Tuesday, 2009-05-19

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paulproteusianweller, bovinity created it re: cc wiki theme06:49
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nkinkadenathany: When affiliates commit translations, their work should be visible at URLs like this, correct?:  http://staging.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/gr/deed.eo16:09
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nathanynkinkade: yes16:10
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nathany(assuming it's not an unlaunched jurisdiction)16:10
nkinkadeThe Esperanto people are saying that their stuff isn't showing up at that URL for example.16:10
nkinkadeI guess I may have to go in and inspect what the commit hooks are missing.16:11
nathanynkinkade: right; it's also possible that there are bugs in their translation which means that the po to mo compilation would fail16:11
nkinkadenathany: above you say "not an unlaunched" which means launched ... .is that what you intended?16:12
nkinkadeIs there another URL for unlaunched jurisdictions?16:12
nathanynkinkade: yes16:12
nkinkadeIn this case it's simply a locale, not a jurisdiciton.16:12
nathanyif it's unlaunched, they're fucked16:12
nathanyin that case it shouldn't matter what jurisdiction they use16:12
nkinkadeOkay, it's unlaunched in this case.16:12
nathanyi thought you said it's a locale16:13
nathanyjust jurisdiction16:13
nathanyer, not16:13
nkinkadeIt's just a locale, "eo", esperanto.16:13
nathanyright, so the launched question doesn't matter16:13
nkinkadeI'm not aware that it's presently associated with any jurisdiction.16:13
nathanyi was talking about constructing the URL16:13
nathany(ie, see our previous conversation re: jordan)16:13
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johndoigiiinkinkade, do you have a second to help me with what I think is a WSGI / Apache2 issue?16:32
nkinkadejohndoigiii: Sure.16:32
nkinkadeThough, I know next to nothing about WSGI.16:32
johndoigiiilog into the staging.cc.net with the same credentials you would use on cc.net16:33
nkinkadejohndoigiii: I see this error in the apache log: OperationalError: unable to open database file16:35
johndoigiiinathany are you still working on staging.cc.net?16:35
nkinkadeTake a look at /var/log/apache2/staging.creativecommons.net/error.log16:36
nathanyjohndoigiii: i was a moment ago; done now16:36
nathany(i had chowned things, that may have borked it?)16:37
johndoigiiiokay, thx16:37
johndoigiiinaa, its on a different branch right now16:37
nathanyjohndoigiii: oh, i stashed the local changes16:37
johndoigiiiwanted to know if i could switch it to demonstrate this weird behavior16:37
nathanysorry, forgot about that16:37
nathanygit stash apply to get them back16:37
johndoigiiiokay thanks16:37
nathanyjohndoigiii: btw, i don't understand the commit on openid-https-redirects re: the profile/OpenID URL16:40
nathanythe profile URL w/a trailing slash should be canonical16:41
nathanyif we're saying otherwise in the profile, we should fix that (but i think redirecting to /username/ is correct)16:41
nathanywe can talk about it f2f if that's helpful16:41
johndoigiiithats what i assumed but when when you look at the textbox on your profile page it gives you a url without the trailing slash16:42
nathanyi'll look @ fixing that now16:42
johndoigiiiand the same goes for the help OpenID page16:42
johndoigiiiwell if you go to https://staging.creativecommons.net/ and log in now, then go to the address bar and replace "https" with "http" it will redirect you, but somehow the session is being destroyed16:43
nathanyjohndoigiii: the openid url in the profile has been fixed16:49
johndoigiiigreat, there was also one on the openid settings page16:51
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johndoigiiiso I have the openid redirect deployed locally with Apache and mod_wsgi and it h=behaves as expected16:54
johndoigiiiit wasnt until I uploaded to staging that I saw this behavior16:54
johndoigiiiwhich makes me think its a apache conf issue16:54
nkinkadejohndoigiii: That sounds like normal behavior to me ... that the session is new when going from http to https.16:58
nkinkadenathany: Specifically the people doing the Esperanto translations were complaining of the word "Greece" on this Deed:  http://staging.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/gr/deed.eo17:00
nkinkadeIsn't that handled by licencelocales?17:00
nkinkadeSo that wouldn't show up translated in any case until I regenerated that file, something that Pootle doesn't do right now, right?17:01
nathanynkinkade: correct17:01
nathanyit's handled by the xslt17:01
nkinkadeCool.  That explains that one.  Thanks.17:01
nathanytell them to chill the fuck out ;)17:01
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Bovinitynkinkade: is there any way to customise the appearance of civicrm contribution form pages?18:25
nkinkadeBovinity: Yeah.18:25
Bovinitya template?18:25
nkinkadeYou can take the template file and make a copy of it /var/www/support.creativecommons.org/sites/default/modules/civicrm/custom_templates18:26
nkinkadeYou have to follow the same directory structure as the real template dir.18:26
nkinkadeI'm already using one, which is probably the one you want anyway.18:26
Bovinityaha, got it18:27
nkinkadeThe same setup is on zupport, so you can play with it there.18:28
Bovinitynkinkade: if other templates are customised, PremiumBlock.tpl for instance, no file references need to be updated correct?18:29
nkinkadeBovinity: If the template file you need to edit isn't already somewhere in the custom_templates/ tree, then just copy the existing one into that tree, making sure to keep the directory structure identical to the real one, and then make your edits there.18:30
nkinkadeIf CiviCRM sees a template with the same name, and in the same path in the custom_templates dir, then it'll use that one instead of the one in the default path.18:31
Bovinityah, great18:31
nkinkadeThis is kind a cool feature of CiviCRM.18:31
nkinkadeYou can actually do the same thing for PHP files as well, which is sort of neat.18:31
nkinkadeIt allows you to customize, yet keep your customizations totally separate.18:32
Bovinityinteresting template language..18:32
nkinkadeI thought it was Smarty.18:32
Bovinityperhaps. i haven't looked at smarty to any great degree.18:32
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mecredis_nathany: would you say its OK to post a link to the FB app git repository on the wiki?19:12
nathanymecredis_ sure19:16
nathanyfine with me19:16
mecredis_where should I add the GPL?19:16
nathanyyou mean the text of the license?19:17
nathanymecredis_ ^^19:17
mecredis_yeah, top of each php?19:17
mecredis_eh, I'll go read that19:18
nathanyyes, along with a LICENSE.txt file with the text contents19:18
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