Wednesday, 2009-05-27

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markumanwhere to find this in a higher resolution or as svg?
MikeChelenmarkuman, check
markumanMikeChelen, thx10:43
MikeChelensure thing, that link can be a little tricky to find10:45
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johndoigiiinkinkade, you still there?21:28
johndoigiiihey, is there anyway to have and ?21:29
nkinkadeYou can do that if you want, but your browser will just complain.21:30
nkinkadeBut Firefox will let you add a security exception.21:30
nkinkadeHave you tried that yet?21:30
johndoigiii... in addition to that have https://staging and http://staging use the same wsgi process?21:30
nkinkadeHmm.  I don't know much about WSGI or how that might work.21:31
nkinkadeI guess it could be done by making a an alias of, so they are served from the same vhost file.21:32
nkinkadeWould you then handle things from Python rather than using name-based hosts in Apache??21:32
nkinkadejohndoigiii: ^^21:32
nkinkadeThat is, a single vhost knows itself as and also, but it would then be up to your app to figure out which host name was requested.21:33
johndoigiiino I think we can still use the 2 seperate vhost files, perhaps we could run staging on a different port instead?21:33
nkinkadeThat could be done.21:34
johndoigiiimaybe 808121:34
nkinkadeI think 8081 is in use.21:34
johndoigiiiokay, any will do21:34
nkinkadeNo, no a9 it isn't.21:34
nkinkadeDo you want me to setup staging on 8081?21:35
johndoigiiiyeah that'll work21:35
nkinkadeOne sec.21:35
johndoigiiiyeah because right now is actually the production commoner application21:35
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Then it's broken right now.21:38
nkinkadeI just changed the port to 8081, but the client will have to know to connect to it there.21:38
nkinkadeFor the other, Varnish redirect to 8080, but not for 8081.21:39
nkinkadeDo you need me to change it back?  If something was production?21:39
johndoigiiiNo its okay21:40 is fine, it was just that was acting like an alias for it21:40
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Is your app at staging doing any type of redirection?21:42
nkinkadeWhen I go to I'm getting redirected to https://, but I don't feel that it's apache doing that.21:43
johndoigiiiyes, the app is now responsible for redirecting all http requests to https21:43
johndoigiiiyeah thats the app21:43
nkinkadeCool.  Okay, just let me know if you need me to change anything, or you can much around in /etc/apache2 if you need to.21:43
nkinkadeJust make sure that and stay up.21:43
johndoigiiialright I shouldn't have to touch those21:44
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nkinkadeBovinity: Didn't I create a ticket regarding the broken link on the /about/downloads page?22:33
nkinkadeI can't seem to find it.22:33
nkinkade"How To License poster (Inkscape SVG source files)"22:33
nkinkadeIt's that link that is a 404.22:33
nkinkadeI'm sure I spoke with you about this, but we just got another complaint about it not working.22:33
Bovinityi don't remember any tickets22:34
nkinkadeI sent you an email about it on May 21.22:34
nkinkadeShould I create a ticket for you, or is this something you can knock out easily?22:35
Bovinityi'm not sure who put those links on that page, but they didnt link them properly22:35
nkinkadeDid you get the email I sent?22:35
Bovinitythey should point to wiki.creativecommons.org22:35
Bovinitynkinkade: hmm, apparently i missed it. sorry.22:36
nkinkadeNo problem.  I guess I should have created a ticket instead.22:36
nkinkadeSo the fix is as simple as prepending wiki. on the URL?22:36
Bovinitysomeone just copy&pasted from the wiki Documentation page22:37
Bovinitywith no regard to where the links pointed22:38
Bovinitynkinkade: fixed.22:40
nkinkadeBovinity: Thanks.  I'll let the guy know.  It was sent to webmaster@ so you may have already seen the complaint.22:40
johndoigiiinkinkade just fyi, I'm not sure if its possible to attain what I need for the https redirects because is always claiming the ip:443 in its vhost22:44
johndoigiiialready, not always*22:44 would need its own ip I think, which is not possible right?22:44
nkinkadeThat sounds right, on second though.22:45
nkinkadeIt's possible, but we'd have to contact our hosting provider.22:45
nkinkadeYou have to give them a valid reason for wanting another IP.22:45
nkinkadeI don't think they are too strict, but it seems better if we could just figure something else out.22:46
johndoigiiiohh okay, yes I agree22:46
nkinkadeHow about
nkinkadeOr something like that?22:46
nkinkadeIf it was all served from the save vhost, could the applications be smart enough to figure out which install to use?22:46
johndoigiiihmm, potentially yes, but you would have to create a new program to handle this22:48
johndoigiiisomething external from the project22:48
nkinkadeThat may be more trouble than it's worth.22:48
nkinkadeI suppose Varnish might be able to handle it.22:48
nkinkadeVarnish can redirect based on just about anything.22:48
johndoigiiiyeah, are there any other servers that we could possibly deploy the on?22:48
nkinkadeI could have it redirect to something on 8081 if it seems a url like /staging/22:49
nkinkadeIt could potentially be deployed on another server.22:50
nkinkadeDid I ever know what the hangup with https was?  It's vital that the testing be over https?  I assume so, but just checking.22:50
johndoigiiiyes, here this might help
johndoigiiiso right now on we have apache redirecting all http requests to https before they ever hit our django app22:52
johndoigiiiwith this feature, we want all requests (http/s) to go to django and let the app handle the redirects22:52
johndoigiiii could experiment with it at
nkinkadejohndoigiii: I see now.  Would it be possible to test all of this using ports other than 443?22:57
nkinkadeThat is the user comes in to, and you redirect them to<test port>?22:58
johndoigiiiyes I do believe so22:58
nkinkadeFor the purpose of the test, it doesn't really matter that it's actually encrypted does it?22:58
nkinkadeJust that it forwards to some other port and the app can be expecting it there.22:59
nkinkadeThen to make it production just change <test port> to 443 for the redirects???22:59
johndoigiiiyeah it will need to be encrypted23:00
nkinkadeBut if none of that is working or reasonable, we can always set you up on, say, a6 which currently has no https stuff on it.23:00
johndoigiiiyou could use a bogus crt but i the headers will need to indicate thats its encrypted23:00
johndoigiii...for the app to behave correctly23:00
nkinkadeBovinity: For all those PDFs we have on the /about/download page, how were they created?  Do we have any type of source files?  That  same guy who reported the broken link also would like for his people to translate those and give them to CC Germany.23:02
Bovinitynkinkade: check
Bovinitynkinkade: one or two other docs have source files uploaded23:03
Bovinitythe "problem" is mst of them are InDesign, which most people don't have. but relevant files are up if they care for them.23:03
nkinkadeAlright, I'll just point him to those.  Thanks.23:05
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