Thursday, 2009-06-18

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mtcany plans to attend the creative commons meetup tonight in NYC?12:05
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pyraki loled18:51
pyrakespecially re: customizability18:52
pyraksee also
johndoigiiihaha yeah18:56
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pyrakjohndoigiii, hahaha19:17
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pyrakugh.  i've spent all morning trying to write code at the command line with vim, and it's slow going19:27
pyraki know it'll be much faster once i get over the learning curve19:27
Bovinityhooray vim19:34
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nkinkadeI find editing in vim pretty nice, but I been using it for years.20:00
nkinkadenano horrifies me, but sadly it's the default in Debian so I stumble across it from time to time.20:00
johndoigiiiyes, nano is awful, i've never understood why it was so widely used20:00
nkinkadeI think nano could be powerful if I took the time to learn all the key commands, but usually I'm stuck looking around that damn help menu.20:02
nkinkadevim has amazing help files from right within the editor20:02
johndoigiiii think vim is best for quick edits and configuration files, but anything that is intended for execution i find emacs is best20:02
johndoigiiithat is true20:02
johndoigiiinkinkade: while you're here, I am having trouble setting up an alias for apache to correctly serve this particular media folder20:03
johndoigiiifresh and more experienced eyes might help20:03
nkinkadeWhere are you at?20:04
johndoigiiia9, staging conf20:04
johndoigiiithe alias points to a sym link, thats the only thing that looks suspicious to me, but it should work regardless20:05
nkinkadeAs long as that vhost is configured to follow symlinks.20:06
nkinkadeWhich Alias is ti?20:06
johndoigiiiline 30, for admin_media20:06
pyrakBovinity, found another typo...20:06
nkinkadeDo you want that under the http part or the ssl part?20:07
pyraksearch for "cultivating user’s awareness about her real rights"20:07
johndoigiiiuhm, i guess https, but it can be both20:07
pyrakprobably should be "the user's"20:07
pyrakor else "cultivating users' awareness about their real rights"20:08
nkinkadepyrak: Just sent you an email about a search test site.20:13
nkinkadejohndoigiii: the symlink is broken.20:14
nkinkadeadmin_media -> ../eggs/Django-1.0_final-py2.5.egg/django/contrib/admin/media20:15
nkinkadeBut that Django file doesn't exist.20:15
johndoigiiineeds to be 1.0.2, thanks20:15
nkinkadeI assume you want admin_media -> ../eggs/Django-1.0.2_final-py2.5.egg/django/contrib/admin/media20:15
nkinkadeMaybe that was it?20:15
nkinkadeDo you have colorized output in your terminal?20:15
nkinkadeI wouldn't have noticed it right away except that when I listed the file broken symlinks appear red.20:16
johndoigiiiawesome, that worked20:16
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nathanypaulproteus: SYN21:55
nathany[i have a django south question, if you're not pre-occupied]21:56
nathany[so a NACK is fine]21:56
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paulproteusnathany, ACK22:07
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nathanypaulproteus: i think i figured it out -- i was having problems with a generic relation in the ORM freezer22:07
paulproteusI'm not sure I'll be able to answer the South question, but let's see22:07
paulproteusOkay, cool.22:07
nathanythanks, though :)22:08
nathanybtw, looks like you chose correctly22:08
nathanydmigrations seems to be abandoned22:08
nathany(a 1 character "patch" has languished for months)22:08
nathanya patch that corrects a syntax error, that is22:08
paulproteusgit fork time!22:08
paulproteusHumorous that jToolkit is more responsive than dmigrations.22:09
nathanyor convert-to-south time22:09
paulproteus(to patches)22:09
nathanythat's a terrifying thought22:09
paulproteus"This has been your moment of Zen."22:10
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Viper550have you ever thought of allowing open publication license materials to be transitioned to CC licenses?22:17
nathanyViper550: nope, but then that sounds like a question for the creator of the open publication license22:18
nathany(or the copyright holders)22:18
Viper550huh, "The Open Content Project is now closed and has been succeeded by Creative Commons."22:18
nathanyI suspect that refers to the recommended license -- AFAIK CC did not actually succeed the project (or take on IP/assets)22:19
Viper550but, the OPL seems a bit more like the GFDL22:21
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