Sunday, 2009-05-31

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BlueGI am curious about embedding licensing metadata in html and media files, and accessing embedded license data. I can't seem to find any really practical information on this. Can you embed licensing for images in rdf in the html document linking to it? How do you use xmp for embedding licensing data into media files? Which media formats is it compatible with?18:44
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jjmarinHi, I want to read cc license parsing xmp metadata. If I undertand there are a lot of propierties to check and this seems confusing to me. I wonder if good enough to check xmpRights:WebStatement. Any comment or suggestion ? Thanks.21:50
jjmarinOn the other hand, I don't know if /rdf:Description/dc:rights/rdf:Alt/rdf:li is a reliable source for the license message21:55
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jjmarinIs there any mailing list to ask about embeded licences ?22:21
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jjmarinHi, I'm working on a patch for adding cc support to the GNOME's document viewer, evince. I have some question about xmp on pdfs. Please, take a look on and post a comment if you can help or reply on the irc. _Thanks_ in advance23:49
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