Monday, 2009-06-08

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mecredisjohndoigiii: thought of a cool thing for the web citation thing over the weekend15:12
johndoigiiihey fred, reading your emails now15:12
mecredishaha, sorry about that15:12
mecredisat least one was pecked out at 1am after a lot of beer15:13
johndoigiiihaha, well I know exactly what thats like15:13
johndoigiiiits actually a pretty clever approach15:13
mecredisyeah, its a particularly interesting problem to me15:13
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mecredisright, hence the breathless explanation15:13
johndoigiiihow to do it is the real challenge lol15:13
mecredisand hungover perl hacking15:13
mecredisits basically a pattern recognition problem15:13
mecrediswhich is, uh, non-trivial15:14
johndoigiiihmm, okay, so what have you been tinkering with?15:14
mecredisoh yeah15:14
mecredisa "one click" attribution bookmarklet15:15
mecredisso you get the HTML slug immediately15:15
mecredisAND it gets cited15:15
mecredisits dicey because you'd be doing a ajax call through a book marklet15:15
mecredisand hijacking the clipboard15:15
mecredis(and by get the slug, I mean its placed in your paste clipboard)15:16
johndoigiiiinteresting, so the user would never see a page in the process?15:16
mecredisyeah, I mean it'd be predicated on having an account15:17
mecredisand knowing what you're doing15:17
mecredisit may have to wait for ccMoz, js bookmarklets may not be able to handle all that15:17
mecredisanyway, just a thought15:18
mecredisadded to teamspace15:18
johndoigiiiwell actually I think you could definitely embed js code to use the clipboard in a bookmarklet15:19
mecredisright, the ajax call is another story15:21
mecredisunless you do the scrape locally w/ the browser15:21
johndoigiiiyeah for the meta inf?15:21
mecrediswhich gets me thinking, how are you doing it now?15:22
mecredisvia right, not the browser?15:22
johndoigiiiuhm, right now i am scraping for RDFa triples on the page15:24
mecredisvia a curl15:24
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johndoigiiiuhm no, actually its an ajax request15:26
mecredisto the validator?15:26
johndoigiiioh wow, you could use that couldn't you, do you curl the validator of the url you want and scrape for what the validator finds?15:27
mecredisideally yes15:27
mecredisbut the validator just checks validity15:27
mecredisand as far as I know15:27
mecredisdoesn't return values15:27
johndoigiiio ok15:29
mecredisI'll let you get back to work15:29
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nkinkadenathany: Is Parker in AIM?17:20
nathanynkinkade: no idea17:20
nkinkadeI'll just reply to the email.17:20
nathanygreat, thanks :)17:20
nkinkadeBack in the States now, by the way.  Atlanta.17:20
nathanyok, great17:20
nkinkadeI'll met up with Asheesh here at some point.17:20
nathanylol... sounds good; i'm anxious to hear how things are going for him17:21
nathany(i get intermittent emails, but it sounds like he's working... tons)17:21
nkinkadeMe too.  He doesn't live that far from where I'm at.17:21
nathanyso i'm really trying to protect our time on wednesday17:21
nathanyso we can have a good conversation about projects, etc17:21
paulproteus(hey all)17:22
nkinkadepaulproteus: Hi.17:22
paulproteus(currently fiddling with Windmill + Django; mikeal is characteristically extremely helpful on IRC)17:22
nathanypaulproteus: ah, yeah, Windmill looked cool @ PyCon17:22
paulproteusI don't really prefer it to Selenium for any reason except mikeal's IRC help.17:24
nathanypaulproteus: for some reason i thought it had a smaller footprint (but i could have been imagining that)17:25
paulproteusI think it does, "but computers are fast."17:25
paulproteusi know everyone wants tests to be quick, and I do too.17:25
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johndoigiiiawesome thx19:01
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Bovinityyay, random A4 paper in the manual feed19:09
nathanyBovinity: damn, I missed it!19:10
johndoigiiimecredis: ping19:15
johndoigiiithe citation stuff is up on staging, if you wanna play with it, user/pass = fcb/fcb19:17
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mecredisjohndoig-lunch: cool thanks19:23
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nkinkadenathany: how long ago did you make the changes to the Greek PO file?21:20
nkinkadeI just didn't an svn up and didn't see any changes to the Greek PO files get pulled in.21:20
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nathanynkinkade: i made the change this morning21:25
nkinkadeTo Greek or Arabic?21:27
nkinkadeYou said Greek, but I only saw ar changes come down.21:27
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paulproteusjohndoigiii, nathany - do you guys do Django schema migrations? I just started using "South" for it, but I wonder what e.g. does.21:38
paulproteus == South21:38
nathanypaulproteus: we use dmigration21:39
nathanyiirc there's a labs post on why i chose that21:39
paulproteusI'll read it!21:39
johndoigiiipaulproteus: dmigrations21:39
paulproteusGot it. I will go with South since it makes life easy now and the transition will be hard (and probably not history-preserving) no matter what; your reasoning here is basically, "Pick something that makes the future transition less hard and most likely history-preserving."21:42
paulproteusBut thanks, that was useful.21:43
nkinkadenathany: Looks like we just needed to run po2cc so that cc.engine can pick up the change, but when I run po2cc I get an exception of: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'string'21:47
nkinkadeDo you get the same?21:47
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nathanynkinkade: yes, i ran into this this morning and fixed... forgot to commit those files21:50
nathanyi think i committed an updated cc-style po for el, though, so you should be good to go for that21:50
nathany(and i'll commit the other files)21:50
nkinkadeHmm.  I wasn't seen that.  /viewsvn only showed the change to i18n/po/el21:52
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nathanynkinkade: i'll double check21:54
nathanynkinkade: just commited21:57
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balleynejohndoigiii: quick question about LicenseChooser.js. Turns out the drupal module is already using the CC API for license selection. Any advantage to switching to LicenseChooser.js, or should I just leave it using the API?22:53
johndoigiiiI would reccomend using the LicenseChooser.js22:55
johndoigiiiare they using the chooser from the API currently?22:55
johndoigiiialso, which version of the api is being used?22:58
balleynethe API calls don't seem to have a version, e.g.  not sure what that means23:07
balleynecurrently using the API chooser, yes23:07
balleyne(sorry johndoigiii, missed your reply, paying attention now)23:08
nathanyballeyne: that's not a valid API call23:09
nathanyshould be /rest/1.5/ or /rest/dev/23:09
pyraknathany, ping23:09
nathany(if it works, you're just lucky)23:09
nathanyhi pyrak23:09
* pyrak is parker phinney, your tech intern23:09
nathanyoh, cool23:10
nathanynice to meet you virtually :)23:10
nathanyhope your first day is going ok23:10
pyrakso i got your email.  just finished doing a bunch of logistics here: email, teamspace, etc23:10
paulproteusHey pyrak!23:10
paulproteusHello from Atlanta!23:10
pyrakpaulproteus, omfghi23:10
balleynenathany: good to know! i've made note to change that23:10
akozakhola pyrak23:10
paulproteusYeah, sorry about the whole geography and timing thing.23:10
paulproteusI really am.23:11
johndoigiiinathany: looking at the apache conf for api, it rewrites to 1.023:11
nathanyjohndoigiii: ah23:11
pyrakpaulproteus, don't even worry about it23:11
nathanythat must be for legacy (like SUPER legacy) support23:11
nathanyaka, "shit i wrote before i was full time > 5 yrs ago"23:11
johndoigiiiha, you mean like drupal modules?23:12
nathanywell, i didn't write *that* :)23:12
nathany(but yeah)23:12
pyrakso i'll admit that i'm only sort of familiar with public key auth23:13
johndoigiiiballeyne, I think at the very least the rest call should be updated to use 1.523:13
pyrakpaulproteus, walked me through it once...23:13
nathanypyrak: what host OS are you using?23:13
pyrakso, i generate a key with ssh-keygen23:13
pyraknathany, ubuntu23:13
nathanyok, cool23:13
nathanyso that should have created a couple files in ~/.ssh23:13
nathanyid_xxx and id_xxx.pub23:14
nathany(where xxx is the key type)23:14
nathanysee those?23:14
pyrakthen i should probably backup  those two files, right?23:14
nathanyuh, sure23:14
nathanythe one w/pub is the public key -- you can give that to anyone23:14
nathanythe other one is your private key; for your eyes only23:14
nathanysend nkinkade and/or myself the public key with your preferred username (pyrak?) and we'll add you to the source control system23:15
nathanysince you're using ubuntu, it'll handle passing the keys when necessary (if you only have one, which it sounds like is the case at the moment)23:15
nkinkadepyrak: Parker?23:15
pyraknkinkade, ahoy23:15
pyrakokay, sending email now23:15
balleynejohndoigiii: ok, will do. would switching to LicenseChooser.js still be preferable in the long run? like, is that recommended over the API license selection?23:16
nkinkadeWould you also like pyrak as your username?23:16
nathanyballeyne: i don't think there's a clear win to switching over23:16
nathanyboth will continue to be supported23:16
pyraknkinkade, yes please23:17
nathanyjohndoigiii may have an opinion about which would be better for users, but i'd say if they're used to one, keep doing that for the time being23:17
nathany(does that make sense?)23:17
johndoigiiiyes, nathany's word should certainly trump mine in any case too btw :)23:18
balleynehaha alright, thanks23:18
nathanyjohndoigiii: don't mean to step on your toes, just imagined i could answer quicker :)23:18
pyrakpublic key sent23:18
johndoigiiihaha no no thats fine23:18
nathanynkinkade: can you add pyrak to svn/git?23:18
nkinkadenathany: I will as soon as I receive his key.23:18
nathanyawesome, thanks23:18
balleynethere aren't really any users yet though, the module was never mode than a dev snapshot, but if it doesn't really make a difference I'll just stick with the current implementation. thanks23:18
nathanypyrak: baring a huge relapse or picking up whooping cough, i'm planning to be in the office tomorrow23:19
pyraknathany, okay cool.  is there anything else that i ought to do before tomorrow morning?23:19
nathanypyrak: no, i think once nkinkade gets your key added, just try to checkout the source code and we can go from there tomorrow23:20
nathanyif you have time to start poking around in it, that'd be helpful; it's been a while since i looked at that particular code myself23:21
nkinkadeI'll have pyrak's access setup in the next 5 minutes or so.23:21
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nkinkadepyrak: You should have read/write to everything in svn and git now.23:25
nkinkadeSo you should be able to do:23:25
nkinkade$svn co svn+ssh://
nkinkade(for example)23:26
pyrakok, checked out ccsearch code.  poking around now23:32
pyrakshould test to make sure i can commit a change?23:32
nkinkadepyrak: If you were able to make a checkout with that command, then I'll take it for granted that you can commit as well.23:33
pyrakmakes sense23:33
nkinkadeIf your key wasn't setup correctly then you wouldn't have been able to even checkout.23:33
Bovinitynathany: did you get the strep too?23:41
nathanyBovinity: it's not entirely clear; the doctor wound up giving me a round of azithromycin thinking my cough has been due to a non-strep throat bug23:41
nathanyof course, that'd also kill strep, so...23:42
nathanywho knows23:42
Bovinityso a weird coincidence that we both got a throat infection then.23:42

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