Wednesday, 2009-06-10

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mecredisjohndoigiii: hey want to chat about the call15:40
mecredismore CCN stuff?15:40
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Xyc0heya chan16:18
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Xyc0I really want to start listening to cc music16:19
Xyc0but I am having a hard time finding it16:19
Xyc0prolly a commonly asked question16:19
Xyc0wewt thanks16:20
nkinkadeYou might look there, though there could an overwhelming about of only semi-relevant stuff.16:20
nkinkadeXyc0: Also take a look at and http://jamendo.com16:20
Xyc0I looked around magnatues16:20
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Xyc0cool, thanksa ton16:20
Xyc0oh wow, yah magnatunes was abad place to start16:22
Xyc0felt like it was all newage stuff :\16:22
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akozaknkinkade, around?17:11
nkinkadeakozak: Here.17:12
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akozakso i think I'd prefer to have git access so that I can immediately see changes to our forms17:13
akozakbut only if its not a huge task to get shell access17:13
akozakso git only handles file version control, not site updates?17:14
nkinkadeakozak: What OS do you run?17:14
akozakdo you need my key17:14
nkinkadeakozak: Right.  Git is version control, but the live site is a checkout of the git repository.  You need both git access and a shell account on a6.17:15
nkinkadeI can give you both.17:15
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah, send me your a public key and I'll give you write access.17:15
akozakok, that won't be too big of a project will it?17:15
akozaklet me know what I need to do17:15
akozakill also take your suggestion on the clone site I think17:17
akozakI'm not planning on making any major changes though17:18
akozaknkinkade: sent17:22
Bovinityakozak: if you have a working copy of the site on your laptop, and make changes to the theme in git, just ping one of us to sync production17:22
akozakBovinity: ok, that sounds like it could work.17:23
akozakSince I'm working with semantic forms though, I'll need to do more than just copy the site files over17:24
akozakerr, that is, semantic forms pulls info from the databases (I think)17:25
akozakwill git checkout pull that stuff?17:26
johndoigiiiakozak: no, the db won't come with17:32
johndoigiiiyou'll need to set up a local environment17:33
akozakok reading up on that now17:33
johndoigiiiare you on windowS?17:33
johndoigiiioh good17:34
johndoigiiiif you need help feel free to ping me17:34
akozakok awesome, thanks17:34
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akozakjohndoigiii: ok so if I clone the opened styles and make a local change, it won't commit the changes to teh git repo unless I tell it to, right?17:41
akozakok, that makes it less scary17:42
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akozakjohndoigiii: one other thing... the structure of our git repository isn't separated by site.  so if I wanted to clone opened, that would involve multiple clones right?17:44
akozakI'd have to do mediawiki, openedscripts, the theme, etc17:44
johndoigiiihmm yeah I think so, I haven't looked at that repo in a while17:44
akozaknkinkade: should i have permissions to clone from git, or are you still working on it?17:52
mecredisBovinity: there?17:55
Bovinitymecredis: aloha17:55
mecrediswe have some WMF people asking that "no Attribution" language be included on CC017:56
mecredishence the e-mail from Diane17:56
mecrediswe were wondering what your queue looks like for that17:56
mecredisjust so I can get back to them17:56
Bovinityi was just going to shoot out a reply17:56
mecredisI won't bug you then17:56
Bovinitybut if you need it urgent, end of the week17:56
mecredisthat's great17:56
mecredisI'm not sure its that urgent17:58
mecredisbut I want to say that its a priority17:59
mecredisfor the CC0 deeds17:59
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akozakyikes. i just got stuck in an infinite loop on opened using a semantic form.  that was messed up.18:17
akozaksubmitted the form and it infinitely re-loaded the submission icon thing18:18
nkinkadeakozak: Sorry.  I was having lunch.18:19
akozaknkinkade: no problem18:19
akozaknkinkade: something seems to be wrong with opened18:21
akozakgot a 503 trying to edit a form18:21
akozakok it's better maybe18:21
nkinkadeakozak: ?18:21
nkinkadeA temporary glitch?18:22
akozaknkinkade: ah yes, appears to be ok :)18:23
nkinkadePwew ... cause I know nothing about that theme and/or install.18:24
akozakOk, I wasn't doing anything with git though, just saving a page.18:25
akozakbut it's all good18:25
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Bovinitynkinkade: opened is still using an SVN checkout of mediawiki....18:32
nkinkadeBovinity: Yes.18:32
Bovinitynkinkade: is that going to get replaced with the git one in the near future?18:34
nkinkadeBovinity: I don't think anyone has talked about that, but it's surely possible.18:35
nkinkadeakozak: I think you can now try:18:37
nkinkade$ git clone
akozakno go, but i'm starting to think i gave you the wrong pub key18:40
nkinkadeakozak: Can you SSH to
nkinkadeI setup your public key for that as well.18:44
akozakmaybe I should try sending you a new key?18:45
akozaki shouldnt have named it akozak since i'm alex on this machine18:46
akozakif that makes a difference18:46
johndoigiiiwait no :)18:46
Bovinityshouldn't matter18:46
nkinkadeakozak: What might be wrong with the key you sent me?18:46
akozaki didnt tell it rsa?18:46
nkinkadeakozak: the way you named the key doesn't matter, it's the contents of the file that count.18:46
nkinkadeIt does RSA by default.18:47
nkinkadeIt's an RSA key.18:47
akozakthen the only thing i can think is that i shouldnt have given it a passphrase18:47
johndoigiiiakozak: when did you make the key? make sure you still have the same user@hostname18:48
nkinkadeakozak:  try $ ssh -p 2222 a6.creativecommons.org18:48
akozaknope, i can connect it's just not liking my password18:49
nkinkadeakozak: You have no password.  It should authenticate with the key.18:50
akozaki was wondering why it was asking me18:50
akozakshould i just try sending you this new key?18:50
nkinkadeOh wait. akozak  You'll need to ssh to akozak@a6.creativecommons.org18:50
nkinkadeIf you're local username is alex.18:50
nkinkadeOr you can use the -l option.18:51
nkinkadePort 2222 is closed, but if this doesn't work then I'll try that again.18:51
akozakyea no go, still asking for a password18:51
nkinkadeWhat is the line you are using?18:52
nkinkade$ ssh akozak@a6.creativecommons.org18:52
nkinkadeTry that again, but with -p 222218:52
nkinkadeI'll get a debug dump on the server side.18:52
nkinkadeYou should also try -vvv with the client.18:53
akozakok let me check my ssh config18:54
akozakthere we go18:55
nkinkadeakozak: Try adding -i ~/.ssh/id_akozak18:55
akozakthat was dumb18:56
nkinkadeIt worked?18:56
nathanyakozak: nkinkade: if you rename the id, you have to explicitly specify it :)18:56
akozaksorry about that18:56
akozaknkinkade: thanks for your help18:59
akozaknathany: now you tell me :)19:00
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akozakoops disregard20:00
nkinkadeakozak: You may have already figured it out, but the files for OpenED are at /var/www/
akozakok cool, thanks.20:08
akozaki had some other work to do but I'll take a look soon20:08
akozakit might be useful to use svn/git to get the files though20:10
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johndoigiiihey nkinkade, you around?20:14
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Yeah.20:14
johndoigiiiare you familiar with license_xsl?20:15
johndoigiiii was wondering why the zero license is not included in licenses.xml?20:17
nkinkadejohndoigiii: I'm a little familar with license_xsl, but not about why zero wouldn't be in there.20:20
johndoigiiioh okay, thx20:21
nkinkadejohndoigiii: As far as I know, the plan is to eliminate license_xsl at some point and have nothing but RDF.  Perhaps nathany implemented CC zero in a way that didn't rely on license_xsl to help move that plan forward.20:23
johndoigiiiahh, that makes sense20:24
nathanynkinkade: that's roughly accurate; plus it's such a PITA to work with20:24
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nkinkadenathany: johndoigiii: Are we doing to have a meeting today?20:29
nathanyyeah, we should; conference line ok?20:30
nathanylet me see if parker is around20:30
nathanynope... just us 3 -- nkinkade, johndoigiii, conf line?20:31
nkinkadeOr we could do a 3- or 4-way Skype call.20:31
nathanynkinkade: i don't have my USB headset @ the office20:32
nathany(and i've never gotten that external mic to work with my thinkpad)_20:32
nkinkadeconf line it is ...20:32
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nathanypyrak: we're doing a tech checkin on the conference line now... you're welcome to join if you like; if not we can talk tomorrow one on one20:33
pyraknathany, sorry, i was afk.  im assuming i missed the call?20:35
nathanypyrak: still on going20:35
nathanyjoin if you like; otherwise no worries20:35
pyraksame line as the all-staff thing this morning?20:35
pyrakk, 1 sec.  i'll pop in20:36
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akozaksmw is getting really frustrating21:08
akozakformat-debug on an #ask query that exceeds the query depth limit doesn't tell you its query depth21:08
akozakit says the size and depth are 0 and just outputs the same error21:09
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akozakdoes anyone know why i cant join a google group with my cc address?  is that not part of the partner account?21:54
pyrakturns out my apache is taking the afternoon off21:56
Bovinitythe possibilities of a crude joke there are endless21:56
akozakpaulproteus: ping21:57
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pyrakpaulproteus, also ping :/22:01
pyraki'm getting "Curious.  There seems to be an error" for any page i try to visit on my apache2 install.  apache2 restart didnt fix it...22:02
pyrakis that particular error string unique to some SFC code?22:02
Bovinitythe message sounds like something paulproteus would write22:04
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pyrakBovinity, that's what i thought.  and i knew i had seen it on some stuff.22:06
pyrakthen i googled it, and a wiki page at fc.o was the most relevant hit22:06
pyrakso apparently asheesh has h4x0r3d mai srvr omfgbbq22:06
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Bovinityit's not unlikely. lulz.22:07
pyrakoh wait22:07
pyraki know exactly why22:07
pyraki was tunneling through the fc.o server in japan to test language stuff, and i totally forgot22:08
akozaknkinkade: still working?22:09
Bovinityasheesh's server in joi's network?22:09
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah.  What's up?22:09
Bovinityso, er, yeah, he haxed your server indeed ;)22:09
akozaknkinkade: Would be really nice to have this extension on OpenEd
nkinkadeakozak: Install it.  You've got shell access now. ;-)22:10
nkinkadeOh, wait, I don't think I added you to the right group.22:11
akozakoooooh :)22:11
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nkinkadeYou're in the group "users," which should have write access to everything in there.22:12
akozakok cool!  thanks22:12
nkinkadeOne suggestion: You might find it most expedient to install it as an svn checkout.22:12
akozakyes, that's what I'm looking up how to do22:12
nkinkadecd /var/www/ && svn co
nkinkadeThen a quick edit to LocalSettings.php ...22:14
nkinkadeI assume that should mostly handle it.22:14
akozakok, I just wasnt sure if you had to do anything git-like (i.e. creating the directory first)22:14
nkinkadeIf you're currently logged into a6, you might need to log out then back in for your login session to pickup the group I just added you to.22:14
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akozaknkinkade: can i edit localsettings from the command line or do I need to do it locally and commit it with git?22:16
nkinkadeakozak: You'll need to do it remotely on the command line.22:17
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nkinkadeThe only thing under our version control in that whole install is the skin.22:17
nkinkadeEverything else is a subversion checkout from medaiwiki.22:17
nkinkadeBut we can't commit back to Mediawiki, so all changes just stay local, at least for now.22:18
nkinkadeWe may choose to convert OpenEd to our gitted Mediawiki setup.22:18
akozakoh I get it22:19
akozakto reduce the work of configuring any future mw install?22:19
nkinkadeTeamspace and the CC wiki are running from
nkinkadeIt's good because upgrades are easier and also because we can commit any modifications we make back to our own repository.22:20
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akozakwoot, added my first extension and edited my first settings file22:22
akozaknow i can do my assigned work22:22
nkinkadenathany: Is this business with CC JO something I should be looking into?22:24
akozakthis is a perfect illustration of that xkcd comic... in order to write this report I need these graphs, and to make these graphs i need these queries, and to make these queries i need this extension22:24
nathanynkinkade: can you see if pootle is logging anything?22:24
nathanythat'd be helpful22:24
nkinkadeI'll poke around, but if I don't find anything is there somewhere else I should be looking.  Is it just a bad translation most likely, or has he uploaded a non-Unicode file?22:25
nathanyfuck if i know22:25
nathanyactually i'll email him now and ask him to send us the file directly so we can look at it.22:25
nkinkadeDidn't he already sent it to us earlier in that thread?22:27
nkinkadenathany: He sent it to us attached to an email on June 1.22:28
nkinkadeI'll look at that file myself.22:28
nkinkadeI'll try to see if maybe he's slipped in some non-Unicode chars.22:29
nathanynkinkade: yeah, i'm not sure what the problem would be22:30
nkinkadenathany: Here's the most recent error from the Pootle log:
nathanyman, that looks like a Pootle bug22:31
nathanyok, i'll take a look @ that code and see if anything is obvious22:32
nkinkadenathany: WTF?  What does "Update" do in the editing functions?  I wasn't even aware that we used that function.  That's where he's getting the error.22:41
nathanynkinkade: that's what I was just realizing22:41
nathanyi'll email him now22:41
nkinkadeI think this may be some of the confusion: he has been telling us that things are showing up on staging okay, but that he gets that error, so he things something is wrong.22:42
nathanyyeah... i got confused about uploading the PO file, though22:43
nkinkadeI think a few weeks back I tried to find out what Update does and couldn't even find it in the Pootle docs.  Maybe I didn't look hard enough.22:44
nathanynkinkade: it's supposed to update the PO files from source control22:48
nathanywe never bothered configuring/setting it up because we exert a22:48
nathanylittle more control over the process (cc2po, etc)22:48
nkinkadeMaybe I should remove that link from the template??22:48
nathanynkinkade: if you can do it easily, that'd be great22:49
nkinkadeI can't see why it would be hard.  I'll look at it.  If it takes more than  few minutes I'll make a ticket and do it later.22:49
nathanyok great22:49
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