Tuesday, 2009-06-09

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greg-gpaulproteus: is your AsheeshBot email reminder code available in a public git repo?15:04
paulproteusgreg-g, Yes, should be15:15
paulproteusOr svn15:15
paulproteusOne sec15:15
paulproteusURL: svn+ssh://svn@code.creativecommons.org/svnroot/pywikipedia/trunk15:17
paulproteusstaff.py there and weekly_teamspace_page_creator.py15:17
paulproteusKind of hacky, but there you have it.15:20
greg-gpaulproteus: awesome, thanks!15:22
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bsei really need to open up ssh on my home network, for when the cat wakes up my imac16:55
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akozakyikes whats up with cclearn staging17:15
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bsemecredis__: do you upload your CC presentations to teamspace?17:54
mecredis__bse: no, slideshare17:54
mecredis__though I should link to them from teamspace17:55
mecredis__http://www.slideshare.net/mecredis/creative-commons-spring-2009-presentation is the generic one I've been working from recently17:56
bsemecredis__: could you upload, or email me, the keynote file for the generic?17:56
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Howchengquestion about attribution: if i have thumbnail that leads to a page with a larger CC-BY licensed image, does the attribution have to be done with the thumbnail if it's already on the large image page?18:28
Howchenglarge = full-size version of the same, not a different large CC-BY image18:30
nkinkadeHowcheng: That's difficult to say.18:43
nkinkadeGiving attribution is somewhat a matter of being reasonable and courteous.18:43
nkinkade... at least that's how I view it.  The license states certain things about how attribution must be done, but can't cover every possible use case.18:44
akozakIANAL, but thumbnails have been found to be fair use in the past (at least for indexing purposes): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_10_v._Google,_Inc.18:45
Howchenghmm ... so thumbnailing could theoretically be claimed under fair use18:52
akozakthat's one justification.  there may be others, such as what nkinkade said.18:53
akozakbut like i said, this is not legal advice18:53
Howchengok, thanks for the input18:54
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nkinkadenathany: I regenerated the Unported Deeds, but I still don't see el showing up as an option in the language selection box.19:00
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johndoigiiiBovinity: http://proxi.griffintechnology.com/21:42
bovinity_johndoigiii: nifty21:48
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akozak_oooh http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:External_Data23:48

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