Friday, 2009-06-19

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dalesdI'm using my TiVo to download and watch TED Talks.  They're CC licensed, BY-NC-ND.  But the TiVo says that copying them to my computer is prohibited. Does this violate the CC license?17:12
Bovinitysounds like a conflict. but IANAL.17:14
dalesdI think something is wrong on TiVo's side, because I can transfer tv shows, just not downloaded videos.17:16
dalesdI'll report it as a bug and see what they say.17:16
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pyrakdalesd, is the cc license attached to the videos in the format that you download from TED17:28
dalesdYes, the CC license is in the video, at the end.17:29
Bovinityfile a complaint with tivo17:29
Bovinityor download the videos from TED's website directly ;)17:29
pyrakbut i'd be very interested to know whether or not this in fact constitutes a violation of the license terms17:30
dalesdI'm beta testing this functionality, so I've reported it as a bug.17:30
Bovinityah, nice17:30
pyrakdalesd, are you using your tivo like a web browser and getting videos from the TED site, or does tivo have a fancy TED "channel" thing or something?17:30
nkinkadepyrak: Is slowness on a8 still a problem?17:31
pyraknkinkade, i'll check now17:31
nkinkadeI haven't noticed anything funny ... seems normal for me.17:31
pyraknkinkade, should i ssh ?17:31
nkinkadeI suspect it was something transient.17:31
nkinkadepyrak: You can if you want, or easier would just be a8.creativecommons.org17:32
dalesdThis new feature lets you enter a RSS feed and stream or download h.264 videos.17:32
nkinkadezearch = a817:32
pyraknkinkade, okay, noted.17:32
pyraknkinkade, okay, server is totally snappy now.17:32
nkinkadeHey pyrak.  I'd like to add some text to that search page explaining with CC Search is and isn't.  Is that in the works?17:33
greg-gdalesd: from the actual license, section 4(a): "You may Distribute or Publicly Perform the Work only under the terms of this License. ... You may not impose any effective technological measures on the Work that restrict the ability of a recipient of the Work from You to exercise the rights granted to that recipient under the terms of the License."17:34
pyraknkinkade, it can be.  perhaps the easiest thing to do would be to email me new text?17:34
pyrakor you could commit yourself and i can merge.  either way.17:34
pyraki think mike linksvayer had mentioned something about this is his email as well17:35
nkinkadepyrak: I'll write a bit of sample text, then send it to you, Nathan and Mike for review.17:35
pyraknkinkade, cool.  sounds good17:36
nkinkadepyrak: Do you have an account at
pyraknkinkade, actually, i don't think i do17:37
nkinkadeIt might be a good idea to make one.17:38
pyrakokay, registered17:39
dalesdgreg-g thanks, I think that makes it pretty clear.17:39
pyraknow nosy on that bug report17:42
Bovinitynkinkade: do you have any updates on the donation/store revisions?17:51
nkinkadeBovinity: Yeah, I'm making progress.17:52
nkinkadeIt now records the purchase in CiviCRM.17:52
pyraki have a question about comment syntax18:05
pyrak    /**18:05
pyrak     * This is a CC Language object (or preferably a reference to one).18:05
pyrak     * @varmixed18:05
pyrak     * @accessprivate18:05
pyrak     */18:05
pyrakis the @var mixed, @access private parsed by some script at some point or something/18:05
nkinkadepyrak: I believe those variables can be parsed by something like phpdoc.18:07
nkinkadeTo create semi-self-documenting code.,18:07
pyraknkinkade, so should i read up on phpdoc and use that syntax for all my comments?18:08
nkinkadeI don't think that's necessary.18:09
nkinkadeWe don't really use phpdoc, though it surely wouldn't hurt to have that stuff in there.18:10
pyraknkinkade, okay18:10
pyrakKarl Heinz Marbaise = cc developer?18:11
nkinkadeNever heard of him.18:12
pyrakapparently this document is (c) him18:12
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nkinkadeIs it not GPL?18:13
pyraknkinkade, it is at the top of the document18:13
pyrakalso, what exactly does ccHost refer to?18:13
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greg-gpyrak: cchost is the software that runs,, etc.  See:
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loajaanyone have credit card numbers???20:11
greg-gI have my own. I heard that if you email you will get all the help you need.20:30
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loajalol the email doesnt sound legit at all20:52
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nkinkadeNeither do you.21:01
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parker-fcdmouthperhaps i should put you guys in touch with the algerian prime minister21:05
parker-fcdmouthhe has an interesting business proposition21:05
Bovinitymy contacts in nigeria have some promising leads21:06
Bovinityi hear a prince recently died21:06
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