreg-g: Where is the Valgrind stuff coming from?20:04
nkinkadeI'm not aware that we were using it anywhere.20:04
greg-gnkinkade: I remember seeing a valgrind page when the wiki was taking too long to respond20:04
greg-gI was saving more than one page at the same time20:05
nkinkadegreg-g: Are you sure it wasn't Varnish?20:05
greg-gnkinkade: nope :)20:05
nkinkadeIt was probably Varnish, then, which is out HTTP accerlerator.20:05
greg-gthat makes more sense, heh, I get those names confused every now and then20:05
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nkinkadegreg-g: That page you referenced seems to be working fine for me?  Is it still slow for you?20:34
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greg-ghaven't been doing anything lately20:41
greg-gnkinkade: this also happened late at night a couple times20:41
greg-glike, 11pm EST20:41
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* pyrak is seeing double21:33
JED3wow, svn took 20 minutes to branch the cc.engine project21:36
JED3not to mention the extra 10 it took to update21:37
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akozaknkinkade: so it looks like semantic forms on opened wasn't installed with subversion22:45
akozakwould it break anything if I moved the directory and then installed it again with svn?22:45
akozakor: do you think that would work22:45
akozakor could I just checkout in the existing directory?22:49
nkinkadeakozak: I think it would be better to change that install to be a clone of our git repository, and then add the SF as a git submodule.23:03
nkinkadeThere's nothing custom about the opened install other than the theme, right?23:03
akozaknkinkade: as far as I know.  but in general most of the extensions on opened are managed by svn23:04
akozaknkinkade: In fact, I think the semantic extension itself is svn...23:04
nkinkadeakozak: We have most of the extensions in our git repository.23:05
akozaknkinkade: Ok, then just the ones I installed :/23:06
akozakwhat's the benefit of two layers of control over them?23:06
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akozaknkinkade: Sorry for installing those extensions the wrong way then.  I'm still learning about version control practices.23:09
nkinkadeakozak: It's fine.  I'm going to move that install to git.23:09
nkinkadeI'm looking at it now.23:10
akozakok thanks nkinkade23:16
akozakI'll ping you about it tomorrow :)23:18
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akozakfor now, I'm off23:19
nkinkadeI'm installing the gitted version at www.gitted23:19
nkinkadeWhen we feel good about it, we can make the switch.23:19
akozakOk, I can't think of any reason not to23:20
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