Friday, 2009-05-29

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jpnubanyone home?03:31
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djszapiWhy can't i use in c++ o, and etc... words to a variable name ? I think They aren't reserved keywords, are there ?04:09
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Tjh_can anyone here answer a coule o question regarding CC and LPPL?10:32
Tjh_if i license my work using the CC-byNC-SA, seeing as how that prevents peopl from making money (essentially) how will that work if i am to say print my work on a magazine or a periodical that is not licensed under a complatible liecnese?10:33
Tjh_moreover, does the LPPL put any restrictions on works made USING the latex system?10:34
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paulproteusTjh_, Do you realize that CC licenses are non-exclusive?13:26
paulproteus"Non-exclusive" means that you can offer your work to different people under different licenses.13:26
paulproteus(Or even the same people under different licenses)13:26
Tjh_o i see13:34
Tjh_well i assumed that13:34
Tjh_but what if i do not change the lincense13:34
paulproteusYou are allowed to license your work to a periodical under one license, and to other people under CC by-nc-sa. There is no rule against it.13:39
paulproteusI don't know what you mean, "what if i do not change the license".13:40
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Tjh_if i license my work to a periodical under CCbyNCSA, would there be any issues?13:41
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Tjh_that wud be my question, lol, i meant that i do not want to license it under another license13:41
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Tjh_o never mind13:46
Tjh_seems that answered mmy question13:47
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nathanynkinkade: thanks for finding that thread so easily15:18
nathany<evil grin>15:18
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nkinkadenathany: :-)15:24
nkinkadenathany: I've got to make a run into Bocas town to meet some guy to sign the contract to increase the speed on the Internet connection here.  I'll be offline for a little while.15:25
nathanynkinkade: no problem15:25
nathanysee you in a few hours ;)15:25
nkinkadeHopefully not that long, but who knows.15:25
nathanywell, with the obligatory stop @ the blue tarp ;)15:26
nkinkadeThe caretaker did mention when I called him to go that he needed to pick up some teachers. :-)15:26
nkinkadeThese are diff. teachers than those ones ... but they may have loads of bananas and luggage and there may be confusion, and heaven knows what else.15:26
nkinkadeRight, see you back online in about 4 or 5 hours. ;-)15:26
nkinkade(not really)15:26
nkinkadeLikely about 2 hours.15:26
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