Thursday, 2009-06-11

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akozakBovinity: any idea why a bunch of changes I made to learn-staging productions page would be missing?17:05
Bovinityakozak: nope17:06
akozakits like I never touched it17:06
akozakBovinity: nevermind, it has the revisions... it just reverted back for some weird reason17:09
mecredisrevert war!17:14
Bovinitysteven colbert did it17:15
akozakbah, it did it again17:19
akozaki dont get it, its reverting back to an april 6th save a minute after I update it.  do I need to re-publish?17:20
akozakdamn you colbert17:29
akozakpaulproteus: remember when we were trying to figure out how to get SMW to output a list of unique tags?
akozakgreate extension17:44
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mecredisBovinity: check out the CCN architecture diagram17:51
mecredisin the board report17:51
mecredislet me know if its the wrong direction / too much effort17:51
Bovinityslide #?17:51
Bovinitywhat did you do it in?17:53
mecredisI made the diagram17:53
mecredisthe custom shapes thingy17:53
mecredisit might be exportable17:53
mecredisdouble click it17:53
Bovinityoh, in docs?17:53
mecredisyeah, believe it or not17:54
mecredisyeah, it'll export as svg17:54
mecredisits fun, pretty powerful and stable17:54
Bovinityyeah, it's a nice start, a little untidy17:54
mecrediscan I assume you'll take care of it17:54
mecredisok thanks17:55
mecredisI wanted you to get the idea of what it should look like17:55
mecredisbut obviously don't have to use those icons, etc.17:55
Bovinitythey're very demitri martin ;)17:56
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nathanyjohndoigiii: didn't you send a link to a prototype of the web citation feature?18:03
johndoigiiiyes I did18:04
nathanyer, i can't find it :)18:04
johndoigiiiits in the git repo, branch webcitations, and I think staging is still on that branch18:04
nathanygot it18:04
johndoigiii here is the example i used18:05
akozaknathany: figured out how to query for pages that don't have any values for a certain property18:06
nathanyakozak: cool18:06
nathanyanother extension?18:06
akozaksort of.  I used ArrayExtension to define a property as the size of an array that contains those values18:07
akozakand then you can query for 018:07
mecredisjohndoigiii: not sure if this is intentional, but its not pulling the flickr photo for those citations18:07
johndoigiiiyeah I never finished that part18:08
nathanyjohndoigiii: did we wind up figuring out what the problem was with HTTP v HTTPS sessions?18:08
nathany(ie, getting a new session)18:08
johndoigiiiit could be hacked to work for flickr, but would be worthless for other citations so i didn't put any time into it18:08
johndoigiiinathany: yes, one sec18:10
nathanyno rush, just curious18:10
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nkinkadenathany: Did you get a SMS that translate went down?18:52
nkinkadeI got the one that it was OK, but not the one for the problem.  Clearly this is less than ideal. :-)18:53
nathanynkinkade: that's what i got as well18:55
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nkinkadeNow the CRITICAL SMS just arrived.  Must have been some holdup with mail ... seems that Nagios did it's job.19:07
Bovinitymecredis: your cards are on order; i'll forward the UPS tracker when i get it19:11
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nathanygreg-g: shit20:32
nathanysorry, i'm a couple minutes late20:32
greg-gnathany: no worries, just chilln20:34
akozaknkinkade: what tag/branch do you pull from from the mediawiki svn for opened (if you know off the top of your head, just curious)20:39
nkinkadeakozak: We don't20:40
nkinkadeThe OpenEd site is running from a subversion checkout from Mediawiki's repository.20:40
akozakthat's what I meant20:41
Bovinityakozak: ^ that one20:41
akozakthanks Bovinity20:42
akozakBovinity: do you know what the difference between tags and branches are in their repository?20:42
Bovinityno clue, i just svn info'd the checkout20:42
akozakok thanks20:42
johndoigiiinkinkade: you have a second to help me out with a Varnish issue?20:43
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Sure.20:44
johndoigiii... its in reference to the HTTPS redirects for CC Network, I think we discussed this about a week ago20:44
johndoigiiiwhere when a redirect happens, the session cookie is changing for the application20:44
nkinkadeThe HTTPS redirect happens in Apache at the moment.20:44
johndoigiiiyes, but for the staging vhost, the apache redirects are disabled and the app is handling the redirects20:46
nkinkadeWhat's the question you have?20:46
johndoigiiiha, can we take down Varnish for the
nkinkadeHow do you mean?  Just pass all traffic for right through Varnish?20:48
nkinkadeYeah, that's easy to do.  Would you like for me to do it now?20:48
johndoigiiiyes plz if you don't mind20:48
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nkinkadejohndoigiii: Done.20:51
nkinkadeVarnish will still touch the request, but as soon as it sees that it's it'll just pass it to the configured backed.20:51
nkinkadeNo caching or anything else.20:51
pyrakheh.  turns out oop in php is even weirder than i had thought20:52
johndoigiiinkinkade, hmm so when it passes through varnish do it retain the remote ip of the request? or is it now localhost?20:54
nkinkadeI think your app will see
nkinkadeYou can check that.20:55
johndoigiiiyeah I am pretty sure it is, I think thats where the problem lies20:55
nkinkadeVarnish does add the X-Forwarded-For header, so you should be able to grab the clients real IP with that.20:55
nkinkadeInspect the headers and it should be there.  Our installs of Mediawiki use that header to report the client's real IP, so I know it's there.20:56
johndoigiiinkinkade: thanks, for your help21:04
nkinkadeDid that work for you?21:04
johndoigiiino it didn't21:05
nkinkadeYou couldn't grab the XFF header?21:09
johndoigiiistill working on that part21:12
nkinkadeBovinity: Do you know anything about z/support and javascript with Drupal?21:30
nkinkadeIt seems to not be loading JS at all.21:31
Bovinitythat sounds weird21:31
Bovinitynkinkade: what pages aren't working for you? or reported to not work.21:32
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nkinkadeBovinity: Nobody reported it.  I've been trying to get Ubercart going and then I realized all my problems are because not a single JS file is getting added by Drupal.21:38
Bovinitynkinkade: oh, Ubercart's JS isn't loading into the <head> properly?21:39
nkinkadeBovinity: Right.21:40
nkinkadeBut neither is Drupal's JS.21:40
Bovinityi see there are some differences on included JS between zupport and support21:41
nkinkadeThere's a Drupal function called drupal_add_js() ... you can call that function to add some JS to a queue that Drupal keeps before it creates the page. I can view the contents of the queue, but not one thing from the queue is getting written.21:41
nkinkadefor example, /includes/jquery.js is not getting included, but I suspect it should be and this is totally separate from Ubercart.21:42
nkinkadeI was wondering if maybe you had some insight into this, or had tweaked something for the theme, etc.21:42
nkinkadeTell me you did, and I'll be very happy.21:42
Bovinitymaybe tehre's a missing function call to insert the js queue?21:42
Bovinitybut things are getting loaded on support, so i don't think anything is missing21:43
Bovinityjquery, etc21:43
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nkinkadeHmm.  So zupport has a problem.21:44
nkinkadeThat's discouraging.21:45
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nkinkadeBovinity: You're right.  It looks like support is loading the JS properly for Drupal.21:45
nkinkadeHey Bovinity, do you have anything special going on on zupport?21:46
nkinkadeI've got a mind to just checkout the production site on zupport.21:46
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Bovinitynope, all my recent changes are synced21:46
nkinkadeMaybe even copy the live database, so we've got updated info in there.21:46
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johndoigiiinkinkade, wow stupid error on my behalf21:56
nkinkadeGlad to hear that it wasn't my stupid error, which I do often. :-)21:56
johndoigiiiso the problem is what I mentioned last week, that we have the in the regular vhost21:58
johndoigiiiwell https request to are also that same ip, port21:58
johndoigiiiso its redirecting between staging to production21:58
* johndoigiii picks up his dunce cap21:59
johndoigiiiso i think we will need an extra ip assigned to a9, for our CC Network staging instance22:00
johndoigiiiI can write up an explanation to send forward to the isp/hosting if you'd like22:00
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Extra IPs are only $1/mo I think, we just have to request them.22:03
nkinkadeI can put in an order if you want.22:03
nkinkadenathany: Any issues with me requesting an extra IP for a9?22:03
johndoigiiiokay, unless you know of another way of setting up the vhost to listen on so that the ( config doesn't match as well?22:04
nathanynkinkade: this is an additional IP for
nkinkadeI think so.22:06
nathanyi'm fine with that22:06
nathanysure, coolio22:07
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nkinkadejohndoigiii: I just submitted a request for an additional IP.22:11
johndoigiiiawesome, thanks22:11
nkinkadeIf they are going to let us do it, then it should be up by tomorrow.22:11
akozakmoar ip22:13
nkinkadeBovinity: is supposed to validate?22:39
nkinkadeThe DOCTYPE is XHTML 1.0 Strict.22:39
nkinkadeI feel like you sorted out the validation a while back, but there are errors again.22:40
nkinkadeSomeone just wrote info@ about it.22:40
Bovinitythat's strange. shouldn't be, unless i put it in there to make IE play nice22:40
Bovinityhow nice of them22:40
nkinkadeIt would be good if it validated.22:40
nkinkadeConsidering that we tout web standards and such.22:41
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nkinkadeBovinity: On another front, I made support a checkout of the production code but still no dice ... it must be something in the database.22:41
nkinkadeBovinity: regarding the validation, can I reply saying that we'll be looking into it, or is this something that we're not going to put time into?22:42
Bovinitynkinkade: since we're doing donor related changes, it would probably be a good idea to reset the DB with more current production data22:43
Bovinityand settings22:43
nkinkadeCool.  I'll just backup the old zupport database and dump a fresh clone of the live one for zupport.22:43
Bovinitynkinkade: we'll look into fixing it. (but it's super low priority)22:43
nkinkadeBovinity: I'll create a ticket for the validation thing.22:44
pyrakFWIW: i have some experience hacking html and css to validate strict.  that's something i could work on.23:07
nkinkadepyrak: That would be great.23:08
nkinkadeOf course, it's something to run by NRY first.23:08
pyraksure.  he just gave me a list of 3 other things which will probably take priority, but i can append this anyway :)23:08
nkinkadeWhy not? :-)23:08
nkinkadepyrak: I created this ticket:
nkinkadeFeel free to make yourself nosy on it, or to add to it.23:09
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nkinkadeBovinity: Upgrading the Drupal database on zupport ssems to have fixed it.  Go figured.23:10
Bovinitynkinkade: bizarre23:11
nkinkadeSo you wanted me to update the CiviCRM db as well?23:11
Bovinitynkinkade: are all the civicrm premium/contribution settings stored in that db too, or just donors?23:11
Bovinityif it's just donors, then i guess it doesn't matter so much23:11
nkinkadeBovinity: There are 2 separate dbs, one for Drupal and one for CiviCRM.23:12
nkinkadeI only changed Drupal's db.23:12
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johndoigiiiakozak: ha I have so much to say about that23:51
johndoigiiiregarding the neglect of python projects23:51
akozakI was trying to ask myself what they left out23:53
johndoigiiizope for python is a big one23:53
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Bovinitywasn't turbogears py?23:58
johndoigiiiyeah thats another big one23:59
johndoigiiialso it neglects all of the recent cloud computing stuff23:59
Bovinityi expect the timeline is in svg.. someone should update it..23:59

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