Monday, 2009-06-01

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nkinkadenathany: It seems as if people's tasks in Teamspace have disappeared.19:41
nathanynkinkade: hrm19:50
nathanyhave you had a specific error report?19:50
nkinkadenathany: From Cameron.19:50
nathanyit may just need to have the index rebuilt...19:50
nathanyok i'll take a look19:50
nkinkadeSays all his task disappeared.19:50
nkinkadenathany: I'm just not very familiar with that whole setup, so I didn't even know quite where to begin.19:51
nathanynkinkade: sure19:51
nathanylooking @ his page it appears that it's using old-style ask queries19:51
nathanyi'll look @ fixing...19:51
nkinkadeMy page must be using old-style #ask queries too because all my old tasks are gone too.19:56
nathanynkinkade: i just refreshed the SMW index and that made some of cparkin's show up20:01
nathanyare yours showing up now?20:01
nathanynkinkade: cameron's should be fixed20:06
nathanyi'm happy to fix any others that report bugs20:07
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nkinkadenathany: That's probably a fine plan.  I don't think too many people are using the Tasks feature of teamspace anymore, so no need to create work.20:18
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nkinkadenathany: Did you recently regenerate loads of Deeds?21:20
nathanynkinkade: uh, i don't *think* so21:26
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nkinkadeI'm just svn upping license.rdf/trunk/licenses and load and loads of new changes are coming down the pipe.21:27
nathanythey aren't the deeds you regenerated when we launched the new, lower portion of the deed?21:27
nkinkadeIf they were, then they'd already be in my local checkout.21:29
nathanyno idea21:29
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nkinkadeNot a problem, just wondering ... seemed strange, but I'll just let it run.21:30
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nkinkadenathany: Should I close the co-ment ticket, or should we leave it be for a little longer?22:53
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nathanynkinkade: you can reassign to me; it's up and running, i just pinged diane re: TOS, etc23:18
nkinkadeIt's already assigned to you. :-)(23:18
nathanythen don't fuck with it ;)23:19
nkinkadeFair 'nuff.23:19
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