Wednesday, 2009-06-17

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xhemaWe are looking for GNU people to come to our software freedom conference in Prishtina Kosovo on the 29/30 of august. SFK09/SFCK0908:21
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xhemaWe are looking for GNU people to come to our software freedom conference in Prishtina Kosovo on the 29/30 of august. SFK09/SFCK0913:35
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steltwhere do i find free sound samples17:27
steltnkinkade, no luck searching there17:38
nkinkade ?17:38
steltthanks, found
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johndoigiiihey nkinkade, not sure if you have been made aware of this, but the seems to have gone down17:53
johndoigiiiI took a look at last night, but couldn't find what was going on17:54
pyrakcan i have edit privs on the blog?  i wanna correct a simple typo on a post by mike18:05
pyrakor i guess i could just point it out to someone else with edit privs if you guys would rather18:05
pyrakctrl+f for "that that" at
Bovinityseems to be fixed18:08
johndoigiiinaa its still there18:08
johndoigiii"It should also be noted that that free and open source software licenses provide a similar and complementary check on hybrid organizations that produce software — and nearly all do, at least in the form of customization of web site software."18:09
pyraki have an account on wordpress, but apparently not edit capabilities18:09
nkinkadejohndoigiii: I didn't know the validator was down.18:09
Bovinityoh weird, a totally different blog post opened just now18:09
nkinkadeI haven't got an alert, but maybe it's monitoring the wrong thing.18:09
johndoigiiiohh okay, pyrak mentioned it last night18:10
* pyrak probably should have filed a ticket18:10
johndoigiiinkinkade, well apache is still up18:10
johndoigiiivarnish is throwing an error18:10
johndoigiiimaybe thats why nagios didn't pick it up?18:11
Bovinitypyrak: fixed18:11
pyrakBovinity, sweet18:11
pyrakre: validator, i can also say that i know it was up late last week18:12
nkinkadepyrak: johndoigiii:  the validator is back up.18:20
nkinkadeI'm stumped as to why Nagios didn't catch it.18:20
pyraknkinkade, what was the problem?18:20
nkinkadeThere was some stale pid file hanging around in /home/validator, so it thought it was already running, but it was actually the pid of some postfix process.18:21
johndoigiiiahh, okay18:22
johndoigiiithats a basic cgi application right?18:22
johndoigiiioh ok nm18:23
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johndoigiiimecredis: you around?19:05
mecredishey indeed19:06
mecrediswas just going to work on those mockups19:06
mecrediswhats up?19:06
johndoigiiihey, what are you thoughts on free organization accounts?19:06
mecredisgood question19:06
mecredisgimme a moment19:06
johndoigiiiright now I have it designed so that an account is either a premium, organization, or free19:06
mecredisI mean if orgs just want to sign up19:06
johndoigiiiand they are all exclusive of one another19:07
mecredisand poke around19:07
mecredisthen they'll use a free account19:07
mecrediswould there be a problem with that?19:07
johndoigiiino not at all19:07
mecredisbut lets think about the benefit19:07
mecredisof doing an organizational account19:07
mecredisits basically a premium account that's attached to an organization19:07
johndoigiiiI think Nathan's initial thoughts on the org accounts was to have something as an incentive for companys who would like to make donations19:08
mecredisI mean I don't see free accounts that happened to be used by an organization as a problem19:08
johndoigiiiso I assume if thats the case then it wasn't "free" and they should be able to access whatever the premium folks can19:08
mecredisso if they don't want to give19:08
mecredisright, the only difference would be that organization accounts are a) identified as such19:08
mecredisb) don't have single human photos / stories19:08
johndoigiiiokay cool19:10
mecredisyeah, if you want to be considered an organization19:10
mecredisI don't think we should let you do that for free19:10
johndoigiiii agree19:10
mecredisso I'm going to work on the Free vs. Premium mockup19:11
mecredis(it should be pretty simple)19:12
johndoigiiiohh okay cool, yeah I just finished the prelim work on it19:12
mecredisunless you can do it without me19:12
mecredisits just going to be two big squares with rounded eduges19:12
johndoigiiiwell how different are you thinking?19:12
mecredisbut I think we should flesh out19:12
johndoigiiiohhh okay19:12
mecrediswe'll just have a couple bullet points19:12
mecredisexplaining the differences between accounts19:12
mecrediscosts, etc.19:12
johndoigiiiokay cool19:12
johndoigiiiare you thinking that the actual profile pages should appear different for free users?19:13
johndoigiiisomething that demonstrates that they are a lesser being :)19:13
mecredisof course19:13
mecredismaybe grayscale their photo19:13
mecredismight have to ask Bovinity for design suggestions there19:14
Bovinityoh hai19:14
mecredisoh hai19:14
johndoigiiiyeah, same goes for the org presentations too19:14
johndoigiiiwhich i spoke briefly with him about19:14
mecredisyeah, Bovinity we're going to need to add something to profile pages19:14
Bovinitymecredis: i don't quite understand the openid boxes in your diagram19:14
Bovinitymaybe i dont need to understand them19:14
mecredisthat identify them either as premium, free, or organizational19:14
mecredishrm, let me get that up19:14
mecredisits just meant to demonstrate that we're an OpenID provider19:15
mecredisand Facebook is ac onsumer19:15
mecredis(if I am correct in believing they are)19:15
johndoigiiimecredis: yes, but we too will be a consumer as well19:15 is planned at least19:15
mecredisjohndoigiii: indeed, this is part of my "current" diagrama19:15
mecredisfor the board19:16
johndoigiiiahh okay, sorry19:16
mecredisI'll send it to you19:16
johndoigiiicool, thx19:16
Bovinityaccount types could be colour coordinated19:17
Bovinityor have a different page head graphic19:17
Bovinitydoesnt make sense to do any drastic layout changes19:17
mecredismaybe we'll just add some lazy text in the prototype19:17
mecredisBovinity: johndoigiii sent you a mockup of free account19:25
mecredisbasically just added the words "free account"19:25
mecredismaybe premium can be encrusted with gold19:25
mecredisand <marquee>19:25
Bovinityis free going to be certified at all?19:26
mecredisBovinity: no, they won't have the right to register works though19:26
Bovinityjust OID?19:26
mecredisand donate19:26
mecredisand web citation19:26
mecredismaybe only 10x citations a month, thoug19:27
mecredisor 519:27
mecredishave to figure that one out19:27
johndoigiiiBovinity pyrak: curry?19:37
pyrakjohndoigiii, i think interns are going with cdt ppl19:38
johndoigiiioh ok19:39
Bovinitythey're deciding what to do for lunch19:39
mecredisBovinity: johndoigiii just sent you a rough version of a premium vs. free page19:47
mecredisgoing to write the copy now19:47
Bovinityreal cute19:49
mecredisthat fact image19:49
mecrediswas what came  up19:49
mecrediswhen I looked for citation19:49
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mecredisjohndoigiii: do we want an organizational option here?20:06
mecredisor maybe just once you complete the donation process20:06
mecredisand you're flagged as a premium member20:06
mecredisthen you can select "this is for a business" or "this is for an individual"20:07
johndoigiiihmm, we certainly could, but i think it will require a lot interaction on our end before one could be titled as an org, in other words we would need to be contact with the individual and verify that they do indeed represent the company/org20:08
mecredisgot it20:08
mecredisso no point in mocking it up here20:08
johndoigiiiso i think it will be a manual thing that we will have to go in make the change20:08
johndoigiiiyeah dont worry about it20:08
Bovinityi think the join page should mention the third, org/corp, option.. but noting it requires interaction20:11
Bovinitymaybe just as a tertiary item at teh bottom20:11
mecredisgood point Bovinity20:11
paulproteuspsst, for lunch, pyrak, try a chile relleno (or anything else) at Tropisueno20:22
johndoigiiipaulproteus: I went there last week for the first time and it was UHmazing20:23
paulproteusAlso try sometime20:23
paulproteus(-:, johndoigiii20:23
paulproteusThese days I can't actually afford to eat out, so I'll keep dreaming of SF. (-:20:23
johndoigiiihehe, I bet there is some good cheap mexican where you're at20:24
paulproteusThis month my salary was $1300. Luckily rent is only $355/person/mo where I am right now.20:25
johndoigiiiare you in Atlanta? whereabouts exactly?20:27
paulproteusEast Point20:27
paulproteusre: 1300: I guess that's more than we give the interns anyawy20:27
paulproteusI have to get dressed for a meeting, tty later!20:28
johndoigiiisee ya!20:28
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pyrakdid we do a conf call?21:20
* pyrak just got back from thai food with cdt ppl21:20
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pyrakjohndoigiii, do you know your way around the jswidget code at all?22:20
johndoigiiipyrak: somewhat, yes22:20
pyrakjohndoigiii, i may ask you to sit down with me for 10 minutes to help me get my head around it22:23
pyrakbut i'm first going to stare at it a little longer and see if i can figure it out22:24
pyrakfwiw, i'm trying to add cc0 support22:24
johndoigiiiokay cool, well i'm in the office so come on over if you need anything22:24
johndoigiiipyrak: eek22:24
johndoigiiijswidget is pretty complicated22:25
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pyrakjohndoigiii, ok, i "give up."  i'm going to use the bathroom and then come bother you22:28
johndoigiiihaha okay cool22:28
Bovinitydo we have any LDAP/webcal semantic mediawiki integration? does it exist?22:30
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Bovinityoh, apparently it comes baked in now22:33
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