Monday, 2009-05-18

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krioxI have a question... If I rearrange a piece of music (by Bach, so public domain) and put the sheet music under a ND license, does it prevent people from recording it?04:57
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mecredisnkinkade: there?16:21
mecrediser, nathany there?16:21
nkinkademecredis: Yeah.16:21
mecredismeant for the other nathan16:21
nkinkadeWhat's up?16:21
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nathanymecredis: what's up?16:21
mecredisneed to move the Facebook API key16:21
mecredisout of the git repository16:21
mecredisto my ~ on a716:21
mecredisbefore I post a link to the source16:21
nathanyit was checked into git?16:22
nathanymecredis: ok... i'm in the middle of getting tech summit registration up and going; we'll need to purge it from the history as well16:23
nathanysend me an email?16:24
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mecredisnathany: can you guys call me?16:59
nathanypriv msg me the #?16:59
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nkinkadenathany: Do you have a moment to help me with a mod_python or mod_wsgi thing with co-ment?18:19
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nathanynkinkade: sure18:20
nkinkadeco-ment is a Django app, but I don't have any experience with getting that running.18:21
nkinkadeI figured I could go reading, or perhaps you'd know what to do up front and then I could just learn from what you do.18:21
nathanynkinkade: so you can usually do Django app deployments with either mod_python/mod_wsgi or fcgi18:22
nathanywe're using mod_wsgi on a9 for commoner18:22
nathanyDo the co-ment docs have any suggestions/instructions?18:22
nathanynkinkade: is probably a good starting point for docs; there are links there to both mod_wsgi and fcgi18:23
nkinkadenathany: This is the problem, there are virtually no docs at all.18:23
nkinkade(for co-ment, that is)18:23
nathanynkinkade: one second, let me look @ that code18:24
nkinkadeIt tell you how to get it running in dev setup, but for production they just point you to the mod_python / Django docs.18:24
nkinkadeIt's at /var/www/
nkinkadeAnd you can see my initial abortive attempts to get it running without reading much in the vhost file for translate.18:24
nkinkadeI can take a look at your setup for ccNet.18:25
nathanynkinkade: so you'll probably need to write a little wrapper script that sets things up correctly18:26
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nathanynkinkade: the simplest fcgi version is here:18:26
nathany(docs are there, that is)18:26
nathanythe relevant portion is the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable18:27
nkinkadenathany: That might be enough to get me in the right direction.18:27
nathanynkinkade: yeah, look @ the chinese fcgi configuration for scraper and write an fcgi wrapper for co-ment, i think18:27
nathany(that way it'll handle process mgmt18:27
nkinkadeco-ment has a file, but other than that I don't know what configg it needs.18:27
nathanyright, so the co-ment download is actually a python package18:28
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nathanyso you'll have /var/www/translate/coment/co-ment18:28
nathanyin /var/www/translate/coment/ you'll put the fcgi wrapper with the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE set to "co-ment.settings"18:28
nathany(although I'm not sure "-" is allowed in a python package name so you may need to make it /var/www/translate/coment/coment)18:29
nkinkadeAnd is that a file I create myself?18:29
nathanyyeah, i think so18:29
nathanylooks like they're doing the least amount possible18:29
nathanydo you have other things in your queue?18:29
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nkinkadeI got the feeling they would rather people just use their site. :-)18:29
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nathanyi can do this without much sweat, but need to focus on getting tech summit registration up and going18:29
nkinkadenathany: I've got this co-ment thing, and the store.18:29
nkinkadeThose are the big ones.18:30
nathanyyeah, so it's up to you but feel free to re assign co-ment to me18:30
nathanyi can get the basics done and then you can look @ it and ask questions18:30
nathanytotally up to you18:30
nkinkadeI'll read a little about it now and give it a go, since I think it would be good if I had a clear idea about how this worked, especially since uses something similar.18:32
nkinkadeI won't spend too too much time if it doesn't come to me immediately.18:32
nkinkadeI've also got the "Edit with form" bug, which might be more high priority.18:33
nathanynkinkade: yeah, probably18:34
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mecredisnkinkade: now I'm actually looking for toy18:55
nkinkadeI'm here.18:55
mecrediswould you mind setting up outreach@creativecommons.org18:56
mecredishrm, one sec18:56
mecredisjust figuring out if this is a good idea18:56
mecredislet me check with eric & cameron18:57
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nkinkadeCool.  Just let me know ...18:57
mecredisyeah, sorry for the false alarm18:57
mecrediswill let you know shortly18:57
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johndoigiiithanks nathany, I found my answer in the git_phrasebook20:25
nathanyjohndoigiii: awesome20:25
nathanyi guess i should re-read that, too20:25
johndoigiiiyeah, I though "git push origin :branchname" was synom with "git branch -r -D origin/branchname"20:26
nathanyoh, so did i20:27
johndoigiiiboth are required20:27
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mecredisnathany: what do I do if RDFa validates but deeds don't scrape & create attributin box?20:45
mecredisnathany:  nevermind!20:45
mecredisit works20:45
mecredissometimes its just slow20:45
nathanymecredis: awesome :)20:45
mecredisthere must be a timeout for the referall scrape?20:46
nathanymecredis: you mean that the referrer has to respond in a certain amount of time?20:46
* ianweller has sometimes had this problem too20:46
nathanyit's possible that the referrer wasn't replying fast enough for the server to parser the results and pass them back20:46
mecredisnathany: right20:47
nathanyif you or ianweller has examples that don't work on a cold cache, please send them to me so i can work on tuning that20:47
nathanynathan at creative commons dot org20:47
nathanyianweller: ^^ (FWIW)20:47
mecredisnathany: I pm'd you a link20:47
* ianweller needs to remember which one of his has problems20:47
nathanymecredis: great20:48
ianwelleroh no20:48
ianwellermy problem was that it was showing up the attribution but the CC Network registration thing wasn't showing up.20:48
mecredisI think I was just being impatient20:48
ianwellernathany: you still want links that don't show the CC Network registration stuff20:49
nathanyianweller: sure20:49
ianwellernow i'm not sure if this is a weird exception20:50
ianwellerand the attribution name and url are different than what i have down in the CC network registration stuff20:50
nathanyianweller: i don't see the cc network badge/metadata on that page20:50
ianwellernathany: oh it has specific metadata?20:50
* ianweller looks at his other website's code20:51
ianwellermust've been a while ago20:51
nathanyianweller: yup20:51
nathanyit includes the attribution information20:51
nathanythat tells the deeds to look for registration information20:51
ianwellerlearned something new20:51
nathanyianweller: so was it unclear that you needed to add the HTML to the page to finish the registration process (or garner the benefit)20:52
nathanythat'd be good feedback as we try to refine CC Network's features20:52
ianwellernathany: i was unclear that the code was required to get the CC Network registration notice20:52
ianwelleri just slapped it on cuz i wanted to show off20:52
nathanyianweller: ah20:53
ianwelleri for some reason assumed that it went and looked it up on CC network automatically20:53
nathanyianweller: we tried to build it super decentralized so that other registries could play, too20:53
ianwellerhaha it works.20:54
ianwellerrdf boggles my mind20:54
johndoigiiiping nkinkade20:54
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Hi.20:54
johndoigiiihey, quick q on a920:55
johndoigiiiall of the virtualhosts force https right?20:55
nkinkadeNope, just support.20:55
johndoigiiiohh okay, well looked like it was as well20:55
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Oh, you're right. does too.20:56
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nkinkadenathany: I've discovered something interesting about this "Edit with form" bug.22:20
nkinkadeIn the categorylinks tables there is a row that looks like this:22:20
nkinkademysql> select * from categorylinks where cl_from='0';22:21
nkinkade| cl_from | cl_to     | cl_sortkey            | cl_timestamp        |22:21
nkinkade| 0           | Casestudy | Images/cc-title-8.png | 2008-04-23 23:18:20 |22:21
nkinkadeI take that to mean that somehow the default (Main) namespace has a category of Casestudy.22:21
nathanynkinkade: that's super weird22:22
nathanyi wish i knew who's name to take in vain22:22
nkinkadeDo you happen to know how to edit properties for the main namespace?22:22
nathanynkinkade: i thought you could go to
nkinkadeI tried that, but got an empty page.22:22
nathanyi looked there, too22:23
nathany(when i was looking @ this)22:23
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nathanynkinkade: so page 0 is the mw namespace?22:23
nathanymain namespace, that is?22:23
nkinkadeI believe so ...22:23
nathanynkinkade: i'm going to look @ the history for that page in the database22:24
nkinkadeSo this would seem probably not be a SF thing, because it's functions just ask MW which categories are related to that particular namespace.22:24
nkinkadeAnd it feeds in 0, and MW says Casestudies.22:25
nkinkadeWhich page are you going to look at the history for?22:25
nkinkadeSince CC_Wiki:Main was empty I wasn't sure where to check.22:25
nathanyi was looking for the page name of page_id 022:25
nkinkadeThere seem to be no pages with that id.22:26
nathanyyeah, i just did select page_id, page_namespace, page_title from page where page_id=0; and got an empty set22:26
nathanythat's super weird22:26
nathanyit's also been that way since over a year ago?22:26
nathanynkinkade: also, that's a super weird sort key22:26
nathanynkinkade: but looking @ it appears that this is a category assignment22:27
nathanynkinkade: i'd like to suggest removing that row and see if the problem goes away22:30
nkinkadenathany: I'll give that a shot, and make a note of the previous values in the issue so we can re-add it if it all goes to hell.22:38
nathanynkinkade: sounds like a plan22:38
nkinkadeBut I feel fairly certain that it will at least fix this problem.22:38
nathanyi suspect it will -- that's just too weird22:39
nkinkadeBecause it's the only category that comes back when SF goes to figure out whether it needs to display that tab.22:39
nkinkadeIt doesn't do much for knowing how it got there, but it's at least  fix.22:39
nkinkadeYup, that fixed it.22:46
nkinkadeI poked around in a few of the other wikis and there was no such entry, or any entry with a cl_from of 0.22:46
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nathanymecredis: it appears the FB keys are in both index and cc_logic, right?22:50
nathanyand results.php22:50
mecredisnathany: good observation22:50
mecredisall of those could be replaced22:51
mecredisjust me being sloppy22:51
mecredisand forgetting22:51
nathanygot it22:51
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nathanyuh, did i break it?23:02
mecredislooks ok to me23:02
mecredis... checks23:02
nathanyi tried to go and test it and it seems to work, but when i go to select a license, it just gives me an option that says "or go back and choose another license"23:02
nathanymaybe i need to remove + re-add?23:02
mecredisif you've already installed it23:03
mecredisthen you're just changing it23:03
mecredisso you can re-install, etc.23:03
mecredislet me know if you want me to test it23:03
nathanyuh, ok... but if i just go to the app with it already installed, it seems screwy23:03
nathanymecredis: ^^23:03
mecredis looks good to me23:04
nathanymecredis: ah, i see what the problem is23:04
nathanyif you visit that URL with the app already installed and select a license, teh "add to profile" button is missing23:04
nathanyso it looks like the only option is to choose a different license23:05
mecredissorry, on a call with lawyers, system resources are low23:05
nathanyit's working23:05
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mecredisI need to write some conditional23:05
mecredisto figure out that you've chosen it23:05
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