Thursday, 2009-05-28

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nkinkadenathany: Do we have any policy about who can and can't get a <ctry code> site on our WP-mu site?  CC Turkey would like to have one, but they aren't launched.  I don't see a problem, but just wanted to make sure.16:03
nathanynkinkade: just check with michelle to make sure they have an MOU16:05
nathanyif they do, they can have one16:05
nkinkadeShe's the one who proposed it.16:05
nathanythen it's fine with me :)16:06
nkinkadeI'll double check that they have an MOU.16:06
nathanynkinkade: i don't particularly care about the MOU, I just know it's an early, formal step in the process16:06
nkinkadeGood.  Thanks.16:06
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Kissakiwith by-nc, does non-commercial only disallow direct sale and editing for commercial use? Or also disallow use in a commercial environment?16:41
Kissakieg, Web-Interface licensed under cc by-nc, can a company use the Interface for it's clients who rent a server/something else where they also get access to the interface?16:42
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nkinkadeKissaki: There's no clear answer to that question.17:19
nkinkadeThe licenses state that the "primary motivation" (or some working like that) cannot be commercial.17:20
nkinkadeWhat exactly that means is very ambiguous.17:20
nkinkadeThere's a study underway.17:20
Kissakiok, thank you17:20
nkinkadeYou can search the CC blog for more information about he study.  You could probably even search Google for something like "creative commons nc study" or something similar.17:21
nkinkadeBasically, use your best judgement.  If you're in doubt contact the copyright holder, or else look for works with a more permissive license.17:21
Kissakiwell, I17:22
Kissakiwell, I'm the holder, so I wondered :P17:22
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Does bin/paster on a7 do anything with email?17:25
nkinkadeThere is something on a7 that is trying to send mails about every 3 seconds but is trying to send malformed emails and postfix is rejecting them.17:25
nkinkadeThe logs are piled up with rejections from Postfix.17:26
nkinkadeI'm not 100% sure yet, but it seems as if the culprit may be cc.engine.17:26
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nkinkadeKissaki: In that case you could perhaps indicate in your license marking or somewhere what types of usage you would personally consider to be commercial.17:28
nkinkadeIt may or may not be legally binding, but at least you could disambiguate what you personally would consider commercial, and somebody would probably appreciate that.17:29
Kissakithanks for the info :)17:29
nkinkadenathany: ^^ about paster above???17:30
nkinkadeAny input.17:30
KissakiI'll see about that, or if I don't even care at all17:30
nathanynkinkade: there's a feature that allows people to email themselves the copy-and-paste HTML17:32
nathanyperhaps someone tried to send the message to a bogus address?17:33
nkinkadenathany:  Does it never give up trying to send?17:34
nathanynkinkade: i don't think it does retry17:34
nathanynkinkade: which log do you see the error in?17:34
nkinkadenathany: a7:/var/log/mail.log17:35
nathanynkinkade: oh, a7.... i was thinking on the production site17:36
nathanylet me look at that17:36
nkinkadeBut it's a vague error with no indication about precisely where the connection came from other than
nkinkadeIt's on the staging install which is why I tried to get johndoigiii first.17:36
nkinkadeI used netstat to find that past was one process that was accessing :25 on localhost.17:37
nkinkadeIt could be something else.17:37
nathanynkinkade: the staging instance *does* do retry17:37
nathanynkinkade: i just killed the two messages in the queue, restarted the processs17:37
nkinkadenathany: So cc.engine maintains it's own queue?17:38
nathanynkinkade: yes, it uses a queue so that sending the mail is done asynchronously17:39
nkinkadeIt's not a big deal, but it does make it hard to find other useful entries in the mail.log among all the thousands of other bogus lines.17:39
nkinkadeI'm not sure it needs to try more than a few times, certainly not indefinitely.17:39
nkinkadeIf postfix rejects it once then it's not likely it will accept it on subsequent attempts.17:40
nkinkadeThanks.  It might also be good to improve that by only trying to send the mail some finite amount of times before just giving up and mailing webmaster@ or something like that.17:41
nathanynkinkade: all cc.engine needs to do is validate the address; postfix will handle other failures17:43
nathanyie, DNS lookup, rejected, etc -- since postfix accepts and delivers asynchronously as well, IIRC17:43
nkinkadeYes, that's probably true ... but if Postfix rejects the mail for any reason we don't foresee then it would be nice if cc.engine didn't keep trying forever.17:43
nkinkadeShould I assign that ticket you made to johndoigiii?17:44
nathanyno; johndoigiii has things on his plate right now... i primarily created it as a stake in the ground (hence the "wish" priority)17:44
nathanynkinkade: also, it only impacts staging at this point -- production delivers async17:46
nathanyer, production delivers synchronously17:46
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johndoigiiinathany: how critical is it that we have this globe icon on the language selector, has that suggestion came and gone by this iteration?18:13
nathanyjohndoigiii: i think it's in the "would be nice" category -- we need some way to indicate that these are translations18:14
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nathany(and i like that it's subtle and somewhat de-emphasizes the list :) )18:14
johndoigiiiI agree, I like the icon personally, but I am having a tough time getting it to fit properly in the small space that the sidebar provides18:15
nathanywidth wise?18:15
johndoigiiiI could resize the whole sidebar altogether since we are using a completely different template altogether18:15
nathanywhy don't you publish it with a semi-borked width and Bovinity and i can take a look18:16
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Bovinitynathany: are you watching meta hitler over there20:56
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Bovinitykeyboards at dawn!21:03
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nkinkadenathany: Just noticed this in the logs for a5:  WARNING:  Segmentation Faults in these executable:  paster :  2 Time(s)21:45
nkinkadeIt may be nothing, but I mention it just in case it could have something to do with last night.21:46
nkinkadeI'll find out when.21:46
nathanynkinkade: great21:46
nkinkadenathany: There is actually some interesting stuff in a5:/var/log/kern.log ... paster seg faulted right around the time a5 went down  last night.21:48
nkinkadeThere is some backtrace info in the log, but not the typical python backtrace, though it may still hint something to you.21:48
nathanynkinkade: can you pastebin/email it to me?21:49
nkinkadeYeah.  One second.21:49
nkinkadeThat mess of backtrace is the last thing in the log before the Linux kernel was coming back up from your reboot.21:52
nkinkadeSo it seems nearly certain the two were related in some way.21:52
nathanytwo lines in that seem interesting (but not necessarily controllable by us)21:53
nathanykernel BUG at mm/rmap.c:673!21:53
nathanyMay 27 22:19:09 a5 kernel: [494354.530993] invalid opcode: 0000 [2] SMP21:53
nathanyMay 27 22:19:09 a5 kernel: [494354.531072]21:53
nathanyMay 27 22:19:09 a5 kernel: [494354.535460] Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!21:53
nathany(er, more than two21:53
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nathanynkinkade: ping22:11
nkinkadenathany: Hi.22:11
nathanyso i'm trying to wrap up this co-ment deployment22:11
nathanyi'm beginning to think it's not worth trying to put it on anything other than it's own vhost22:12
nathanythe paths to css/images/etc are all baked into the templates22:12
nathany(this is probably a case of "well, it works for us; that's our primary concern")22:12
nkinkadeI guess we could just stick at
nathanyyeah, i suppose so22:13
nkinkadeDoes that sound like the best name?22:13
nathanyfor now at least22:13
nathanycan you add the DNS entry point it @ a7?22:13
nathanyi'll create the /var/www structure22:13
nkinkadeOr we could just use the site instead. :-)22:13
nathanyand vhost defn22:13
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nathanynkinkade: heh --- yeah, i thought about that, but i think we want more control over archiving/maintaining the history (since we may use this for the license porting process in the future)22:14
nkinkadeOkay, I wasn't sure what the future of it might be.22:14
nkinkadeSo I'll setup DNS, and you'll do the Apache stuff?22:14
nkinkadenathany: should resolve to a7 now.22:16
nathanynkinkade: thanks22:16
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nathanynkinkade: so the basic deployment is working...22:32
nathanyi may import the sources into git so we can track some local changes and make our deployment a little more sane22:33
nkinkadeDo I take it from here?22:33
nathanyi think i've got it for the moment22:33
nkinkadeOr is there anything else that really needs to be done?22:33
nathanynkinkade: we'll need to customize a few templates, add a TOS, etc22:33
nathanythat's why i'm thinking i may back up and import into VCS22:34
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nathany(that, plus we need to make our sources available since it's AGPL22:34
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nkinkadenathany: Do I have any kind of access to the Google App you made for cc-openid?22:52
nathanynkinkade: not at the moment; i can make you a developer if you like22:53
nkinkadeI may or may not need it, but I'd like to take a peek and see how it's setup.22:53
nkinkadeDid you create it with you CC GApp account?22:53
nathanyi don't know what that question means22:54
nathanyi signed up for app engine with a google account22:54
nkinkadeYou can create apps using your normal Gmail login and also apps with your CC Google Apps account.22:54
nathanynkinkade: ah22:54
nkinkadeThat is I just logged into the App Engine at
nathanyno, i used my gmail account -- you have to confirm a unique phone number22:54
nathany(to activate an account)22:55
nathanynkinkade: right... i can make you a developer on it... one second22:55
nkinkadeI wonder if that would have been necessary with your CC acct?22:55
nathanynkinkade: yes, it is22:55
nathany(and it won't let me since i've already used that phone #)22:55
nkinkadeSo now Google's got your phone number, too. :-)22:55
nkinkadeWhat don't they have?22:55
nathanynkinkade: i just sent you an email invitation22:57
nathany(to be a developer)22:57
nathanyi'm trying to remember where i put the code...22:58
nathanynkinkade: oh, right, i need to push it to git yet22:58
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