Tuesday, 2009-06-16

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VinhtantranAbout translation: Is there a list of admins? How can I discuss about a translation before suggesting it?06:43
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nkinkadejohndoigiii: How was is that you got cc.engine to spit out details of each connection such that you got an idea about where the problem was with en_HK?16:29
johndoigiiihey nkinkade, the errors I was referencing yesterday weren't correct, the exceptions I was seeing were the result of using the wrong url for a license deed16:37
nkinkadejohndoigiii: So do you know of a way that I can try to debug that issue with the Deed?16:38
johndoigiiiusing "by/3.0/deed.en_HK" and not the correct one "by/3.0/?lang=en_HK"16:38
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johndoigiiinkinkade, one way is to set breakpoints in the app, you can do this by inserting "assert False" wherever you want to stop execution, the paster server should then give you a stack trace which could out16:41
johndoigiiidoes en_HK work on your machine?16:42
johndoigiiibc it looks fine on mine16:42
nkinkadeNo, it doesn't.16:42
johndoigiiirunnning latest trunk version here16:42
nkinkadeNeither are there any stylesheets.16:42
nkinkadeSame here.16:42
johndoigiiiare you using the vh option in your url?16:43
johndoigiiinone of the media works for me if I use the vh option fwiw16:43
nkinkadeThat's the URL I've just tried with.16:45
nkinkadeAh, changing 80 in the URL to 8080 got me CSS.16:46
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nkinkadeNow I have CSS, but no images.16:46
johndoigiiiyeah, should give you the root zope screen16:47
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johndoigiiisorry remove the last forward slash16:47
nkinkadeYeah, that worked, but I still have no images.16:48
nkinkadeBut that's okay, the important thing to me is the text, which is still missing.16:48
nkinkadeIt displays fine on your machine?  You don't have the part that reads "Attribution — char.by_brief"16:49
nkinkadeAnd the permitted items have no text.16:49
johndoigiiinope, it brings in the localized text16:49
nkinkadeHmm.  I wonder what's wrong with my checkout.16:50
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nkinkadejohndoigiii: This URL?
johndoigiiiyeah, works16:52
johndoigiiiinstead of char.by_brief i get "Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor."16:52
nkinkadeBut it's not working on staging, which is consistent with what I'm seeing on my machine.16:53
nkinkadeI suppose that's the important thing.16:54
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johndoigiiinkinkade, is staging at the HEAD of trunk?17:19
johndoigiiido you think the permissions of the en_HK translation files could be the issue do you?17:20
nkinkadeI can check the permissions, but if they were wrong I wouldn't expect a single work to come through, right?17:21
johndoigiiii just changed them17:21
johndoigiiiit was nkinkade:nkinkade with 64417:22
johndoigiiichanged it so it looks like the others17:22
nkinkadeThat shouldn't matter as long as cc.engine can read, right?17:22
johndoigiiialso, why is there no pootle pref file in the en_HK17:22
johndoigiiiyeah it really should make a difference17:22
nkinkadeNot sure.17:22
nkinkadeWhat's in the other pootle.prefs files?17:23
johndoigiiilooks like permissions for the pootle site17:23
nkinkadeakozak: Are you working on OpenEd?  I just go a SMS that it's down.17:23
nkinkadeAh, well I doubt that it's, but you never know.17:24
johndoigiiiyeah, just trying to find irregularities in the en_HK17:24
johndoigiiithe translation itself looks fine17:24
nkinkadeIt's so hard to tell if a PO file is good or bad.17:25
johndoigiiiyeah, true17:26
nkinkadeThere is so much markup in our strings.17:26
johndoigiiiI am going to revert the cc.engine checkout to the head17:26
nkinkaderevert it to head?17:26
nkinkadeWhere was it before?17:26
johndoigiiiof trunk17:26
johndoigiiithere are some uncommited changes17:26
johndoigiiia couple comments, debug prints statements, etc17:27
akozaknkinkade: didn't do anything crazy, just installing a couple extensions17:27
nkinkadeIs the site up?17:27
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akozakive got it17:27
nkinkadeakozak: Do you want to get emails or SMS messages about OpenEd?17:28
akozaki thought you asked if I did get them17:28
akozaknkinkade: fixed, looks like one of these new extensions caused it to break17:29
akozakeither that or I misplaced a semicolon17:30
akozakAh, misplaced a semicolon.  I'll be more careful about that from now on :(17:32
akozakEspecially since everyone and their mother gets an SMS when I mess up :)17:33
nkinkadeNot really, unless you consider Nathan Y and I to be everyone and their mother.17:36
akozakhaha ok that's not so bad17:38
akozakI'd rather not cause a deluge of texts every day though17:39
akozakI might get a talkin to by nathany17:40
Bovinitythis is why staging is a good idea.....17:55
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pyraki committed a working version of ccsearch with no iframes!18:05
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pyrak(in a branch)18:06
pyrakcode needs a great deal of cleanup, and the design still needs tweaking18:06
pyrakheck, the design might need a complete overhaul.  what do i know?18:07
pyrak's also possible that i've broken some ie hacks in my tinkering18:09
Bovinityis search in git yet?18:09
pyrakis what i was using18:09
Bovinityit's probably ripe for some git-ification18:11
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johndoigiiiBovinity: the people page is looking much better18:20
Bovinityjohndoigiii: thanks!18:20
Bovinityhoping to get it public soon18:21
pyrakanyone seen this?: http://unite.opera.com/18:25
pyrakit's espcially interesting to me that the discourse in their little video is all about decentralization and individual empowerment18:25
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Bovinityjohndoigiii: have you been doing any i18n work on DiscoverEd?19:01
johndoigiiino, i haven't19:02
Bovinityahrash is reporting it switches to Portuguese when he runs a search query19:02
johndoigiiihmm, tell him to check his browser languages19:03
johndoigiiimake sure portugese is not in his list, unless he wants it to be there of course19:04
johndoigiiialso ask him to clear his cookies for discvered,cc.org19:05
akozaknkinkade: will I get email/SMS about opened now?19:13
nkinkadeYou didn't answer before whether you wanted to or not.  At least I didn't see your reply.19:16
nkinkadeDo you want to get both?19:16
akozaknkinkade: yes that'd be nice.19:17
akozaknkinkade: let me think...19:18
akozaknkinkade: sorry, I'm bad about putting your username before my messages19:21
nkinkadeNo problem.  I'll see it eventually, but usually right away if my name appears in the message.19:23
nkinkadeakozak: You should now be configured to get alerts for OpenEd, both email and SMS.19:24
akozaknkinkade: Thanks.  My guess is most of the time I'll be powerless to do something about it, but maybe I'll be within earshot of someone who is.19:25
pyrakakozak, so jeal.  tell everyone in nyc i said "sup"19:25
akozakpyrak: will do :)19:25
nkinkadeakozak: Sometimes, probably, but today you could have done something, and you did.19:25
akozakwho isn't*19:25
akozaknkinkade: ah, that's right!19:25
akozaka counterexample :)19:25
pyrakakozak, you should make a point of meeting my friend adi.  he's a cool kid.19:25
akozakpyrak: will keep my eyes peeled19:26
nkinkadeIf the server is having troubles in general, then you may not be able to do much, but at least now you'll catch any errors you make and can fix them.19:26
akozaknkinkade: Let's hope it doesn't happen often...19:27
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pyrakany idea why messages sent to ibiblio mailing lists go through when sent from google apps, and dont when sent from thunderbird?21:44
TheDJACRsmtp is dead?21:45
Bovinityquite. if you use google's smtp server with your apps login, it should work fine21:46
paulproteuspyrak, "when sent from Thunderbird" - which SMTP server are you configured to use?21:51
pyrakpaulproteus, gmail21:55
pyrak1 sec21:55
paulproteusGmail versus Google Apps?21:55
paulproteusWhatever, you're in good hands (Bovinity's).21:56
pyrakBovinity, do you use a different mail client?21:58
paulproteus(ping me again if you need help, pyrak)21:58
Bovinitypyrak: i just use gmail interface21:58
Bovinitypyrak: there should be instructions on teamspace for correct smtp setup21:59
pyrakBovinity, oh, ok i'll check21:59
Bovinitynkinkade may, or may not, also have a comment on the matter21:59
pyrakfwiw, http://teamspace.creativecommons.org/SMTP_SF_Office looks outdated?22:01
Bovinityindeed.. This page was last modified on 17 October 2007, at 21:37.22:01
Bovinitynot the page i was thinking of22:01
Bovinitypyrak: http://teamspace.creativecommons.org/GmailMigration22:03
Bovinitypyrak: item 3 is relevent. the rest, less so.22:03
pyrakBovinity, right, just found that. so apparently they use the same server for gmail and google apps, but a different port...22:04
Bovinityjust use your email address as username. it'll magically figure it out.22:04
pyrakok, testing now with an email to cc-staff22:12
pyrakBovinity, received?22:12
Bovinitypyrak: aye, sir22:13
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akozakopened has a spiffy new favicon thanks to lee-sean22:32
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pyrakinterestingly, validator.creativecommons.org is down23:13
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