Friday, 2009-06-12

johndoigiiiyou can tell the author is more of a PHP person00:00
johndoigiiiplenty of comments there00:01
johndoigiiiha yeah00:02
Bovinityit's missing a lot of web browser history too00:02
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papyromancerAnyone around to answer a few questions about the programmer job post?00:56
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papyromancerI guess I'll just apply.  I suppose the staff of developers are out for the day if not already on their way to NY for the conference... Salon's tonight isn't it ;)01:23
papyromancerHave a fun or three.01:23
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papyromancerhehehe. I'm a week ahead... still time for me to make it up there too :)03:21
papyromancerI'll pester again during normal chat hours :)03:22
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shyam_kclassical musical artists here usually  perform on public stages, where it would be some hall very near to the middle of town, and usually even speakers are placed on to the public road inorder to make it BIG;-) if i record such events, will the copyright laws still prevail?13:45
shyam_ki mean there is a pretty huge collection of public performance of all those master artists(both dead and alive..) if there is any point aiding us to make it under creative commons, as they are all public performance, which anyone could listen or anything.. it would be a great move forward, creating a good pool of creative commons music..;-)13:49
shyam_kcreating it the easy way;-)13:50
shyam_kam i making any sense?:)13:51
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papyromancershyam_k: I don't know if my experience here is applicable <legal>I am not a lawyer</legal>, but the music festivals I've gotten press passes to attend and record have requires me to sign ridiculous press agreements saying that I won't broadcast more than 30 seconds of any individual piece of music, those 30 seconds being from the first 90 seconds of the entire performance :( Perhaps you could get in good with the concert producers t16:05
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sf_mib_193if I had a project that was about creating a knew knowledge sharing project through a website (not exactly like wikipedia, and not like a regular tutorial website), but based on sharing our knowledge to other people, is a new kind of way (still gotta refine that)), would you know of any free platform that could host the project website?17:18
sf_mib_193thx for your help :)17:18
sf_mib_193(was redirected here form sourceforge)17:19
sf_mib_193does creativecommons host any projects?17:20
greg-gwhat do you mean by "platform"? a hosting provider like dreamhost or a content management system like moodle?17:20
akozaksf_mib_193: you could try searching google for "free wiki"17:20
greg-gsf_mib_193: we don't do hosting for community members, there are plenty of places out there that do similar things though (like,, flickr, etc etc)17:21
greg-goh, you want a wiki? free hosted wikis are relatively easy to find.17:21
sf_mib_193yeah but I didn't want to make a simple wiki, or a picture galery17:21
sf_mib_193what we really need is a "small" webspace17:22
snap-lAre you looking to craft software to make this knowledge base?17:22
sf_mib_193no, not directly17:22
snap-lOK, if that was the case, then sourceforge would be the place to host that (the code).17:23
sf_mib_193I already asked them, and they said I should come here17:23
snap-lRight. I'm the person who recommended you come here.17:24
snap-lJust making sure I didn't miss something in the initial request.17:24
sf_mib_193yes sorry :$17:24
akozakCreative Commons creates public licenses that would reduce the legal barriers to sharing and collaboration on your platform17:24
akozakBut in general CC doesn't host third-party projects.17:25
sf_mib_193ok :s17:25
sf_mib_193and you wouldn't know of any thing like it that would host?17:25
akozakNot off the top of my head.  I would do some google searches.  I recommend for small project hosting, but it requires a bit of technical knowledge.17:26
sf_mib_193I'll have a look17:27
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snap-lThanks folks.17:29
snap-lI know it's a little out of the norm for CC.17:29
snap-lBut I figured there might be some expertise on the subject.17:29
snap-lMuch appreciated!17:30
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akozakBovinity: how do you check page rendering on different browsers/OS?18:13
akozakthat is, how do *you*18:15
akozakdo we have an account with one of those rendering services?18:16
Bovinityakozak: sometimes i use one of those rendering sites; or i use VMWare; or i get up and use one of the PCs18:24
Bovinityi also don't aim to get IE looking precisely the same as gecko/webkit. it's impossible. :)18:25
Bovinityer, not impossible per se, but silly to waste time on.18:26
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Bovinitynkinkade: WP 2.8 is out, apparently with svn switch caveats, via greg-g --
nkinkadeBovinity: Thanks for the tip.18:38
nkinkadeOur main WP install is using vendor branches, so it's not an issue.18:39
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akozakBovinity: thanks19:08
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Bovinitynkinkade: can you hear jen?21:08
nkinkadeYeah, I can hear Jen.21:08
mecredisI think jen & nathan thought they couldn't hear each other21:09
mecredisbut in fact they could21:09
Bovinitywe cant hear nathan21:09
nkinkadeBovinity: Can anyone calling in with Skype be heard on your end?21:10
mecredisits joe21:10
nkinkadeJen says no.21:10
mecredisnkinkade: can you mute?21:10
nkinkademecredis:  I can mute, why?21:11
mecredisyour typing21:11
nkinkademecredis:  That's Jen typing.21:11
nkinkadeNot me.21:11
Bovinityit was jen21:11
mecredisoh I see21:11
nkinkadeBovinity: So can anyone on Skype be heard on your end?21:11
nkinkadeOkay, that makes me feel better.21:12
johndoigiiihey, is there a skype call for the meeting?21:13
mecrediscall jen21:13
nkinkadeOr have Jen call you.21:14
nkinkadeUnless there's a way for her to join an incoming call to an existing conference.21:14
Bovinityi think there is. IM jen.21:15
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Bovinityright on21:30
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mecredisWE'RE LOSING HIM21:41
Bovinitythat presentaiton wasn't quite the same without the slides21:57
mecredisBovinity: they're on teamspace22:08
Bovinitymecredis: ah, good22:08
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ranamastesounds good22:24
Bovinityranamaste: if you come in here acting like a douche who wants credit card numbers, we'll give you shit about it. pretty simple.22:30
ranamasteno i was just testing22:32
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pyrakisforinsects, have you done cc stuff in the past?23:03
isforinsectseer? define 'cc stuff'23:08
pyrakeh, jw if there was a specific reason that you chill in #cc, other than the fact that you like freedom23:13
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isforinsectsYeah, I've done a few projects with paulproteus23:17
isforinsectsmostly before I came to olpc23:18
isforinsectsWe haven't done anything lately23:18
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